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    Crack in wood stove

    My 15 year old wood stove has a hairline crack radiating out from the upper right hand corner of the door frame. It is about 3" long and barely visible. The metal is 1/8" thick steel. I have previously welded this crack a few years ago when it was shorter. I am wondering if this will just keep...
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    Couple of short Blowing Videos with an Inverted Blower

    The first one is more of a snow moving video.
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    L6060 Hard Starting In Cold Weather

    Ever since I got the L6060 I've noticed it was hard starting in cold weather, even after the block heater has been plugged in all night. Last year I called the dealer and told him of the issue and he said to use a multi meter and test across the plug terminals to see if there was resistance and...
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    L6060 PTO Engagement

    Ever since I got the L6060 I would always reduce the engine speed to idle before turning on the PTO. Then I watched this video and I was kind of shocked to see him engaging the PTO at full throttle, repeatedly. I double checked the Owners Manual and it specifically states to reduce rpm when...
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    Air Leak In Tilt Cylinder Hydraulics?

    I've been having an issue with the hydraulic top link cylinder and I really notice it when using ground engaging implements and my heavy snow blower. It seems to be an air leak. I watch the cylinder ram extend and retract as I drive along, with no input from me. If I stop and cycle the cylinder...
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    L6060 Engine Noise Getting Louder

    When I first got the L6060 I was impressed at how quiet the engine was, almost as quiet as my F350 6.7l. However as time goes by the engine is getting louder and louder. Initially the engine ran quietly all the time and then it started to develop a knocking sound after warming up for a few...
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    Kubota L6060 HST Creep

    My almost 2 year old L6060 starting something strange today. When I run the tractor up a slight incline and release the go pedal the tractor stops and then slowly starts to roll backwards down the incline. Sometimes it will roll 5' and then it will shudder a little and come to a stop. Sometimes...
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    L6060 Using Oil

    I've got a 2019 L6060 with 340hrs on it and I noticed the engine oil level is going down. Since the oil change at 50 hrs the level has gone down from the top mark to about 1/3 of the way down to the lower mark on the dip stick. I don't see any sign of oil below the tractor, where it is parked...
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    I'm A Nut Job and Need Help

    Apparently I have too much time on my hands and I decided it was time to make this little puzzle. So how does the nut come off? If you know the answer, wait for a few guesses before chiming in. Edit: for those that think the round ends unscrew from the threaded shaft, you are wrong...
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    Lincoln Mig Pak 180

    I've had a Lincoln Mig Pak 15 for 15 to 20 years and love the thing but it wouldn't weld aluminum. So when I saw the Mig Pak 180 on sale for a really good price I bought it. It is capable of welding aluminum and it has slightly more power at 180 amps. I got it all set up and was looking at the...
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    Loader Lift Capacity vs Curl Capacity

    The LA 1055 loader on my Kubota is rated to lift 1784 lbs (500 mm forward of the pins) and the rated breakout force is 3171 lbs (500 mm forward of the pins), yet the loader will easily lift a load that it will not curl. Today I was moving some large pallets of sand and could lift them easily...
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    L6060 Power Steering Issue

    Recently I noticed that when driving in a straight line, with a slight cross slope, I am constantly correcting to the left. In a fairly short distance I end up with the steering wheel 1/2 a turn to the left. So I tried the steering with the tractor at a standstill and this is what i found. When...
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    Landscape Rake / Box Blade Gauge Wheel

    I've wanted a gauge wheel for the box blade for a while and finally got around to putting one together. I had the solid wheel and A frame left over from my front mount brush hog project and figured it would make a perfect gauge wheel. All I had to do was figure out how to set up a mount on the...
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    Adding Tabs to a Snowblower Auger to make it serrated.

