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  1. Dftodd

    Purchased a New Massey

    Just like the title says. Just picked up a brand new Massey 1825E with woods bush hog and a box blade. Loader came standard with quick attach bucket. So I'll soon be investing in a set of pallet forks as well.
  2. Dftodd

    Just bought 6 acre of land. Now what???

    My wife and I close in a few weeks on 6 acres of land out in the country. We've been racking our brains, trying to figure out which direction we go with it. The first option is having a Barndominium built. That's just gonna depend on the time frame, budget, what the payment will be for the...
  3. Dftodd

    Kids and pets in vehicles

    Ok guys, was running errands after work today. Temperature was 103 in the shade. Got to the grocery store and a car in the parking lot had a dog left inside. Vehicle was not running. Went inside and had the grocery store clerk page for the owner of the vehicle and explained what was going on...
  4. Dftodd

    Bug season and bites.

    Hey guys. Just figured I would post a recent experience. Woke up one morning a few weeks ago with my knee hurting. Didn't think to much of it though. Being that I'm a mechanic by trade and getting older, I'm jused to being stiff and sore. Also if I feel little pinches and such, they tend to be...
  5. Dftodd

    Will a Massey loader fit my kubota?

    Got a chance to pick up a Woods DuAl loader off a Massey 1010 for a pretty reasonable price. Will it fit my old Kubota L1501?
  6. Dftodd

    Hydrostatic belt on a lt1045

    Any one replace the hydrostatic belt on a 2007 or later model lt1045? A simple belt replacement turned into a nightmare. And am wondering if there are any tricks besides tearing the whole thing completely apart :mad:
  7. Dftodd

    hello, newbie here

    Just joined, and figured i would introduce my self. Currently living in vilonia arkansas. Have a kubota l1501 grey market. Absolutely love it. I'm married with 3 kids, 2 grandkids, and a couple of crack headed dogs.:cool: