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  1. perrypower

    Online source for Kioti parts ?

    We'd be happy to help you at Homepage - Nolt’s Power Equipment We have two stores that stock a lot of Kioti parts. If you can't find something on our website, just send us a message.
  2. perrypower

    Kioti NS310H HST Transmission Filter?

    Yes, if you have a hydrostatic tractor, you will have an HST filter as well as a separate hydraulic filter. If you have a "Gear" or "manual" tractor, you'll only have the hydraulic filter. They use the same oil reservoir.
  3. perrypower

    Kioti NS310H HST Transmission Filter?

    The latter is your hydraulic filter. The HST filter on that tractor has had a running change. The yellow filter is probably the one you need. (If original filter, it's probably painted black.)
  4. perrypower

    Can't Pull out 60A Fuse!!!

    Yep, the first time I personally encountered one of those myself, I struggled with it a long time before I discovered that it was bolted in!
  5. perrypower

    Can't Pull out 60A Fuse!!!

    No, like this: New Genuine OEM KIOTI T5710-69321 Yellow Fuse 60 Amp for DK4510, DK5010, DK5510 | eBay
  6. perrypower

    Can't Pull out 60A Fuse!!!

    I can't see what type of fuse you have but some of those are held in with a "bolt" that goes thru a hole in the bottom of each fuse leg. It sounds like that's what is going on for you because the other style that just pushes in, shouldn't have the amount of resistance that you are describing.
  7. perrypower

    Cross reference for 2610 fuel filter

    We have those filters in stock if your interested in having one shipped. Just reach out to us.
  8. perrypower

    Decoding Kioti serial number

    That would be a 2008
  9. perrypower

    Decoding Kioti serial number

    You have a 2003 DK35. Your serial number is correct. They only moved to beginning letters in later years. You can order manuals from any Kioti dealer: Owner's Manual: D615-O03 Workshop Manual: D615-W03 Parts Manuals can be found online
  10. perrypower


    If you want a Mechron Service manual, the part number is DZC1-W04 and any Kioti dealer can order it for you.
  11. perrypower

    Kioti dealer service call pricing...unreasonable?

    Yep, this is accurate. The dealership will have to pay a service call technician for all their driving time, not just the time they spend on the actual repair. Service calls are not cheap. Transportation is almost never covered by any manufacture's warranty, except in rare circumstances such as...
  12. perrypower

    CK4010 HST Sticky Pedals

    I wouldn't necessarily call it common. We've replaced a few in this specific tractor size category, but overall they are very solid units. It seems there was a "batch that may have had some bad internal components.
  13. perrypower

    CK4010 HST Sticky Pedals

    You should get that checked out at the dealership before your tractor runs out of warranty. In some cases, the transmission needs to be replaced to resolve that.
  14. perrypower

    CK 30HST Cab wiring schematic - fan problem

    Honestly not sure, without actually testing it. I can't say that we've ever encountered that problem at our shop before.
  15. perrypower

    CK 30HST Cab wiring schematic - fan problem

    Here's the one for the Field option cab
  16. perrypower

    Repair manual for ck3510 on cd

    The Ck35 is an older tractor and is not the same. You can order a hard copy book from your dealer. You'll want part number DR70-W06 for a "standard" (non SE) CK3510 and for a CK3510SE you'll need # GMW-0027
  17. perrypower

    Ck2510 tie rod end

    Did you provide your tractor serial number when ordering? I can look it up on Monday if you still need help then.
  18. perrypower

    shop manual for ck2610 se hst cab

    At this time, Kioti does not offer a digital version for sale.
  19. perrypower

    shop manual for ck2610 se hst cab

    They are available for purchase from your dealer. You need part number: DHH5-W06
  20. perrypower

    CK3510 Air Filter: Can't find replacement for original

    I left for the weekend but there are only two options for the air filter so if the other one didn't fit - thus is the one you will need. (Also based on the Donaldson number you pulled from your old filter, it's the correct one.)
  21. perrypower

    CK3510 Air Filter: Can't find replacement for original

    All current production CK10 series tractors now have Stage V emissions so if you purchased a CK10 tractor end of 2021 or later, you could have the newer version. Just depends on when your tractor was built and when your dealer received his inventory.
  22. perrypower

    Kioti NX Oil drain plug size/pitch?