    Anyone done this? I sometimes use my rear facing 3PTH snowblower to blow back piles of snow but when they have gone through a thaw and freeze cycle, they're like cement and my smooth edge auger won't bite into the pile without a lot of effort (likely abusive to the blower too). So I'm thinking...
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    Snow Plow / Pusher Combo

    I've been using an 8' wide snow plow to move snow off to the sides of my long driveway and then to move snow around our buildings but the plow sheds too much snow with long pushes (100' to 150'). I have a 78" snow bucket which is better but it means I have to drop the plow and disconnect the...
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    Anyone Using a Puma 80" or 84" Snow Blower?

    Looking for anyone with experience with these blowers and what size tractor you are using it on.
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    Reversing Using Mirrors With a 3PTH Snowblower

    Anyone do this with a cab tractor? I recall trying this with my previous open station tractor without much success. As I recall the mirrors would vibrate and get covered with snow dust, making them just about useless. But those were aftermarket mirrors and not securely mounted. I now have a...
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    Kubota Snowblower Info

    Anyone know where I can find a brochure or detailed specs for available Kubota blowers. I can't find anything online and my dealer doesn't have any brochures or seem to know anything about them. I can find detailed specs for every other blower, just not Kubota.
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    Add SNowblower Extensions or Get Wider Blower

    My new tractor is wider than the previous one and now my 74" snow blower is only 2" wider than the rear tires. I know this will be a problem when blowing snow in the areas where the driveway is curved. It was bad enough with the old tractor. I don't really like my old blower anyways, so I'm...
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    2 Stage vs ! Stage Snowblower Identifcation.

    I'm looking for a Kubota snowblower that is bigger than 72" wide (preferably 78" or bigger) and would like to know if there is a way to tell by the model number, if it is a single stage or 2 stage blower. I've never had a 2 stage blower but have read some negative comments about them so would...
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    Tire Flaw or Not?

    I've got 72 hrs on my new L6060 and I noticed the front tires have what appears to be stress makes developing already. I had similar signs on the rears of my previous tractor and had to replace the tires because they were leaking ballast through the tire. What causes this? Also the second...
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    L6060 Top N Tilt

    I've been reading a lot of threads about how great it is to have a TnT so I went to the local Kubota dealer and ask how much for a system. The parts guy didn't know what I was talking about. So I went to Princess Auto and found that they carried 3 different Hydraulic top cylinders but they were...
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    Chains for 17.5L x 24 R4 Tires

    I recently purchased a Kubota L6060 with 17.5l x 24 rear tires (Firestone if it matters) and I'm looking for a set of chains. In the past I've had 2 other tractors with R4's and "H" pattern chains (Duo Grip) but the cross links always work themselves into the grooves between the lugs and the...
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    L6060 Breakin Procedure

    I've read a few threads on the topic and looks like there are almost as many opinions as there are owners. I read the owners manual and see the statements about not operating the tractor at full speed for the first 50 hrs, don't operate the tractor at fast speed, don't run engine faster than...
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    2019 L6060 Regens

    I was reading another thread where a person was complaining about the regen frequency of his YT tractor and based on the comments I seen I may be having an issue with mine. When I first got it I closely monitored the DPF filter gauge and initially thought it was great. At 10 hours the DPF was at...
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    FEL Mounted Brush Mower / Trimmer

    I've looked into getting a Lane Shark, TB-One or Limb Ninja to use for maintaining the sides of our long driveway, the even longer fence line and the trails on our property but there were some things I didn't like about some of the offerings plus the price. When converted to $CAD they were a lot...
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    L6060 3rd Function Hose Guard

    Well I finished making a guard for the 3rd function hydraulics and here are some pics. The first pic color is wrong, not sure what happened there. After installing this I realized it may not be a great idea, since the whole thing hangs lower than the rest of the undercarriage and makes it more...
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    What is this on my new L6060

    I'm in the process of making a guard for the 3rd function hydraulic hoses and noticed this weird little plunger coming out of what appears to be a bolt in the bottom of the transmission. Can anyone tell me what is? I sure don't like having something like this fragile thing hanging from the...
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    Lane Shark Owners - Your Experience Please

