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  1. mostly_gas

    Price Check  pricing for 1700 Ford

    Tractor is a '79 model 1700 Ford, 4wd with old 5 ft finish mower and 6 ft scrapping blade. 1400 hours runs good stored outside so the appearance is so-so at best. Has 770 front loader and 5 ft bucket.
  2. mostly_gas

    window view

    I saw this walking to the back of the house and had camera in hand. Wished he would have posed better :D
  3. mostly_gas

    Injector maintanence

    I was looking at the owner's manual for my '79 Ford 1700 and one of the items was bench testing of injectors every 600 hours. Does this need to be done and if who would do it?
  4. mostly_gas

    Valve Clearance procedure

    '79 Ford 1700. My shop manual says to set them cold with engine off. Owners manual says to check the clearance with engine idling, both give the same clearance. Which is correct? And if I should do it with engine idling, anything I should know before shoving a feeler gauge in?
  5. mostly_gas

    Missing Thread

    A thread I started in photo section has disappeared with no explanation :confused2: will there be one?
  6. mostly_gas

    Ford 515 mower parts help

    A friend in SW. Missouri asked for some help replacing some parts on his 515 sickle mower. Apparently the parts are no longer available and I need some measurements or drawings to fabricate replacements. Can any help me or tell me where to get drawings ? (Will post part numbers later)
  7. mostly_gas

    RX75 questions

    I am working on a '89 RX75. I have a parts book but not the manual. I have 3 springs that I have to replace but not sure where they go. The parts book shows where one side goes but not the other. One spring goes on the parking brake lever, one spring goes to the brake rod, and the last hooks up...
  8. mostly_gas

    Feedback on Sears ZTS6000?

    My daughter is looking for a mower for about 2 ac. Can get a good deal on this mower new. 3k is max budget and she does not have a good mechanic handy. Anyone know who or where built? Has 26 hp Platinum Briggs, any horror stories? Thanks in advance for your responces:)
  9. mostly_gas

    Freeze Plug Blues

    1979 Ford 1700 4WD. Last time I used it, the freeze plug between the glow plugs blew out. I bought a new set of freeze plugs, replaced the missing plug using hitack sealer during installation and about 1/16 of the land showing. I let the tractor sit 3 hours so sealant could set up. Replaced...
  10. mostly_gas

    how mush does my tractor weigh?

    I need to buy a new trailer to haul my '79 1700 w/ 770 FEL and was curious as to about how much it weighs?