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    It's Logging Season-Northeast

    I have a tajfun winch I use on a 43 hp Kubota L4310 I have skidded thousands of logs without any problems
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    Tractor idiling running woodsplitter

    WI'll running a woodsplitter at idle (800) rpm for a couple hours hurt my engine on a newholland t4020
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    B9200 kubota problem pushing.

    You need to be in the lowest gear while doing that kind of work
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    Logging winch design

    I have a tajfun 10000 lb pull hydraulic powered by PTO it is fast about a foot every two seconds
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    Kubota front loader thumb DIY

    Heres one I built a few years ago before I got a factory grapple I had to beef up the top of the bucket where it mounted
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    Advice on building a tractor shed?

    If you go with trusses I would go with a ceiling on the bottom side of the trusses .if you dont whatever is parked in there will be covered in bird poop
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    Splitters and Wood, show your pics!

    Heres my setup
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    Bush Hog BH25 yokes breaking

    I had a six foot international brushhog that did the same thing but not as often I took them off and use one half inch chain down the center to the rear of the brushhog been problem free for fifteen years
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    Hydraulic connections won’t go on Grapple

    I have a kubota with a grapple I run 2 hoses back to the remotes on the year.i close the grapple then shut off the tractor then work the hydraulic lever back and forth a couple times then unplug them.never once had a problem plugging them back in
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    Autumn olive and multiflora rose puller

    I started spraying the multiflora rose with round up .that stuff is horrible it will take over your whole place if left unchecked
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    Mahindra 3375 Mechanical Thumb

    This isn't the best pic but I made one out of half inch x2 inch steel made some points to penetrate the log.i first made it mechanical but wasn't happy with it some logs were impossible to pick up so I added a farm implement cylinder works so much better. But I don't know if you would have a...
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    Bushhog Brand Loader Quick Attach

    I have a kubota i just went to the dealer and bought the quick attach that fits on my loader arms for five hundred bucks i don't understand why you dont go to brushhog dealer and get what you need and be done with it.
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    Chain Saw Mount

    That's a great idea good job installing it looks really nice
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    New tie rods

    How tight should the nut be on new tie rod ends .they have castle nuts .thanks
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    converting 3pt splitter to pull behind

    I did just the opposite i left mine pull type but took all the hydraulics and motor off and now run it off my tractor. I built this in 1985 from mostly stuff i scavenged i can split a 8 ft fence post by unbolting the wedge and rebolting it out to the end shes not pretty but been working for 36...
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    Cut 10ac with finish mower - Advice Requested

    I agree with others your going to smoke the belts on your mower. Probably be cheaper to hire it done. By the time you would get it mowed it would be time to start all over again
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    Chainsaw holder/axe holder/pole saw

    Yes its a metal pipe and no it doesn't dull my chain being round the teeth really doesn't come in close contact with the sides.i have 4 different stihl chainsaws i carry like that with no issues of leaking fuel thru the breather been doing it close to ten years
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    Chainsaw holder/axe holder/pole saw

    That's a good idea
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    Chainsaw holder/axe holder/pole saw

    No issues with it at all just like my four other chainsaws
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    Chainsaw holder/axe holder/pole saw

    Oh i forgot if you look under the tilt cylinder you'll see some fresh paint. I store my log chain inside the hollow pipe. I welded a bolt with a little door to keep it contained
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    Chainsaw holder/axe holder/pole saw

    Nothing fancy just how i roll.
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    Tie rod ends

    Anyone ever try to put a new tie rod end on the old one .cut it off and weld on a new end .kubota wants almost $800 for two complete tie rods seems awful pricey to me but maybe not what's your thoughts on this
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    Kubota L3940 All the Sudden Won't Move and Hydraulics Won't Work

    I have a L4310 i noticed a couple times while I was mowing and backing down a steep grade it didn't want to go forward i cant remember if it finally took off or i backed down to level ground but i think it had to do with all the fluid running to the rear of the tractor away from the
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    Changing tie rods on a L4310 kubota

    Thanks for all the replys i appreciat it
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    Changing tie rods on a L4310 kubota

    How hard is it to change tie rods .after i get the nut off how do i get them out of there place
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    Cheap, sturdy, handy chainsaw holders.

