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  1. KennyG

    CraigsList vs. Facebook Marketplace

    In the past, I've bought and sold things through CraigsList with only minor scammer annoyance. I've noticed a lot of people seem to be using FB now. I decided to sell a drywall lift I didn't need and posted it on both CL and FB Marketplace. On FB I got about 6 of the usual "Is it available?"...
  2. KennyG

    2320 Valve Adjustment

    I just did the 1200 hour valve adjustment on my JD 2320 (Yanmar engine) and thought someone might be interested. The cost at the dealership would be about $400 so I bought the shop manual and figured it would be worth my time to do it myself. It took about 2-1/2 hours. It would have been less...
  3. KennyG

    Bad Day for Pole Barn

    Yesterday I found a tree on my pole barn. It was actually on my neighbors property. I noticed it was dead last year and thought about suggesting we take it down. It would have been tight to get it between our barns, but I wish we had tried now. I have to call the insurance company but I think I...
  4. KennyG

    Poulan Troubleshooting

    I've run out of things to try on my Poulan Pro 20" (actually a Husqvarna). It wouldn't start and had no spark. I checked the plug, and it sparked on another saw. I disconnected the kill switch, no change. I got a new coil (with plug wire) and still no spark. I rechecked the gap and the plug...
  5. KennyG

    Fuel Filters

    Recently I noticed my Husky backpack blower didn't seem to rev to full speed. After cleaning the air filter and replacing the spark plug didn't change anything, I thought of the fuel filter in the fuel tank. I replaced that and suddenly it ran like new. That got me thinking about my chainsaws. I...
  6. KennyG

    Mower Stand V2.0

    Here's another mower stand. A number of years ago I built one using pipe for axles and wheels. It was fine for storage, but awkward to move around because it didn't steer. This year I took the time to build one out of Harbor Freight furniture movers. This one also has the advantage of requiring...
  7. KennyG

    2 Series Valve Adjustment

    Has anyone here checked the valve adjustment on their Yanmar engine? My 2320 has 1100 hours and should be checked. I called my dealer and they said they have a 5 week backlog on work and the valve adjustment would take $350 to $400 in labor. It looks like there is a lot that needs removed to get...
  8. KennyG

    Glad I'm Not Sick

    In our area, the local hospital/health clinic organization is one of the top three employers. It seems you can't turn around without seeing a medical facility of some sort. Today (9/14) I called to schedule my annual physical. Earliest appointment - January 11. The last time I needed medical...
  9. KennyG

    CUT Availability

    Just an update on apparent availability. I was at my John Deere dealer today. It's a big dealership - one of about a dozen the bigger company owns - and would usually have a full range of utility tractors. Today they had one 1025, three 3032Es and three used compact tractors (one JD, one NH and...
  10. KennyG

    1000 Hour Report

    I just reached 1000 hours on my 2010 JD 2320. The experience has been pretty good. I've done a lot of mowing, snow plowing and loader work and some general dirt moving/landscaping. Other than normal maintenance, I've replaced a fan belt, the battery, a couple of loader quick attach...
  11. KennyG

    John Deere Jobs

    Per this story, John Deere can't find enough workers, in spite of the fact that the jobs are so good they are taking workers from other industries. Everybody wants a John Deere tractor. But not everybody wants a John Deere job. Why?
  12. KennyG

    2320 U-Joints

    I replaced the engine driveshaft U-Joints on my 2010 2320 today with the Moog 410 joints that have the grease zerk in the end cap instead of the almost inaccessible location on the cross piece. To be clear, there was nothing wrong with the originals. After 930 hours, they were fine and would...
  13. KennyG

    COVID Impact on Auto Insurance

    I've been wondering what would happen to insurance rates due to the reduced driving and congestion from the COVID shutdown. I kind of expected to get a larger than usual dividend check since I have insurance from a Mutual company. However, I just got my 6 month premium notice for my truck and...
  14. KennyG

