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  1. Kyle_in_Tex

    TYM parts availability

    My friend is currently splitting a 50hp TYM cabbed tractor to repair a non working reverse. (He also just did the same thing recently for an 80hp Massey). He said he's able to get most of the parts so far, but he needed 1 shifting fork and TYM was out of stock. He found it available on a...
  2. Kyle_in_Tex

    GM lifter failures-Class action lawsuit for V8's with AFM 5.3L, 6.0L, 6.2L

    Sorry if there is already another thread for this. I'm wondering if its gaining traction. They should make it go back to 2007 when all these problems were initiated. The lawsuit wants...
  3. Kyle_in_Tex

    2004 Gator HPX running erratic, hesitation

    Skip down to post #6 for answer to the original issue in red. I was getting gas overflowing into the crankcase, checking the dipstick, it'd be an inch too high. This has the Kawasaki FD620D gas motor. It has been running great for years since 2016. My son tells me one day, "Dad, I can't get...
  4. Kyle_in_Tex

    Set of Toolcat tracks at auction

    BOBCAT TOOLCAT TRACK SYSTEM Equipment Part - J.M. Wood Auction Company, Inc. Just thought I'd post a link for you toolcat guys
  5. Kyle_in_Tex

    Mini Split Reliability

    I've heard some nay say these things, also saying parts and repairs are high. I'm wondering if those here would care to comment how long they have had theirs? Any problems? What brand? Also, how well do they heat? Like, do they heat down to 32F decently? I've read where it is important to...
  6. Kyle_in_Tex

    Old to Me, Steiner 230 questions

    Maybe I should call this thread....."This old Steiner" I just bought an old Steiner 230 that had been sitting for 4 years, on a gov't site. The guy there said that no one there knew why it was parked. It is quite rusted, as it came from near the Texas coast. I am trying to determine if it is...
  7. Kyle_in_Tex

    Price of meat almost doubled you folks have a meat processor nearby?

    The frustrating part is, the ranchers are not getting the money. It is the packers. Sam's Club ground chuck, family pack, 80/20 is $6.38/lb pork chops almost $4.50/lb I need to find a local processor/seller.
  8. Kyle_in_Tex

    Any plumbers out there? 50 year old house with cracked drain pipe somewhere under it

    My buddy at work is about to pull his hair out. His kitchen sink drain pipe started leaking in the wall behind the sink as it's going into the slab. He actually tore into the wall, and then busted a 20" square hole through the slab to try and see what's up. Apparently, the rusted out drain...
  9. Kyle_in_Tex

    Mowing.....Tell us about your yard weapons.

    What you want to mow with.....Groundsmaster(R) 591 (31599) | Toro But when it breaks you wish you only had to work on this....Classic Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Most of us are somewhere in the middle.....
  10. Kyle_in_Tex

    Counterfeit Bearings

    While trying to find some good bearings, I ran across this link from the Koyo USA website: WBA - Stop fake bearings | apparently, besides super cheap bearings from China\where ever, there are now counterfeiters. When you can buy 10 bearings on Amazon for 14.99, you should guess something is...
  11. Kyle_in_Tex

    Deere 6000 series E, M, and R

    Holy cow, the R stands for Rich. I loaded one up with most everything, and it was pushing $160,000 My friend is looking for a new hay machine. He has a 3155 MFWD and he wants another similar machine. He's shopping around.
  12. Kyle_in_Tex

    Miller 250 Syncrowave 250 parts availability.......lacking

    Let me first say I'm not a Lincoln or Miller guy. I just use what I have. So we have a barely used 2006 model Synchrowave 250 with a water cooled torch at work. A big bottle of argon has been on it for about 2 years now. I would guess it's maybe on the 5th or 6th bottle just to estimate it's...
  13. Kyle_in_Tex

    This old Baler....used Deere 568

    My buddy is looking for a baler that will net wrap. His old one doesn't have it. There is a baler for sale on my way to work, from a stranger. 2007 Deere 568. Mega wide, big balloon tires, cover edge wrap. It has had 14,000 bales run through it. Should I run away, or what all should I look...
  14. Kyle_in_Tex

    Deere Dealers allowed to choose their own parts pricing matrix

    I had a sneaking suspicion that my dealers parts pricing had gone up. I just did some checking on my local dealership (which got bought up by one of the large conglomerations), and their parts are about 12- 15% higher than the next closest "conglomeration". Parts were cheaper yet by almost 10%...
  15. Kyle_in_Tex

    John Deere's poor dealership decision making IMO.