    I don't have the thread pitch handy - but this is the one you'll need: New Genuine OEM KIOTI E6303-33752, E6303-33661 Engine Oil Drain Plug & Gasket | eBay
  23. perrypower

    CK3510 Air Filter: Can't find replacement for original

    You actually need part number: TC26-1869A This filter is just slightly smaller than the older version you got from your dealer. And even though it is made by Donaldson, it appears to be an OEM only filter, which means you have to purchase it from a Kioti dealer. The filter your dealer sold you...
  24. perrypower

    PX series

    Yes, it is being replaced by the HX series. But the HX series has not been released yet - hopefully soon!
  25. perrypower

    LB1714 Thermostat

    You would need number E5205-73011A. Your local Kioti dealer should be able to order it for you.
  26. perrypower

    Kioti CK4030 Reliability - Central Control Unit Failure and FEL Float Selection Failure

    Did you ask your dealer if taking the control unit off of another tractor would be a possibility? Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. The other potential problem is that maybe they do not have another one in stock that could cannibalize for you. Some areas are still experiencing tractor shortages.
  27. perrypower

    DK6010SE with cab 3rd function remote

    Looks like that one goes for $785
  28. perrypower

    50 hr Service

    First time filter changes are inherently more difficult. It's partially to do with them being painted after filters are installed. The next service will be much easier. As far as changing the filter and not the fluid, here at our shop we just change the fluid because it's easier and more cost...
  29. perrypower

    Air Cleaner Vacuator

    So yes, Kioti doesn't make it that easy to find but they do offer it. Part number is: U3210-73151 (We have plenty in stock if you can't find locally.) It is smaller in size than the standard Donaldson cap.
  30. perrypower

    DK6010SE with cab 3rd function remote

    Depends on what loader you have. For the KL5520, you need DKA143 and for the KL5521 loader, you need DKA144. Call around to your closest dealers and ask if they have it in stock or call us - we can ship and have both in stock. The other viable option that I could recommend is going with a W.R...
  31. perrypower

    Looking to vent and seeking advice on rebuilding pistons/cylinders.

    We can help you find the correct seal kits for your tractor, however if you have a reputable cylinder repair shop, I suggest getting them to do the whole job.
  32. perrypower

    Kioti ck 3510 main fuses

    A photo would be helpful
  33. perrypower

    SLO blo fuse

    I don't remember the exact location but I think it should be located up front under the hood close to the relays.
  34. perrypower

    NX series windshield wipers, part numbers/cross reference

    Yep, that should do it for you.
  35. perrypower

    NX series windshield wipers, part numbers/cross reference

    Just measure the length of the blades and pick them up at any auto parts store. (They are all standard wiper blades.) As far as parts being a PITA to order - is it a problem with your local dealer? Because there are lots of dealerships that do online / phone orders and ship all across the...
  36. perrypower

    KL2510 loader. Need bucket weight

    You should be contacting your dealer to see if they can get the weight for you. Kioti supports the dealer and the dealer supports the customer. The customer relations folks at Kioti will try to answer basic questions, and in your example, they did not have a weight of the bucket alone listed in...
  37. perrypower

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    Kioti was correct in saying that was not a warrantable issue. The issues you described are clearly a setup issue by the dealer that sold you the tractor and that dealership should be taking responsibility for it.
  38. perrypower

    Kioti Warranty Concerns

    As with any forum, opinions need to be taken "with a grain of salt" because a person's viewpoint is shaped by their personal experiences and is not always representative of the whole. That being said, we are a Kioti dealer and you may find our opinions biased, but I will say that while we have...
  39. perrypower

    Kioti Grapple Buyer beware!!!!

    Regardless of whether or not this is a true warrantable issue, your first mistake was not reaching out to the dealer. Your dealer should be the one making the warranty claim for the broken tine. I'm surprised that Kioti even responded to you instead of directing you to your dealer.
  40. perrypower

    CK Series cab upgrade to LED?

    The cab work lights may be just as easy to swap out with a complete LED fixture. I'm not certain what bulb they use.
  41. perrypower

    CK Series cab upgrade to LED?

    If you're talking about the front headlights in the grill, yes you could swap out the bulbs for a standard LED upgrade kit (I think they might be H7) but then the headlight housing is no longer waterproof because the LED upgrade kits have a "light driver" that has to stick out the back...
  42. perrypower

    Kioti now tier V?

    I think you or your service / salesman is confusing terminology. The only Kioti tractor that uses a DEF system is the PX series. The CK3510 that you are looking at has Stage V emissions controls on it (but does not have a DEF system). It has a CCRT (diesel particulate filter) that "catches" the...
  43. perrypower

    CK2610 720hours *Updated***

    The part number for the repair manual you need is DR70-W04. It is available from any dealer and should cost somewhere around $165
  44. perrypower

    Looking for 2003 dk45 front end 4wd parts

    If I remember correctly from jobs in our repair shop, we usually order all the shims and end up using only half of them - so no, I don't really have any way of telling you which ones or how many you'll need.
  45. perrypower

    Looking for 2003 dk45 front end 4wd parts

    The part number you mentioned is in stock at Kioti. Any Kioti dealer should be able to help you, including us if you so choose.
  46. perrypower

    Kioti now tier V?

    So technically it's not called Tier 5. The correct term is Stage 5 and Kioti (USA) has been putting these in all tractors over 25Hp for about a year now, as they are required to. If you get a Tier IV engine you got a tractor or engine that was either produced or "allotted" before Stage 5.
  47. perrypower

    Resolving self leveling dislike

    Hmm, interesting!
  48. perrypower

    Resolving self leveling dislike

    Would you care to explain and help us understand your personal opinion on the self leveling loader? As far as the paint, an aerosol can from your local dealer will be about $20, but you could probably take an orange piece off your tractor and take to a paint shop to have them match it for you.
  49. perrypower

    Kioti financial incentives - will they return?

