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  1. Sodo

    sawmill platform? What to use?

    I want to make a permanent platform for my sawmill. I was thinking the base of a 40ft shipping container would be good. I would like to have 30 feet know.....??? So that's one idea. I don't want to pour concrete, it's just not worth the cost. Maybe mixing a few bags for footings...
  2. Sodo

    B3030 gets it done! (backhoe carry 22’ log on side)

    Was a little tippy but I got it on the car trailer. Redwood, 22 feet long, headed for my bandsaw mill... I didn't like the tongue weight so I had to cut it in half, (dangit). Ready to roll
  3. Sodo

    028 AV Super spits gas out of the carburetor

    I like this saw, I inherited it from my father-in-law. I had to replace the coil once. And it was stolen but the cops got it back for me. It reminds me of him when I use it and I like that. Does anyone know why its spitting gas out the carburetor? Full throttle. Starts and idles but won't...
  4. Sodo

    Pouring hydr oil from a 5-gal pail

    Pouring oil from a 5-gal pail. Unless you're born yesterday, here's how it goes: So it doesn’t “glug” you position the spout on the top and try to guess the long arc that the stream will take to the filler hole. Hoping to adjust with minimal spillage. Of course it makes a mess, but you do...
  5. Sodo

    Shed for lawn tractor, nailed to dirt hillside

    What do you think of this? I know you value the shelter, as will My Deere…. I pounded rebar spikes into the dirt and welded a steel bracket on. Then bolted a cedar board to the bracket. Its cantilevered. It doesn't snow like the old days. We got 9” of snow last winter. Got just 2 inches this...
  6. Sodo

    Welding a hydraulic hose

    Ok here we are. Broken hose fitting. Done for the day? No 30 minutes later I’m digging again. Only problem is I have to remember to replace it. ============== I welded a short bead, then sprayed water on it to prevent heating the rubber hose. Repeating all the way around. That's why it's an...
  7. Sodo

    Help with Kubota KX040 mini-excavator getting air in the fuel.

    Had to do this to get to the fuel pump. To observe the fuel on it's last leg from the filter into the injector pump I added a section of clear hose. All that air is going into the injector pump. It runs, but stumbles when you try to do some work (I suppose when it opens the throttle) I...
  8. Sodo

    Tilt-blade trick for mini-excavator

    If you have clear space for the boom to hang off the side you can use the boom weight to tilt the blade a little. Sometimes you only need a little bit. A bucket full of dirt tilts the machine (and the blade) more. Some small machines can narrow the track width Note in THIS pic that the...
  9. Sodo

    Mini-Ex Blade track digger (poor-man's tilt-blade)

    Mini-Ex Blade manual TILT-blade device Kubota KX41 3800 lb mini-excavator. It has a one-way blade, simply goes up & down. Sometimes I need to cut a level track across a hillside. Or level a roadway. Also as spill comes down the bank the track rides ontop of it, lifting the uphill track and...
  10. Sodo

    Need help with Kubota KX040 FUEL PROBLEM

    It won't run at full-power. It stumbles and dies periodically (often). I am able to work it lightly at about 1/3 throttle, but whenever the control system pours the coal to it, it stumbles and often quits. When not stumbling, the engine is perfectly smooth. I'm not a diesel mechanic but I may be...
  11. Sodo

    Help replacing dipper stick bushings, mini-excavator KX41

    There are clever and experienced folks on this forum. I'm wondering if any of you can offer tips to get these worn bushings out. Bushings were so worn out it was letting the thumb bend the pin... until the pin broke. I welded the pin while waiting for my new parts, and it fractured again 3x...
  12. Sodo

    Brazed a cast iron stove leg (buttered)

    Had this project on the list for 9 years. Main problem was my oxy/acet torch was not working well. The regulator couldn't hold the set pressure, it would rise, and you had to continually reduce the oxygen on the mixer. FINALLY fixed the oxy regulator and then brazed the stove leg. Broken leg...
  13. Sodo

    Craftsman 313 oxygen regulator repair

    I had a cast itron brazing job to do, that was hanging around on my to-do list for almost 9 years. Not done because my Oxy regulator was not holding the gas pressure setting. If I set it at 20 psi, it would slowly rise to (whatever, bury the needle ! ) which was not good. And the flame would...
  14. Sodo

    Spare tire on underside of DUMP trailer bed

    Just some pics of a spare tire mount that I built. This trailer's pretty high, has space for a spare under the dump bed. A hitch-pin holds the tire latch in place.
  15. Sodo

    Sharpen a dull holesaw (YES it works!)

    Yes it can be done, easily done. (Probably just once though.) Holesaw was visibly dull and I wondered if it was gonna cut at all? Well, It did ..... about halfway, smoking the oil, and hardly any chips (only dust) coming out. Some of you have Been There Done That? So using a narrow kerf...
  16. Sodo

    Hot-rodding your 2" ratchet straps (beginner weld project)

    Here's an easy project for a rainy shop day. 1) with an angle grinder cutoff wheel, cut the corners off the hook, so it drops thru slots easier. 2) weld up the crotch of the triangle so you can stuff the strap thru the triangle and use it as a slip-knot. Otherwise the strap gets wedged into...
  17. Sodo

    Jack handle spinner nub - (easy trailer project)

    Here's a trailer welding project that's approved for beginner MIG welders. ;) Lets you spin the handle faster. Note the Txgiving themed arrow feature pointing at the spinner nub. My stomach just growled. I'm going in the house now to lobby for an early punkin' pie.....:licking:
  18. Sodo

    Cut dump trailer coupler, weld on adjustable height coupler (w/pics)

    My dump trailer coupler was damaged a little and was difficult to get it coupled. The locking mechanism didn't want to slide into the closed/locked position. From looking at the scars below, I thik the trailer was backed over an embankment, and the ball or tongue bent the mechanism. Anyway, I...
  19. Sodo

    Broken seat rails (Kubota B2710) pics and REPAIR

    My seat rail broke. I welded it up but I can see the problem (why it broke). Other Kubota owners should probably unbolt your seat and LOOK for cracks. If it's just cracked and all the parts are still together, you don't need to weld. Just countersink the hinge base and re-tighten. With the...
  20. Sodo

    LA120 - Greased spindles (and idlers !) on 42" mower deck (with PICS)

    I bought this mower with 155 hours for $950 (with bagger), in the winter, from a "mower flipper". I see these go for $1200 in the springtime (around here). So far the only problems I've found I had to put tubes in the front tires, and still fighting a slow leak on a rear, even with a liquid...
  21. Sodo

    Welding gas = OFF (shop tip)

    Here's a shop tip. Put a piece of blue tape on the valve knob. Inline with the regulator signifies that the gas valve is CLOSED. That way I can glance from afar and KNOW That I closed it. When you open it, leave it in a different position (other than the "closed" position). If you...
  22. Sodo

    Learn MIG first, then try Stick?