    Classic Craigslist Scam

    I couldn't resist sharing this one. Notice any red flags here? ✬ 212✬ John Deere✬ 232 ✬Diesel Tractor for sale.✬🦜 - farm &...
  15. KennyG

    Feedback on Grizzly Lathe

    My son has an itch to get a metal lathe. I don't know that much about them but he is looking at a Grizzly G0768Z. It's a 3/4 HP 8 x 16 lathe. Does anyone have experience with them or other suggestions on what to look at in this range? Shop Tools and Machinery at
  16. KennyG

    Chainsaw for Self Defense

    I would love to see the details on this incident. U.P. man uses chainsaw to stop home invasion -
  17. KennyG

    JD 2320 Driveshaft U-Joint

    Under the principle that you should share your mistakes in case others are as careless as you, I just did a little unexpected work on my 2010 JD 2320. Those of you who have these machines know about the infamous engine driveshaft universal joints. I have been scrupulous in greasing mine and the...
  18. KennyG

    So you think you have a chainsaw

    OK it's not a wood saw but I saw this today at a marble quarry in Carrara Italy. A diamond chain of course.
  19. KennyG

    What's Next for California?

    I can't figure out how you Californians can keep up with it. I've gotten used to finding that everything I buy causes cancer in California but what's with garage door openers? I have an opener that seems to be failing so I was looking at current prices and options. I found that openers without...
  20. KennyG

    Land Plane and Drag Mat

    Had some time on my hands this winter and a lot of junk laying around so I decided to try building some cheap landscaping tools. I wanted things I could lift and carry on the 3 point quick hitch. I made the usual number of mistakes so here is my experience. Some time ago I tore out an old...
  21. KennyG

    Fruit Trees Planted

    Not exactly sure where this should go but I decided to put in a few bare root apple and cherry trees this year. I'm not too experienced in this area but if I have nice blooms in the spring and feed the deer it will probably be worthwhile. :) I planted them in an area that does not have water...
  22. KennyG

    Re-Purposed File Cabinet

    I hate to throw things away if there is any use for them, but I have some old file cabinets that will never be used again. I came up with a way to make one of them into a rear carry box that should come in handy. When I work firewood, I'm always carrying things in the bucket but I've not been...
  23. KennyG

    Cyclone Rake Toughness

    I have a Cyclone Rake Commercial Pro I've been using for about 8 years now. When leaf vacuums are discussed, some people question the CR because it uses a plastic/composite blower while some others use metal. I ordered mine with the hardened steel liner because I have acorns and sand. With the...
  24. KennyG

    John Deere Loader QA Projects

    This winter I've made a couple of loader attachments for my John Deere 200CX loader. Like others I was a little concerned that the JD system is proprietary and not skid steer, but I've come to like it. It's really easy to fabricate attachments and I think the system is lighter than a SSQA, which...
  25. KennyG

    Adapting Plow to Tractor

    I have a 3 point blower for my JD 2320 but I've found that we tend to often get only 2-4" of snow at a time lately (although we get 80 to 100" a year) and it's not so efficient. I"ve been looking for a snow plow to fit to the tractor and finally found a good candidate. It's an Exmark plow, I...
  26. KennyG

    Welding Table

    I really admire the fabrication tables some of you have but I can't really justify all that for the welding I do. I did, however, recently make a small welding table out of a salvaged Craftsman table saw. I bought the worn out table because I have the same model and needed the fence and work...
  27. KennyG

    Solvent Can Rant

    This seems like a good place for my latest pet peeve/rant. I've been doing a lot of painting on projects lately. Does anyone have a way to pour the first pint or so from one of those rectangular solvent cans without spilling it all over? I always seem to spill a lot and make a mess. And it's...
  28. KennyG

    Honda Engine Surging

    This may sound pretty trivial, but I get frustrated when I can't see the problem. I have a Troy Built push mower with a Honda GCV160 engine I use for some trim work. It's one of those cheap ones without a throttle. It's been trouble free for seven years but last week it started surging. It...
  29. KennyG

    Are these springs correct?