    I am considering getting a Lane Shark to cut overhanging branches from my fence line and trails on our property plus cutting bushes and small saplings that grow on the far side of our ditch. I already have a Caroni TM1900 flail mower with an offset cutting position that looks after the grass...
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    Lane Shark or TB-One in Canada

    Anyone know if these (or something similar) are available from a Canadian dealer. From what I can tell almost all of the dealers are in the eastern part of the US and none in Canada.
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    New Grand L6060 HSTCC Tire Pressure

    I finally got the new L6060 tractor a week ago and have finally got around to going over a few things and getting it figured out. It now has 2.2 hrs on it. One thing that I noticed is the ride is MUCH harder than the Massey 1749 was and they both have the same R4 tire sizes. They are different...
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    L6060HSTCC Air Ride Seat / Stationary PTO Use

    Anyone figured out how to use the PTO for stationary use with the air ride seats. I've read on this forum that the air ride seat will not permit use of the PTO when the operator is not seated. I contacted my dealer and he thought that wasn't right but after checking, he said it's true but has...
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    I'm considering trading my MF 1749HST cab, in for an L6060HSTCC and have been researching this particular model for any possible issues. So far I have come across a few possible ones and what appears to be a common one. The issues I've found so far are: 1) One person that complained about a...
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    Rated HP vs Net

    I've been doing some comparison shopping, looking at Massey 1758 / 1759 and the Kubota L6060 / M7060. Mostly I've been comparing the "rated" hp of each. The Kubota owners manuals don't list rated hp but do list the net estimated engine hp and factory observed PTO hp. The Massey owners manuals...
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    New Loader Valve Leak

    I recently bought a 2015 Massey 1749 and as part of the purchase price the selling dealer replaced the defective loader valve. After using the tractor for about 20 hrs I noticed hydraulic fluid under the tractor. I found that 2 of the 3 bolts holding the valve to the trans case were loose. I...
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    HST Power ?

    I recently traded my open station 47 hp Powershift tractor for a 49 hp HST tractor with cab. I love this thing but find there seems to be less power available. For most things so far it hasn't been an issue but yesterday I was using the boxblade to smooth out the driveway and thought there was a...
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    Canadian Tractor Prices - Good Deal eh!

    I recently bought a used 2015 49 hp tractor with only 185 hrs on it and I'm having some issues with it. I love the tractor but if I can't get it working right I'm thinking of getting something new with a total coverage warranty. So the looking starts but I can't believe the prices. Today I was...
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    1749 Filters

    Three days ago I bought a 2015 1749 with 185 hrs on it (now has 196). I checked the engine oil level and it was above the fill mark and above the "V" groove in the dipstick. The owners manual states the engine oil needs to be changed when it is at the "V" groove. Off to the City to get an oil...
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    Trade MF1547 for MF1749?

    I've got a 2008 MF 1547 open station tractor with the Powershuttle and really like it but I'm getting too old to be out in the open when the temps drop to -20C and I have to plow or blow snow. So I'm looking for a cab tractor. My local Massey dealer is a small outfit and when service is needed...
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    Hydraulic fluid for PTO power pack?

    I'm getting close to finishing my hydraulic power pack build and was wondering what others use for hydraulic fluid in their systems.
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    3PTH Snowblower Conversion

    Earlier this year I decided to convert my 3PTH blower to hydraulic for use on my skidsteer. I had a temporary setup just to try it out and loved being able to drive forward instead of backing up and looking over my shoulder for hours. Had some issues with the SS and decided to use the blower on...
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    Hydraulic Pump / Motor question

    I have a pto pump that will produce up to 2500 psi and flows up to 37 uspgm. I will throttle it to produce 20 gpm max. This will match the hydraulic motor I have. I have performance curves for the pump and a performance table for the motor. The pump curves indicate it will produce much lower...
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    Is this some kind of pressure relief valve?

