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  1. Snobdds

    Poulan BP 655

    @xyz123 Since you are the poulan expert. I just picked up this Poulan Pro 655 with the Boost Port. The guy I bought it from did not think it was a boost port model, but I sent the pictures to a friend and he confirmed the BP. Anyways...I have some questions for you. I need to know if the...
  2. Snobdds

    GC 1710 Hydraulic Hoses

    What kind of fittings are on the GC1710 loader hydraulic hoses? JIS? I need to replace a few of the hydraulic hoses and need a cap to put on the ends until I can get one made. I know it's 1/4 hose, just not sure on the fitting.
  3. Snobdds

    Grease cover plate

    It appears that the Agco parts book is not what it use to be. I use to be able to find this part, and I even ordered it before. Anyone know what this part's official name is, or have a part number. I poached this picture off of gofast...
  4. Snobdds

    Low Hour Oil Change

    So, I bought a New Massey 1710 a year ago this past weekend. However with building a cabin over the summer and fall, I have only put around 18 hours on the tractor. I will be, once again, taking it up to the cabin to continue my build and some tractor specific tasks. My problem I am having...
  5. Snobdds

    Iseki Engine Question

    Does anyone know if the engine that comes in the 1700 Series MF tractors (1.1L), has a timing belt or timing gears. Fingers crossed that it comes with the gears over the belt...