    Here in Texas, Deere has already forced smaller dealerships to either buy other dealerships, or sell your own dealership. Our dealership had been family owned since like 1936. So now, there are these "entities" that own multi-dealerships, reducing competition. Some "wet behind the ears" board...
  16. Kyle_in_Tex

    Need a new battery for the 5420

    The stock battery lasted from 2002 until 2011. An Exide battery from TSC was quite a bit less (I don't remember exactly) maybe $179?? But it is toast and has lasted 7 years. The stock battery BLEW THE F UP back in 2011 when I was attempting to start the tractor. Literally, it blew the top...
  17. Kyle_in_Tex

    Massey 205 with Toyosha twin cyl parts availability?

    Been searching for a head. If anyone knows of a compatible head from a Hinemoto or Allis Chalmers, please let me know. This tractor belongs to a relative. He said it overheated due to not correctly filling it with coolant. I guess these have a specific coolant bleeding procedure? Anyone...
  18. Kyle_in_Tex

    Photobucket has stopped free 3rd party hosting, wants $39.99/month. What to do?

    A big part of TBN are the posts showing pictures of how to do things. It makes truly worthy threads obsolete at the whim of the host provider. Please, do not use photobucket to host and source your photos anymore. (unless you want to pay the $39.99 per month fee for forever) Upload the photos...
  19. Kyle_in_Tex

    Ads with embedded video and audio?

    I had some trouble last night using Firefox on a computer with Vista. Ads were stopping or getting hung up. Just wondering. I don't mind still picture ads, as I want tbn to make a little money. My android with chrome is also taking a long time to finish loading the ads.
  20. Kyle_in_Tex

    Deere compact tractor flywheel sensor and mfwd sensors

    Just wondering if anyone has found a cheaper alternative? A simple sensor like this made in Mexico should only cost a third of what JD charges. LVA11184 is now replaced by LVA17409 and it sells for $77.75 Surely this simple hall effect sensor can be found cheaper. Also, people have stated...
  21. Kyle_in_Tex

    Our local dealer finally sold out to the big multi dealer corporation

    Sad. They've been in business since 1937. They are keeping the current staff as far as I know. Time will tell, and also will determine my loyalty. I feel this is a backward step for John Deere.
  22. Kyle_in_Tex

    Kubota M6-141 price

    I'm posting this because it seems that the only way to get a price is to walk in and work with a salesman. My buddy went in and talked to a salesman that he has known for a long time, so the price might be lower than some might be offered. The unit he was pricing had a FEL loader, buddy seat...
  23. Kyle_in_Tex

    2007 Kawasaki 3010 mule no fire in the rear cylinder

    I just got this repaired and wanted to give the next guy a "heads up". Just last month, I repaired a Deere HPX gator that has the same v-twin Kawi 620 engine. It needed the dreaded ignitor box. $305. It had no spark on either cylinder. I have a buddy that repairs these things and he says...
  24. Kyle_in_Tex

    Double Post, Double Post....I'm seeing Double

    So far this morning, 4 out of 5 postings have been doubled.
  25. Kyle_in_Tex

    Noise in front end of Kawasaki 2510 4x4 diesel Mule

    Howdy, I get to work on this next week for my boss while we are a bit slow at work. He thinks it is a 2000 or 2001 model. Says it makes loud noises when you put it in 4WD. I don't remember how many hours are on it, but the tires are down to their last 20%. Any ideas from you pros? Last year...
  26. Kyle_in_Tex

    4310 Rockshaft repair and filter replacement

    So my rockshaft stopped working correctly some time ago and I haven't really had to do any box blading or anything precise. It would still go up and down, just not in proportion to the lever. I finally decided to see what the heck was wrong. I can tell you my fix was not costly, but it took...
  27. Kyle_in_Tex

    Old Oliver diesel with live PTO and a 5' drag type shredder for $2000

    It might already be sold, but my buddy is selling his in south Texas. I just posted it here in case it doesn't sell and someone might be interested. There seems to always be people who are looking for that tractor/mower for cheap. If interested, I could get some pics.
  28. Kyle_in_Tex

    Do you have plans for your place when you pass away?

    Recently, I was speaking with some fellow TBN'ers, and the wife told me if she outlives her husband, she is moving back to the city. They have no children. I can't say I blame her. Taking care of the place would be a huge ordeal, having to try and hire out all the rigorous upkeep tasks. It...
  29. Kyle_in_Tex

    How do you bend Titanium sheet metal?

    I made my wife a cookie sheet out of some Ti6Al4v (grade 5) that I had laying around for years. I think it is about .035" thick. I put it on the brake we have at work and started bending. I wanted about a 1/2" lip on the long edge for strength and a place to grab with a pot holder. When it...
  30. Kyle_in_Tex

    HPX Gator won't start

    I went to start it and it did start, but it seemed to run for a few seconds, then started sputtering, then finally dying after running out of gas (I think). Cranks fine, battery is hot. I checked spark and there is plenty of blue spark. It fires up for with starter fluid. I know that it is not...
  31. Kyle_in_Tex

    Found out what was slowing my work computer to a crawl......argh!