    Has anyone learned stick AFTER mig? It makes a lot of sense that you can learn puddle control much faster and easier on a MIG. Then apply that to your stick learning process.
  23. Sodo

    need help with access road across steep slope

    I'm cutting in a roadway to access a little level spot on some steep land. The access turns off my driveway above. I want to park a vehicle on the level spot (under a small roof). I'm first cutting in a preliminary road to the level spot, and will level it out first. I plan to dump concrete...
  24. Sodo

    Drive tractor up into dump trailer to fill bucket

    Just got a dump trailer and discovered this little trick to getting a bucket full. I'm getting used to the little tractor's limitations, one of which is the light weight, it doesn't have enough traction to push the bucket into a pile to fill the bucket. Maybe garden mix though. But anyway...
  25. Sodo

    Welding a Side-mount jack onto dump trailer

    Just another simple project for the forum. Welded with a portable Miller MultiMatic 200 MIG/TIG/Stick using the MIG & C25 gas Settings? Haha, I just chose the factory setting for ---> 1/4" Tailgate hits jack when the trailer is attached. Pretty much can't open tailgate, unless you have a rag...
  26. Sodo

    Bent trailer jack dragging on a waterbar (repaired story)

    OK since you poor fellas aren't getting much action on TBN here's a story to liven thinks up. I know y'all are on the edge of your seats. Beautiful October day..... Hooked the trailer jack on a waterbar......dang. Peeled the jack body open like a tuna can. Jack-knifed the trailer and...
  27. Sodo

    TIG-washing MIG welds

    Well I can't believe I'm the first to do this, but maybe the first to post it? This is probably illegal in 17 states (but common in Canada etc :D) Since I'm no good at holding filler rod I welded this with the MIG then whitewashed it with the TIG, & doesn't it look nice? It's a stair railing.
  28. Sodo

    Quieting noisy trash bin wheels

    I have a 400ft gravel driveway. Part of the driveway goes past some neighbor houses and when we drag the trash bins (3 of them) up & down the driveway I often feel like it's noise the neighbors don't need to hear. When I'm getting the newspaper @ 6AM I like to drag one of the bins back to the...
  29. Sodo

    Tighten quick-release Kubota bucket

    I don't know where this bucket came from, it seems much more worn than the excavator. I can't imagine this little excavator being able to wear out a bucket. Is it better to buildup weld? Or weld on a tapered shim? Also gotta fix a crack.
  30. Sodo

    Building a workbench - cross-stack plastic tubs for drawers

    I got a new shop. It's a 14x24foot bay of a 3-car garage. It's covered with pegboard. I'm not too thrilled about that. maybe i can learn to live with it. or maybe I'll cover it over. I blew in AttiCat insulation behind the pegboard. AttiCat doesn't seem to come out of the holes, but if it...
  31. Sodo

    Self-closing gravity gate (angled hinges)

    Does anyone have experience with self-closing gates? Want gravity to close it, overcome friction etc. I might have to let the wind blow thru it. If you know of one can you measure the angle for me? Here's how I envision it, but there are probably several ways. I know you can do it with a...
  32. Sodo

    Battery powered chainsaw recommendations? (2017)

    Any current opinions what's the best battery powered chainsaw? I have to trim some trees from a 40 foot man-lift. I have a hotrodded Stihl MS201T that cuts like h*ll - but after trying the 36volt Makita & the 40V Husqv .... there's no turning back :thumbsup: .... Gotta have one, more work &...
  33. Sodo

    Blow-in insulation behind pegboard?

    I have a new shop. This is good! REAL GOOD! One bay is walled off, with a door, so I thought I'd put a woodstove in that bay. It has pegboard on ALL walls, nailed on with galvanized drywall nails with the thin heads. I don't know if I like pegboard, cuz I yank tools & the hooks fall off (I...
  34. Sodo

    Burying a generator vault into a bank

    Winter is coming and the forum is slowing down so here's a project for ya!. This was done over the last 2 weeks and is not finished yet. The Cedar log. Cedar boards 1 1/2" x 13". Appx 160 board-feet. At $5to 10 bucks per bf that stack of Cedar could be worth $800-1600. Solid cedar...
  35. Sodo

    Weight distribution dynamics video ! !

    I always thought tongue weight was for more weight on the rear tow vehicle wheels. Apparently that's just an incidental benefit.
  36. Sodo

    Rebuild track idler HELP? (Kubota KX41-3v mini-excavator)

    Bearing went out on my front track idler. I thought the sound was just rocks going thru the track, then noticed the font of the track wobbling. Checked if the hub was warm, and it was....almost HOT. Also had suspected one side drive motor getting weak, pretty sure that the idler held that...
  37. Sodo

    Building a ripper claw for KX41 mini-excavator.

    First things first, I was inspired by this thread Giant Metal Claw, or the Little Excavator Ripper That Could. Little excavator weighs only 3900 lbs. Sometimes the ground is too hard to dig, so I need a ripper to tear it up first. Or to pick the rocks, loosen them. Also for digging out...
  38. Sodo

    Hot-rodded the MS201T. Much better now

    I bought an MS201T in 2013 and have NOT been happy with it. Took awhile but I figured out how to fix it reading posts on Arborist forum. I followed the posts and it's a little hotrod now. Basically did 4 things. 1) Bent a little lever up (like a float valve lever but it's on a diaphragm). 2)...
  39. Sodo

    Harbor Freight Threadlock equal Loctite brand?

    Has anyone done any testing between these two "competitors"? Loctite is $11, HF is $1.99. Somebody must have bolted something down with Harbor Freight threadlock, then unscrewed after it's cured, and noted whether holds like Loctite. Right? :thumbsup: Has anyone done any ACTUAL comparison...
  40. Sodo

    Welding a nut into thin-wall steel

    Here's a way I figgered out to weld a small nut into thinwall (3/8 nut into .065") steel tubing. Drill a hole about the size of the wrench. For example for a 3/8" nut, which uses a 9/16" wrench, drill a 9/16" hole. With a cold chisel, cut the six corners Pound the nut into the hole...
  41. Sodo

    remove chainlink fence, replace with zigzag rail fence

    I'm getting tired of looking at this fence. My Ma-in-Law's lives there. Want to remove the chainlink because it looks like a parking lot, and replace it with a split-rail type zigzag fence. Mostly because I have huge numbers of 4-5 inch Douglas Fir trees that need to be thinned (cut out). I...
  42. Sodo

    Bundling cargo ratchet straps (method w/pics)

    Just figured out this method and made a pic for y'all. Not sure if it's better than the loose-knot method. Anyway, try this one and see if it helps to organize straps.
  43. Sodo

    Reduce pressure to thumb (bends pivot pin)

    My Kubota KX41 has a user-built thumb added. It pushes hard enough to bend the pivot pin (other thread). I would like to limit the pressure to the big end of the thumb cylinder. I've attached some pics of the hydraulics. It seems like I could just put a relief valve across the hoses to the...
  44. Sodo

