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  1. Semper Paratus

    You Know You Are Old When

    We didn't have street lights. The closest was 3/4 mile away by the road. Only half a mile through the woods.
  2. Semper Paratus

    Dixie Chopper with Generac Engine

    Well guys its been three and a half years. Unfortunately quite interesting times. Covid related stuff, retirement (don't know how I ever worked with everything I do as a volunteer) a house build (with most problems now resolved) wife's thyroid cancer and frankly some depression to go with...
  3. Semper Paratus

    Lefty Shooting?

    I'm a left master and strongly right handed. With a handgun no problems long guns...Houston we have a problem. Near 40 years ago I shot competitive (intramural level) skeet. I was pretty good closing one eye but by the end of the day man what a headache. One old codger heard me complaining...
  4. Semper Paratus

    My mom passed today.

    My prayers and sympathies to you and your family. I, like you, was blessed to be holding my mother's hand when she passed. It was hard...ten years ago in August...I still miss her, as you will your mother.
  5. Semper Paratus

    Pictures from a skid steer mowing contractor

    Had a couple of setters bitten by copperheads or cotton mouths. One twice, one of the bites was a left front leg, which swelled up and the skin split. A week of anti-inflammatories and 2-3 weeks of anti-biotics, and several weeks for the wound to heal. Her other bite, at a different time...
  6. Semper Paratus

    Backhoe bucket pin backed out one side

    Good deal. Thanks for sharing the solution.
  7. Semper Paratus

    You Know You Are Old When

    Getting lucky means you can remember what you went to the shop for.
  8. Semper Paratus

    How many acres do you own?

    We own 26 acres in New Kent County VA. On a reservoir, House (under construction) lot is about 1 acre, the future orchard area is about 1/2 acre and the equipment storage/parking are is about 1/8 acre. 800' of gravel road, all of this in a cut over area. Of the remaining 20+ about half is in...
  9. Semper Paratus


    Yep I've seen that before. Except it was a pickup and then the tractoro_O
  10. Semper Paratus

    Dad is taking the final journey

    Prayers. It is tough watching them fade. Happened with Dad in 2014 and Col. B in 2019.
  11. Semper Paratus

    Losing your dog....

    My 9 YO Brittany went from his normal effusive self on Tuesday morning to having to be euthanized on Thursday evening. The best assessment was that it was as a result of sepsis due to either pancreatic or spleenic cancer. Both were significantly enlarged on ultrasound and visible on Xray...
  12. Semper Paratus

    You Know You Are Old When

    I used a wheel book and ball point or pencil until I retired (Jan 2022). I worked in the defense industry and no electronics were allowed the first 28 or 30 years. It was only in my last few years that cell phones and then cells with cameras were even allowed. Possession on company grounds...
  13. Semper Paratus

    Quick Sand!

    My dad stuck his pickup and then his 3910 in a seep from an underground (mostly) spring, on a hill in moderately dry weather. He apparently hit a slick spot with the truck, broke through the crust, and by the time he quit it was in up to the axles. He did the walk of shame hooked on to it with...
  14. Semper Paratus

    Real questions that you would like to get an answer…

    My rule of thumb is two complete reloads for what ever it is. For a .357 revolver that would be 15-21 rounds. For the 12 Ga about the same. My load out for an AR is 3x30 round mag down loaded by 1 in each mag so 87-90 rounds
  15. Semper Paratus

    Veteran Appreciation Thread

    Dad was a WWII Army Infantry Officer. At 18, in Aug 1945 he was on a transport to the western Pacific heading for some staging area in support of the planned invasion of the Japanese homeland. The came a couple of bombs...and as they say the rest is history. I was a Coast Guard Officer, in the...
  16. Semper Paratus

    My dog's not doing well

    Tears...had to put my setter down this past Spring. She had fought with Lyme and anaplasmosis which seriously damaged her kidneys. We kept he comfortable for as long as we could but finally knew it was time. She had lost 40% of her body weight and looked at me one evening as if to tell me it...
  17. Semper Paratus

    Take the truck my boss says

    Heck air is 80% nitrogen from the you get a B for effort
  18. Semper Paratus

    Stuck in the pond

    My dad stuck his pick up in a place where there was a little subterranean weep about halfway up the ridge in a pasture...he just didn't carry enough speed and spun the tires. He went and got mom and the 3910 and next thing you know the 3910 is buried to the rear end. Both of them walked back...
  19. Semper Paratus

