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    First electric tractor ride

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    First electric tractor ride

    Smog=smoke+fog Air pollution=anything that comes out of a chimney or exhaust pipe
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    First electric tractor ride

    ....and lower fossil fuel bills! 6¢ per mile to drive an EV vs 14¢ per mile for diesel
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    First electric tractor ride

    “Salesman came buy the dealership yesterday...” by, buy, bye.....pick ONE....any one
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    When to plane rough cut lumber?

    “I think you're real problem....” Your; you’re......pick one.......either one.
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    Bucket Teeth/Home Made?

    Mind in the gutter? How low can you go?
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    What is the dumbest thing you have done with your equipment ?

    Brand new TC-30 with FEL. While experimenting/practicing with FEL I lifted a bucket load of snow and ice and promptly dumped the load on the sparkling hood, denting it a little.:censored:
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    First Tractor

    “Hope too, I get some attachments to buy still.” ?
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    Car Accident Question

    ......and 6 or 7 sources of pollution. Fuel, tranny fluid, anti-freeze, engine lubricant, battery acid and lead. (Abandoned vehicles everywhere here in Oswego County).:cry:
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    Car Accident Question

    How about East Illinois?
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    Car Accident Question

    Sometimes the repair company has free/cheap loaners. Ask.
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    Driveway gravel

    The Amish method $ave$ and gives you free exercise. With gas over $4 now.........
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    router bit recommendations

    Buy them as you need them. That way you’ll avoid being a Conspicuous Consumer and keep the money. They come in sizes. So if someone suggests buying a “roundover” bit, you won’t have to run out and buy 4-roundover bits, AND ALSO, 4-cove bits, 4-ogee bits, 4-45° bits, 4-zero clearance bits, etc, etc
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    How far and high can I throw snow?

    ....and the perm fund check......I caught a 105 lb Halibut, charter fishing out of Valdez......paid for the whole 3 week trip from L48. DaveinFulton
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    The high cost of cutting grass

    A corgi’s skull matches a stomping moose’s hoof to a “T”. 1750 lbs vs 40?
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    Tractor won't start

    “....can be perinate information.....” A perinate is a member of a viviparous species from approximately one month before birth to one month after it.
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    Eradicating moles

    Treat for grubs and there’s no food.
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    Eradicating moles

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    Plow now or wait?

    “Plow With The Storm”, as we say at the east end of Lake Ontario.
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    Cleaning Up Substantial Yard Debris

    Please spell “scrappers” like this. Please don’t spell it like this: “scrapers”. One is a person, after all. ScrappersLivesMatter. The other describes friction.
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    Cleaning Up Substantial Yard Debris

    There is no such thing as “AWAY” in the clichè “throw it AWAY”. One can throw it over “here” or throw it over “there”, but you can’t throw it “AWAY”. Even Space Junk isn’t “away”. It’s just way out “there”.
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    Fix'n to get a Tiller

    I had to replace the seals on my Countyline’s gearbox within the first hour of using it.
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    Need advice on a larger chainsaw for an older guy.

    If you have an ACE hardware that is also a Stihl dealer nearby, you can get one for half-price on Black Friday.
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    Tarter-gate upper gearbox leak repair

    Could anyone please list the steps to replace the upper gearbox seal on a Tarter 6' tiller? Thanks much! Regards, Dave PS The attached photo is upside down, but it shows the oil leaking out.