    I have a 7K equipment trailer I bought 6 or 7 years ago and it was well used at the time. This winter I finally have time to replace the deck and paint over the rust. When I took it apart I saw something I never noticed before. The spring hanger configuration looks odd to me. Should the spring...
  30. KennyG

    Medicare Experience

    I'm not trying to start a rant here but just retired and have had some interesting experiences with Medicare. I'm wondering if this is typical. I have a Medicare Supplement plan and a Part D plan from a private insurance company and it's been a very positive experience. They provided very clear...
  31. KennyG

    Firewood Rack

    I've never been able to set up the portable wood racks a lot of people have, but I like to keep the firewood neatly stacked when I move it from the wood shed to the house or barn. I also claim I'm not a hoarder or collector but I hate to throw things away if they can be re-used. I just...
  32. KennyG

    Even Cheaper Backup Camera

    I was looking at the $50 camera thread and thought it would work well for me. I added mirrors to my soft cab for my 3 point snowblower, but it's not ideal. I found a $30 camera on Amazon and installed it and it seems to work well. Just a 4.3" monitor though. Backup Camera and...
  33. KennyG

    Naked on Zero Turn?

    OK, would they have had a better chance of getting away on a CUT? Also, what are the safety implications? Cops: Naked Missouri Couple Rode Stolen Lawn Mower In Broad Daylight | The Smoking Gun
  34. KennyG

    Loser of the Week

    I just had to share this. This guy tried to carjack a vehicle, but failed because it had a standard transmission. Then he tried another car but the driver had a handgun. Then he tried to take a 90 year old woman hostage, but she broke away from him and ran away. Maybe he needs a new line of...
  35. KennyG

    Finally Happened

    I've always heard that oil filter gaskets can sometimes stick to the engine and result in oil leaks because of having two gaskets. As a result, I carefully check to make sure the old filter has it's gasket or that there's no gasket on the engine before I install the filter. In 50 years, I've...
  36. KennyG

    Airless Paint Sprayer

    I have a project I've been putting off - painting about 8 closet doors. They are solid wood six panel doors. Painting with a brush is going to take a long time and I'm not that great of a painter anyway. I'm looking at something like a Wagner Flexio 590 that is supposed to spray unthinned...
  37. KennyG

    Flat Proofing  Spare Tire Sealant

    I have a old (40 years) car that's kind of hobby/project. It didn't have a spare, so I found a rim (new) that fit it and mounted one of the tires I recently replaced. The tire looks new but I replaced it because it was 13 years old. I now have a leak around the bead on one side. I mounted it by...
  38. KennyG

    Connector Leak

    I've got a leak on a loader quick connect on my John Deere 2320 that has become large enough to warrant repairing. I think I've narrowed it down to a single connector. It appears to be seeping out between the tractor side connector body and the locking collar. Without knowing too much about...
  39. KennyG

    Trailer Tire Age

    Have you checked your tire age lately? I know most of you are smarter than I am but I make up for it by being lucky. The backstory is I bought a used 7K trailer about 5 years ago. It was in rough shape but I usually only use it for hauling within 10 miles of home. I bought it from a trailer...
  40. KennyG

    Imported Buick

    Here's something to think about. GM is going to be the first to import cars from China. What do you think the general reaction will be? GM solidifies plans to import Buick from China to U.S.
  41. KennyG

    Lifting Capacity

    Maybe a little off topic but we are talking about loader and 3 point lift capacity all the time. What do you do when you need to lift 1200 tons? Here's how it's done:
  42. KennyG

    Fiscal Condition of States

    This is an interesting study: Ranking the States by Fiscal Condition | Mercatus I'm posting it here because the states that are most at financial risk tend to be states with large cities and have serious underfunding of public pensions. However, they often also have significant rural...
  43. KennyG

