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  1. rademamj1

    Land Clearing Project

    I purchased a 27 acre property here in Texas about four years ago. It is flat terrain and heavily wooded with mainly Mesquite, Elm, Oaks and Cedar trees. Extremely heavy brush composed of Cat Claw and assorted 4" thick vines are everywhere. Using my tractor, chainsaw, stump grinder and chipper...
  2. rademamj1

    Traction  Incredible - No damage resulting from putting gas into my Kioti Diesel Engine

    Last Thursday, in a moment of significant lost focus, I grabbed the yellow gas can instead of the red diesel can sitting right next to it, and proceeded to fill up my Kioti CK4010 tractor with gas. I started up the tractor and got only about 20 seconds down the gravel road when tractor...