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    1st time buyer - 35 hp comparisons

    I’ve owned a ck3510 for 4 years with about 600 hours on it. Great machine
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    Do you use your tractor in a fenced in Garden?

    Exact same set up I have except 48x48. Yep it’s a pain to till but doable
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    Backhoe vs Tractor with backhoe

    Midsize tractor loader and rent a backhoe if you need one
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    Loaded tires filled with....antifreeze?

    Ask if it’s Rimguard that’s what you want.
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    Buying Advice Diesel smog emission stuff?

    I have a 20 ck3510. It’s no big deal with the regen. Just keep rpm’s up and work on.
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    Buying Advice Cab or no cab?

    Get a cab. Be careful with it. 40 hp at least for 50 wooded acres
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    Tractor idling

    Agree with this
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    Clearing 154 acres of woods in west Tennessee

    Welcome to W TN. I live near Trenton. You’ll need a trackhoe/excavator for sure. I had a local farmer that had a trackhoe clear around my pond. Then I cut/up and burned.
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    The one thing that you wonder why you didn't buy sooner?

    Selling my finish mower and buying a zero turn. What a difference!!
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    A little miffed

    The Deere’s sold at Lowe’s and HD are not good quality and you will end up trying g to get any repairs done at Deere. Spend more on a different brand or buy from a dealer that repairs what they sell. This is still poor service for that dealer
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    STIHL Zero-Turn

    Made by Ferris
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    Dealer charge for loading tires

    Rimguard is beet juice and non corrosive
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    Pick Up Bed Liners

    Line-X. Thicker
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    Introduction and pole barn planning help

    Agree RR the best to watch
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    New to tractors and trailering them

    3.7 or 5.7? Anyways I have a CK3510 with loader, bucket and box blade that I occasionally tow with a Ram 1500 3.0 liter Ecodiesel. Trailer is a tandem axle 7k 20’ tilt bed with electric brakes. Will it tow it? Yes but I take it very easy Likely going to upgrade to a 2500 Cummins diesel I...
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    Seller Beware

    Definitely a scam.
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    Do you use your tractor in a fenced in Garden?

    I have a ck3510. Our garden is 48x32 and I wish it was bigger. It is fenced in with gates at both ends. It is a pain but I keep the loader up high when turning around using a 3point 60” tiller. I wish I had put larger gates
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    Big Bud Tractors Resurrected

    Check Welker Farms on YT. They have Big Buds
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    Kubota regened again today

    I run my Kioti CK 3510 at 2000 rpm’s minimum after warm up. Regens about every 30 hrs.
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    Gov't mandates gas can flame arrestors.

    Exactly. Stupidity..,
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    Gov't mandates gas can flame arrestors.

    Can’t fix stupid I guess
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    FELs and digging

    Have you used one? Just curious how well they work?
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    Snow removal accident

    Was outside and snowcat started to roll. He tried to jump in and got run ovet
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    Snow removal accident

    Ran over by his own snowcat
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    Post puller….

    Titan and yes quick attach SSQA
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    Post puller….

    I have one on my Kioti Ck3510. Works fine on small stuff- in my case of heavy clay soil 3” about the max. Grab on and rock back and forth then pull
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    Question about starters and fuel

    I disabled mine on my 17 Pacifica. Already had to replace the small starter battery
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    Tamp them in
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    Get the auger. You won’t regret it
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    So, I threw a bunch of money in a well and came home to find this...

    Where did you buy this? They your dealer?
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    Recommended Tractor for 4.5 acres

    Don’t forget to look at Kioti. A CK 3510 - 35 hp. That’s what I have for my 5.5 acre hobby farm
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    Back dragging: how aggressive?

    Use float function?
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    mid mount mower or 3pt finishing mower

    Finish mowers are ok but a pain to go around trees etc. I sold mine and bought a Ferris zero turn mower. Much easier and faster
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    Wand for radiator

    Got one at Harbor Freight. Works fine. Cheap
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    Ferris IS2100z no power to left wheel

    Maybe check on the Ferris owners group on Facebook??
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    Mowing Fed Up w/ BX Drive-Over Deck. Making a Change.

    Get a z. You won’t regret it
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    feeling stumped--advice needed

    I use a little diesel and a leaf blower to get it going hot!
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    This has to be a record !!!

    Our less than 1 year old Samsung had ice maker go out too. Junk!
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    Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank

    At my local farmers CO-OP in Western TN they have red diesel but signage says illegal to put in a container- ie has to go right into tractor-
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    Rotary cutter preference

    Titan Implement (not Titan Attachments)
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    No loaning out. I would do the work myself if it was a decent neighbor
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    What Insane/Crazy Price did You Pay Today?

    5.19 gal in west TN. Insane!
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    No way 2 hr regens is normal. My Kioti regens about 35-45 hours.
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    The Tractor Scam 2018 Kubota Grand L4760

    Good you recognized the obvious scam here. Unfortunately others will fall for it. Always go with your gut and the old saying-“ if it’s too good to be true….”
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    Getting ready for 20 inches

    Same here- western TN
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    Kioti parking brake failure...has this happened to you?

