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  1. Little Red Tractor

    To Buy or to Rent?

    I have often advocated for counting the cost of a purchase over rental price. I had given consideration to buying the backhoe attachement for my B2301, roughly $6500 when I bought the tractor. Common sense, and my own advice, prevented me from pulling the trigger on it (even though my wife made...
  2. Little Red Tractor

    Maybe the tide is turning?

    Remember, I said maybe... I live just a bit north and west of New York's Capital Region. This morning, driving along one state highway, I passed three dealers of compact tractors. I saw a few Yanmars at the smallest of the dealerships; there was a pretty good selection of LS on one lot that's a...
  3. Little Red Tractor

    Some basic torch advice

    After thinking it would be a good idea, I finally have put a set of torches together, buying pieces by way of FB Marketplace and Craigs List. Once I get them all assembled, I need to get back into the groove--it's been about 35 years since I've had my hands on a torch, let alone set the...
  4. Little Red Tractor

    B2106 Purchase

    I just made the leap and bought a brand new 2106, with a 60" drive-on mower and loader. The loader is to be delivered/installed next month. I took deliverery just the other night and got my first use of it today. The mower did a very nice job, giving me a clean cut with no problems and no...
  5. Little Red Tractor

    home boiler, chronic problem

    I've got a Utica Boiler, gas fired with a power vent; it's about 10-12 years old. I'm on the 3rd vent fan assembly. The last two have failed, with either the fan itself going off line and striking the housing an impeller in the motor itself going out of whack striking the side. They go far...
  6. Little Red Tractor

    Slight battery draw

    I've been noticing a slight decline in the battery power over the winter when I'm not using my 6284 every few days. In the summer, I never noticed it. If it sits more than a couple weeks the battery is pretty low. I now disconnect it when it's going to be unused for more than a week, but I...
  7. Little Red Tractor

    Cold weather starting tips

    I read with interest all the threads about hard starting diesels in colder weather. Probably all CUT diesel owners do the same, wondering when they'll have the problem. I'm on my second diesel now. The first was a Bolens 15 HP which started hard until, on advice from a retired diesel...
  8. Little Red Tractor

    wheel seal

    I've got a 6284 with about 350 hours. One of my front wheels has developed a leak. There's a bit of slop in the wheel when you lift it up, too. Anybody got an idea of how big a job that will be or know where there's a service guide on-line for it? Thanks.
  9. Little Red Tractor

    snow blower

    I know it's early, but the time to start looking is now. Was there a front-mounted snowblower made for the 6284, or similar enough to fit without problems? If so, anybody know where I might find one?
  10. Little Red Tractor


    It's about that time of year again. For the last 3 years or so, beginning sometime in May, we are infested with a small brown ant (sorry, never thought to take a close-up for ID). They have confined themselves to our kitchen, but no amount of house-keeping will seem to keep them out. Various...
  11. Little Red Tractor

    Mowing  mower keeps throwing the belt

    I recently got a Cub Cadet 6824, and before mowing I replaced the spindle belt as the one on it was a bit chewed up. About 1000 feet into my first mowing of the year, it threw the belt. I reset it, and it did it again, again and again...and once more for good measure. All that in about an...
  12. Little Red Tractor

    Getting up and running

    Once again, thanks to all those who posted comments about the 6284, allowing me to research and chose this tractor. I got my "new" to me Cub Cadet 6284 home today and immediately pulled off the mower to service it. Though the tractor has 300 hours on it, I doubt that the mower has more than...
  13. Little Red Tractor

    New member

    Tomorrow I'll be picking up my "new" Cub Cadet 6284. I found a lot of helpful information about the tractor here, so figured I'd join. I'm really a die-hard Farmall guy, with a love of the old cubs, but just can't keep tinkering with them and working them at the same time. I had Bolens 154...