    So I do cad/cam at work. I have a decent Dell T5500 with 8 cores. Windows 7 64 bit Pro. I have a "large to me" cam file open and I'm trying to get it to run, but it seemed super slow and would just get stuck, watching the endmill trying to cut the imaginary part on the screen. I right...
  32. Kyle_in_Tex

    4 millionth post coming soon

    This forum has really started snowballing. Exponential growth. Glad to see so many newbys on here. So is there a thread related to the 4 millionth post yet? I didn't see one so I figured I'd start one.
  33. Kyle_in_Tex

    Oxygen regulators "popping" and losing ability to regulate pressure

    I have 2 oxygen regulators right now that have the same problem. Victor and Radnor 250 series. I rarely use my oxy-acetylene torch set. Maybe twice a year. They won't hold the pressure setting and the pressure just keeps rising. The welding supply companies will only repair if you bring...
  34. Kyle_in_Tex

    Impressed at all the new members signing up!

    I went back through a few pages of the "New Member" zone and it seems a whole bunch of folks are joining. Sometimes 9 per day or so. It's hard to keep up welcoming them all,,,,,so, HOWDY AND WELCOME!!! Has this been the case all along? I'd love to see a graph of the number of new members...
  35. Kyle_in_Tex

    Some gave all.

    Memorial Day is a time to reflect upon the tens of thousands of our war heroes whom didn't come home alive. It was the American intervention and war heroes that turned the tide in WWII. Also a great day to thank a vet for their service to our great country. Thank you all! Salute!
  36. Kyle_in_Tex

    concerning shredder blades-Any metallurgists out there?Maybe a welder can answer this

    I was told by a friend that some folks would weld a piece of tool steel to the front edge of their shredder blades for longer life. I'm a machinist by trade, but not a "weld and fix it" repair type machinist. Obviously I would be worried about it breaking off and go slinging. But if you...
  37. Kyle_in_Tex

    Help troubleshoot Mule 2510 Diesel fuel problem KAF950-A

    First off, it belongs to my boss and some kids were driving on his ranch. The tank still smells a little like gasoline possibly. Possibly kids put gas in it? He says he siphoned the tank and put on a new fuel filter. We had to pressure wash it, as the motor was so caked up with west Texas...
  38. Kyle_in_Tex

    First trouble with John Deere CS46 chainsaw in 11 years

    Purchased in 2002, the fuel line hardened and cracked from ethanol gas, so I can't blame the manufacturer. I just recently started putting Avgas in my small engines but haven't done it for this saw yet. The fuel line is a funky size, a bit over .200 in diameter. If you try to use 3/16 OD...
  39. Kyle_in_Tex

    What time of the morning does the school bus pass your place?

    Rant alert. Our school bus is supposed to come at 6:20 am. This is about 15-60 minutes before dawn. I don't want my 5 and 8 year old daughters having to wait for the bus in the dark. I know there are others that have to get up even earlier than we do. We are near the start of the route...
  40. Kyle_in_Tex

    Z915B vs. Z920M vs. Z950R Ztrack Deere Zero Turn mowers

    Does anyone have any real world usage and/or tips? My company is looking to buy soon. The B has a yellow deck, Kohler engine I think 23.9hp, not sure of tranny, about $7250 (price as posted on floor unit) The M has a 23.5 Kawasaki motor, tuff torq trannies, 7 iron deck quoted with 60" deck=...
  41. Kyle_in_Tex

    Will guinea fowl eat your garden?

    Debating on chickens or guinea fowl. Don't need the eggs. Prefer lowest maintenance birds. I've heard that guineas will eat seeds as fast as you plant them if allowed. I know that they are the best at roaming and eating grasshoppers (which I have swarms of) and that is the main reason for...
  42. Kyle_in_Tex

    Good source for OEM replacement seats for most JD 5000 series tractors

    K & M Manufacturing - KM 117 UNI PRO After I saw how much Deere wanted for a new seat, base and armrests, I ended up finding this place and for roughly half price you can get a whole new assembly. Seat and suspension base=$375 Armrest kit = $54 or you can just buy the seat cushion...
  43. Kyle_in_Tex

    Rural Road Repair- The Hemorroid Highway

    Yes, there is a road which is a shortcut between Giddings and College Station the locals call the Hemorroid Highway. The worst of it lies in the adjacent county and has potholes that you could put half a large beach ball into. I finally went online to the said county's website and shot off an...
  44. Kyle_in_Tex

    2305 Hydraulic whining noise

    My company's 2305 has developed a hydraulic whine. It has about 500 hours on it. The hydraulic oil, filters and screen were changed/cleaned about 50 hours (of use) ago. The unit does not have an FEL, nor any rear implements used. Just a 3 blade belly mower deck. The deck doesn't seem to...
  45. Kyle_in_Tex

    "Back" page button filling up with ad links, can't go "back"?