    Help with Ford crank

    My 3930 in 6 years has been through two PTO safety switches. They are not particularly easy to jumper out without 5 -10 minutes of disassembly. When mounted the switch pinches the weather boot between the switch and the transmission body.
  20. Semper Paratus

    Everything Attachments

    Tool bar installation competed yesterday on the 3930
  21. Semper Paratus

    4th day with no power

    Hurricane Isabelle. 9/2003, left us without power for 12 + days. None of the immediate neighbors had gennies so we suffered. First few days was stuff out of the freezer on the BBQ grill. After that it was wait in store lines where there was power for some form of protein buy enough to feed 4-6...
  22. Semper Paratus


    I love my 1911s. I am not a fan of the BHP. I have large hands so unless I duck tape the web of my hand or wear a shooting glove after 50 rounds I am bloody. My current low profile carry is a Shield but it is really to small for my hands and has one either a one round or no round capacity...
  23. Semper Paratus

    House Build 2023

    We are in the middle of a build. Our 3 car garage has two man doors. One from the drive way and one from out back. We elected to add a 5x5 Toilet washroom shower in the garage in lieu of a mud room. Planning a shelf or two for clothing changes and towels. The laundry room is just inside the...
  24. Semper Paratus

    What did you do at work today?

    Selected tile for the back splash and Showers for our new house build. Started looking at Hickory flooring and made a couple of recommendations to my wife and the design specialist helping us.
  25. Semper Paratus

    Stupid Things I Have Done

    Working on a friends 53 Chevy...Not planning to do any electrical work....Wrench slipped and fell down beside the engine. I reached down to grab it and it hit the frame and the hot post on the starter..Nearly burned my wedding ring in two, with my finger in it. I took the nippers and cut the...
  26. Semper Paratus

    Stupid Things I Have Done

    30 something years ago I had a W-4 Main Propulsion Assistant who issued a directive that anyone who wore a tie in his engine room would have it cut off. Before it was over his Tie board had, among others, The Chief Engineer's, The XO's and the CO's ties. No one, save an ensign, said...
  27. Semper Paratus

    My father has fallen and can't get up

    Sorry to hear. You were there at the last, and speaking from 2x experience, there is peace in that.
  28. Semper Paratus

    TC33DA - bent 3 point hitch arm

    My father had a Ford 3910 that we managed to bend the arms on. He would turn me loose with a10 pound sledge hammer across the concrete drain troughs from the old dairy barn. this was after no luck trying to drive over them. Sledge hammer worked but you better have your steel toes, safety...
  29. Semper Paratus

    Who's had cataract surgery? Feedback wanted.

    My time is coming. 63 and have had non obstructive cataracts for maybe 10 years. I suspect they are getting a bit larger and into my visual range, especially in low light with dilated pupils....oh well my grandparents' generation just went blind.
  30. Semper Paratus

    Manual Top Link Options

    Agrisupply sells mechanical top links for both blue and green machines. I saw a . Pretty good collection of both Cat 1 & Cat 2 in Petersburg yesterday.
  31. Semper Paratus

    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    Even C Rats in the late 60s to mid 70's were pretty good if you were hungry enough.
  32. Semper Paratus

    Red-Neck Mailbox ???

    No puddle under a Detroit means no oil in the engine
  33. Semper Paratus

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    the big Texas City explosion of the late 40's happened without diesel. Found ship parts miles inland.
  34. Semper Paratus

    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    Dog balls and golf food; a corruption of golf balls and dog food which in itself is a corruption of hard boiled eggs and corned beef hash.
  35. Semper Paratus

    My Brothers Estate

    After the grave side for both of my parents, which was about an hour and a half from their residence my sister and I took all interested folks to the Southern/Chinese buffet in the small MS town. No beer or wine...I think although the county was no longer dry the incorporated town was.
  36. Semper Paratus

    Blend door actuators.

    I tried the blend door on my 09 Grand Marquis. After struggling for several hours with my 2x hands I had to give up and turn it over to the neighborhood mechanic who took several hours with all of the right tools and know how. Inexpensive part but expensive labor.
  37. Semper Paratus


    Wife is a diabetic with poor self control WRT candy. We find somewhere else to be on Halloween.
  38. Semper Paratus

    Everything Attachments

    I got my tooth bar for my 3930's FEL bucket while I was out of town. It is a beast, For the 6' bucket it probably weighs 60+ pounds, and is not yet installed but loaded for the trip. Now I need a 1/2" drill and to load one of my generators to run it. .
  39. Semper Paratus

    Roy and Dale?