    Moved trailer jack (so tailgate doesn't hit it)

    Awhile back I removed an old worn out trailer jack and replaced it with this new 8,000 lb jack. I put it in the same place as the old one was. I didn't think about it at the time ----- but quickly discovered that my tailgate would impact the jack if not very careful to set it down on a rag...
  45. Sodo

    Arborist question (remove 3 smaller trunks of a Cedar tree)

    Large Cedar tree with 5 trunks. I want to remove the 3 smaller trunks to reduce the size of the tree. It's 8 feet from the house. Removing these 3 trunks is a task well within my abilities and equipment. My sawmill is eyeing the bigger one hungrily and may gnaw on the smaller one too. The 3...
  46. Sodo

    Harbor Freight 20-Ton hydraulic press mods

    Simple mods to make a low-cost press work much better. A handle for the valve made of 1/2" sq steel tubing. Spread it with a screwdriver. Squeeze with vise grip. I make the pump lever semi-permanent by drilling a little hole, for wire. Wheels so I can set it against the wall but...
  47. Sodo

    Laser rust remover

    OK Bukitcase here's your next tool! :thumbsup: Ain't technology grand? Seems like would remove paint, dirt, grease too?
  48. Sodo

    Welding brass with a TIG

    I need to weld a "Y" onto a brass sink drain. Can I do this with the TIG? I know I can solder it but with the TIG can I polish the weld and have "that classic look"? Cabin freezes, so I can't have traps, need a dry break. Also I want to be able to say the cabin has no utilities (dry cabin)...
  49. Sodo

    TIG question (arc problems)

    Was trying to weld some SS, 1/16" thick with the MultiMatic200 (with Miller TIG kit). Had an awful time getting an arc started. Sometimes it would just make a conical halo around the sharp cone-tip of the tungsten. And when I did get a real arc going, the arc seemed hotter than the 'settings'...
  50. Sodo

    Steel memorial cross (Stick & MIG)

    A friend asked me to help with a memorial for a friend who passed away. Strong, fit, 57-yo, who rides long and far and uphill, often..... Len simply keeled over on a mountain bike trail. No warning, was happy as can be, as anytime there was either a mtn bike or a chainsaw in his hands...
  51. Sodo

    IR temperature gun (whats the best one?)

    Needed one of these years ago,,,, many many uses! Any opinions which one offers the best value? Saw one that has distance measurement feature but its $500. Any details I need to watch for?
  52. Sodo

    Question about trailer with steering?

    Is there an easy way to configure a steerable trailer that has a front axle with steering knuckles and tie-rod? If anyone knows of pics on the net that I can look at this, please tell me where. Not interested in examples where the whole axle pivots (like a kids wagon). Can the steering be...
  53. Sodo

    Move 20ft ocean container on car trailer

    I'm planning to get two ocean containers to store my tractor and other things. I can get a couple container for a reasonable price, 2fer1 delivery. I highly doubt the standard container delivery guy will deliver two containers to the remote location that I have to go. I think for that part...
  54. Sodo

    How to get ice out of empty fuel tank?

    Plastic snowmobile tank is empty, dry. Looking inside the filler hole, there are several silver-dollar sized "puddles" of ice. I can't see the drain hole but.....wouldn't it be clogged with ice? The sled is out in the boonies, no chance of getting it to a warm shop. I'd like to get the ice...
  55. Sodo

    Filter bypass indicator Question

    Just bought this Parker filter on eBay for $30. It's new, un-used. 20GPM, 10micron, uses element 925580. How do you "read" this indicator. Seems to me that it's currently indicating that it's bypassing at 0 psi (new never used)? Is it possible thats the reason it was $30? And...
  56. Sodo

    2" receiver welded into Deere 50d Mini-Excavator blade

    More projects. A few months ago I put a receiver hitch on the blade of my KX41 mini excavator. The other day a contractor doing fuels reduction at my treefarm saw it and wanted one for his 11,000 lb machine. Moving his chipper around is always time-consuming, because he must always have a 4wd...
  57. Sodo

    Welding helmet with LARGER window?

    How important is a larger window? There are times I'd like more viewing area, but not sure if it's worth the extra $$. Which Auto-darkening helmet is a good value? I'd like to get a 2nd helmet so I can teach folks to weld (my way). Or, if I'm really lucky, someone who knows proper methods...
  58. Sodo

    Just got first TIG rig!

    Just got the Miller TIG kit for the MultiMatic 200 (TIG/MIG/Stick combo machine, inverter). Its all assembled & ready. But I'm out in the woods on my phone and can't peruse Youtubes efficiently. With luck, I can look at one, maybe two. It can take a long time to download even 2 minutes worth...
  59. Sodo

    Welded a Cat 650 Dozer stack (MIG)

    Lots of members (I think) are trying to decide whether to get a MIG or a stick-welder. Or would like to see examples of tasks that can be accomplished with the MIG they have. Here's an example (,,,,,,way on the thin end ! ) of a repair that can be done with a MIG. Today a freind asked if I...
  60. Sodo

    welded a wire coathook with MIG

    I have a few of these old coathooks. Broke one of them the other day. Rather than trying to replace it, I just welded it. A MIG can weld on the excavator dozer blade one day, then weld a piece of wire next. It's great having a welder, such a versatile tool. And the repairs done quicker than...
  61. Sodo

    Battery powered angle grinder to cut 3/4" logging cable

    A thread was posted regarding ways to cut logging cable. Here is a test using a 10 year old DeWalt 18volt angle grinder. It stands to reason that the technology has improved in 10 years but I have never used anything but my old DeWalts. My batteries are 4 years old and past their prime. My...
  62. Sodo

    2" receiver welded into Mini-Excavator blade

    Project story. I know you fellas like pics. Decided I wanted a hitch on the KX41 mini-excavator so I can drag a trailer or ATV to the worksite. Also in the plan is to tow a snowmobile trailer while picking up logs, stumps, sticks, brush etc with the thumb, spin around and set it on the...
  63. Sodo

    modify gasoline filler ( welding near solder ? )

    I have to modify this gasoline filler tube on this old truck. I don't know where it came from but it doesn't 'fit' this trick. The tight bend is probably intedned to be vertical downward, but here it's about 45deg and causes problems trying to fill. Here's the "old". I cut out some of the...
  64. Sodo

    ATV front 2" receiver and towbar

    Added a front hitch to my ATV so I can tow it with the tractor. Sometimes I want to leave the tractor where I'm working but need transportation back to the shop, for whatever I broke, or forgot. Towing the ATV seems to be a good way. ATV always has a chainsaw, gas, oil on it, But I can still...
  65. Sodo

    F150 Front 2" receiver hitch build (8" offcenter for V8 )

    This is the build thread. ( research thread here). A smarter man would buy an Ecoboost license plate holder that mounts off to the right but I'm not that man (then I'd have to wait). Nor did I think of simply screwing the plate directly to that plastic rectangle. :duh: These are good options...
  66. Sodo

