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    TC45D 3 point Hitch stopped working out of nowhere

    Hello. I have a tc45d tractor and I was using it today all morning. I lowered the 3 point hitch, got off the tractor to move something, then got back on and the hitch will not go up. I looked at the contol lever and it is hooked up and moving. I checked the oil level and it was good. everything...
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    TC 45D HST Damper

    My TC 45D Has the sticky pedal syndrome. I have set everything as per the shop manuals specks. I run it over 2k rpms. and still the pedals don't return to center. As per the shop manual it says to look for things in a bind which I am it the process of doing. The other thing it says to do is to...
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    tc 29d fuel rail leak

    Like the title says I have a leak where the fuel line goes into the injector . I was looking at parts diagram and their seems to be no o rings or crush washer there. I tried to tighten it but no luck . Any body have this problem before , maybe line split or a problem with return line and feed...
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    weak curl after adding backhoe kit and rear remotes

    like title says I just purchased a used 758c and rear remotes for my tc29d.:dance1::cool2: Install was pretty straight forward with normal struggling with used gear. First sign of a problem was when we lifted fel I tried to curl down and got nothing but the bucket wasn't on fel so I dismissed...
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    1 2 3 4 let's have a thumb war

    I just purchased a nh 758c hoe and want to install a hydraulic thumb. To save time instead of fabbing up my own I was looking into buying a thumb and cylinder pre made. It seems that there are 2 choices cheap around 300$ for a mild steel thumb with no travel in hydro cylinder or expensive...
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    tc 29d cruse control switch

    I have a tc 29d and I been having a starting problem no crank just nothing checked neutrial switch seems ok seat switch deafeted . I played with cruse control switch and it started . I noticed when I put it on the switch does not light up . Question is if its engaged will the tractor not...
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    leaf report

    Just wondering how leaves are looking in the more northern states ? Nothing prettier than pictures of Vermont covered bridges with the green mts. fall colors.Post pics if possible.:drink:
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    Y2K =HYDRO?

    Just like the title says does y2k =hydro because from what I can see there are very few hydro cut pre 1999. Also I guess the cut itself was in it infancy then because there were only 2 major players then JD and NH Kubota tractors where far and few inbetween. I realy like the early vintage...
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    Kid snaps loader arms

    Just like title says I had my kid [18] digging out stumps from pine trees that died a few years ago due to needle cast . I guess he was back dragging or pulling with bucket curled and hit another tree root .He's usually pretty good on it because he's been on equiptment since he was 10.I usually...
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    Loader  getting the most out of your fel

    I was wondering if any one ever lifted with their fel with no bucket or forks on it .I have a ssqa was thinking to get a flat plate and weld some hooks on it.This way I can increase my lifting capacity by lifting closer to pins and not adding the weight of the bucket or forks.My loader is a 7308...
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    help pick next tractor

    I have narrowed my choices down to 2 tractors that I can afford. My tractor I am upgrading from is a tc 29d . I really like The Tc 29d But it's just too small .I do a lot of loader work with the forks on . Mostly doing rock landscape work .The framer next door gives me all the large rocks I...
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    nh 758 wars

    I have been looking for a 758 bh for my tc 29d and I noticed a difference in between a,b,and c models .I know the 758c is the one with the correct sub frame . My ? is can a old ford 758a be made to fit ?My dad is a tv repair man he has the ultimate set of tools.:laughing::laughing...
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    power shuttle ?

    I'm interested in buying a power shuttle transmission but somethings I ain't to shure about. When u put it in gear ie. tractor running shuttle lever forward or reverse does the tractor start moving or u have to step on foot throttle to move ? Being my property has some very tight places I need...
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    biggest round split by hand

    This is for hand splitters only .What is the biggest round you guys ever did by hand?I get tons of free wood all the time its always from my friends with splitters that dont want to pick up large butts [that don't sound right]:laughing:or one's that were bucked to long.I have a plethra of wedges...
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    Tecno hater

    Been looking for a Large cut tractor 50 hp and up with a hydro trans I guess called a class 4. It seemes to be very limited selection with the only canditates are Kubotas 5030 witch I can't use becuse of treddle peddle {had both knees replaced bad arithis in feet]and John Dere 4510 witch is...
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    hay rake resto

    I have an old hat rake Iwant to restore .i need help identifing it .It has a f and h stamped on it in various places .sorry dont know how to post pictures. Any help would be appricated.:confused:
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    to diesel crawler

    looking at your bio on reply to wheel spacers even thow i cant type or spell oruse computer we have something in common. i have 99 f350 extended cab v10 360,000 miles ,2001 f350 dually crew cab 190,000 miles 7.3 450 hp ,2001 excursion 7.3 2650,000 miles wifes truck. bad arthritis in hands type...
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    tippy canoe

    i have a tc 29d and i was driving side ways on my hill just for sh!#$&* and giggles got off and pushed sideways on tractor and was suprised to see i can lift uphill tires off ground.:eek:needless to say i slowlymoved tractor to flat part and contiuned to work .i have turf tires filled and...
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    tc29d steering wheel

    I have a tc29d and the steering wheel telescoping knob wont budge.Does anyone know how to free it up? dont want to force it and break something.
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    tc 29d steps

    I have a tc 29d and i recentaly had both knees replaced makes climbing in and out of tractor a challange .Is there any steps offered either original or after market? Anybody have home grown pictures or ideas? GREatly appreacited.:)
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    tc29d personal upgrades

    Looking for any pictures or ideas that owners have made to there tractor in the areas of tool box, grill or hood guard and side steps. thanks:)
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    quad ruts

    I have 2 kids with quads needless 2 say i dont have a lawn anymore . basicaly a rutted up field about 4 acres. Dont realy care but makes cutting grass less than fun.worst off keep spilling frosty beverage in cup holder :mad: Just purchased new holland tc29d for this and many other spring time...
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    tc 29d tire chains

    does anybody have a tc 29d with turf tires and tire chains ?My air valve is pointed out .I have some kind of quick attach 3 pt hitch and its very close to my tires and my lower links.Can tires be flipped around?:confused2:
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    tc29d buyer

    looking to purchase a tc29d has fel 4wd and 900 hrs on clock dealer wants 13000 any suggestions for counter offer?thanks:confused:
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    zetor windshield

    has anyone ever replaced windshield and how hard is it ?also is there any quick attach hitches or easy on and off bucket?where to purchase near nj ?:confused2:
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    zetor buyer

    looking at buying 1986 zetor 7245 . any tips on what to look out for ? how much is it worth? how are parts to find ? :confused3:
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    tractor shopper

    looking to purchase 2010challanger mt295 . how hard is it going to find loader for it. and parts availabity thanks.