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  1. Rich_Z

    Toplink  ? about the toplink on a IronCraft land plane

    A little while back I purchased an IronCraft 72" Land plane (3606) from my local dealer. I had other issues at hand, so it just sat underneath a tarp near my carport. So the other day I had the flail mower off of the tractor anyway, so I figured I would go ahead and hook up the land plane and...
  2. Rich_Z

    50 hour fluid and filter change cost?

    Curious as to what the typical charge for having a dealer do the 50 hour maintenance on a T474HC would likely be? I have watched videos of this service, and it doesn't seem too tough, but some did comment on some difficulties with some drain plugs and the hydraulic fluid filter because of...
  3. Rich_Z

    Really, really dumb question about difference between off road and on road diesel fuel.

    Now I will admit, I don't know a darn thing about diesel fuels. Never touched a diesel motor, much less owned one before I bought my tractor several months ago. A friend of mine told me to use the off road diesel, since it is significantly cheaper, and basically the same as the on road stuff...
  4. Rich_Z

    Grapple  Top Dog Granite Grapple

    Currently looking at a Top Dog Granite Grapple sold by Rural King. Benefit if they have them in stock not too far away from me. Anyone have any feedback about them?
  5. Rich_Z

    T474 Grease points diagram?

    Well, the manual is pretty useless for this info. I know I have found grease points that don't show up in the manual's diagram, and they are mislabeled anyway. So does anyone have a REAL diagram of where ALL the grease points (zerks) are located so I can be sure I'm not missing any of them?
  6. Rich_Z

    Land plane for dirt/sandy driveway?

    Considering getting a land plane for my tractor. Been watching videos, but nearly all of them show this sort of tool being used on gravel driveways. Is there a reason for that? Perhaps few people have dirt/sandy driveways like what are common here in north Florida? Over time I wind up getting...
  7. Rich_Z

    Hydraulic coupler compatibility?

    I just got in an implement for my FEL to mate up with my 3rd function, which is (from what I can figure out) a poppet style coupler set. What I got on the implement is some sort of round ball instead of that tapered raised center. I sent the above pic to the place I bought it from, so they...
  8. Rich_Z

    Fluids for T474HC?

    I added a hydraulic top link the other day, and was thinking perhaps I should check the hydraulic fluid level, since some of it filled up the hoses and the cylinder for the top link. I assume there are as many different varieties of hydraulic fluid as there are boxes of Cheerios at the grocery...
  9. Rich_Z

    Combo stump bucket and tree puller?

    My TYM T474HC showed up this past Friday, and the only implement I got extra was a pallet fork. So I am looking at implements (not sure what is considered an "implement" and what is considered as an "attachment") on a prioritized basis of what would be most useful right away. Right off the...
  10. Rich_Z

    Grapple  EA Everything Attachments WICKED 55 Root Rake Grapple

    So I have been looking for a grapple for the TYM T474 I just ordered, not sure what type, brand, size, etc, I wanted. Just watching YouTube videos to see what would catch my eye. Well one did catch my eye. The EA Everything Attachments WICKED 55 Root Rake Grapple. The videos I watched showed...
  11. Rich_Z

    Diesel fuel storage options

    So I ordered my new tractor, now I have to think about some operational details. High on the list is how to store around 20 or so gallons of diesel fuel, and then be able to easily fill up the fuel tank on the TYM T474 when it runs low. I sure as heck don't want to be lifting and holding 5...
  12. Rich_Z

    Front-End Loader  Pulling with FEL?

    I've been watching videos and reading till I am blue in the face about what sort of attachments I want to get with the tractor on the top of my list. In one of those videos, the main character mentioned in passing (like everyone knew this) that the front end loader is not designed to PULL, it...
  13. Rich_Z

    Grill guard for T474?

    Anyone know where to find a decent grill guard for the TYM T474? I found a place selling grill guards, but unfortunately not for the TYM models. The guys says maybe in the future, but not likely in the NEAR future. I would rather buy one before getting damage, rather than afterwards.
  14. Rich_Z

    TYM T474HC at the top of my list to buy

    I am thinking seriously about pulling the trigger on this model. Been watching YouTube videos and such to get a feel for whether or not this will be a smart move on my part. Will be used mostly for clearing between larger trees to get rid of a lot of underbrush, but am keeping an open mind...
  15. Rich_Z

    Buying Advice  Diesel smog emission stuff?

    When I first started thinking about buying my first tractor, my thoughts were to limit my search to all tractors with less than 25 or 26 (number varies, it seems) horsepower in order to avoid buying a new tractor with government dictated smog emission controls to have to deal with. Some people...
  16. Rich_Z

    Buying Advice  Kioti CK2610SE HST Cab?

    Been looking hard at this model, and so far the only thing that really gives me pause is the fact that the "bumper to bumper" warranty is only 2 years. Should that be a concern? Or am I just nit picking? Anyone know of or heard of problems I should have in mind while considering this tractor...
  17. Rich_Z

    Buying Advice  Cab or no cab?

    OK, so this will be my first tractor, IF I do buy one. Maybe my last one, too, as I turned 73 recently and don't imagine this will be a periodic thing for me to do over my remaining years. BTW, my apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I looked for a section for newbie style...