    Front receiver hitch on F-150

    I plan to add a front receiver hitch to my pickup. I found one from CURT that does not satisfy me. It's too low, and too far under the bumper. For me it would be always full of dirt. I sure as heck wouldn't drive with a receiver-mounted winch in the CURT unit. I used photoshop and put the...
  67. Sodo

    Repair hitch on 1960s travel trailer

    I sort of came into this travel trailer. It was a "hunting camp" but my girls wanted it for a clubhouse, so we made it a clubhouse. Now we are planning a trip to Montana, and the tranny on my camper crapped out. So we decided to drive my pickup, towing the "clubhouse". It's a '60s style...
  68. Sodo

    Mod to switch GPS rear-view camera ON

    I have a Garmin GPS 760LMT that has a wireless rearview camera. When I put the truck in reverse, it switches the GPS screen over to the rear-view camera. I like it automatic, but there are times when I want the camera "ON continuously". If I put it Drive, the camera turns off. Then back to...
  69. Sodo

    Sickle bar cutter hangs from FEL

    The general plan is to build a quick attachment sickle bar that hangs a couple feet below the FEL bucket. I have a sickle bar mower for the 3-pt and it works great, but want another that mows ahead of the tractor. I bought a complete Farmall Cub sickle mower attachment (6 foot) on craigslist...
  70. Sodo

    Example: Rear remote valve with NO "Power Beyond"

    After a lengthy discussion with knowledgable TBN members (Bukitcase, RSwyan, J_J & others) I finally understand this "problem". Many thanks for their persistence. A tractor can work for years with no "Power Beyond" circuit (PB) on a remote, but understand that the valve seals are at risk...
  71. Sodo

    Operation of "Ratchet Strap" tiedowns (a few 2X4s)

    Consider strapping down a small load of 2x4s to your lumber rack. ================= There was a time when I cursed ratchet straps. Then a friend said "this is a really cool mechanism, you need to understand it" (fightin' words :mad:). I like ratchet straps now. There are more than a few...
  72. Sodo

    Canvas bags for chains (Harbor Freight $10.99)

    Decided this white canvas Harbor Freight canvas bag might be a good way to 'manage' my chains. $10.99 seems like a good price. HF calls it a "15 inch riggers bag". You see $65 off white bags there, I'm happy with this purchase, easy & quick to select chains to head out into the woods. Theres...
  73. Sodo

    Stihl MS201T takes 3 or 4 pulls to start

    I bought the MS201T on a lark, after my MS180 was stolen. It cost a lot ($649?) double of the 180 it replaced. But the power! Even so, I'm not very "satisfied" with my decision. OK here's the problem. It takes 3 or 4 pulls to start, always. ONLY if I restart within a few seconds will it...
  74. Sodo

    Welded cast parts on sickle with a MIG!

    I bought an old Massey Ferguson MF-31 Sickle mower for $150 (?). It was a challenge to get it going, the main wobble box shaft was broken and I welded it with my MIG. (Story Here) I've been using it and decided that I like a sickle mower! Time to replace some wear parts though ("past"...
  75. Sodo

    Help ordering hydraulic fittings (for rear remote)

    Hello, Can anybody help me identify these fittings so I can order them online? This is the rear remote that came on my used Kubota B2710 (DINOIL brand). Currently its operating the top-n-Tilt on the 3-point hitch. and the middle spool is un-used. I want to add another set of fittings and a...
  76. Sodo

    Smokin' deal on 10,000watt generator $649 (Today only)

    Well hope it's not smokin! Free shipping too! DuroMax 10000 Watt Hybrid Dual Fuel Portable Generator on eBay Daily Deals I have a similar DuroMax 10,000w generator, it's working great except mine is "Gasoline only" I have welded with 1/8" rod, haven't tried bigger, but apparen;y you need...
  77. Sodo

    Welding it "tight" (no weep hole)

    I was interested in the discussion about welding an item "tight" vs "weep hole". I was working on my gate yesterday and was looking at it, thinking about water and wondering if there was any inside it. My gate is welded "tight". Drilled a hole and water poured out. It poured a lot more...
  78. Sodo

    12 Mini-LED reverse lights (drilled into rear bumper)

    Quickie project this afternoon. 2013 F150 had abysmal reverse lights. I replaced the taillight bulbs with Samsung LEDs they suck. They were advertised as 10watts but they were 2.5watts. Less light than original. I decided to add 12 more LEDS. These new LEDs are 1.8watts each and there's 12...
  79. Sodo

    Welding a cast iron tool (Roper-Whitney XX punch)

    I bought this cheap copy of a Roper Whitney XX deep throat sheetmetal punch. Roper Whitney item costs $250, this was $60. It doesn't work because the punch can't go into the hole on the die. I replied to the eBay seller with pics of the defect and they just returned my money, that was Apr 27...
  80. Sodo

    Raising a foundation corner stone (Log cabin)

    As you can see I have raised this corner once, but not enough. It seems to have settled out, seems to be not moving anymore. (?) I want to jack it up *** and it's rock too *** and pour some thinset under it without disturbing it (much). You can see how much I jacked it once (3/8), that was not...
  81. Sodo

    oops (empty post)

    moved to rural living
  82. Sodo

    Convert "Walkie forklift" to 3-point attachment (Lifts 11 feet high)

    Been planning this for awhile but started on it yesterday, and stripped off all the electrics. Got some good stuff for the toybox. I got it pretty far along today but have not yet figured out the top link attachment yet I'm wanted to get it so I could at least "move it around" but am done...
  83. Sodo

    Question about duty cycle

    I've seen "duty cycle" mentioned as if its a important consideration for a welder (even for newbies). I hardly ever have to weld more than a few inches (6" ?) at a time, then I pick up a grinder or do some fitting. Cut stuff, drill holes. Or screw around. But my welder always gets time to...
  84. Sodo

    50 gallon barrel for 3-point ballast (400 lbs)

    I few weeks ago I made a 3-point receiver / adapter. Today I made a cradle to carry a barrel of water (up to 400 lbs). What I like about water is that I can empty the barrel and 400 lbs "goes away". Unlike using concrete which is always 400 lbs, and always needs a tractor to move it. A guy...
  85. Sodo

    2" receiver mount for Harbor Freight 12,000lb winch

    Built this 2" mount today. The view out of the shop this morning, April 12, 2015. Some warm water off the cost of WA is causing weird weather here in the mountains. 2 x 2 x 3/16 stinger. 1 x 2 x .120 rectangles welded to 3/16 x 1 1/4" angle. Still need to add carry handles / roll...
  86. Sodo

    porosity - welding mild steel, 7018 rod

    What causes this porosity? Other end of the tubing was open to the air (not capped). Notice I didn't have a problem with the other weld, same welder/or same settings same time, etc.
  87. Sodo

