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  1. PJSprog

    Kia Fire Issue

    The wife of a drummer friend of mine had a terrible experience a couple days ago. She was driving down the road when someone pulled up next to her and told her that her car was on fire. She stopped and got out just in time to watch her car burn. She had these pictures on her Facebook page...
  2. PJSprog

    List of Vehicles You've Owned

    This may or may not have been done previously, but a comment in another thread about a super-human number of vehicles one member has owned prompted me to make a list of the ones I've owned over the years. Care to share your list? Here's mine (so far): Four Wheels '68 Dodge Van (600 series) '73...
  3. PJSprog


    I see a lot of threads about golf carts, but very little about actually playing golf. How many golfers do we have here? I started playing about 1991, after I divorced my first wife. Many of my long-haired friends were playing, so I figured ... what the heck. I'm still not very good, but I do...
  4. PJSprog

    Audio Only Player for Satellite TV ??

    The Wife and I were talking last night about putting a sound system in our upstairs living room. We won't have a television up there, just a baby grand piano and some seating, a sofa and a couple of chairs. We have satellite tv downstairs, and still have the cable through the floor in the corner...
  5. PJSprog

    Engine Stalled While Warming Up Today

    Decided to do some work on the lower driveway today. Opened the barn, started the XR3135HC, got out to put on the Ratchet Rake while it was warming up, and just as I placed the rake in front of the bucket, the rpms dropped and the engine stalled. Thinking that was odd, I got in and started it...
  6. PJSprog

    Ford F-150 7-Lug Wheels

    The Wife and I recently bought a used pickup for use around the farm. We found a 2003 Ford F-150 used on Craigslist for a very good price. It need a little TLC and some minor repairs, so we took it to a local mechanic we've trusted for a long time. One of the things we wanted was to replace the...
  7. PJSprog

    New Tractor Day! - LS XR3135HC

    Our new XR3135HC was delivered today! Played around with it a bit this morning. Looking forward to playing ... er, I mean working ... some more this weekend. :D Wife jumped in and drove it before I did. Tucked away in it's new home. Even came with his & hers mesh caps! She's already...
  8. PJSprog

    CUT vs Skid Steer

    Does anyone here use a skid steer in lieu of a compact tractor? We're looking at new tractors for light loader work and brush hogging. Someone my wife works with (construction company) today suggested we look at skid loaders. I was immediately put off by it, but started to wonder if there's any...
  9. PJSprog

    New LS XR3135HC In My Future?

    Apologies in advance for the long-winded first post. The wife and I recently inherited part of her recently deceased Grandmother's farm. We got the house, barn, small lake, and 5 acres. Half of that is a mix of pasture and field behind the barn, which we plan to convert to all pasture once the...
  10. PJSprog

    New Member in Southern Illinois

    Been reading in the forums for awhile now as a lurker, and decided to join. I've used the information here for a great deal of research in our search for a new tractor. The knowledge here has been incredibly helpful. Much appreciated.