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  1. Tony H

    Ball valves for hydraulics?

    I have a neighbor who currently disconnects his 'Curl' on his FEL and connects it to his homemade snowplow Angle. Not bad but playing with hose fittings sounds like a source for a leak eventually. Can he use simple Ball Valves to stop the flow to his Bucket Curl? The thought was to put a Tee...
  2. Tony H

    Riding mower RIO (Ridiculous Idea On the Onset)

    The whole idea of this 'safety mandate' it to make one more attentive when operating your tractor. What clown came up with this? Now, instead of turning my head prior to backing up, I'm looking down to find either the left hand button or right hand pull knob. How is that safer? Leaning...
  3. Tony H

    Stamped marking on chain

    When discreet start stamping chains? I have a 30-40 year old 3/8 chain. Maybe zinc plated, never used. Trying to decide whether I want to spent $40ish for grab and slip hooks to make a pull chain if I ever need one. Don't know the grade of this chain, not sure when stamped chains became a...
  4. Tony H

    Block Heaters 24/7

    My winters are cold. Sometimes way below freezing sometimes well below zero Fahrenheit. A few of my neighbors that have snow plowing routes and those that have farm animals plug in their block heaters for those 6 months. That is, when they are not in the vehicle, using it, the vehicle is...
  5. Tony H

    Annual tire purchase head scratcher

    Ok, I have a Bradley walk behind mower with Ms2000N one wheel sulky. EVERY YEAR since I got it (5 years). I use the machine all spring- fall no issues. Park the machine in the shed and it sleeps thru long, cold winter. Every spring the tire sidewall is ripped and tire tube is blown up...
  6. Tony H

    Snow Equipment Buying/Pricing  Snow chains; SHOP AROUND

    Hi folks, my backhoe does great plowing all winter long as long as the temperatures stay way cold. That is normal for here. Funny thing is, when you figure the season is ending and all is good a fresh warm snow pits me in trouble. Wet snow packs under the tires and is major slippery. Any...
  7. Tony H

    20W non detergent motor oil vs Iso 46 or 68

    I got a small Walk behind mower with Hydro transmission. It calls for 20w or 20-50 wt non detergent motor oil. My thought was to use ISO 46 or 68 since the ISO is a real 20w hydraulic fluid and 20W non detergent is not sitting on anyones shelves. Question: Will this be OK? Will the two...
  8. Tony H

    GT 18/42 Murray/Agway ride on specific question

    I'm just helping a neighbor with this machine. . Trying to do a simple Starter Relay fix. How the heck do you get to it on this machine? I can see it with the side panels off but not practical to get to. Do you actually have to take the Dash off and use long extensions? There doesn't appear...
  9. Tony H

    ventrac/steiner tall issues

    Looking at these two units. I am used to a compact tractor where the hood slopes down making good viewing of front implements. The ventrac and Steiner have very straight vertical hoods, is it very hard to operate any front implement because you are driving blind?
  10. Tony H

    Small Engine Oil filters. Same Spec just different sizes?

    Having a tough time getting aftermarket filter for a new to me Kawasaki FS541V commercial engine. I have a Kawasaki FB460V engine on a mower for 20+ years now and I can get that filter anywhere and at a reasonable price ( $10 for a tiny filter spin-on is nuts). Anyway after wondering if the...
  11. Tony H

    Kubota Fuel Filter 12581-43012 MICRON SPEC Used on Many 'Botas

    Does anyone have a real description of this in-line diesel filter? Like How many Micron filtering does it do. That's a normal spec but cannot find it for the 'Bota filter.
  12. Tony H

    Block Heater Unplug first mandatory?

    This may be a coincidence but maybe it's something that I should just know to do. Lot's of snow and 0 degree temps. The other day I have the Block Heater in for a few hours. Hopped in the tractor and started it up. I realized the Radio did not turn on. Then I look at the gauges and I see no...
  13. Tony H

    Backhoe  Dual circuit brakes: What am I misunderstanding

    My backhoe has dual circuit brakes. I lift the rod between the two brake pedals so you can Brake one side or the other. I thought I should be able to drive backwards, with the bucket lifting the front wheels off the ground, and steer the tractor by using one brake peddle or the other. Snow...
  14. Tony H