    That’s how I’ve been doing it- although I have to lift up the brake lever while pushing the brake pedal - only have one pedal on hst
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    Kioti parking brake failure...has this happened to you?

    2020 CK3510SE Hst. 330 hours and have same issue
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    CK3510CHSE Parking Brake Switch

    Correct no warning light on CK3510SE
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    Building my Fence

    Agreed. I used hot wire all around inside perimeter- to keep my mini horses off the fence- and the outside perimeter to keep the neighbors dogs away from the horses
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    Fix'n to get a Tiller

    I have the same tiller- Titan Implement- Very well built and have it on my 35 hp Kioti. Mine does have a sticker on it that says “made in India” FYI but no problems at all with it. It’s a beast!
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    Hello, care to toss an opinion in here?

    I have a Kioti CK3510SE HST and very satisfied with the tractor
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    long time Kubota dealer

    Yes NAPA for custom hoses
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    Looking at Bad Boy Tractors, thoughts?

    And profit is spelled with one f
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    Contemplating a box blade

    Titan Implement 60” box blade with scarifiers on my 35 hp Kioti. Plus a hydraulic top link which is awesome
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    Do you use your tractor in a fenced in Garden?

    I did a 48’ x 64’ garden and use my CK3510 to till it. I take off the bucket and raise the loader up high (or you could take off the loader but I’m too lazy) and get as close as I can with my 60” tiller. Then I use a small gas tiller to do the edges. It is a pain but with practice and being...
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    Kioti CK3510 SE log splitter hydraulics hookup

    That’s what I thought. Thanks much
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    Kioti CK3510 SE log splitter hydraulics hookup

    Sorta newbie here- I have a CK 3510CE and bought a 3 pt log splitter for it. I have two sets of rear remotes- one set you have to hold the lever in position and return it to neutral- the other set has detents that let you leave the valve in forward neutral or neutral. Which remotes should I...
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    Tires do not spin

    Same thing with my Ck3510. Will spin in low or medium. Loaded tearsand 800 lb tiller on back
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    Another confused first timer

    Check out Kioti
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    Wood splitters

    What brand do you have?
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    ck3510se, hydraulic leak somewhere on 3pt valve area

    That’s what happened with my ck3510
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    ck3510se, hydraulic leak somewhere on 3pt valve area

    I have a 2020 CK 3510 that blew a hydraulic seal above the 3 pt. Very hard to see but dealer fixed it under warranty. Said they had a few that had a bad batch of seals. You had to look just under the seat to see it - it was a metal hydraulic line that joined another line. The seal was actually...
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    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    Bought a new CK3510 Kioti last year/250 hrs on it. Only issue was a bad hydraulic seal fixed right away by dealer. As others have said there are unusual problems right now with Covid, parts supplies, and labor. Work with the dealer but stay on them
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    How not to bushhog !!

    Yep- backed my ass up right into my electric fence the other day and screamed like a 4 yr old. Then the wife ran up and said are you ok? And she gets zapped.
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    One year owner of a Kioti CK3510HST SE. couldn’t be happier.
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    Fence Lines

    1. Get a current survey done fulfill you didn’t when you bought your property 2. Personally I think it was irrresponsible of your neighbor to get cattle BEFORE fencing was in order. He did things backasswards
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    Limited choices

    Mower,bush hog, grapple, box blade
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    Advice on 25 hp tractor purchase

    I bought a Kioti CK3510 hst and couldn’t be happier. I’d recommend something larger than 25 hp if you want to do tree work. And get a grapple
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    Anybody use Titan shrub puller

    How much$$$&??
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    Used Value vs Age

    Not sure what you mean by “pauses in use” when it regens? My Kioti CK 3510 evens while I use it- no issues
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    Alternative to EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple ?

    That should read drag harrow..
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    Alternative to EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple ?

    You are correct. I just received a drag barrow from Titan Attachments - says made in China right on it- but that’s ok I’m a small hobby farm in a budget. The other implements I have are Titan Implement- and the tiller was made in India. So it’s a mix I guess
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    Alternative to EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple ?

    I agree. I have all Titan Attachments- grapple, bush hog, box blade, finish mower, stump puller. No problems and good quality
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    How happy are you?

    CK3510 HST Kioti Got it last year and have 200 hours on it. Had one minor hydro seal leak which was quickly repaired by dealer under warranty. Dealer is almost 2 hours away
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    Should I cab or not. Getting ready to buy

    I live in western TN and yes it gets hot and humid. I went with open station and a ROPS mounted shade and it’s not that bad to me😀
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    Compact Tractor: Help making the right decision

    I decided on a CK3510 HST Kioti- 35 hp. I have 5.5 acres and mow about 2 with a 3pt finish mower. Also got a bush hog to clear around some woods and a grapple fir tree work. Tiller for the garden and box blade for grading etc. Probably a bit more hp than I needed but I also pull stumps with a...
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    Time to Upgrade- Stuck in Analysis

    I bought the Kioti CK3510SE HST last year and love it. Got a loader , tiller, stump bucket, bush hog, post hole digger and grapple. Awesome tool!
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    Hello from west Tennessee

    New Kioti Owner- CK3510HST