    Roy was my first cowboy favorite....He was on at a time when I could watch. Matt Dillon, Paladin, Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp were on too late for me. A few years later the Rifleman, Chuck Conners....
  40. Semper Paratus

    Bush Hog pan fell off!

    1018 steel would probably be appropriate. The strength of the 1018 key will be pretty close to that of the bush hog shaft and stunp jumper disk. You might try your autoparts store to see if they have a front wheel spindle castle nut of the appropriate size and pitch...of course that means a...
  41. Semper Paratus

    Father left this world

    SIG- First of all my condolences for your loss. I was blessed to be with both of my parents when they passed in 2014. Mom in August (complications from inoperable lung cancer) and Dad in December (broken heart emphysema, heart failure, and alzheimers/dementia related problems). They had been...
  42. Semper Paratus

    Tough days afield? Share stories & pics.

    Dude- You did the right thing. Sorry you got screwed over by it but you won't have any long term legal or emotional problems associated with putting 10-15 tons of farm equipment on some worthless pukes chest.
  43. Semper Paratus

    Wacko Kioti Issue

    Your of and on of the connectors was simply a power off reset to some logic controller.
  44. Semper Paratus

    Moving shipping containers

    I used pine logs and my tractor W/FEL to move the container to its final location. Lifted up a corner added a log pulled it 8 or 10 feet added another log and so on. I did not want to skid it because I had a number of pine stumps an inch or so above grade that would hang it up. Once in the...
  45. Semper Paratus

    Just another junk chainsaw

    Ok guys in an inherited parts box I found a Stihl 25", .405" pitch .050 gauge unused chain. My 044 has a 3/8" x.063" 20" bar and sprocket so the 25" chain is of no use to me. Pay the shipping and you can have it. Let me know.
  46. Semper Paratus


    Today's set time was highly limited. I was setting up to rehang my FEL bucket and the steering got squirrely. Then I heard the pffft of a hydraulic line going. The long hydraulic line ended up being a 3 hole line instead of the designed 2 hole. I've been looking at the hoses for a couple of...
  47. Semper Paratus

    Using Hole Digger In Hard Red Clay

    In North MS clay we had an 8' oak real live 2"x4" that would fit in between the gear box and yoke. 6'4" 250# of me became the down force on the PHD. As a rule it worked pretty well. A few needed some added water though.
  48. Semper Paratus

    Loader Joystick Problem

    Just did a joystick replacement on my 3930. If you look carefully the pivot ball not attached to a cable is likely secured by a socket head cap screw from the bottom of the joystick. With that one loose the other pivot balls on the cables go together easily and you are pretty well done.
  49. Semper Paratus

    Loader hoses

    I found it much cheaper, on my 3930 with Quickie loader to find a local hydraulic shop and have replacements made per sample. About 1/3 the cost of going back to Quickie.
  50. Semper Paratus

    VA RPA areas (bay water protection)

    You might try some of the water resource consultants. If the stream goes dry it is an intermittent and nor subject to being a RPA. The original RPA decision, in New Kent County, was based on a look at the 7.5 minute topos. The problem, with respect to my property was that the had no clue...
  51. Semper Paratus

    Postage paid return envelopes

    Many years ago one of my "friends" signed me up for a skanky adult entertainment products catalog. They sent me stuff several times and I tried to get them to drop me. Didn't happen until I started taping the prepaid postage reply by mail envelopes to boxes of sand, gravel or bricks. After a...
  52. Semper Paratus

    Go to work and find someone trespassed on property.

    Had a three time trespasser (written warnings the first two times) loose the cores out of four valve stems, pre cell phone days, miles from any public phones. Long the time the got out of the woods the one auto parts place in town was closed. They never cut our fence or came back again.
  53. Semper Paratus

    Hyd-filter not going ON???

    Had an oil filter for my PU that had no threads. I was kind of stuck and had to break out the bicycle and rid 4 or 5 miles to the auto parts store. I shamed the manager when I walked in rolling my two wheeler and he refunded me and provided a new filter at no cost. Needless to say I check...
  54. Semper Paratus

    Too late

  55. Semper Paratus

    People name their boats. Why not name your tractor?

