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  1. Duds13

    Pallet Fork / Lift Capacity question

    Hello All. I operate a hobby maple farm and I'd like to make some improvements to my sap collection process. Right now I use my Kubota BX2200 and I tow a 55 gallon tank in a small dump cart. This is our first year using reverse osmosis so the sap collection and planning of boils has changed...
  2. Duds13

    Quartz Heater

    Anyone have one of these or something similar? Looking to get some heat in my fairly large garage that is basically a basement under a restored barn...
  3. Duds13

    Seat Cover

    Can anyone recommend a seat cover for a CK2610 that fits fairly snug? Thank you!
  4. Duds13

    Thinkin about..

    A new saw. Current saw is a Stihl MS271 Farm Boss. I like Echo for the 5 year warranty, which saw in their lineup would be a better (power, faster) saw than my Stihl? There's really nothing wrong with my Stihl, just looking for some more power but not looking for a huge saw. All I'm cutting...
  5. Duds13

    Heavy Hitch

    Has anyone purchased from Heavy Hitch? If so, are you happy with the quality? Also, is the one in the link what I need for my Kioti CK2610? Thanks for the help!
  6. Duds13

    Pipe taps / Cutters - Charlton, NY

    I have a bunch of pipe taps and cutters that I inherited from my Father In Law after he passed. There's actually more than what is in the photo (smaller sizes). These will be heavy to ship but maybe someone is fairly close and would want to pick them up after purchasing. Send me a private...
  7. Duds13

    Selling some tools

    Not sure where to post this. Wondering if someone can give me an idea of what to sell this bundle of tools for. The sockets and wrenches are huge, 1 7/8", 1 1/2" etc. The larger ratchet is a Proto. My Father in Law passed away and he had a TON of tools, many of which I dont have a need for...
  8. Duds13

    Skid Steer Attachment Depot

    Does anyone have any experience with the grapple in the link below? Seems to be in stock and I really don't want to wait 8 weeks for one from EA or some other manufacturers. I've been going back and forth on the style I want and I think this one will suit my needs the best (picking up logs to...
  9. Duds13

    New tractor purchase

    Hello - have done a lot of reading on the forum and decided to join to get some advice on a new tractor purchase. I am looking to get a tractor with a front end loader and brush cutter for my 5.5 acre property. Plan on using it for firewood, brush cutting a couple times a year, moving...