    Using IE9 and Vista, is there an easy way to prevent this? Also, when I type out a post and hit the Post button, it often hesitates and gives me a "Leave This Page?" box....this happens on other forums too. Annoyed in Tex, Kyle
  46. Kyle_in_Tex

    2305 PTO not engaging

    First off, this is not my tractor. It belongs to the company I work for. They have a guy who uses it regularly. He is not mechanically inclined. The tractor will start and run fine. The operator said that the PTO worked intermittently and now not at all. The tractor is only used with a...
  47. Kyle_in_Tex

    Trouble getting Walmart to replace my (N)Everstart battery

    I bought this battery last June, so it is 11 months old. It says free replacement for up to 3 years on the side as it is the Maxx version. It is in my daily driver Impala which I commute 65 miles each way to work and back. It is not a case of starting and stopping and restarting which can...
  48. Kyle_in_Tex

    Anybody bought a retired 6x6 deuce and a half?

    2320 - Trucks & Truck Tractors, Wheeled at Government Liquidation Seems they go relatively cheap, and if you are patient, you can get one at a military base near you. Just wondering if anyone has one? Wondering what you use it for? Seems like it could be made into a really good municipal...
  49. Kyle_in_Tex

    5420 Battery blew up on me today

    I was making some adjustments on my sickle bar mechanism and I was having to start the tractor about every 10-15 minutes for about 30 seconds at a time to adjust the 3 point up and down. I did this 3 or 4 times. I reached for the key (while off the tractor on the right side) and it went POW...
  50. Kyle_in_Tex

    Tragedy averted, can only laugh about it now.

    I may have talked about this years ago on here but I think it can be a good lesson for rookies to learn from. A buddy goes to pick up his "new to him" 8N and shredder. Takes his 1/2 ton Suburban and 16 foot tandem axle trailer. Test drives the tractor for a short period (this is probably...
  51. Kyle_in_Tex

    Anyone watch Flying Wild Alaska?

    Flying Wild Alaska: Blow It Up : Videos : Discovery Channel Talk about living in the boondocks, this episode has a story about a couple that needed a flight back to their cabin. Considered the most remote cabin in Alaska, the couple are the last of the original 7 permits "grandfathered" to...
  52. Kyle_in_Tex

    Beautiful brunete in bra ad :)

    Not sure what drives the ads exactly, (google click ads) but my wife had opened some sites on other tabs and I started getting "girly" type ads on the right!:thumbsup: Maybe if I have a cell phone page open on another tab I can get the T-mobile girl in pink to pop up!!!:D
  53. Kyle_in_Tex

    100th Anniversary- 1911 Auto Handgun

    Can you believe it? Browning designed it a hundred years ago and it is more popular than ever. I have a Colt Gold Cup stainless version that I absolutely love. A buddy that has a black steel version also recently bought a ParaOrdnance GI Buddy and he loves it. Have y'all seen the Springfield...
  54. Kyle_in_Tex

    Long term drought for Texas- :-( Doesn't look good folks. I know some of you up in DFW region have been getting bad storms but not sure how much rain. I purposely planted a very small garden this year. If it wasn't for a few "volunteers", I would...
  55. Kyle_in_Tex

    Commuting revisited- 2011

    My commute is about 70 miles each way. I'm paying about $540./month to buy gasoline at $3.75/gallon. My car gets about 25-26 real world mpg (checked every tank fillup). 2003 Impala, 3.4 V6 pushrod engine. I'm wondering out loud thinking of options to reduce monthly costs. I have 2 hours a...
  56. Kyle_in_Tex

    Anyone buy a new Snapper NXT rider yet?

    Snapper NXT - The Cutting Edge of Mower Technology Just asking, I have no connection to the company other than I used to work at a place that sold RER's about 30 years ago. I like the deck design where the 3 blades overlap.
  57. Kyle_in_Tex

    Wait for ambulance or Go on your on?

    The recent thread of getting snake bit rurally begs this discussion. How far are you from emergency services? How long would it take to get an ambulance to your place? I'm just posting this so that folks might be able to formulate a plan and discuss it with loved ones in case of emergency...
  58. Kyle_in_Tex

    5420 hour meter on the blink

    Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with theirs. its an LCD type. The rest of the guages work fine. Tach, temp, fuel, idiot lights. Just the hour meter. I don't want to replace the whole console. $$$$ Tractor is 2002 with about 500 hours. If I can't get it to work, I guess I'll...
  59. Kyle_in_Tex

    Finally have me a son!