    Series 3000 or 4000 FEL with front Aux Hydraulics

    Asking for a friend. Looking at a new JD. On the fence on 3000 vs 4000. But the question is. What kind of controls will come with the JD with a FEL that has Front Aux hydraulics? Separate Stick or just rocker switch on existing stick or ???
  15. Tony H

    Oil & Fuel  Small screen in bottom of Fuel Tank? L3540

    Friends L3540 starves for fuel sometimes. At one point it really bogged down and stalled. The Fuel Filter is replaced once a year and it looked clear when the Stall happened. We pulled the Fuel line off from Filter to Tank. almost no fuel ran out. We back blew the line and now tractor is...
  16. Tony H

    Loader  3032 FEL D160 Is it me or does JD have bad Valving?

    Just jumped behind the wheel of this 2014 JD today. Helped a friend with Snow removal. It was his Deere. Is it me or is the valving on the FEL such that it will not Lift and curl the bucket at the same time. I was working a tight area so I had the RPM's at about 1500, so yes, it was slow...
  17. Tony H

    JD Snow Plow #BL7 anyone owna nd use one?

    I may make a similar Post in the Snow Removal section but since this was Deere Specific I thought I'd try here. Looking at a Used one and hoping to get a Review of it before buying. They are usually sold for the JD skidsteers but anything with a Quick Attach and Front Aux Hydraulics can use it.
  18. Tony H

    Music: Wireless Headsets: Ipods what do you guys do for Music?

    My tractor has no radio. Not really interested in Radio but I have an MP3 player . Was thinking about a Wireless Headset set up so I can hop in and out without being Leashed in by a wired headset. These larger headsets also seem to provide more noise deadening in them to quiet the 2500 RPM it...
  19. Tony H

    4" Valve in pond for future gravity feed Garden watering

    I've been running two garden hoses for about three months to get the water level in my pond down low enough to feel I will not have any Winter Freeze problems with this pipe. The idea is to have a gravity fed water source for a future garden. It is down hill from the pond so it should work...
  20. Tony H

    Trenching a French Drain. how to stay afloat?

    I have a small stream on the North side of what will be my driveway..I have a Pond the South side.. My proposed driveway area is swamp-like .. I have a backhoe that I want to back up to the Pond and trench my way to the Stream. BUT it is major mushy. Would you think hay or large weeds that...
  21. Tony H

    Tool for hydraulic coupling

    QUICK-ON Does anyone in the USA make a tool OR has anyone built there own tool to fight the Hydraulic pressure as you swap out attachments? Cracking the hoses lose and letting fluid run out is not an option
  22. Tony H

    Anyone make a 3pt hitch Seeder teh kind you sit on?

    I've seen the big store-bought Seeders but I'm loooking to make a small scale version where I have someone with a bucket of seeds and they sit in a seat off the 3 pt hitch and this 'Seeder' makes a hole for the seed then fills it after the seed has been hand planted.
  23. Tony H

    Rear Weight for 4WD agri Tractors.

    How much counter weight on the 3 pt hitch do you guys use for snow plowing? I have a 3000 series Kubota.. Same basic size as te 3000 and 4000 John Deere tractors. It's got chains and a 6 foot plow. Still lose traction mid winter when snow has piled and has made a nice slippery base under the...
  24. Tony H

    Oil & Fuel  JCB MIDI CX All filter part numbers and cross references

    JCB seems to keep these numbers close to the chest. This may help someone who can't get to or wants to avoid dealerships.
  25. Tony H

    Cat 1 three point Hitch correctly configured

    This is going to be a bear to try and describe. please try to follow. When attaching the Side Links, Is it standard convention that the Side Links are closer to the tractor then the Stabilizers? I received my Hitch and it appears to be preassembled incorrectly. As with all Lift Arms, they...
  26. Tony H

    Cross reference charts of other manufacturers?

    My JCB tractor has an Owners manual that is extremely vague when it comes to the Fluids. It basically gives Quantity of fluid needed with their Part number. Any manufcaturers out there (Mobil, Shell, chevron), that have a cross reference chart? Type in the Tractor and get a list of...
  27. Tony H

    Newbie saying hello

    Good day folks. I recently purchased my first tractor,. I've been in teh wings reading many forums to learn from. This forum is more agricultural Based where my tractor is a hybrid Built more like a construction Backhoe with the capability of taking off the Hoe and leaving me with a Cat 1...