    Comcast Banner Ad Problem

    Has anyone else had a problem with the Comcast ad in the bottom banner in the page? I find that when it pops up and I try to navigate to the next page of posts, I get a new window with Comcast instead of the next page of posts. Apparently the ad is invisibly covering the page navigation buttons...
  44. KennyG

    $150M Award in Chrysler Lawsuit

    Here is a kind of shocking story. Georgia Jury Hits Chrysler With $150 Million Penalty in Boy As is usually the case, this will probably be reduced on appeal, but there are several elements of this that have me shaking my head. The award included $120M for the value of the boys life. I can't...
  45. KennyG

    Pole Barn Renovation

    I've finally completed the renovation of my pole barn. I thought about posting as I went along, but it would have been the most drawn out thread in the history of TBN. I hope this gives others some ideas and I'll try to include some of the cost since there always seems to be interest in that. I...
  46. KennyG

    Trailer Brake Adjustment

    This week I decided to adjust the brakes on a used trailer I bought a few years ago and I got a couple of surprises. The brake adjustment slot isn't on the bottom, it's on the front side, rotated 90 degrees from where I expected to find it. I don't suppose it really makes any difference but I...
  47. KennyG

    EPA vs Wood Stoves

    This seems to keep coming back. Here is an article in Forbes. I'm not sure how much is alarmist and how much is real, but it looks like the EPA continues to wage war on everything except natural gas and wind/solar. EPA's Wood-Burning Stove Ban Has Chilling Consequences For Many Rural People -...
  48. KennyG

    Rotator Winch Problem

    Last year I made a chute rotator for my snowblower using a Harbor Freight Badlands winch. (OK, don't lecture me, it was cheap and worth a try.) It worked great last year but when I tried it this year the winch isn't working. When I push the switch I can hear something in the solenoid but no...
  49. KennyG

    Pole Barn Trim

    I'm going to replace the siding on my pole barn and have a few decisions to make. It currently has no base trim which is probably part of the reason it's all rusted out at the bottom. I'm going to replace the bottom grade boards and add a base. The supplier I'm looking at offers a rat guard...
  50. KennyG

    JD 2320 Coolant Change

    My next maintenance task on my 2320 is to change the coolant. Looking at it I can't see a radiator drain plug or petcock. Looks like I just have to pull the lower radiator hose. Am I overlooking a drain?
  51. KennyG

    $50 Wood Shed

    For a while I've wanted a wood shed instead of just stacking firewood, but it's hard to justify spending money on a wood shed. From other projects I"ve collected a lot of salvage that I needed to get rid of so I came up with this idea. I have a lot of retainer wall blocks from some landscaping I...
  52. KennyG

    Three Point Receiver

    Over the fall and winter I built a three point receiver and, as usual, it got out of hand. I started out with a Cat 1 drawbar which didn't work very well because it would rotate and if I loaded the back of a trailer it would float up. I got a 2 inch receiver tube and combined it with the drawbar...
  53. KennyG

    Snowblower Chute Rotator and Work Lights

    Last year I picked up a slightly used Jinma 3 point snowblower (at least I think that's what it is, it says "ZIN PX-160" on it). It worked OK but had a few limitations. It didn't throw heavy snow very well. I put Clarences impellor kit on it and that seems to help. With any wind the snow blinded...
  54. KennyG

    My Bridge

    Since there seems to be a lot of bridge interest lately, I've finally gotten time to post some photos of mine. I've been working on this for the last month or so but I only get a day a week to work on things if I'm lucky, so nothing happens very quickly around my place. I've got a pond with a...
  55. KennyG

    Mower Deck Storage Stand

    Just in case anyone has been thinking about a vertical mower deck stand, I just noticed Harbor Freight has a coupon for 10" pneumatic wheels/tires for $3.99 each. These are the perfect size for the JD 62D deck and they may work for others. Just to review the plan - 1/2 inch pipe works for the...
  56. KennyG

