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    Wonder why parts aren’t available?

    A dumpster diver on FB found a bunch of brand new excavator parts in the dumpster. Whoever dumped didn’t even bother to cash in on scrap value :unsure:
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    Brush cutter opinion/help

    I’ve been talking myself into a front mounted brush cutter and exploring some options. One thing I’ve noticed is a couple of the manufacturers may not be using a cushion valve on the motor, rather just teeing the lines. One side of my brain says that can’t work very well, the other side says but...
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    Tow / tie-down DK5310SE

    I was concerned about pulling on or with the loader so I made up a frame mounted pull / tie-down point. After machining the eye and adding an oilite bushing, it was welded to a piece of 1/2" plate. Attached using 4 new 14x1.5x40mm 10.9 bolts.
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    DK xx10 fuel heater

    Was chatting with PTSG about the switch holes in the cab and what are they all for. When looking at the US wiring diagram they have something labeled Fuel heater (option). Anybody have one or know what it is?
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    Lighting upgrade?

    Had some time today so went to look at upgrading the cab lights. I have some 6” leds and the housing looked similar in size. Took the Kioti light off and pulled the bulb assembly out to see if I could swap the guts. Found something else very interesting (IMO), the base of the bulb is stamped...
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    JD 955 tach

    Anyone know a shortcut to remove the tach to change out the cable?