    Well, the Lord has blessed me again. We had our little boy today at 12:24 PM. 7lbs 3 oz. St. Patty's day at that. Everyone's fine. I'm STOKED!!!:):):)
  60. Kyle_in_Tex

    Need reading glasses...getting old...darnit

    I think I'm older than dirt but younger than rocks, or is it the other way around???? Anyhow, it seems I need reading glasses but can't stand to wear the pair I bought at Wally world. I've never had to wear glasses before. Any suggestions? I think I use 1.25 lenses ???
  61. Kyle_in_Tex

    Sad day in Victoria Tx

    :mad::mad::mad: Deere has revoked the dealership association with Victoria Farm Equipment which has been a deere dealer for over 20 years. This is horrible as the family that owns this was told by deere to sell to a "multi-dealer corporation" or risk losing their dealership. I think this is...
  62. Kyle_in_Tex

    Mad about hometown dealers being closed

    I still can't believe this is happening. What the heck are Chrysler and GM thinking. I know they think that dealers are competing against the same brand but I think this happens more in big cities that have multiple dodge dealerships for example. Houston has multiple. Austin, San Antonio, and...
  63. Kyle_in_Tex

    Pretty big auction..mostly Deere stuff in Tex

    Hajek Implement Company - Hallettsville , TX Lots of Farmall stuff too. I drive past this place about every other month and they have a bunch of oldies but goodies in various states. I like the 5020 with the front blade. Wish I could afford it and had the time,space and money to take it to...
  64. Kyle_in_Tex

    Bittersweet...moving back to the city

    :(:(:( We've decided we're selling our place due to my new job being 70 miles away. I've been commuting about 53 miles (one way) for the last 5 years so gas has been eating my account for sure. So, after a bunch of crazy thoughts, we have decided to move to the city of my new job. I know...
  65. Kyle_in_Tex

    How about an attachment "co-op" between members?

    How many of you have bought an expensive attachment only to use it maybe once or twice a year? If your like me, I would say the chances are high. It would seem that if enough members in a locale went in together, they could chip in and then they could "rent" the attachments for a lot less...
  66. Kyle_in_Tex

    To buy or not to buy: Rough JD 4020

    I've got a chance to buy a rough 4020 that belongs to my buddy's MIL. The sheet metal will need replacement if I want to restore it to a decent condition. I know they sell for $8500-12000 restored. It's a diesel and he says it runs but his BIL has started tearing it apart to restore it but...
  67. Kyle_in_Tex

    Flu season bad- anyone try Tamiflu?

    Our little town is at epedemic level. We are staying home as much as possible due to the fact we have a 4 month old infant. My wife and I both got our flushots last November but the CDC is saying they are only 40% effective due to some new strains. I think we both have had mild cases of flu...
  68. Kyle_in_Tex

    I-Phone monthly costs???

    Does anyone have an I-phone with AT&T? What does it cost to be able to browse, get email etc...? Just wondering....Thanks for any feedback...Kyle
  69. Kyle_in_Tex

    Why isn't 3 phase available for homes???

    I hope to get some people here who know about electricity and can give me some good answers. First to preface, everyone is spending countless bucks improving solar power, wind power, wave power you name it power. From my pea sized knowledge of electicity, I know that 3 phase motors are somewhat...
  70. Kyle_in_Tex

    Paid off 4310 - Whew!

    Paid off the 4310 a couple of weeks ago. 5 years old, I guess I need to wash it for a birthday present, maybe an engine oil change. Have to say, its been a great machine! Besides normal maintenance, I've only had to replace the right rear axle seal and put a gel cell battery in it. Thats it...
  71. Kyle_in_Tex

    Canadian dollar = American dollar

    TV said for the 1st time in 31 years, they are equal. This means that Canadians can buy stuff from America for less than it used to cost. (About 1/3 less compared to a few years ago.) Just wondering if any of our Northern buddies are taking advantage of this situation?
  72. Kyle_in_Tex

    Sickle Bar  Deere selling sickle bars for CUTS now.

    I don't have any pricing yet, but I just found this on the website. 6 and 7 footers. I'll bet they're pricey, but I can tell you if you have a big pond, they are invaluable to trim around the edges.
  73. Kyle_in_Tex

    Bees kill 23 yr old in Lagrange Texas

    Last week, a young man was mowing a city park and was attacked and stung over 200 times. He was able to call a coworker by cellphone but the coworker was unable to get close. The fire dept sprayed foamy water to disperse them. He died after being life flighted to Austin. The bees were in a...
  74. Kyle_in_Tex

    What to do with excess tomatoes...a new idea.

    Here's a link to a very successful entrepreneur with a business in Austin and land near Gauss (not too far from me, TxDon, and TexBaylea). Boggy Creek Farm - Larry's Smoke-dried Tomatoes A friend of mine showed me this. I have not tried them myself. But I hear they are great.
  75. Kyle_in_Tex

    Chinese grain causing more poison problems???

    Please don't delete this thread, it is meant more as a public service than a rant... I saw where the same problem that hit the pet food industry is now turning up in feed for hogs. Probably next cattle. Some are being quaranteened. Watch what you eat. I'm paranoid of many things produced in...
  76. Kyle_in_Tex

    Windows Millenium upgrade to XP Pro???