    Insulating Floor

    I just volunteered to help with a project, insulating a floor. I haven't actually seen it yet, but I understand it is a typical joist construction over a crawl space. A family room add on that wasn't insulated when it was built. I've never done this before, but I understand we should have a good...
  57. KennyG

    Fork Frame Sizing

    I finally found a good deal on some used forklift forks. Now I have to build a frame for my JD 200CX loader. I don't have much experience with forklifts and I would like to confirm how the rails should be sized. From the hooks on the forks, it looks like the rails should be 16 inches from the...
  58. KennyG

    Mouse Repellant

    Does anyone have experience with "Shake Away" rodent repellant. It seems to get some good reviews. I've been insulating and finishing the inside of my pole barn but won't get time to replace the exterior siding until next spring. It's got a lot of rust through and I'm concerned about mice taking...
  59. KennyG

    Pole Barn Vapor Barrier

    I need a check on my logic. I'm reworking an old pole barn. I have enough used sheets of foam insulation to put a nominal 5 inches of foam in the walls. By the time I'm done, I will also put new metal on the outside and I'm going to finish the interior with metal panels also. I had been thinking...
  60. KennyG

    Forks  Dig with Pallet Forks?

    I've been thinking of gettting a set of bucket forks for my 200CX, probably the ones that attach with chain and binders, mostly to move things around. However, I was wondering if these are also useful for digging, for instance, removing shrubs. Is this kind of setup heavy duty enough to do some...
  61. KennyG

    Terminology Question

    I think this may be the best place for this question. Our new place has a 40x48 pole barn. It's caused a conflict between my wife and me (both grew up on farms). She says it's a "barn" because, after all, it's a pole barn. I can't help calling it a "shed" because where I grew up, barns had...
  62. KennyG

    Tie Down Capacity

    Does anyone have a guideline for required capacity of tie down straps? I know straps have a working capacity and also have a ultimate strength to provide a factor of safety, but how does the weight of the load correspond to the hold down capacity. For example, if you have a 2000 lb load on a...
  63. KennyG

    JD 62D Mower Stand

    In another thread, I mentioned I was building a stand for my 62D mower. I was thinking about buying one because they are not too expensive, but I realized standard hardware could be used and I already had some of the parts. The photos below show the parts and how they are used. Harbor Freight...
  64. KennyG

    Another Quick Hitch Mod

    This is pretty minor mod but it solved a big problem for me. I found my Harbor Freight quick hitch wouldn't work with my Frontier box blade. The BB has the QH pin recessed between braces that are 2 inches apart. The bolts on the QH hook hit the frame and keep the hook from engaging the pin. It...
  65. KennyG

    Mowing  Tire Pressure for Mowing

    Up north here there is a slight possibility we may actually mow lawns someday, so I thought I would look for some suggestions on tire pressure for early (spongy ground) mowing. I have a JD2320 with a 62D MMM and R4 tires. Will lowering tire pressure help reduce tracking in the early spring and...
  66. KennyG

    Harbor Freight Quick Hitch

    I'm looking at getting a HF Cat 1 quick hitch. I know they have the 26-1/2 inch and the 27-1/2 inch inside dimension models. I have one implement that has a 27 inch dimension and will require the larger one, but I have another that is tighter. Does anyone have the 27-1/2 inch version and know...
  67. KennyG

    3 Point Log Splitter

    The pros and cons of 3 point splitters have been discussed here already, but, having bought one, I thought I'd add a little information. I've got a PowerHorse 13 ton (Northern Tool) on a JD 2320 with Power Beyond and it seems to be a good match. To get the downsides out of the way, it's not...
  68. KennyG

    Finding Brake Light Wire

    I've got an '04 Dodge Dakota without the factory trailer wiring and I'm in the process of installing a brake controller. I've got everything sorted out except for tapping into the brake light wire. I figured I'd just look under the dash, find the brake light switch and pick out the output wire...