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  1. Racenut

    Who rides motorcycles?

    That was pretty cool, but I gotta say it made me just a little crazy that the motor was left all disassembled and she started taking every other damn thing apart. Maybe she was waiting for parts lol, I dunno, but for me I'd have to finish that before I was worrying about removing the brakes and...
  2. Racenut

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Twice I've had one of their ass go under my bars. I could hear their hooves on the pavement. Pucker moment for sure. But in daylight, the extra lights don't help a lot with them. But I do notice cars tend to notice and get out of the way faster :D
  3. Racenut

    Question for those who live in California

    I'll bet this wont include all the junk fees the state imposes on us :D
  4. Racenut

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Recent "Spring Fling" 3 day ride. First day was a bit cold and wet, but the rest of the weekend was primo!
  5. Racenut

    Who rides motorcycles?

    You may find there are more Tenere riders on ADVrider than there are on a Tenere forum. ADVrider is the TractorByNet of the adv moto world. :D As for your long day in the saddle, bike shorts help a bit. And don't forget to move around, change position once in a while to avoid getting hot...
  6. Racenut

    lock n lube vs power lube

    My LS loader has recessed fittings and the Lock n Lube doesn't fit into some of them. It's so close that it fits in some and not others. I got a Macnaught KY PLus and while it does fit into those openings, it's a bit finicky about releasing. I wish the LNL would fit into those fittings as it's...
  7. Racenut

    What is the fastest way to burn a pile of logs?

    The smaller you make the pieces, the quicker they will burn, especially if you split them. Maximize surface area. I have played with cutting slots in big logs with the chainsaw and it seems to help a bit, but just a bit. Beyond that, get a grapple so you can pile them up. How likely is it that...
  8. Racenut

    Question for those who live in California

    My wife works for a cold storage that houses a lot of those Martinelli apples. Over 100 years old and still owned mostly by old apple growers and their families. Even here though, many orchards have been replaced by berries and other field crops. Even the cold storage used to be mostly apples...
  9. Racenut

    Status of Everything Attachments

    The website guy might be waiting to get paid too...
  10. Racenut

    Status of Everything Attachments

    I have a few pieces from EA. I didn't even seriously look at tractors till I saw a video of a grapple being used and decided it would make life better. And it has. When I ordered my grapple, it shipped relatively quick. A few days or a week. And as they got more popular and demand surged, the...
  11. Racenut

    omaha Steaks

    My brother sent me a box of Omaha steaks a while back as he knows we eat a lot of beef. I appreciated the thoughtful gift, but it really was a box of disappointment. You'd think all these places selling direct, cutting out the middlemen would be able to offer a decent product at a decent...
  12. Racenut

    New member from California

    Welcome from another Californian.
  13. Racenut

    Does anybody have any feedback on the 6' LS Box Blade ?

    I bought one, have not actually used it yet. But I generally liked the way it was built. The way the mounts attach just looks better designed and stronger vs the other box blades they had. I also like the idea of the skids for grading, seems like it will help my ameture skills from just digging...
  14. Racenut

    Nova Tractor vs Betstco Flail

    As I think about it, I think I ran into a similar thing, though I was later in the season. But they said they would have more by spring, and since I didn't need it till then I decided to wait, and sure enough, I had a mower before I needed it. Your situation may be different, but I was able to...
  15. Racenut

    Nova Tractor vs Betstco Flail

    I have a Novatractor Flail. MFZ-155. We call it the park maker. The 3 pound hammers look a bit like metal bear claws and they wreck stuff :) I don't mow lawn, I mow weeds and brush, sticks, pine cones. It turns rough overgrown areas into mulched up useable areas like magic. The main unit is...
  16. Racenut

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Here's a better picture of mine. I think it's a beautiful car, but still, no Ferrari. But if I wad it up at the track, it's not going to ruin my life either :D
  17. Racenut

    Things to do in Northern California?

    My car is a Scion FR-S that my son and I have built up for canyon carving and light track use. The pic is me going through the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca on a track day. My son has a 94 Miata that is a track car (it's punishing to drive on the street). Looks like you guys rolled into Monterey...
  18. Racenut

    Things to do in Northern California?

    According to the CalTrans site I found it on, it was Ebbets pass in May. They were still plowing trying to get the road open.
  19. Racenut

    Things to do in Northern California?