    At the end of last winter I converted my 3PTH snowblower to hydraulic use, so I could use it on my skidsteer and drive forwards but I think the hydraulics were running too hot. So this year, in preparation for winter, I ran some pressure tests to see if I could find the heat source. One of the...
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    Bobcat 763 Help

    I've been in the process of converting my 3pth snow blower to hydraulic so I can run it on the Bobcat. I got the pump mounted on the blower with direct drive and put the blower in the SS snow bucket to see if it would work. It did but not well. So I did some checking and I think I have a...
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    Hydraulic Motor Sizing

    I want to convert my 3PTH snow blower to hydraulic and run it off my Skid Steer and have some questions for the hydraulic gurus. First is the drive info. My skidsteer (SS) is a 1999 Bobcat 763 and the rated hydraulic flow is 15gpm at 3050psi. I'm guessing the 20 year old hydraulics are not...
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    Anyone Bent Their FEL Using a Snow Plow

    I am about to pull the trigger on a loader mounted snow plow but have some concerns so I'm looking for anyone that has personal experience with; 1) loader mounted snow plows and 2) a long rough gravel driveway. My driveway is a mile long and all gravel with some spots where there are large...
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    Bobtach Pins & Bushing Rebuild

    The pins and bushings in my 763 Bobtach were all badly worn and it was almost impossible to do any reasonable grading with it. I took it to a machine shop and was given a verbal estimate of $1800 just to bore out the 2 end pins and the ears. That didn't include any replacement parts just the...
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    Welding Safety on New Cart

    I'm in the final stages of welding up a new mig cart that will hold my mig and my plasma and have a question. Can I have the Mig, with a metal casing, sit on the cart and then weld on the cart top? So the frame will be grounded and to the machine while welding on things to the cart. I know the...
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    What Kind of Steel Pipe Do I Have?

    Can anyone tell me what steel pipe I have? It is just under 2" OD and is black on the outside (guessing paint or some other cover) when I grind it there are hardly any sparks and they are a dull orange and very small. I can't cut this stuff with my metal bandsaw but did manage to cut through it...
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    Plasma Circle Cutter

    I had a need to cut some 3" and 6" diameter circles in 1/2" and 3/8" plate so I scribed a perfect circle on a piece of plate and tried freehand. Won't do that again ------ I suck at freehand. So I googled circle cutters and found one that looked like it would suit my needs and made it. It will...
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    Plasma Cutter Settings

    I've got a Hypertherm 30xp and have been using it a fair bit lately (hobby use). The other day I used the fine cut nozzle on 120 v and was surprised at how fast it cut through 3/16" plate at a 20 A setting. I usually run it on 240 V using the general cutting tip and leave the amperage setting...
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    Massey Powershuttle Shifting Issue

    My MF 1547 with only 600 hrs on it has developed an issue with shifting. It has a powershuttle transmission, which is basically a 12 speed manual tranny with a power shuttle that allows me to shift from forward to neutral to reverse without using the clutch. I can also change gears without using...
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    Anyone heard of Westlake or Solideal Tires

    I need some new tires for my SS and got prices from an aftermarket SS implement dealer for these brands. The prices are good but don't know about the quality. A set of 4 10 x 16.5 are $650 for the Westlake and $750 for the Solideal. Anyone know of these brands?
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    Sharing Implements between tractor and SS

    I just picked up a used skidsteer and want to use my grapple on both the tractor and the SS. Before I started getting the hydraulic lines coordinated I realized there is bigger issue to deal with. The hydraulic fluid! I use Case Hy-trans ultra in my tractor, as that is what my dealer recommends...
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    Hydraulic Cylinder Slop

    I don't know how else to describe the condition that occurs with my tractor and skidsteer, other than slop. Essentially what happens is that when the curl cylinders are at rest I can grab the bucket and tilt it up freely for a short distance. There is no resistance other than the weight of the...
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    Bobcat 763 Blowby

    I,m looking at buying a 1999 Bobcat 763. I've checked it out and all seems great except that it has some blowby. The down pipe from the valve cover breather is not connected to the breather and I could see some oil below the breather. So I put my finger over the open end of the vent and could...
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    Skidsteer Recommendation - NH LX885 or Bobcat 763?

