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  1. rfoxinc

    Just arrived and hour meter is broken

    “Cooling off rule” only applies to sales initiated in your home.
  2. rfoxinc

    SA 324 Rev override

    Hello all- I recently lost the cover for the PTO reverse override switch. Yanmar only sells the whole switch ($38). Any ideas where I can find one? Thanks-
  3. rfoxinc

    SA325 issues

    I had the exact same thing happen, shut hood too hard. Plastic piece broke off. Luckily it didn’t separate from side panel, now l close it oh-so gingerly.
  4. rfoxinc

    Yanmar 324 Questions from a New Owner

    Thanks- only rough / smoky for a few seconds..
  5. rfoxinc

    Radiator protection ideas

    OEM grille guard Lowes has steel mesh..
  6. rfoxinc

    Ford 9N - Retrieve it or Leave it?

    My thoughts exactly.
  7. rfoxinc

    I hate grass raking! How can i avoid it? do i need a new tractor?

    My solution (like others) is to cut high (3.5”) raised discharge chute, later in day. I also mow from the inside out to push all grass to edges I typically wait WEEKs between cuttings and the Yanmar SA 324 does a great job no matter how tall it is. I see No need to burn xtra fuel / spend...
  8. rfoxinc

    1725 takes a while to start

    That being said,and with myself in the “same boat” re: mechanical know how l would still take it to the Dealer for 50 hr svc to not chance voiding the warranty. Besides, can’t cost >$2/300. Not only that, it lets Dlr confirm / notate any potential warranty issue.
  9. rfoxinc

    Yanmar SA Mods

  10. rfoxinc

    Yanmar SA Mods

    Co congratulations Here is what l did, [post #8} $11 at Hatbor Freight
  11. rfoxinc

    "Troy Bilt" 27 ton log splitter, add winch? (Not 20 ton. Helps to know your own equipment)

    How about a boom pole with a set of log tongs ?
  12. rfoxinc

    Mixing used oil with diesel in the tractor.

    That seems low (1/4gph) My 24 hp Yanmar burns 1/2 Gph but either way, not worth the aggravation in my book.
  13. rfoxinc

    sa 324 / 424 Potential buyer questions

    I went with the 324 because $900 more to an already tight budget for only a little more weight / clearance wasn’t worth it. 0nly mowing and plows snow. Also the added height wouldn’t help mowing under trees and getting in the garage. Very happy with it.
  14. rfoxinc

    Warm up and cool down - SA series

    I’m at 1400 idle speed. My warmup is to pull out of garage and run at @1800 for about 5minutes
  15. rfoxinc

    Sub-Compact/Compact Recommendations

    The B2601 is rated at 12.7.mph in high. The SA324 is 6mph [low-range] and 12.3mph in high. Bob
  16. rfoxinc

    Sub-Compact/Compact Recommendations

    THe Yanmar 324 is a fine machine that I highly recommend. I compared it to the B2601 / JD2025 and the Massey Ferguson 1526. The Yanmar has a 10 Year warranty and was alot less $$. The JD is Yanmar-powered. The others have a 3 range HST, tilt and speed control. Not enough to justify $thousands...
  17. rfoxinc

    Yanmar SA Mods

  18. rfoxinc

    Old guy "sort-of" + a [very] new Tractor.

    Hello everyone from SW Pa. After 40+ yrs of buying used equipment, [last new piece was a 1978 Yamaha DT100 Enduro at age 14] and after 20 yrs on a used Kubota B7100, I bought the last tractor that I will ever need. A Yanmar SA324 with -1- hour on the clock. The process of comparing the...