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    Which end of the egg comes out first?

    The pointed end or the fatter end? And how do you know?
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    Loader joystick joy!

    Discovered a cool thing about the Bobcat loader joystick arm: it folds up out of the way when not needed. Loosen two blots, remove one of them, fold it up, tighten the remaining bolt. Now i can get on/off both sides of the tractor!
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    Cruise control self install

    Installed Bobcat’s cruise control kit last week. Was a breeze to do and it works great. I can set it and stand up while traversing the hay field like old days on the geared tractors!
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    Pick axe handle

    Made myself a new handle from a branch of hardwood. Used a spoke shave to do it! Yet to varnish it.
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    How do you clean Your hay mow?

    Sawdust and straw chaff dumped into FEL from above
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    Anyone order from these guys? Their stuff appears to be really cheap compared to others. Anyone order from them or hear about them? D
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    First DPF !!!!

    I feel like one of the 'initiated' now. I had my first active DPF regen today! The tractor stunk something terrible. At first I did not know what was happening and thought a mouse nest or some wiring had caught fire or such. Then I saw the DPF light on. I let it do its thing while I pushed...
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    How to cut steel belted tires?

    Anyone have a good way to cut up steel belted tires? I have tried many hand tools and hand held power tools but have found nothing up to the task of relatively smoothly slicing through the belts.
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    Contentifying - new word wednesday

    There is only one thing i know of more contentifying than a full carport of firewood.
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    Wet wet wet!

    In the lean-to. Never saw one of these here before.
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    JD 3020 gas powershift with loader at auction

    My 1964 3020 gas powershift is selling at a Don Sweeting auction on the 26th. Anyone in the north central ohio area looking for such a machine should stop by. Comes with attached 148 loader. Really good condition except for a small leak at the rear hydraulics coupler block.
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    Step reinforcement

    One side of the step had no support.
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    3020 gas not getting any gas to cylinders??

    Hi all. Been a while since I've been on the forum but I need some help. I have a 1964 3020 gas with Zenith carb. I cannot figure out why no gas is getting to the cylinders. It has always been a bear to start, like it had fuel supply issues but it eventually fired up. Well now, nothing; I...