    I've been looking at used skid steers for a few weeks and a couple have found a couple in the right price range. Since I know nothing about SS's I thought I would ask for advice here. The 2 in question are both manufactured in 1999. The New Holland has 2700hrs on it and comes with an enclosed...
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    Using Tractor Hydraulic Implements on Skid Steer?

    I've been thinking about getting a skid steer and thought I could use my new grapple on the SS as long as it had a SSQA but after a little reading I notice that most skid steers have hydraulic systems rated at 3450 psi. The hydraulic cylinder I used for my grapple is only rated at 2500 psi...
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    Skid Steer - Tracks or Wheels?

    I've been thinking of getting a skid steer and was wondering what the pros and cons are for one with tracks vs one with wheels. My main uses will be leveling, grading, brush removal and brush cutting in tight areas and on steep slopes, not well suited to tractor use. I have never used a...
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    Solenoid Diverter Valve Operation Question

    I have recently installed and now starting to use an electric diverter valve and wonder if I am doing any damage to the valve or the solenoid by operating it the way I am. When operating my grapple I use the curl function to gather up some branches, rocks, etc and then, without returning the...
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    Best Way to Cut Steel Mesh with Plasma?

    I cut some steel mesh for my grapple build and I think I pretty much killed the tip and electrode. The mesh is an old gravel screen and is 3/16" steel wire that is woven into a mesh with 1" square openings. When I cut it I started the arc off the wire and just kept the trigger pulled while I...
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    O/A Cutting Help

    I'm a newbie at this and I'm looking for some help. I've been cutting some gusset plates out of 3/8" x 3" flat bar. First I cut the bar into 8" lengths with my abrasive saw and then I cut the 8" lengths on a diagonal using O/A. The issue I am having is that one side of the diagonal cut is...
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    Plasma Questions

    I'm thinking of getting a plasma cutter and have a basic question. With my OA setup I get poor cuts (lousy operator) but am getting better with some practice. The biggest problem seems to be that I cannot get the cut speed right and when that happens I loose the cut and have to restart. That...
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    Grapple --- 1 Lid or 2

    I'm going to build a grapple somewhere between 60" and 66" wide and have a question for you grapple owners. 1) For those of you with a single lid, have you ever wanted 2 instead of the one and if so why? 2) For those with 2 lids, have you ever wished you had a single and if so why? My intended...
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    Diverter Valve

    Since joining this forum I've been hooked and now it's starting to cost me.:laughing: After seeing all the grapple threads and the talk about adding a third function to the FEL, I knew I had to have this. Since I have no experience with hydraulics, I read and read about it on this forum and...
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    JIC or NPT?

    Is there a way to tell what type fittings are on the hydraulic hose ends without taking them apart? I'm picking up an electric over hydraulic diverter valve tomorrow (want to add a grapple down the road) and would like to get some hoses at the same time but I can't tell what fittings are on the...
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    Transmission Oil Change Frequency

    My manual calls for changing the transmission oil / fluid and filter every 150 hrs. This seems excessive to me and wonder why so often. The oil and filter runs about $300 each time. The first change was at 50 hrs and I understand the need for that but every 150 hrs after that just seems to be...
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    Chipper  Agriease WC42G Chipper Review Please

    Hi, all. I just introduced myself in the "Intro" thread and I'm looking for a little help. I'm in the need for a wood chipper. I've done as much research as I can about the various PTO chippers available and would like to get the Wallenstein 4" chipper but the price is too much for the small...
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    Another Newbie from north of the 49th.

    Hi all. I'm new to the forum but have been lurking off and on for a few years. Figured it was time to join. A little background: I moved to the country 6 years ago when I retired and bought my first tractor. Wanted something cheap and got a Jinma 354 with FEL and backhoe. After fighting with...