    I have a Sony Vaio about 7 years old. It has some nice propietary software that came with it however, it also came with Millenium. It crashes sometimes and gives lots of alarms and warnings. The question is, should I do a full (wipe the slate) install or an upgrade install? The computer is...
  77. Kyle_in_Tex

    February 7th- John Deere's Birthday

    According to the John Deere calendar, today is JD's birthday (yes there really was a man named John Deere who started it all). I wore my JD T-shirt today to commemorate. :) :) :)
  78. Kyle_in_Tex

    JD's new Imatch mentioned on RFD TV

    During my insomnia last night, I caught a repeat of a recent JD question and answer program. The program was pretty good. It lasted an hour. One of the marketing guys whose responsibilities were the 2XXX, 3X20, and 4X20 series mentioned a new Imatch system that would connect the PTO shaft...
  79. Kyle_in_Tex

    Antique tractor show in Temple TX- Oct 6-8

    Welcome Here's one of the biggest shows in Texas. I hope to maybe go this Saturday if I can get a kitchen pass....Kyle
  80. Kyle_in_Tex

    4310 JD rear axle seal replacement

    I noticed some oil last week on my right rear rim. I traced the leak to the axle seal. I didn't have a slab to park on prior to this so I'm not sure how long it's been leaking. I went down to the local dealer and ordered the seal and talked to the mechanic. He said it would be about a $600...
  81. Kyle_in_Tex

    Longing for TBN

    Sure is tough when the site is down. I'm almost lost with out it. Thank you guys for spending the money and working so hard to get the system up and going. Seems faster for sure even on my dial-up. Its the best website on the net. So many fine folks here contributing and you guys nice...
  82. Kyle_in_Tex

    Saw to end all "What's the best saw arguments!"

    Saw to end all \"What\'s the best saw arguments!\" OK, I just found this and couldn't wait to show it off.
  83. Kyle_in_Tex

    Metal Barn Specs ???

    Help me out fellas, this is my 1st time around on this. I'm having a barn/garage constructed and think I have finalized my specs. Here they are: 30’ x 40’ Garage/ Barn Specifications 1. 4” thick slab with 12” x 12” perimeter beams with rebar Smooth surface (to be painted later by me). 2. 3’...
  84. Kyle_in_Tex

    Hay King Pasture Renovator

    I bought a 4 shank pasture renovator/aeriator. The shanks are about 15" spread apart so theoretically it covers 5 feet. Has anyone here used one? I talked to my deere dealer and they liked them but said "Don't try to make any turns while its in the ground." We have about 26 acres of coastal...
  85. Kyle_in_Tex

    Different uses for blowers

    Thinking about a new blower. I know one would be handy. Thinking of all I could use it for. Cleaning out a garage. Blowing off vehicles after washing(Dogs too). Lighting your BBQ pit FAST!!! Cleaning the debris off implements after mowing. Does anyone have any tips or other ingenous...
  86. Kyle_in_Tex

    Happy Thanksgiving 2005!!!

    Just want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I have plenty to be thankful for...see attachment Its going to be 82 degrees here today.
  87. Kyle_in_Tex

    Finally drove a Rhino

    My wife's uncle finally brought his Rhino to our place and let me have at it. WOW. His has a few mods including bigger tires, a home made double exhaust system to quiet the engine, and a few other things. The exhaust did quiet it substantially but it also hindered acceleration. It would...
  88. Kyle_in_Tex

    Extreme cold...gas vs diesel trucks

    I need advice from you northerners. My FIL wants a new truck to keep up at his jobsite. It will be parked for up to 2-3 weeks between his work hitches. Elevation is a factor, from 5200' to 9500'. Very, very cold. -20F to -50F is common. Money is not the issue. The local guys are telling...
  89. Kyle_in_Tex

    Another 4310 Battery leakage post

    Last October I had my tractor in the shop for a few minor warranty issues (before the warranty ran out). One of which was the acid spillage issue. They wrote on the repair ticket they cleaned and painted the area. I took the tractor home. Now, my battery is on the blink and I'm looking...
  90. Kyle_in_Tex

    How to get a HUGE JD subsidy....

    I found out how to get your new JD lawn tractor subsidized. See attached for a hint.
  91. Kyle_in_Tex

    Best Father's day Gifts?

    Best Father\'s day Gifts? I just wanted to show off a little. Here's mine.
  92. Kyle_in_Tex

    Why don't Manufacturers post pricing like JD?

    Why don\'t Manufacturers post pricing like JD? OK, so maybe JD's online retail prices are quite high but, AT LEAST THEY POST THEM ONLINE They let you add attachments and price them out too. When I was comparison shopping, It annoyed me that most of the manufacturers state "Call your dealer...
  93. Kyle_in_Tex

    Old JD 214, good or bad???