    My 3930 is Miss Kitty---Assigned by Mrs. Paratus when shopping for it the tractor had a bad muffler, and sounded pretty rough, she commented it sounded like a chain smoking cat which morphed to Miss Kitty
  56. Semper Paratus

    More naval history

  57. Semper Paratus


    Had the same problem in a high mileage chevy PU. It had been about 150-200k miles since I had done anything more than coolant swaps and hose replacements. Started running hot, by the gage. Got ready to do a water pump but a friend came by with his laser pyrometer. Water outlet was 195-200...
  58. Semper Paratus

    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    73 Caprice Station Wagon. Had to parallel park the beast after arguing with the tester about wearing a seat belt. If I hadn't insisted I would have lost my new license for a month. Momma's rules
  59. Semper Paratus

    Ida Incoming

    They used to shoot looters in the good old days.
  60. Semper Paratus

    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    In 119 calendar days I will be without a paying job for the first time in 48 years. I transitioned a few times but always had something lined up. My first goal in retirement is to be able to regularly sleep to 0600, if I want to. Way too many years of 0dark15 6 and 7 days a week.
  61. Semper Paratus

    Front-End Loader Loader for 3930

    My 99 3930 wears a Quicke 310 from that same year. With a 2wd make sure of your counterbalance. I use a 1000# boxblade. You will have problems with heavy stuff like sand and gravel without some real good rear end weight.
  62. Semper Paratus


    Reloading has cost me quite a bit of money over the years. While my cost per round is generally 1/3 or less in most of the calibers I shoot I just shoot lots more. For years I did not bother with reloading 9mm because I could shop around and find 9's for just a bit more than my cost per round...
  63. Semper Paratus

    ?????? GROAN 2

  64. Semper Paratus

    Oil & Fuel hyd. filter change

    I busted an O-ring in the quick connect for the remote supplying the front end loader last week. Limped the tractor back to its storage area while still hemorrhaging oil. Figured it would be a good time to replace the o-ring and change the oil since I had no clue when it was last changed...
  65. Semper Paratus

    How the heck do you guys torque a cylinder nut to 600 ft lb? Rebuilding Bobcat combo bucket cylinder.

    Years ago we used to use "Turn of the nut" and a slugging wrench on metal to metal steam joins torque to 2000 ft-lbs+ to obtain a nominal 2/3 yield. If you new the grip length, fastener diameter and thread pitch you went into the tables and found out what angle of advance (number of flats) you...
  66. Semper Paratus


    I was working on the drive today doing some fill and back drag work. I looked at my box blade and it had a good bit of hydraulic fluid on it. The remote supplying hydraulics to my FEL was hemorrhaging from the Quick connect. Managed to get it back to the parking/storage place but could not...
  67. Semper Paratus


    Actually it is not Federal Law that handguns ship is the policy of the common carriers. If you violate it and your handgun is lost or damaged you are hosed for violating their policy. The common carriers want to ship overnight because it reduce their touch time and less touch...
  68. Semper Paratus

    Celebrities I have met

    In High School, during the mid 70's, I worked at a country club that hosted an annual Pro-Am for the Shriner's Burn Hospital. I was working the arrival stand and Lee Trevino rolls up. I said good morning Mr. Trevino and asked him if I could get his golf bag up to the starter's stand. He...
  69. Semper Paratus

    Natural Gas Pipe Sizing question

    Local gas company offers two meters options for home owners. One is an "inches" meter which is a white face with black letters/numbers and delivers gas at 7-10" WC. The other is a PSI meter red faced white letters and delivers 2 PSI gas. If you use a PSI meter you will likely need a secondary...
  70. Semper Paratus

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    F350 Diesel with a 14' or so bumper pull dump trailer went whizzing by me...I was between 70 and 75mph on the three lane section of the interstate this evening. The trailer appeared to have light stuff in it with a half a$$ tarp. Wind was blowing a bit and the trailer seemed to be skittish...
  71. Semper Paratus

    Another newspaper "bulldozer"

    Most journalists today would be dead if breathing wasn't on autopilot.
  72. Semper Paratus

    New member from southern Virginia

    Welcome from Tidewater
  73. Semper Paratus

    ?????? GROAN

    Silence is golden duct tape is silver....
  74. Semper Paratus


    Yup- Got one. Real pleasant to shoot even with 900 FPS 240s. Skeeter load.
  75. Semper Paratus


    Well yesterday was the service the 3930 day. Plan was to drop the box blade and put the mower on it warm it up change oil etc. I had been through greasing adding a bit of coolant, checking steering and hydraulics, fuel, oil level, kicked the tires and jumped into the seat turned the key...the...
  76. Semper Paratus

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    And his load was well secured.
  77. Semper Paratus

    1991 John Deere lx178 - Is this a water pump?

    Yes...that is unless you live someplace really cold and use the tractor thru the winter and it needs some heat to start. If removing I would replace hose end to end with new appropriately sized hose clamps
  78. Semper Paratus

    How did you meet your spouse.

