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    Old back blade - reborn...

    I've had this old 6' back blade for nearly 40 years, both tractors it got used on are gone ALMOST that long - with the newer crop of (old) tractors, I put HF quick hitches on both, plus a couple spares for later mods involving the Case backhoe; one with a swivel for the hoe end, other to be...
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    Help - MM252 wire hub NOT compatible with Lincoln L56 plastic reel 12-1/2 lb. -

    Ordered some 8" spools of L56 wire, had one on my MM211 - went to move it over to the 252 when I ran out of wire, but the pin on the mm252's hub is about 3/8" too long to let the 8" plastic spool rest against the inner flange of the hub - there's just enough slop in the wire spool's ID that the...
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    Miller BLUE paint - closest REASONABLE spray cans??

    Title says it all; I did a (typically disappointing) search, waded thru the first couple HUNDRED (of 1477) results, NONE of which had ALL THREE key words (miller, blue, paint) Sooo, anybody got a candidate? Gettin' closer to bein' done with the cart for the new MM211, gotta cover up all the...
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    Container Weld Shop build -

    Thought I'd start a separate thread on this, it's gonna get fairly involved and this'll keep ALL my screw-ups in one place (yeah, right) so anybody that wants to do this can hopefully benefit from my brain farts :rolleyes: First (surmountable) problem - I LOVE my mm252, and have no intention...
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    Spammers -

    What's with all the freakin' SPAMMERS? Mods??!?
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    No-Slop Vise Mount for Steel Bench

    Gonna build a few of these if I ever find that "Round Tuit", thought I'd post the drawing if anyone's interested - I do a lot of stuff using receiver hitch tubing, but usually the amount of slop just using hitch pins is OK - In my experience, mounting a vise is NOT one of those situations...
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    Steal a Gannon Box Scraper (almost)

    If you're near northern Calif. or southern Oregon and want a box scraper, check this out Gannon 4x2 Box Scrapper I already have a Gannon AND the Case adapter/hitch, and I STILL almost bought it. At this price, you may ALREADY be too late... Steve
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    Zero Turn Deck Repair

    Found out ya can't really mow 3" limbs sticking out of burn piles with a cheapy stamped steel deck :confused: - Bought a Cub RZT50 a few years ago, mowing time went from 2 days to 2 HOURS - the Cub was the only under $3k machine with a Kawasaki, and I'd had good service from the little JD with a...
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    Serious Hydraulic Techs - Please Save my Bacon

    My Case 580B has a few cylinders still leaking, so far I've kitted both swing and both stabilizer cyl's and one of the loader curl's - the other loader curl, 1 of the boom cyl's and the hoe bucket curl are all in need of TLC, some more than others. I made a tool out of 1/4" flat bar that, along...
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    Preheat advice requested

    Built this bending jig for use on my 20 ton press - all flat bar is 3/4 x 3, long dimension is 12", gap between uprights is 1/16" wider than the 1.5" male plunger plus two thicknesses of 1/2" x 3" bar stock - The intent is to bend a couple of U-shaped 3" x 6" pieces of 1/2" mild steel by...
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    MM252 spoolgun rack

    Started setting up the spoolgun (first time) on my 252, got really frustrated trying to make less of a mess out of power, ground, mig gun and 30 feet of spoolgun cabling, not to mention the complete lack of provisions for the second gas hose to stay out of the way :mad: So I started with a...
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    Power Beyond - a short course

    I subscribed to this newsletter about a year ago - not always applicable to tractors, but I've gotten several good tips so far. This was today's, and it covers a few things I didn't know. Thought I'd post a link here, and if you're interested you can sign up for the free email newsletter at the...
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    Hardfacing rod rejuvenation?

    Bought a 10# box of Stoody 35 about 9 years ago to build up the ripper slots in a Gannon Box Scraper - the rippers are notched on one side, they're inserted in slots in a 6" box beam that's about 1/2" thick, slots are about 1" wide - ripper goes in, pick a notch (depth control), slide a large...
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    Power Beyond Video

    This is a 12 minute video explaining Power Beyond, it also shows how to read/use those pesky valve diagrams near the end. A bit dry/slow moving, but may help most who are NOT hydraulic techs (I.E., most of us :laughing: ) Hydraulics Pro Club - Knowledge YOU Can Use For YOUR Success No...
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    Bandsaw Helper (metal)

    For those of you who have metal bandsaws, and don't want to reset the vise every time you want to cut gussets or other 45 degree cuts (since few if any of these machines have "presets" that keep you from having to measure with a square every time, or at least scribe a line across the bed at "0"...
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    Will this work without PB?

    Starting project to add 4 more remotes to an old AC 160, planning to cut 12mm tubing just before the red-circled area in upper left corner of the attached drawing and insert this valve - am I correct in assuming that, since...
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    Flail Mower  Caroni TM1900 offset

    Getting within hours of pulling the trigger on this unit, but need to know what the available offsets from dead center are - I have a 45 horse Long tractor that's 70" outside the rear tires, and am trying to find info (other than just pix) on offset choices. It appears that the mower offsets...
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    Old fart, new member

    Hey - Admin's bugging me to introduce myself, so here goes. Guess I've been lurking long enough - Name's Steve, I'm about to "retire", which I guess means working harder and longer for a more ornery boss (no, not my wife - me...) We have 10 acres with a house, shop, couple of sheds, etc, an...