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    Massey 1734 E Oil Filter

    I'm getting ready to change engine oil on my Hydrostatic Massey 1734 E and just wanted to get some input on Oil Type and Filter. AGCO is selling two filters . One is for hydrostatic and one is not but there' a big price difference. Hydrostatic costs twice as much. How critical is it to get the...
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    Front end loader Joystick issue. MF 1734

    I own a 1734 MF and a part came off (see attached) underneath the rubber cuff on the joystick. The loader lifts up and down but the bucket wont move up or down. Im sure the part that either fell off or broke off controls the bucket . There may have been another part that came off. Not sure.It...
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    Joystick issues MF 1734 series

    I own a 1734 MF tractor and a part came off underneath the rubber cuff on the joystick. The loader will lift up and down but cant control the up and down movement of bucket. I have attached the part that came out. There may have possibly been another part that fell off . Not sure. and it looks...
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    Snow  Edge Tamer attachments

    Has anyone on the Forum used or bought the Edge Tamer attachments that attach to your loader bucket to keep it off the ground for snow plowing ? Just wondered how good they work?
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    3 Pt. Hitch - Extra Tractor Weight ?

    Other than filling the rear tires or building a homemade 3 point hitch weight , does anyone have suggestions on a simple 3pt. attachment to add extra weight to the rear of my tractor ? I've seen plenty of homemade things like concrete filled barrels etc.. I just want something to buy to hook...
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    Tiller  Tiller Question. 4' or 5' Tiller ?

    I'm in the market for a new tiller ( or good used one ). I'm only tilling about 2-3 acres.. My rear tractor tire width is 5'. Does it make any difference to go 4' or 5' tiller for my tractor.. 4' tiller is less costly and lighter weight, but 5' would cover width of tires. PTO HP is 27 if...
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    Rotary Cutter  Brush Hog Question..?

    I'm looking for a good used brush hog ( vs. new ) Does anyone have any thoughts on the best brands out there from your experience ?? I'm going to look at a used Woods ( Dixie Cutter ) next week..Don't know anything about this model but I've heard Woods makes pretty good equip. I used to own a...
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    Buying Advice  HST vs Gear Transmission - which would you recommend on this tractor ?

    Hi .. Just need some guidance. I'm soon buying a new Massey Ferguson 34 HP with loader. Trying to decide on Hydrostat or Gear Transmission. I'll be Brush Hogging about 15 Acres a few times a year and using a Tiller for a couple acres of food plots.. Most of the use will be for these two things...
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    Buying Advice  Massey Ferguson 1734 E Series - HT vs. Gears

    I'm just looking for help in deciding transmission types on the MF 1734 E Series Models.. I've looked at both and am having a hard time trying to decide which to buy. Do any of you guys have advice ? I see that the E Series does not have any type of cruise control on the Hydrostat...