    3-point log lift & skidder on small tractor

    Structure is 2 x 2 x 1/8 steel tubing, 1/4" gussets. The receiver socket is 2.5 x 2.5 x 3/16" (which is a little loose on a 2" stinger). This attachment weighs only 15 lbs. Welded with 7018 which is kind of like cheating. Then built the lifter part. The stinger end is 2 x 2 x 3/16...
  88. Sodo

    Rubber track came off mini-excavator KX41-3V

    Kubota KX41-3v mini-excavator (3800 lb) Can these rubber tracks come off in any "normal" situations such as driving over a large rock? Does this mean it was it not tight enough? I was in soft dirt, was trying to mash a large rock into the soft fill of the bank, and drive over it. Couldn't...
  89. Sodo

    Rubber track came off mini-excavator

    WRONG FORUM moved to construction eqpt <<< ooops WRONG FORUM. Abandoning this thread and copied post to CONSTRUCTION EQPT forum >>> WRONG FORUM
  90. Sodo

    Lift capacity of 3-pt hitch question (plz keep it simple)

    If your 3-point hitch is rated to lift 1500 lbs, can you put on a 100 lb lift fork attachment and then lift a pallet weighing 1400 lbs? Not driving around, just simply lift a pallet of that weight? Has anybody verified their tractor's maximum lift with a known weight? A pallet of landscape...
  91. Sodo

    3-point hitch - How does the mechanism work?

    Having a hard time finding this info on the net. All my searches turn up ways to use a 3 point, how to hook up an attachment. I'm curious what internal mechanism rotates the lift arms? Does anybody know a link to a diagram showing the internal mechanism? Here's a diagram of a Mercedes Benz /...
  92. Sodo

    rear hitch LED lighting (5 watts for $4)

    Added a rear LED light today. It lights up the ground well, you could find a contact lens! It only uses 5 watts, barely any power. Very easy quick project, makes a big difference at night. I wired it up in parallel to the taillight, so it's on whenever the lights are on. I used one "COB...
  93. Sodo

    What kind of filler to add 1/2" thickness to asphalt?

    Have a problem to I need some help with. Asphalt meets concrete, where the concrete is 1/2 inch higher. I'd like to add some kind of 'filler' to the asphalt, to smooth out this transition. 1/2" doesn't seem like much, but it causes problems for a forklift because it's in exactly the wrong...
  94. Sodo

    Plugged grease passageway

    Looking for ideas to clear a grease passageway. edit: added a pic of where its plugged This is the lower boom pivot pin on a KX41 mini-excavator. The passageways to the left side bushing (black) are plugged. Can't get any pressure because the grease passes by and out the right side.. In...
  95. Sodo

    Easy welding project - pickup bed load bars

    Here's an easy and useful project. A load bar that extends all the way across the pickup bed allows you to securely strap down boards that are longer than your pickup bed. It's a 1 x 2 x .065" rectangular steel tube. It's about 50 inches long, with 2 x 2 x 1/4" angle iron welded on the ends...
  96. Sodo

    3 point Forklift with a mast to go 17 feet high

    3 point Forklift with a mast to lift 11 feet high OOPS not 17 feet; it lifts 11 feet (2-stage). Thinking of building a lift like in the pic below. I have a Crown 20MT walkie forklift (or stacker). I had a bunch of trouble with it leaking down and poured time into it because,,,,, how hard...
  97. Sodo

    Stick-welded today, and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!

    Yesterday I ran out of MIG wire, mid-project, and was really bummed. Getting more wire would take at least 3 hours, and I did NOT want to get in the truck for 3 hours, or pay $60 for what I can get on Amazon for $30. Went in for the night, and in the morning, remembered I had some 7018 rods...
  98. Sodo

    Need 220vAC electrical help - change 4 prong outlet to 3-prong

    My welder has a 3-prong plug, the generator has a 4-holer. I guess someday I'll make an adapter but today I want to weld so the only way is to put a 3-hole outlet in the 4-hole generator. I have two questions: 1) Can I do this? 2) What do I do with the gray wire? Can I simply isolate it?
  99. Sodo

    Small log dolly build

    I often have to drag logs out of the woods to feed a sawmill. I built a lightweight dolly, that has been working very well but when I overload it the tires pop. So I built a heavier duty unit, now I have two. I had the wheels in the junkpile but had to buy axles and hubs (from Trailer Hitches...
  100. Sodo

    Anybody know to "seal" a dirt pond?

    I dug a small pond a couple days ago, and re-routed a tiny creek to fill it. It's about 5 feet from the original creek location. The creek is just a trickle, about the size of my finger. The pond is about 7 feet circle 2 feet deep. In the first six hours it filled about a foot deep and then...
  101. Sodo

    How to Weld a HDPE black plastic water pipe?

    I cut this pipe over the winter with a snowmobile. Dangit. Sure didnt expect so little snow in the Northwest. Looking for tricks here, lots of clever folks on the internet! Does anyone know if this can be welded? Easily? I know about cutting it out and put in a barbed insert. Thats what I'll...
  102. Sodo

    Passivating stainless steel

    I need to grind weld protrusions off 30 items that are "for sale" (60 grinds). I want to passivate just that one grind spot so it doesn't leak rust onto visible parts. The grind area is about 1/4" x 1/2", and it's on the underside so not visible. Does anybody know an easy trick to get a small...
  103. Sodo

    Only two kinds of people?

    "there are only two kinds of people in this world: those who divide people into two groups; and those who do not. :D What other good ones are there?
  104. Sodo

    Schrader fitting, for setting tubeless tires (small & motorcycle etc)

    I welded a 1/2" ball valve 'onto' this tank today, and the last part of the project is the fitting on the end of the hose. Or maybe paint. :D Where do I get a fitting that will screw onto a schrader type tire stem, and flow as much air as possible? It has to be wide-open, with no...
  105. Sodo

    an old welder (with armature)

    Anybody know anything about this machine? Is there a name for it that can be shared on a family-friently forum? :D I assume the armature is an old-school method for increasing the frequency. I "found" three of them in the crawlspace of an industrial building (in 2005), gave away 2 and kept...
  106. Sodo

    Welding razor blades together, with a MIG

    I've heard the phrase "if ya wanna weld razor blades together" used often as a figure of speech, probably meaning it's something you'll never need to do. I was curious though, can it be done with a MIG? In case anyone else wants to see what a MIG can do. Here it is, my first, and last time...
  107. Sodo

    Tow snowmobile with 2" receiver hitch

    Well if any of you fellers are bored this winter, count me in. Here's a crazy little project that I did due to misguided priorities. I spent an hour to save 20 minutes. ============================== Started with this device that I use to bring a motorcycle with me to wherever I was...
  108. Sodo

    A favor to your angle grinder

    Awhile back I posted a simple welding project called "A gift for your angle grinder". Heres installment 2 in "grinder love". I've had this DeWalt 18v grinder for 4 years now and listening to it sounded like the bevel gears might be getting dry so I took the cover off to grease it. There was...
  109. Sodo

    Made a stainless steel towel rack for bathroom

    I'm in the process of remodeling a rental house. This place was a HEAP, and I kinda can[t believe the transformation. There is a tiny 1/2 bath, and we replaced the vanity cabinet. Between the vanity and the wall was 4 inches, perfect for a towel holder. My wife went off to look for one that...
  110. Sodo

    Carving polyiso sheets?