    I just now got all caught up, I'm sorry I missed the actual trip. Looks like you had a great trip. As for how much now they get over the passes... on a good year like this year was.. they get a bit. And this would be after it had a chance to compact and melt a bit. A friend of mine went skiing...
  20. Racenut

    Flail Mower Recommendations

    Not my experience. I hit a big buried rock, it cracked the drive pulley. I emailed and got prompt response from Jack and had my part in 9 days. was the email I sent to. Once we sorted out what part was needed, they included Ralph<> on a reply with the...
  21. Racenut

    How hot is it?

    Where I live... Where my tractor lives... Was thinking about going up this weekend and getting some ranch time in... I changed my mind :)
  22. Racenut

    Kubota M5660SUHD caught on fire (60hrs)!

    Seems like Kubota should have to prove it's not a warranty failure vs you proving that it was. If they can't point to some cause of the fire that was someone your responsibility, they should be eating this and hoping it's not an indication of a bigger problem. But what makes sense to me is...
  23. Racenut

    Buying Advice Help me spend money on a tractor

    So they're saying your tractor is worth $10,600 in running condition. That seems low. Quick look of used Boomer 24's with loaders and they are 15-17K Of course yours might have a lot more hours and general wear and tear, I don't know. But dealer could just be trying to take advantage of having...
  24. Racenut

    Who rides motorcycles?

    We went for a ride over the weekend through Big Basin State Park in Santa Cruz County. This park was devastated almost 3 years ago by the CZU Complex fire. It was interesting to see how scorched redwoods, which mostly looked dead after the fire, are still alive and putting out new growth. Not...
  25. Racenut

    Would you book a trip to outer space or under sea?

    An airplane and the deep end of the pool are as close to either of those I'm getting. And +1 for motorcycle thrills. Planning a ride for tomorrow right now :)
  26. Racenut

    Battery powered chainsaw

    I don't think mine has ever done an overheat shutdown. I have had them get bound up and shut down due to overload, but that's just turn it off and back on and back to work. Also when the battery gets low, they get more sensitive to overload.
  27. Racenut

    Battery powered chainsaw

    So back a few pages I said I got the Greenworks 80v 18" as an upgrade to the 40v 16". I'll now say that the 16" 40V is still my goto saw. It's lighter and usually enough to cut what I usually need to cut. I do a lot more trimming than felling, and the felling I do is usually smaller trees...
  28. Racenut

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Halfway point on 395, Walker Burger is a classic. Legit milkshakes, which will taste extra good in August :) And I recall one trip my friend and I parked under the summit road sign to snap a pic and some guy older than both of us by at least 15 years comes riding up on his road bike to do the...
  29. Racenut

    Things to do in Northern California?

    And from Angels Camp, that makes a 4-89-395-108-49 Loop a really nice day trip. There have been a lot of great suggestions and I've seen some of the things you want to do, I would only say to don't forget to enjoy stuff. Trying to pack too much into 2 weeks will be a bit like drive by window...
  30. Racenut

    Who rides motorcycles?

    Twice I have come so close to hitting a deer that their ass went under my handlebar and I could hear their hooves on the pavement. Dodged the most dangerous animal in the country.
  31. Racenut

    Who rides motorcycles?

    600K.. That's impressive.
  32. Racenut

    Flail mower help

    I went with Novatractor for my flail because it has the nastiest hammers I've found. Over 3 pounds each and they look like metal bear claws. If I was mowing a golf course, I would pick a different tool. But for mowing rough stuff, this thing continues to impress me. It munches berry bush...
  33. Racenut

    Things to do in Northern California?

    For me, once you get to about Morro Bay, Hwy 1 get less interesting. Morro Bay is a nice little spot with some shops and decent restaurants right on the water. But not so fancy that it's crazy expensive. From there you could go over the hill to Paso Robles, especially if you like wine. from...
  34. Racenut

    Things to do in Northern California?

    If your your planning allows it, I would suggest seeing Highway 1 front north to south. This puts you on the ocean side of the road, better views and easier access to turn out vistas. Otherwise you're going to be making left hand turns all day long. Also it will take longer than 5 hours from SF...
  35. Racenut

    Outdoor burning laws

    It doesn't stop all of them, but it seems to help with some of them. Even in California, burn permits are free and simple to get. Takes about 4 minutes online, 2 of those minutes being you have to watch a Fire Safety video that tries to prevent you from doing something stupid. Never...
  36. Racenut

    Things to do in Northern California?