    Met mine in a military chapel about 41 years ago. Her father was a senior officer (O-6) living on base. I almost fled....In a couple of weeks it will have been 39 years married. She still likes me most of the time;);)
  79. Semper Paratus

    Box Scraper has anyone added weights to a box blade

    I have chained telephone posts and logs to box blades in the past and have had moderately good luck. Hard part is getting a 5 or 6' long 14"-18 " diameter log in the proper position. Usually took a couple adjustment cycles
  80. Semper Paratus

    Best firearm for home protection? I realize a lot is personal choice involved?

    Don't forget Co. Cooper's admonition: "A handgun is only a tool to fight your way back to a long gun"
  81. Semper Paratus

    How to catch 11 gallons of oil?

    Looks like an addendum to pallets in the field:eek:
  82. Semper Paratus

    Dixie Chopper with Generac Engine

    Ok guys I'm a little light on info but here goes. I inherited from a 2005-2010 Dixie Chopper Industrial from a deceased 3 war 101+ year old retired Army Aviator Colonel. It has the Electric lift 54" ish deck and a Generac Engine (28 HP I think). When I picked it up I had to pull it up on the...
  83. Semper Paratus

    Yazoo Walk Behind S-24---Parts Help

    :confused:Ten or fifteen years ago I inherited my father's Yazoo S-24 big wheel mower. Heck of a machine. It dates from the mid 80's He used it on an acre house lot plus a variety of rough cutting tasks for a number of years before buying a riding mower. I continued to use it for some of the...
  84. Semper Paratus

    Front Loader Quick Attach Automatic lock?

    Quickie has a version of that: See page 15 or so
  85. Semper Paratus

    QUICKE 310 Loader

    No not that kind of quickie. My 1997 3930 has a Quicke 310 loader on it and it looks like the hoses are original. Rubber covers are falling apart wires showing and rusting, no leaks yet....I contacted my local Bushhog distributor (James River Equipment), who seems to handle the Quicke parts...
  86. Semper Paratus

    Everything Attachments

    Good Job Travis. One of your fine folks sent me a love note today.....Fedex was coming my way with a couple of boxes that constitute my subsoiler. Mow I will have something to do after the storms pass through tomorrow and leave it too wet for tractor work.
  87. Semper Paratus

    Everything Attachments

    Was hoping to see a picture of my recently ordered subsoiler being built.. :thumbsup:
  88. Semper Paratus

    New Holland 3930 Won't even crank

    Well yesterday's effort with the 3930 was clipping several hundred feet of right of way and the 50' wide loop road around the house sight (something like 700' in diameter. All told about 3 hours of clipping with no problems. I shut it down to install an ammo can tool box and then went to restart...
  89. Semper Paratus

    New Holland 3930 Hydraullic Upgrades

    My 3930 has a Quickie 310 loader hanging on the front. The source for the FEL hydraulics is a long hose from one of my rear remotes. I have the second 12 GPM hydraulic pump on the left rear of the engine. My ideal state is to have the two rear remotes available for equipment without having to...
  90. Semper Paratus

    Upgrading Hydraulics on 3930.

    My 3930 has a Quickie 310 loader hanging on the front. The source for the FEL hydraulics is a long hose from one of my rear remotes. I have the second 12 GPM hydraulic pump on the left rear of the engine. My ideal state is to have the two rear remotes available for equipment without having to...
  91. Semper Paratus

    Everything Attachments

    Well Ted I was part of your big March with a 78" Cat 1/II box grader. A little over 3 weeks and shipping was easy to a semi local freight terminal. My 3930 and I are going to start cleaning up the road. I might have to get a hydraulic top link for the beast though. Torn betwixt a Ct I or...
  92. Semper Paratus

    99 NH 3930 Lights

    The lights and hazards on my1999 New Holland 3930 ROPS are not working. Does anyone have the fuse box schematic and a lighting system wiring diagram? Of course the first and easiest step is check the lights for power, then fuse box then??? Not a grand time of year to start pulling sheet metal...
  93. Semper Paratus

    A Nub from Tidewater VA

    Hey guys I am a nub here on this forum. I am an almost 58 YO former Coasty former shipbuilder and currently a Government employee working towards retirement. My current tractor is a 1999 New Holland 3930 MFWD with a Quicke 310 loader and a 6' Kodiak rotary cutter. Currently looking for an...