    I welded a piece of 4 inch pipe to the side of the loader frame works for me I welded a piece of 4 inch pipe to the loader frame
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    Kubota L4310 with grapple and tajfun winch

    Works great runs off pto that runs a hydraulic has 280 foot of cable. I got the remote switch that clips on my belt cost a little more but well worth it i can follow the log back to the tractor if it gets hung up on something just stop it do a little rearranging and go on .no more...
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    Kubota L4310 with grapple and tajfun winch

    I could never post pics from my phone in the past but now i can for some reason
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    Kubota L4310 with grapple and tajfun winch

    Heres a better one
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    Kubota L4310 with grapple and tajfun winch

    Just thought id try posting a pic of my tractor
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    Grapple #2

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    Storing chains

    How do you guys store your chains when not in use
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    Ford 4610SU Log Winch Setup

    I had one similar to that it would pull a mountain but you could eat breakfast dinner and supper waiting on it extremely slow .i sold it to my neighbor and bought a factory build skidding winch
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    Kubota L4310 transmission filter number

    Anyone know the part number for the transmission filter for a L4310 hydro 4 wheel drive non cab
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    MF 1734E HST Whine

    I have a kubota L4310 hydro it has absolutely no whine whatsoever
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Heres mine
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Heres my kubota 4310 with grapple and tajfun winch
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    Trans hydraulic fluid

    Tsc sells traveler trans hydraulic fluid that says it meets kubota udt specs anyone ever use it in there hydrostatic tractors
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    Trans/hydraulic fluud

    Do any of you guys use a different trans hydraulic fluid other than kubota. They say you have to use there udt oil .i would think other brands would if its labeled to meet spec's what's your all thoughts
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    Any hydraulic oil exports on here

    Tractor dealers always say you have to use our brand oil for transmission. Kubota for instance says you have to use there DTU oil in there transmission is it really different from the normal trans/hydraulic oil
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    Everything Attachments

    Do you carry a toothbar for a skidsteer bucket
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    Posting pics

    Could someone on here explain how to post pics on this site I can't find anything in the forums about posting pics. I am using my phone maybe that's why I don't know. Thanks Rick
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    Storing a fuel transfer tank

    How do you guys store your fuel transfer tanks when not in use. Mine is a eighty eight gallon L shaped tank its kinda awkward to load and unload in the truck bed. I use my front end loader then put it in the back of the shed when not using it. I might go with something smaller easier to handle...
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    Thumb  Mini Excavator thumb

    I'm going to add a thumb to my mini Excavator I'm going to make it out of steel I have laying around. My question is while using it I assume you keep it up out if the way when not in use. What would happen if it was in the middle of its stroke and I curl the bucket into it by accident would it...
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    Front-End Loader  Dozer blade for skidsteer that tilts

    Do they make such a thing like a small dozer blade made for a skidsteer that you can tilt from side to side I think that would be a very handy piece of equipment
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    Posting pics

    How do you post pics on this site I would like to share pics of my tractors and attachments I have .a lot of tree skidding pics with my tajfun skidding winch on my 4310 four wheel drive kubota
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    Trailer ramps

    I'm going to build a new set of ramps for my 10000 gvw trailer I'm building them out of three inch channel iron with 2x2 angle for the cross pieces. What is the best way to place the cross pieces .with the flat side of the angle on top where the tires will be or put the point part of the angle...
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    Post driver mounted on tractor with skidsteer quick hitch

    I would like to mount my post driver on my front end loader of my tractor with a skidsteer quick hitch but not sure how to make it adjustable to get it plum to drive a post straight any suggestions
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    Any tractor airconditioner guys on here

    Hi I'm new at this site and new to charging tractor using the Single hose that comes with a can .starting out it only read 20 psi in the white part of the gauge meaning it was low. I put two twelve ounce cans in and it still was reading low so I put a third can in drove it for...
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    My gauge that comes with a can is reading in the yellow and red I think I have to much in it
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    Grapple  POSTING PICS

    i have some homemade grapple pics on my L3600 kubota but i cant figure out how to post them.maybe someone can give me a few pointers RICK
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    yanmar ya18

    got a brake sticking but releases when i pull it back up manually any help app.
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    Dealer  southeastern ohio dealer

    where would the closes yanmar dealer be in ohio say betwenn wheeling and columbus ohio along st. rt. i-70 thanks