    Lassen is an underrated National Park. Hardly ever busy but still spectacular. A couple wildfires have done some damage, but that can still be interesting as witness to the wrath of mother nature. It's a long way from Yosemite. But if you find yourself that far north, do not miss Burney Falls...
  37. Racenut

    Things to do in Northern California?

    I suppose renting a motorcycle is out of the question? :D I've seen a lot of great suggestions, I've toured a whole lot of California on my bike, but at that point, the ride is more what it's about more than the destination. Stop and take a pic here and there, otherwise just enjoy the twisty...
  38. Racenut

    Subaru Automobiles

    I did the plugs in my WRX with basic home garage tools. But, it involved pulling the battery, the air intake and unbolting the motor motor mounts and jacking the engine up a few inches. And I had 2 friends to help. EASY PEASY :D Me and my son doing a Subaru spark plug change for the FRS. I...
  39. Racenut

    Subaru Automobiles

    I bought a Subaru WRX in December 2002, drove it hard for 12 years. 4 autocross seasons and many a flogged mountain road. Was mildly modified +60-70HP. No engine issues. Now I have a 2013 Scion FRS, which is a Subaru drivetrain. I bought it with a blown motor, but that was due to a badly done...
  40. Racenut

    Branson Warranty Woes

    Sounds like you're in Tennessee. This may be of interest... HB830 | Tennessee 2021-2022 | Consumer Protection - As enacted, requires a manufacturer, under certain circumstances, to replace farm machinery with comparable farm machinery or accept return of the farm machinery and refund the full...
  41. Racenut

    Any bourbon aficionados here?

    I like bourbon. I like rye. I have whiskey snob friends. I watch whiskey reviews. I've tried a lot and drink more than my wife thinks I should. What I've learned is.... It's all subjective. Even my own tastes have changed over the years. Everyone has their preferences. I really dislike Jim Beam...
  42. Racenut

    Carport Weight

    Yeah, looks like you need 10 friends and the appropriate amount of meat and beer.
  43. Racenut

    A Couple days of heavy atmospheric river rain filled an empty lake. Unbelievable....

    THey used to get called a "Pineapple Express" since they tend to pull moisture from the direction of Hawaii. Last few years they gave them a slightly more sophisticated name.
  44. Racenut

    A Couple days of heavy atmospheric river rain filled an empty lake. Unbelievable....

    And more on the way. Hopefully we'll continue to get good rain and fill those reservoirs. Last year we got 13 inches of rain in 24 hours in October, then crazy December, then not much of anything else. So hopeful for a productive winter without too much damage.
  45. Racenut

    Pros & Cons Kawasaki Mule SX vs Honda Pioneer 520

    Either one is a good machine. It may come down to which one you can get your hands on. A few months ago I was looking at the same ones. Called around and nobody had either and were saying spring 2023 would be the soonest I could get one. We found a used Pioneer 500 and bought it for about half...
  46. Racenut

    Best headphones - Bluetooth and walkie talkie?

    I use Sena radios on my motorcycle and they also have headphone solutions. Though the "walkie talkie" would be to other similar units, not generic FRS. Cardo is another brand popular for bike to bike comm and they have headphones too.
  47. Racenut

    Finally Need My Warranty and LS Is Not There! BEWARE!

    I have a car with a Scion/Toyota badge on it. Subaru has the same car with their badge on it. For warranty work, the respective dealers can only work on the ones with the right logo on the hood. It's not something unique to LS. But yeah, it seems the biggest weakness for LS is their dealer...
  48. Racenut

    Honda Pioneer 500

    We bought a used one to use as a ranch buggie. Really like the just right size on the trails.
  49. Racenut

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    I think generally speaking, more flails means a finer cut. It can also mean more maintenance. And flails made for finer work, might not be as suited to munching up brush and sticks. So kinda depends what you're gonna be mowing. My 60 inch mower only has 14 hammers, but each one is over 3 pounds...
  50. Racenut

    Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

    Its an LS XR3135 and the backhoe is a bit bigger than the one in your link but it's not a monster or anything.
  51. Racenut

    Anybody using a backhoe attachment on their CUT?