    So, Kioti just released their programs for January / February 2022. I suggest you contact your dealer today and review the new programs to determine if you want to make the purchase now or next year. (It looks like most of the programs have stayed the same with a few exceptions. I have not fully...
  50. perrypower

    Iron Bull canopy for CK10 series (CK2510, CK3510, or CK4010)?

    Here's a heavy duty one that we sell and install. Available from your local A&I dealer: C7481O Canopy Kit, Orange | AllPartsStore
  51. perrypower

    Anybody dig into the cable-actuated joystick/loader valve on a NX series tractor?

    So most Kioti loader joystick's that use cables to operate a "remote" valve, essentially use most of the same components (with differing lengths of cable, etc). You could either be looking at a stiff / rusty cable (but it should cause a problem in both directions then) or possibly a "ball-joint"...
  52. perrypower

    Cx2510 mirrors in YouTube video?

    So that looks like a UK model. I don't think Kioti has released a mirror kit for the CX2510 in the US. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's coming because they now have mirror kits for several other models.
  53. perrypower

    2610 HST & hydraulic filters.

    While the tractor only has "one hydraulic fluid reservoir", it has a "2 step filtration" if you will. The HST filter is of a finer micron and rated for higher pressure and therefore more expensive than the regular hydraulic filter. Because of the nature of the tight tolerances on the HST...
  54. perrypower

    Two hydaulic fluid filters (hydraulic filter & HST filter) on Kioti CK2610 HST?

    All answers above are correct. While the tractor only has "one hydraulic fluid reservoir", it has a "2 step filtration" if you will. The HST filter is of a finer micron and rated for higher pressure and therefore more expensive than the regular hydraulic filter. Because of the nature of the...
  55. perrypower

    Chains Wheel spacers CS 2210

    Check these out: Perry Power Equipment | eBay Stores
  56. perrypower

    DK 4510 - battery location a PIA?

    I'd recommend checking out Broken Anvil Metalworks. He is making custom grill guard inserts for most Kioti tractor models. (They look really great too!) Check him out on Facebook: Or his website: Broken Anvil Metalworks – Custom Metalworking
  57. perrypower

    Lb 1914 fan belt

    There are 2 choices for the fan belt on your LB1914, based on serial number. Kioti has both options in stock at their distribution center. Any dealer of your choice could order it within a few days if they don't have it in stock. Some dealers also offer "dropshipping".
  58. perrypower

    DK 40 HSE Wheel Size

    The part numbers for your rims to fit ag tires are: Front: 222043W required tire size it 8x16 Rear: 222044W required tire size is 13.6x24 If you can find a dealer with them in stock it might be cheaper to purchase tire / rim assemblies. Part numbers are: Front Left: 222043L Front Right...
  59. perrypower

    NX4510 Air Filter

    If I recall correctly, the "inner" air filter is optional, recommended for extremely dirty or dusty environments.
  60. perrypower


    The HST number you have there is actually a filter assembly. Your correct HST filter number is T4125-38021. And yes, this is a more expensive filter, but it is a specially designed high pressure filter for these hydro-static transmissions with tight tolerances. When we service this filter on...
  61. perrypower

    Top link brace for Backhoe on CK or DK

    Please do NOT attach your top link to the backhoe. This will prevent the backhoe subframe from flexing (which is normal) and create stress on the transmission bell housing, creating the potential for catastrophic failure of the transmission housing. Some of the backhoes used to come with what...
  62. perrypower

    What Do You Do With Your Waste Oil?

    Hmm, our dealership accepts waste oil from the public for our waste oil heater, but there is no public receptacle (it must be dumped by an employee during normal business hours).
  63. perrypower

    RX7320 fuel filters

    The black filter that they gave you is the pre-filter and the grey one is the main fuel filter, part number F6800-16411. I don't think there is a direct aftermarket cross available, but I think there is a Baldwin filter that it can be interchanged with, although I don't have the number handy...
  64. perrypower

    Kioti KB1200 Backhoe information

    That backhoe is one of the "old" units that has a PDF only manual. I've attached a copy of it. Hope it helps. If you need help sourcing any of the parts - let me know. Although I'll warn you, that some of them might be out of production so long that they are no longer available.
  65. perrypower

    HELP me find a SCREW! CK3510 H SE, FEL joystick grip handle retaining screw

    You are looking for an M6-1.0 x 16mm long. We have it in stock if you would like us to ship it.
  66. perrypower

    Installed Cinematic Kit for my Joystick

    Perhaps this will help:
  67. perrypower

    CK2510hst block heater

    It looks like the Kioti option does come with the sleeve. (see attached pic).