    I have a flat roof that has sagged to hold about 1/2 inch of water but is no longer watertight. It's an add-on, done probably 30 years ago, has torchdown on it. I'm studying the idea to build in a slight slope with PolyIso foam sheets. I know that you can buy sloped PolyIso sheets in several...
  111. Sodo

    Jawhorse & welding attachment

    Ordered 2 of each, pretty good prices for what seems to be a useful device. One is for home and the others for my shop in the woods. The Jawhorse has a footpedal that operate the vise-clamp, they claim 2,000lbs clamping force. I've become pretty good at positioning an item in the vise, then...
  112. Sodo

    Made a bucket spade from 7" channel

    Had to dig up this concrete footing. I suspect it was for a dog kennel. I scratched away at it for awhile with a pickaxe and a digging bar but at some point a guy's gotta go weld something, right? The tractor bucket punched the 'new' spade down and lifted it out with ease. As it is now...
  113. Sodo

    Need a sealant for INSIDE carburetor (for ethanol)

    I have a nice little Honda EX1000 generator, tried to use it to run my sump pump during a recent power outage but it leaked gas out the overflow. Took carb apart to clear the float needle seat and found that it was leaking from the plastic fitting OUTSIDE the needle seat. I need some kind of...
  114. Sodo

    Show pics of your truckbed "extender"

    Harbor freight makes one for $69.99 I want it to support the cargo at tailgate CLOSED height, so I can leave my tools in the bed, but still transport long stuff. Soon I have to transport 14 foot metal roofing sheets., and then 12 foot drywall, so I will build this soon. My truck has a 6.5...
  115. Sodo

    Replace 'foundation' under a 10x16 garden shed

    Bought a rental house and it has a garden shed in the back40. I'm going to build a lean-to on it and park a vehicle there (out of the seattle rain which has come with a vengeance). Funny thing is it's been sitting on firewood, on the dirt, for 25 years at least. Basically I know the elderly...
  116. Sodo

    Quickie log-drag, (paper-thin MIG weld)

    Heres a quickie logdrag I made because the log was too big for my log-arch. Already had the rear dolly.
  117. Sodo

    Welding spring-steel rock-rake tines

    I built this stick-rake using spring-steel rock-rake tines. Sometimes when I shove it deep into a bush and back out it grabs ahold of something unseemly and "PING" off comes a tine. I know tractoring excites you fellas. :D (thats my old BX24, sold it for $700 more than I paid...
  118. Sodo

    2013 F150s up the yinyang!

    Ford dealer in Bellevue WA has a bunch of new 2013s hangin around. Few more months and there will be 2015s. I got a nice STX with locker for $28k, I bet they will make some deals! I didn't look for any other models. I sure like mine. 16 F-150s in this one pic
  119. Sodo

    50 inch brush fork build (with quick-release lever)

    Built this brush fork. It's 52 1/8" wide with 50" long tines. It's made of 1x2x.120 rectangular steel tubing. The bucket is 52 3/8", which is 1/4" wider than the brush fork. I believe 1/4" is the perfect clearance for something 52" wide, with about 1 foot of engagement (appx 4:1). It still...
  120. Sodo

    A gift for your angle grinder

    Some angle grinder attachments include "the nut" such as a wire brush cup. Others (like thin cutoff wheels) require the 5/8-11 fittings. So when you remove the fittings, and the 'nut' where do you set them? I usually set 'em somewhere then knock them off the table. Because I'm grinding I...
  121. Sodo

    120v MIG weld on a 3/8" thick (bevel 60deg)

    This is excerpted from a thread that got outta control, and closed. Plate beveled at 60deg because everybody knows a 120v MIG can't melt far into a butt weld on 3/8" steel. ======= mostly a re-post ===================== This is Weld#2, the middle weld. Root weld. (1/4" bolt is to show scale)...
  122. Sodo

    LED trailer taillights (a simple project)

    I like LED trailer lights because they take so little power to operate, and they are bright. Thus even if your trailer plug is corroded the lights are still bright. I am hoping that HF have figured out (by now) how to build a LED circuitboard that will withstand vehicle vibration. I used...
  123. Sodo

    Chevy pickup limited slip differential (viscous coupling?)

    Was at the chevy dealer yesterday, looking for a 4WD truck with a rear locker. They had some but one of them had a limited slip ( 2013 low miles, 1/2 T fleet model). 3 salesmen did not have the slightest idea even what a differential did period. Had to wait (hours?) for the --->one guy<---...
  124. Sodo

    Tips to modify / solder a brass radiator

    I need to move this radiator outlet. My plan was to unsolder it, pull ot off, cut a hole and solder it in, then solder a brass cover over the old hole. I was planning to just use flux & solder from my plumbing kit. I've done lots of plumbing with copper, but never soldered a radiator. I will...
  125. Sodo

    Who knows about 2014 F-150 traction control?

    I am thinking about buying a new F-150 4x4 with a diff-lock. The newest 4x4 I've owned was a 2005 Nissan. I had to drive thru a snowbank. I knew the speed that I needed to get thru but when the wheels slipped, it chopped the power, which I was relying on, and I got stuck. It took me 2 hours...
  126. Sodo

    Ramp for Loading a 7 foot dumpster with FEL

    I am planning a land cleanup project where I have to load a a couple dumpsters. Pretty sure there will be a dumpster for household, and another for clean green. I suppose I'd have the dumpsters for a week or 2. My FEL (LA402 on Kubota B2710) will dump over a 66" wall, (I think) but the...
  127. Sodo

    Sharpen cold cut saw blades?

    Are these able to be re-sharpened economically? I have 3 or 4 of them and the carbide teeth are still there, just dulled. Googled a little, didn't find any sharpening services. I have a Milwaukee 14" cold cut saw. Also a Milwaukee 14" abrasive cut saw, but the cold cut is so much faster and...
  128. Sodo

    Welding a 1 1/4" solid steel shaft (a repair story)

    Thought some folks might be interested in this 1.25" shaft weld repair I did a couple months ago. I bought a Massey Ferguson #31 sickle mower with a broken crankshaft (end of 2013). I intended to weld it with my 120v MIG, and started reading up on the forum. I knew my method was more...
  129. Sodo

    Help adding 230v outlet at subpanel in the garage

    I want to add the 230v outlet off this garage subpanel. I am the one who put this subpanel in, it was done to "my own code" but with some luck it might be "TO CODE" :D. I moved my main (house) panel, then rewired the whole house "TO CODE" (It had a mix of knob&tube, and good, some WRONG etc)...
  130. Sodo

    Tow motorcycle with a tractor (adapter for 2" receiver hitch)

    Often I want to bring a motorcycle to where I'm working with the tractor, so I can zoom back to get stuff, eat lunch, check my messages. Once I carried the motorcycle on the backhoe (but I sold that backhoe). Anyway I need to be able to leave the tractor at it's worksite, then zoom back to the...
  131. Sodo

    Help choosing 240v generator for MIG welder?