    I have the subframe type backhoe on mine, and after seeing how much banging around it can do, there is no way I would ever expect a 3pt mount to handle that.
  52. Racenut

    Golf Carts

    I'm currently shopping for one too. We had an older one we picked up from a guy that refurbished them years ago. The batteries eventually got tired. "Upgraded" to a cheap sxs and after 1000 miles putzing around the ranch, it's blowing smoke and needs a motor rebuild. Want to go back to...
  53. Racenut

    Transferring Wealth to the Next Generation

    We're making the assumption we'll have something left to transfer. Ours is simple, when we are both dead, the two kids split whatever is left. I encourage my kids to max their ROTH IRA contribution every year. They don't because they aren't going to suddenly start listening to me now.
  54. Racenut

    Flail Mower Recommendations

    Material diameter claims are a bit relative. Old pine branches smash up a lot easier than oak. Look at the hammers on the Nova vs the hammers on the others and see which one you think is gonna smash stuff better. I ran over an 8 inch stump lurking in tall grass. I certainly don't recommend it...
  55. Racenut

    Flail Mower Recommendations

    What Novatractor are you looking at? I went with Novatractor MFZ because it had the biggest baddest hammers I found. And so far it's been a beast. And compared to a Heavy Duty Betstco with hydro offset, it's $800 less. At one point they were on par, but Betstco seems to be raising prices...
  56. Racenut

    Battery powered chainsaw

    I just got the 80v Greenworks 18" saw during Amazon Prime Day. $194 with a battery. My Greenworks 40v 16" has punched above it's weight, so expecting the same from this one. It uses a .050 chain and more solid adjustment so hopefully less resetting the chain. We'll see. The 16" cleaning up...
  57. Racenut

    McNaught vs Lock N Lube Coupler

    I'm going to try a Macnaught. I have L&L but it's just barely too big to get into some of my recessed fittings. Hopefully this will do the trick.
  58. Racenut

    Need FIRST HAND information on money scanners used through auto bodies.

    I didn't read all 61 posts of wackadoo here.. but if you're still worried about this... stuff your money in these - Not the same, but related, last week my father's Jeep was stolen out of his driveway. We believe they used an RFID amplifier and relay as he still has...
  59. Racenut

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I'm gonna need some more sour cream and bacon bits.
  60. Racenut

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Dug up a big potato
  61. Racenut

    Anyone use identity theft protection services?

    I asked around, nobody wants to be me :D
  62. Racenut

    Yanmar Claw Grapple

    Hope it works well for you. My grapple rarely comes off my tractor.
  63. Racenut

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    Last month, no trains running due to maintenance, but had my drone with me. Sent it up a few hundred feet to get a bigger picture.
  64. Racenut

    Rail roads and their tracks.

    Two on the Tehachapi Loop Don't know if this will work.. link to the video - Tehachapi Loop
  65. Racenut

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    So far it's been flawless. But, I only have about 10 hours of real use on it so far. But I opened it up to inspect and all looks good. Added a lil grease and ready to go again.
  66. Racenut

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    My property looks similar to yours in some places. I went with Novatractor because it had the meanest looking hammers I found. I was telling my wife we need to take better pics and video of what we're doing with it because so far all I find online is people just cutting grass lol. This thing...
  67. Racenut

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    So far, we have been impressed with it. Granted, I don't have much to compare to, but it has eaten everything I've fed it, including that stump 😲 I have not cut much grass with it. The grass isn't a lawn, just a fire hazard so I'm not picky about how fine the cut is. They've been around for at...
  68. Racenut

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Loving my flail mower. Got the Novatractor MFZ with 3lb hammer/bear claws. It's a beast. I thought I'd have to rip out berries and them mow what was left.. nope, it just eats it up. Before and after, different angles, but same area. When I first got it, I accidentally hit an old 8 inch stump in...
  69. Racenut

    Battery powered chainsaw

    I've thrown the chain a few times, but I think my wife has done it as much as I have and she's used it maybe 5% of the time. Every time I've ever derailed it, it was due to something binding at an odd angle. My theory is with the narrower chain, you just have to be more careful about getting it...
  70. Racenut

    Prime attachments grapple

    The triangle endplates on that Prime grapple are no good for log hauling. EA Wicked is my pick.
  71. Racenut

    MT3 reliability

    My LS is only 35HP and so far, no issues with regen. Word on the street is run them at 2k RPM or better and have fewer issues. I really like my LS Tractor. That said, when I was shopping, the nearest Branson dealer is 100+ miles away vs 8 miles for LS. Otherwise, I would have likely bought a...
  72. Racenut

    Back up Generators - finally looking.