    I have the opportunity to buy a trade in 214 Lawn Tractor. I'm not sure of the year but these were built from around 1975- 1982 or so. I have no experience with these but it has a 14 Hp Kohler, variable speed lever and a decent looking deck. It looks a lot heavier duty than what is sold at...
  94. Kyle_in_Tex

    Tiller  Tiller Rental Fees, OUCH!!!

    Ok, so I would love to buy a 3 pt tiller but I really would only use it maybe 10 days a year for my own use. I have a rental place less than a mile away so I went in and asked: "Do you have a 3 pt tiller to rent?" "Yes we do, do you need a tractor with it?" "No, I have two thank you" "It...
  95. Kyle_in_Tex

    Anyone with a Club Car XRT1500 4x4???

    We have been looking at these for a month or so. My FIL has narrowed down his search which includes: Club Car XRT 4x4 Intellitrack Mule 3010 JD HPX TrailGator I like the footroom and floorboard of the XRT. The mule has very good storage compartments. Our JD dealer has proven themselves to us...
  96. Kyle_in_Tex

    Any dog breeders amongst us?

    I recently lost my 10 1/2 year golden. I am about to move out to our land if it ever stops raining long enough to build a septic system. I was thinking about starting a small breeding operation. NOT A PUPPY FACTORY. I would like to contribute to a breed. Not looking for profit, but I would...
  97. Kyle_in_Tex

    My little Golden buddy passed away Fri Night

    Dear All, Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know my little buddy passed away Friday night. AustinDog was a 10 1/2 year old Golden retriever. He was a trooper all the way never crying as we found out he had a big tumor which bled internally. It was a long night as I rushed him to an...
  98. Kyle_in_Tex

    Centipede, fescue, St. Augustine for South Texas?

    Actually, I want to know about ALL types of grass available. I just could'nt fit them into the subject line. I'm about to plant my yard in a few weeks. I'm hoping to get opinions about any types of grass that could be recommended. Mostly hot and sunny with a clay base soil. Right now, it is...
  99. Kyle_in_Tex

    Where can I buy 300 feet of geotextile cloth?

    I live near Austin and I'm about to build a 300' gravel road from scratch. I want to lay down 12 foot wide geotextile cloth. Anyone with any recommendations? How much should I expect to pay? Kyle
  100. Kyle_in_Tex

    Unimaginable Gun accident

    A terrible gun accident happened here in Giddings Texas last weekend Sept. 4th. A group of hunters from San Antonio were here on a Dove hunt a few miles south of town. While the hunting had slowed down, they brought out some other firearms for some target shooting. Each was shooting and...
  101. Kyle_in_Tex

    Difference between seats, Makes for a long day

    Or, What you won't miss unless you've ever tried something different. I'm talking about the suspension on the seats of more expensive tractors. You wouldn't believe the difference between seats on the 4310 and our 5420. I guess to keep the price down on the 4x10 series, the seat suspension...
  102. Kyle_in_Tex

    What happened to the dealer in Elgin Texas?

    I noticed a while back the tractors are gone. Did he move or close? I guess I could stop and read the small print sheet on the front door....Just not so easy at 70 mph in traffic...
  103. Kyle_in_Tex

    Sickle Bar  Sickle mower 101 questions

    Can anyone help identify this mower? I think it is a 9 foot JD 350. The serial #is 247149E. It doesn't have a model number stamped on the badge. I know very little about this thing (I just bought it from a guy who bought it and never used it). No manuals yet. Are these junk or decent as...
  104. Kyle_in_Tex

    Dealer  My dealer has new 20 series 6-18-04

    Just drove by dealer and low and behold, here they are. Hot off the press. The serial number on the 4720 ended with #0208
  105. Kyle_in_Tex

    this one's for you Rockyridge

    this one\'s for you Rockyridge Saw this down at the dealer and immediately thought of you! Hope you like it.
  106. Kyle_in_Tex

    Is this anti-hail device for real???

    Found this while browsing. What do you folks think? It is a pretty lengthy page with lots of photos...Kyle
  107. Kyle_in_Tex

    What to do? What to do?

    Ok, my father in law calls and says we really have too much money wrapped up in tractors with a combined value of $50000. Told me to think about it and asked what we might should do. He originally bought his to refurbish his 52 acres but decided to hold off until he retires in about 10 years...
  108. Kyle_in_Tex

    Heritage or Classic steel home experience,anyone?

