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    How to back up a pivoting axle trailer

    It's a dog trailer. Dog Trailer
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    Just arrived and hour meter is broken

    Although I would be completely honest if I ever sold my X495, as I was putting it away one day, I noticed the hours read 499.8 and clicked over to 499.9. I sat there for a minute or so thinking I'd watch it click over to an even 500. Then I thought, this is silly, I'll just watch it happen...
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    Information on used L5740 via serial number

    Thanks for all the replies. We missed out on the tractor, but we're almost convinced it was actually a scam. Lots of details didn't add up - the year of manufacture being one of them.
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    Information on used L5740 via serial number

    Hmm, ad definitely says 2003. I'll check the year with the seller. There's a backhoe that comes with it (not currently attached), but the pictures show rust on every single hydraulic ram. Is repair going to be an expensive process?
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    Information on used L5740 via serial number

    We are looking at a used L5740. Is there somewhere we can find out any information on the tractor via the serial number? I've Googled, but come up empty. Serial number is L5740D71855. Supposedly a 2003 model.
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    Lets See Your DIY Tow Behind Landplane

    Sorry, I only saw your request a couple of days ago and hadn't had time to measure it up. The overall length is 1,980mm, 'cut' width 1,475mm, overall width 1,625mm. The frame uses 180x75mm PFC and 50x4mm SHS. The blades are 75x6mm.
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    Lets See Your DIY Tow Behind Landplane

    I built mine from galvanised stock and added the ability to pick up the plane with the FEL, which is very helpful - from moving it about the yard, transporting it while the box blade is already attached to the 3PL, to doing a quick job without having to change implements. I also made it longer...
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    How to use a Grader Scraper

    I didn't take any pictures, unfortunately, but I spent yesterday spreading 56 tonnes of 20mm quarry rubble over virgin loamy-sand to make a driveway and car park. I used my 3720 and land plane to spread it 150mm thick and reasonably smooth. The driveway section was pre-spread with the dump...
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    E85 Fuel

    Aussie Supercars do 300km/h corners on E85
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    Plows versus tillers?

    Thanks Rob.
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    Plows versus tillers?

    What tips do you have for preserving soil health as much as possible, while still getting an effective till?
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    Plows versus tillers?

    Can you give us some tips you've learnt in your years of experience?
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    Hydraulics: FEL versus Forklift

    Thanks Dave. That's a neat explanation
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    Hydraulics: FEL versus Forklift

    I can operate three functions simultaneously on my forklift, with full dexterity and finesse. I can also make the smallest of movements with precision. This is not the case on the FEL of either of my tractors, when weight is heavy or the load is positioned further from the tractor. The worst...
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    Land plane dimensions

    So, I've built my new plane. Some info and pictures, to show either what to do :thumbsup: or what not to do! :thumbdown: depending on your point of view :D It's 1,625mm wide overall and 1,800mm long (plus the upturned ends). The skids are bulit from 2 metre lengths of 180x75mm galvanised PFC...
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    Land plane dimensions

    I've previously built a land plane for my X495, which is 1,310mm wide x 1,500mm long. I want to build a bigger one for my JD3720. All the ones I can see, regardless of their width, are quite short. Tell me why I shouldn't build one 1,625mm wide (the rear track of my machine) x at least...
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    Rear worklights on 3720 cab

    Guys I'd like to install some rear worklights on my 2012 3720 with cab. Tucked inside the back of the flasher lights are connectors with black and purple wires, which I believe are for rear worklights. I can't get any power out of them however. I thought they'd be live when the front lights...
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    Hydraulics pause during bucket dump on FEL

    Guys, I have an intermittent delay occurring when dumping my FEL bucket. I get a short way into the stroke of the hydraulics, then get a 3-4 second lack of movement, before things continue on as they should. I have no problems raising and lowering and no problems crowding the bucket. This is...
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    2006 4720 - Is 2,000 hours too much?

    I'm looking at a 2006 model 4720 with about 2,000 hours. What's the life expectancy of one of these tractors? Is 2,000 hours at the end of its life? Half way through? Thanks.
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    Best implement to mix/cultivate soil under trees.

    I have a parcel of land with fairly large trees that I would like to renovate. The ground is basically a layer of years of fallen leaves and branches mixed with loose sand, over sandy clay. I'd like to mix the top layer with the sandy clay beneath, mixing the humus and nutrients with the more...
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    3032E/3038E Round Bale Handling

    How do the 3032E and 3038E tractors cope with moving and loading round bales? The specs look like it could be touch and go. Does anyone use their machines for handling round bales?
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    3032E/3038E 3-Point Lift Height

    Quick question: What is the lift height range of the 3 point linkage on the 3023E and 3038E tractors. I can find capacity, but not lift height. I'm wondering if I can lift a round bale of hay into my trailer, which has a deck height of 500mm. Thanks.
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    X-Series Hydraulic Lockout Valve Operation

    I have an X495, with 45 loader and I'd just like to check the proper operation of the lockout valve. To my mind, it's not functioning as it should. When screwed in to use the loader, the operation of the rockshaft is not prevented entirely. It is slowed somewhat, but the rear implement will...
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    Comparison  4x10 vs 4x20

    I've been contemplating a 4x20 tractor, but have been presented the option of buying a 4710 with 380 hours, loader and backhoe. How do the newer machines compare to the 4x10s? Anything specific to examine when looking at the 4710? Thanks.
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    X495 cracked transaxle & diff lock

    Guys, I have found an inch long crack in my transaxle, which has apparently been slowly leaking oil, but today turned into a gush. I've also noticed an intermittent problem with the diff locking itself spontaneously, coupled with the odd loud click. I can't tell whether the crack is a...
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    Faster hydraulics on an X495?

    Hi Guys, I do a fair bit of loader work on my 495, and whilst I'm not looking to be able to lift any more weight, I would like to operate faster. Even raising and lowering and tipping an empty bucket is tediously slow. Is there a fix for this? Thanks. James.
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    Which implement for soil amelioration?

    G'day. I'm looking for some advice on the best implement to use to improve my soil. I have deep, water-repellent sand with very low nutrient levels. I would like to spread a thin layer of clay and marc (grape skins and seeds from my winery) over the surface, then incorporate it somehow...