    We got a generator for my mother in law on the PG&E program. Had the rebate check in 2 weeks. Was actually surprised it came that fast. We got a dual fuel portable unit. Electric start with remote. 7500 watts running, 9500 peak, which is small for some people, but mom has simple needs and a...
  73. Racenut

    This is tragic

    My favorite rib joint is HOME. Ain't nobody shutting that down :) I say get a pellet grill and don't worry about your favorite place to eat shutting down again.
  74. Racenut

    Christmas dinner... What are you cooking..

    Homemade Pozole and Flan for dessert. I did get a lil crazy with my pozole toppings, should have made it a lil more presentable for pictures, but it was delicious :)
  75. Racenut

    Think I got Covid

    I wish you a speedy recovery. I think as far as testing, I would want to know, if nothing else just for accurate medical history. But also if things get worse, it could save some time when it comes to getting proper treatment if you already know it's Covid or not. Also, there may be contact...
  76. Racenut

    Bad news big repair

    Glow plugs wont heat if it's not cold enough.. do you know where the temp sensor is that determines that? a) is the temp sensor working? b) use a freeze spray to cool it off so you can diagnose on your schedule instead of mother nature's. Freeze spray can be canned air held upside down, brake...
  77. Racenut

    Bad news big repair

    I'm still stuck on a $6000 ECU... that's just predatory. Can they test your ECU to see if it's the problem?
  78. Racenut

    Best bang/buck landscape rake?

    It's still on the pallet, shipping would be easy. Travis at EA has even been known to help people arrange freight shipping of their attachments since most people don't have connections with carriers.
  79. Racenut

    Best bang/buck landscape rake?

    Someone posted this on FB the other day... 登录或注册即可查看 I don't know why it converted my link to Chinese, but it worked for me..
  80. Racenut

    Pole Chainsaws

    I've got the same, as well as two extension poles. It gets a little heavy when it's that long but makes it something close to 13' long. Has been a great tool for limbing up trees to get them off the ground for fire safety. We've used it quite a bit, to the point that I'm going to make a mount...
  81. Racenut

    My toybox.

    Looks like just about exactly what I need. Dear Santa, I've been very good this year... 😇
  82. Racenut

    LS backhoe factory thumb

    Same thumb but my backhoe came with the mount point already welded on. I'm assuming a newer model, got mine early 2020. I haven't used it but 3 or 4 times, but in those times it was really nice to have. Would be really great if it had a hydraulic ram of it's own but I've not used it enough to...
  83. Racenut

    Windows 11

    I use Firefox and Chrome all day. I tend to only use MS browser for MS sites. So far, I've not run into any issues that I wasn't running into before LOL. Remember when they said web apps would allow us to be system agnostic as they would all run in any browser? :D Well I still have apps that...
  84. Racenut

    Windows 11

    I went ahead and installed Windows 11 on my work laptop. I work in IT, so someone needs to be the guinea pig :D So far, it installed without any issues and I've been using it for a few days. Interface changes if anything are more intuitive than Windows 10 was. And not as drastic as the failure...
  85. Racenut

    When do you start and stop mowing the grass where you live?

    Try to get the last mow in first part of June before it dries out and gets too dangerous to mow. Then no mowing through summer/fire season. We just got rain last week, but grass is still low but will be mowing brush wherever I can as the grass grows. The field can get soggy so probably no mow...
  86. Racenut

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Tried out the new flail mower and we're very happy with it thus far. It shredded berries into nothing, really great! :) Before, after and during
  87. Racenut

    Ordered a eta wicked tooth bar

    I have a wicked tooth bar on my XR3135 bucket and it really improves the ability to dig, though as others mention, you gotta be careful. I helped scrape out a pond in clay soil and was impressed at how it cut through stuff that stopped a straight edge bucket. Also works good to scrape out brush...
  88. Racenut

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Got my new Novatractor MFZ155 hooked up dialed in and then got a little rain so we could try it out without starting a fire. So far, I'm super pleased with it. It's so great when something works exactly how you expected. Maybe any flail would do the same, but this thing munches up berry bushes...
  89. Racenut

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Thanks or the tip. I'll take care of that before they have a chance to escape.
  90. Racenut

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    Merry Christmas to me. I say Christmas because it may be December before I can actually do anything with it due to fire hazard here in Ca. But we'll see... at least I'll have it ready to go by then. Went with the Novatractor MFZ because their hammers just look like they will munch stuff better...
  91. Racenut

    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    When you get the replacement, paint it pink. Might make it easier to find next time.
  92. Racenut

    Light To Medium Duty Flail Mower Advice!