    Hi to all, I'm looking hard at these two builders of steel frame home kits. Just wondering if anyone has any words to the wise. Heritage is in Little Rock Ark. Classic is in Houston TX. Heritage claims homes can be built for $28-36...
  109. Kyle_in_Tex

    My wife claims she's a TractorByNet widow

    My wife claims she\'s a TractorByNet widow Actually, she jokingly has a term for all the time I spend on this board. "Tractor ****" All I ever hear is "Are you still looking at all that tractor **** ???" As I wipe the drool off my chin and keyboard, I meekly say "yeah". Am I addicted...
  110. Kyle_in_Tex

    Mad Cow Beef vs. Organic

    Can anyone enlighten me about organic beef? The reason I ask is because many of the cattle around here are raised on beautiful fields of coastal bermuda or other types of hay. Why spend the extra money for the feedlot? Seems if people are willing to pay extra for organic, the ranchers with...
  111. Kyle_in_Tex

    Tractor budget started at $_____, now at $_____.

    AND CLIMBING. Just trying to start a fun thread. I guess it also depends on the amount of land you tend to. So post your tractor dollars per acre. Might scare you. Mine is roughly $769. Just divide how much you've spent, by your acreage. Example $20000 divided by 26 acres = $769 I...
  112. Kyle_in_Tex

    Has anyone used radiant barrier paint for a barn?

    I've been told the radiant barrier paint works well when sprayed inside directly on the metal with no insulation. However, this only works in hot climates down south. This does nothing for cold weather and if insulation is installed against the metal, it kills the paint's ability to work. Has...
  113. Kyle_in_Tex

    Why we wish we all could afford cab tractors

    CowboyDoc sparked my memory about two seperate incidents that happened a few years back. My buddy and I were at his family's business outside of Victoria Texas and a fellow was doing some brush hogging next door. Next thing you know the fellow came running up yelling BEEEEES, We ran inside and...
  114. Kyle_in_Tex

    OK, here's my pond-Notice anything wrong???

    OK, here\'s my pond-Notice anything wrong??? I could have started a topic 'How not to brush hog' or 'What not to do with R4 tires' Luckily, the trusty suburban pulled it out. My 4310 is at the dealer now for her 50 hour service. Hope everyone is getting plenty of seat time...I know I did...
  115. Kyle_in_Tex

    Ducks, Geese or Neither

    I would like to establish some ducks or geese on my pond but I don't live on my land yet. Would anyone prefer one over the other? My pond is about 3 acres, the main body is roughly 150ft x 500ft. The county road is about 400 ft away. Will they stay? Do I have to feed them? How often...
  116. Kyle_in_Tex

    What all should I put in a trench?

    I'm going to move to the country soon. My gate is about 600-700 ft from where my home will be. The county has water available at my gate which I'm going to hook up to. Also, the phone line is there also. The electric poles are down the middle of the property. Thinking about the future, what...
  117. Kyle_in_Tex

    Put Advertising dealer's weblink in Ads

    Put Advertising dealer\'s weblink in Ads It would be nice if you could click on an advertiser's ad at the top and see their info along with a web link. Then you could click their web link to pop up in a new window. Great Website Muhammad, Kyle
  118. Kyle_in_Tex


    Hey folks, I got a flyer in the mail and here is the link if you need big iron. This is put on by a bunch of dealers. Stock Auction Co.
  119. Kyle_in_Tex

    Has anyone used Tree Terminator???

    I see these advertised in our local electric co-op magazine. Has anyone used one on a FEL??? I've got 52 acres I need to reclaim that has numerous ( 40 or more) mesquite shrub/trees per acre. The biggest are about 5" diameter, most are about 3" diameter. I plan on using small amount of...
  120. Kyle_in_Tex

    Why aren't basements built in the south?

    Why aren\'t basements built in the south? I live in Texas and am wondering why basements aren't built around here. Maybe due to too much clay???
  121. Kyle_in_Tex

    Sharp edge/blade for FEL bucket?

    Doe's anyone know of a supplier for a blade of some sorts that can be attached to a FEL bucket? My father in law has a 5420 JD and the bucket has holes right behind the bottom edge for attaching teeth or whatever. He wants to attempt shearing through 2-3" mesquite bushes. I was going to make...
  122. Kyle_in_Tex

    What exactly is difference between 4310/4410 ?

    I need a JD tech saavy person to tell me how JD gets those extra 3 HP out of a 4410. My bet is the fuel injection system puts a bit more fuel in the cylinder. But maybe it has a tiny bit more compression. Not sure, just wondering? Is there an easy (not costly) part you can switch to or...
  123. Kyle_in_Tex

    First Choice Texas Dealers???

    Doe's anyone know of a First choice dealer near Giddings or Austin Texas? I would like to be able to price something near me, total costs including delivery. Thanks, Kyle
  124. Kyle_in_Tex

    Thanks to all

    I'd like to thank all the regulars for all the advice they take the time to post. I've been a sideline reader for months and finally dove in head first 2 weeks ago. I priced everything in my range, all colors, right up to the last minute. Used the net, phone and my Suburban to talk to many...