    It would be great to hear from someone with actual experience using "normal generators" for welding. I am a hobby/maintenance welder, don't need pro-level eqpt, just need it to work for the occasions when I need the 1/4" & thicker settings. If I were to guess - I would need it to work for 2...
  132. Sodo

    Two very small 120v MIG projects

    Here's a couple simple welding projects, examples of ways to use a MIG welder. I'm certain that somebody could do this with a stick-welder, but not a newbie. With a MIG, a newbie could do both of these simple welds. Both of these were very easy, and (I think) required very little skill, but...
  133. Sodo

    Lightweight log dolly, welded with 120volt MIG

    I'm showing this as an example of a simple project that can be done well within the capacity of a 120v MIG. The welder was a Miller 135, which is rated to weld steel up to 3/16" thickness. You will see that some 3/8" steel was also welded on this project (with the 120v machine). This project...
  134. Sodo

    A simple project with 120v MIG wire feed (ATV trailer clevis tongue)

    Re-post because original thread went crazy off-topic (sorry). This is a simple example of a project that shows welding that's well-within the capabilities of a 120 wire feed welder. The hitch would be used to tow a small trailer, or any item that uses the simple clevis-type hitch.
  135. Sodo

    Simple cargo bench modification (1/8" steel, using 120v MIG wire-feed welder)

    Can't find many 120v projects on this forum so here's one of mine. I used a 120v MIG (Miller 135) with Argon/CO2 gas for this project. This lightweight Aluminum cargo bench was on-sale at Home Depot for $60, and looked like a good deal until I put it on the car, and noticed the exhaust blasts...
  136. Sodo

    Welding 3/16" & 1/4" with 120v wire-feed

    There seems to be considerable debate whether a 120v wire welder is worth having. I don't understand why this debate needs to happen. I suspect it's one of those situations where pros don't want the homeowner doing "their job". But it's NOT their job - it's NOT pro welding, it's just welding...
  137. Sodo

    Stepped off, and it almost tipped over (lifting a snowmobile) !

    Kubota B2710 lifting a 475 lb snowmobile on the brushfork. I started to step off (to take a pic) and my weight leaving the tractor started it to tip. I leaned out to try to stop it but it kept going, until it came up against the stops on the front axle WHEW!. Was just about to throw the FEL...
  138. Sodo

    Brush fork quick-attach ideas

    Hello, Yesterday I built this brush fork for my B2710. There are two 12" long angle irons bolted to the sides of the bucket, creating a 'slot' in each corner that the brushfork slides in or out. At the moment there is no retainer, if I tip the bucket down the fork slides out. Looking for...
  139. Sodo

    Who knows about "thermo-fan switches"?

    I have a '51 Willys pickup with a '79 258ci inline six. There is no fan on the waterpump, only an electric fan ahead of the radiator, with a manual switch. It's easy to forget to turn on the fan - I'd like to install a thermo switch. Yesterday it blew all the water out because I forgot, I...
  140. Sodo

    Ideas to grease an idler bearing

    This idler does not have a grease fitting. I have 2 of them on a Massey Ferguson sickle mower #31. One is screaming, the other is smooth, but feels dry too. I'd like to grease these before they give me trouble, and one of them will go soon (like tomorrow)! If I can get some grease in these I...
  141. Sodo

    MF 31 sickle bar mower - Hinge bushing 581324M1

    Getting down to the last few details to get my MF 31 sickle mower rebuilt. If you ignore all the problems, it's in real nice condition! My hinge bushing is no good, and the only replacement I can find is $80 on eBay. The bigger hinge bearing uses a split journal bearing, like on a connecting...
  142. Sodo

    Changing tires yourself? 23x8.50x14 R4 tires

    My 2710 needs new front tires. It's a half-day project at least to (take the wheels into town and) have the two front tires changed for $332. These front tires are about the same size as a small car tire. Wondering if anybody has DIY experience. I can order tires on the internet for $260...
  143. Sodo

    WANTED parts for MF31 Sickle mower (need Dyna balance crank & sheave)

    I need a crank and sheave for this Massey Ferguson MF 31 sickle mower. The crank is no longer available, looking for used parts. I have the AGCO partsbooks, the crank (part#24) is red, = NLA. I'm pretty sure the fwd crank bearing zerk was never discovered thus never got greased, then the...
  144. Sodo

    BX-24 tractor and backhoe in a Dodge Sprinter (1 pic)

    I recently sold my BX, and was thinking I never told this story on TBN, and there may be some who are interested. When I bought my BX I picked it up in a 144" Dodge sprinter van. Sorry this is the only picture that I have. I didn't know about TBN back then, otherwise I'da taken more pics...
  145. Sodo

    Replacing BX24 tie rod boot (how-to with pics)

    These boots are exposed, and rip easily if you drive thru bushes or sticks. If you ask Kubota for a new boot, the only part number that can find is the whole tie-rod end ($46 just to get the little rubber boot). The boot as in the last pic (Kubota part K1253-01660) costs about $11.34 at your...
  146. Sodo

    Help bending Bucket pin straight

    Looking for ideas here. I recently purchased a Kubota KX41 mini Excavator. It has an aftermarket hydraulic thumb by PECK. The thumb pivot pin is bent. I see 2 options: 1) put a Sawzall blade in the gap and cut it at the bend, replace it with a new pin. (seems to be 1 3/16" diam.) 2)...
  147. Sodo

    Got mini-excavator, selling BX24 TLB

    I just bought a kubota KX41-3v mini-excavator. It has 1200 hrs, $14k, 3700lbs, hydr thumb, travel speed 2.6mph. I'll use it mostly for land cleanup then sell it if it doesn't get used. I'll sell my BX24 and get a 30hp tractor with just an FEL. I think the KX41 + a tractor (no backhoe) will cost...
  148. Sodo

    Experience refilling argon or 75/25 cylinders yourself?

    I was thinking about buying a 20 cu-ft cylinder (about $80) for portability. Then whenever I bring home a full 80, I refill (or top off) the 20 first while the 80 has full pressure. That way I always have a travel cylinder and a spare. For Argon, filling the 80cf costs $81 and filling a 20cf...
  149. Sodo

    Bought a Miller Multimatic 200

    Before I unbox it and crank it up?. Does anybody have experience with this machine? Should I go ahead and make it a "used" machine or return it, and in that case what is a better portable? I've been using a 120v Miller 135 for 8 years and it suits about 90% of my needs. When it's windy...
  150. Sodo

    epoxy a carburetor float bowl?