    I've been waiting for a Novatractor MFZ155 flail for a few months now.. Hopefully the next batch I'll get one. If not I'll look again at Betstco or Woodmax. I can't mow till October or November anyway. They've all been hard to find in stock, especially if you want hydro offset. And prices keep...
  93. Racenut

    Why I quit hating soccer.....besides the soccer moms!

    “There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.” ― Ernest Hemingway Stick and ball games are for kids :D
  94. Racenut

    Security & Theft  GPS Equipment Trackers

    Does anyone have any recommendations for GPS trackers for equipment? There are lots of them out there, but trying to save the whole trial and error thing and just find one that simply works. I think my wish list would be once a day ping so I know it's working and maybe a ping if it moves...
  95. Racenut

    EPA attempting to limit Internal Combustion vehicles used for Racing

    The EPA has entirely too much power and needs to be neutered.
  96. Racenut

    A federal warrant has been issued for my arrest! :-O

    When I'm in the right mood, I'll mess with them. Flip their script. A couple weeks ago, someone contacted my wife claiming to be her aunt, and asking her to send money via a money app for an emergency. My wife picked up on the scan right away so played along. Told her she'll just bring cash...
  97. Racenut

    Lost check link turnbuckle, can't buy at dealer--substitutes?

    Might find something that works here... McMaster-Carr
  98. Racenut

    Flail Mower Let's talk flail mowers

    I'm looking at flail mowers. My tractor is 66 inches wide, but only 28hp at the PTO, so a bit underpowered to run a flail wider than the tracks. I was looking at hydraulic adjustable offset so I could push it out past the wheels on one side for edges, fence line and around trees and stuff. This...
  99. Racenut

    “Buy the dealer, not the machine” is outdated

    It's not outdated at all. It just depends on your particular situation. If you have the time, tools and skills to do all your own maintenance and repairs, then you're less likely to need dealer support. But if you don't, then having a good dealer nearby is something that's worth factoring into...
  100. Racenut

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Moved some firewood and dragged Grandpa's disc around for a while.
  101. Racenut

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Got a rake, made a path and laid down 26 tons of gravel almost like I knew what I was doing...
  102. Racenut

    Everything Attachments

  103. Racenut

    Everything Attachments

    Send him out west... we haven't seen a raindrop since January. I'm sure I can find something useful for him to do :D
  104. Racenut

    Cool Nature Photos

    I very rare Sunrise pic (I rarely get up that early) And sunset from the same spot, facing the other direction of course. Both from the Nevada Desert just east of Death Valley.
  105. Racenut

    Cool Nature Photos

    Sunset a few nights ago.
  106. Racenut

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Got the grill guard upgraded to hopefully keep the LS from getting a black eye.
  107. Racenut

    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    Finally got it delivered, still learning to use it, so mostly just had it pose for pictures :D
  108. Racenut

    Why huge differentials on trucks?

    My kid's Miata diff with a hundred enraged squirrels under the hood. :shocked: I don't think it would last as long under the RAM with diesel power.
  109. Racenut

    YouTube advice

    Here ya go...
  110. Racenut


    Suggestion for your new mailbox.
  111. Racenut

    Who rides motorcycles?

    My 2011 GSA. Have a lil over 50K miles of smiles on it.
  112. Racenut

    Are you a meat eater

    Double down...
  113. Racenut

    Are you a meat eater

    Ribeye cap steaks off my own grill. If you can find them, they are a treat :)
  114. Racenut

    Tractor or new kitchen?

    First post... here goes... My friends think I'm nuts. But they live here in the city. If a bunch of tractor nuts tell me I'm crazy.. well.. I'm crazy and should just remodel my kitchen. The scenario... We have 5 acres of the family ranch in the sierra foothills. Mom has the 5 acres next to...