    Who has experience with epoxy and (modern) gasoline? What kind of epoxy last years in a USA-gasoline environment? I have 9HP Briggs & Stratton motor that has no float bowl drain. It has a very small boss cast into it, and perhaps feasible that it could be tapped for a small plug about 3/8"...
  151. Sodo

    HELP! whats normal BX24 temp guage position?

    My instruments panel delaminated. I took the cluster out so I could silicone the panel back on carefully. SOMEHOW, my temp guage is no longer in the correct position. I can't think of any reason for this, except maybe the needle has spun on the shaft. At stone cold it's at the bottom, then...
  152. Sodo

    HELP welding a stub shaft

    I bought this broken sickle mower thinking I could just weld on a stub shaft. But further discovery shows that this is a very highly stressed connection due to the cyclical loading of the wobble crank. Model is Massey Ferguson MF 31. Here is a pic of my broken shaft. Here is a pic of...
  153. Sodo

    3-Point Hitch  BX24 with a 7 foot sickle mower (...experience?)

    Does anyone have experience hanging a 7' sickle mower off the back (and side) of a Kubota BX24? The MF31 has a heavy cast iron wobble box hanging out there. I would test it but the mower is a bucket case at the moment. The MF 31 cutter bar starts cutting 2 feet out from the tire edge, and the...
  154. Sodo

    Sickle Bar  MF 31 sickle bar mower (need wobble crank)

    Got this sickle bar mower today. Seller said "its the leading cause of 3-legged dogs". I can see that. or :loser: This one is safe for dogs (for now) because the main drive pulley shaft is broken off the wobbler crank. Does anybody know whats the proper searchable name of this part? I will...
  155. Sodo

    Weight of BH75 backhoe

    I've been searching for a long time, there are so many posts that get all bloated without the ANSWER. Here's a fresh new thread with the specific name "Weight of BH75 Backhoe" Would be a useful TBN post if members can find BH75 weight on the first page . -BH75 Backhoe weight -Bucket...
  156. Sodo

    A grapple-like project using 12v RAM

    If my grapple project is satisfactory I would plumb it into the hydraulics but to start I think I'll use this 12v Ram. My grapple project will basically be a "hold-down hand" for holding a brush pile onto the brush forks while travelling. It's for grabbing a pile of brush & sticks, not for...
  157. Sodo

    Weight of BX24D with FEL and Backhoe (also BX23, BX25)

    I found some of this on orangetractor forum. Some is edits from TBN members. 1520 - Tractor 628 - BH Backhoe 22 - 8 inch BH bucket 375 - FEL Loader 132 - FEL bucket _________________ 2677 lbs TOTAL weight This info was surprisingly difficult to find in all the specs sites I looked at...
  158. Sodo

    Woods Backhoe on a B7800 (is Kubota BH better?)

    Looking for advice regarding a Woods BH70-X backhoe. - Does the Woods 4-point frame hold it as good as a Kubota backhoe? - Does it install and remove as nicely as the kubota backhoe? - Does the Woods backhoe frame get "in the way" or cause any problems? - Any other comments regarding the Woods...
  159. Sodo

    Broken BX24 hood, RE-USING decals

    Firewood fell out of the bucket onto the PLASTIC hood and shattered it. The hood seems to be made of styrene plastic, it's brittle. I was busting up the pieces just to see how strong they are - and its brittle plastic, pretty lowball stuff. So I ordered a new hood from Messicks, it was...
  160. Sodo

    Help removing rust stain from Stainless Steel

    Does anyone know of 'swabs' available to remove light rust coloration from stainless steel? Or are there small bottles of passivator?
  161. Sodo

    Help to remove BX dash panel

    I need to remove my dash panel on a BX24 because the glass has delaminated. I have to clean dust off the guages, and re-seal the 'glass'. Can somebody explain or show a pic how to remove it? Deano says there are 'clips'. Also where is the vent hole? This sounds easy but my tractor is 120mi...
  162. Sodo

    Help making sheet steel look 100 yrs old

    I put a sheet of 22ga steel under my stove. I want to make it look 100 yrs old (in the next month!). Can anybody offer tips how to do that? Here's what it looks like now, very even, bare steel
  163. Sodo

    BX skidplate Question: (Skidplate or fan protector?)

    There are a few wires and hoses under there that might be molested by sticks, but the fan seems to be the only problem that really needs to be solved; and the difficulty to replace is another big problem. Isn't there a simple way to put some protection up higher, that covers the wires, filter...
  164. Sodo

    Forks  Brushfork w/5 mini Stick-Rakes (on a BX24)

    Brushfork w/5 mini Stick-Rakes (homebuilt attachment - BX24) Combination landscape rake and brush forks; an attachment for an attachment. Homebuilt brush fork vastly increases the amount of brush that I can move to a burnpile with my BX. For now it bolts to the bucket sides with 4 bolts but...
  165. Sodo

    Crown 20MT Walkie forklift (lift-lower valve problem)

    Hi there, I have a 20MT stacker, it's an electric forklift. Everything works good except the forks leak down about an inch every 5 seconds. Listening in the oil tank I don't hear any fluid returning from above the packing so the problem has to be in the lift/lower valve. Its the aluminum...
  166. Sodo

    Crown 20MT walkie forklift (lift-lower valve)

    Sorry posted in wrong forum, repeated this post on the hydraulics forum. plz delete, sorry for the trouble
  167. Sodo

    BX Tie-Rod boot ripped

    BX Tie-Rod boot ripped (partnumbers PLEASE?) I am selling my BX24 so I want to replace my "bike tube repair" with a new boot that looks nice. Reading up on the forum: I know the ball joint will last long even without a boot. The bicycle tube repair is easy and it's all good (except at time...
  168. Sodo

    BX backhoe fit any larger compacts?

    Does anyone know if there is a little bit larger Kubota compact tractor that will accept the BX backhoe?
  169. Sodo

    Help? -- to reassemble hydraulic cylinder

    Trying to reassemble a 'repaired' leaking cylinder. Proper repair of the cylinder (ram rechrome + $100 seal kit from mfr, +labor) was estimated to be $1,000+, and a new cylinder assy is $974. I was inclined to try to fix it, as the pitted part of the cylinder can be avoided most of the time if...
  170. Sodo

    Adjustable width backhoe bucket (Kubota BX24)

    Hello, Just got a 2007 BX24. I'm new to the forum and this is my first "question". Looking forward to lots of tractor fun. I see several clever folks making narrow trenching buckets for the little BX24. (Charlz and Red Dirt and perhaps others). Very interesting reading. Has anyone looked...
  171. Sodo

    WA member Kubota BX24

    Hello, I just bought a 2007 BX24 with FEL, BH, 4' PTO driven field mower. Anxious to get some work done. I have a road to maintain, and forestland cleanup, landscaping. Interested in a thumb, and whether it can be hydraulic. Thanks