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  1. JPRambo

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Jonathan Hillerman played Higgins. I wired house in florida that the builder was making a commercial about. He was to be the narrator for the commercial. All us extras were introduced to him . Very arrogant man he was.
  2. JPRambo

    Anyone else have an unusually large number of hummingbirds this year?

    I put out the feeder a week ago and saw two ruby throats Sunday. None yesterday. And it's lightly raining today but, saw, I assume, the same 2 early this morning. I tried to get a picture but they are quicker than I am.
  3. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    My two neighbors want to remove a multi trunk maple Saturday. The trunks were all 12 inch or less. With my small hudson 21 inch mill they are good enough for me. I got them two at a time like this:
  4. JPRambo

    Need a recommendation: log splitters

    TSC I have split white an red oak, poplar, hickory and it has not stopped with any of it.
  5. JPRambo

    Cat pic(s)

    Well we decided to get another kitten. We visited the Humane Society, and picked this girl. A little skid-ish at first but, she is getting more playful every day.
  6. JPRambo

    How many acres do you own?

    Just shy of 7 acres. About 3/4 -1 acre for house, garage, driveway and yard. The rest is trees.
  7. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Here one of mine. I was clearing for a house pad a couple years ago. BX dug around the root ball. Then I pull it over with come-a-long then it all became firewood.
  8. JPRambo

    Pull 3” saplings or Bush Hog them?

    How many of the larger diameter trees are there? 15 acres is a lot of physical work with a set of loppers but, it depends on how many there are. My wife had a battery operated loppers. They work well. Or with a second person use a brush grubber
  9. JPRambo

    Solved Building Electrical Breaker Tripping.

    The battery backup lights were the fluorescent ceiling fixtures. The light by battery after power outage and for 9 or 10 second interval for 2- 700kw generators to startup and switch over. Hospital generators are required to start and supply power in 10 seconds or less in Florida. I don't know...
  10. JPRambo

    Solved Building Electrical Breaker Tripping.

    Can't remember all the times I got a call for 'lights went out' in the hospital OR. 4 tube fluorescent fixtures were rewired years before I was hired. The batteries in the ballasts were starting to go and burning the wires coming out of them. Between the third shift guy and me we replaced all...
  11. JPRambo

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Like these? I have 5 in numerical sequence
  12. JPRambo

    Cat pic(s)

    Very sorry for your lose.
  13. JPRambo

    Pictures from a skid steer mowing contractor

    Hurricane Mathew was in 2016
  14. JPRambo

    Pictures from a skid steer mowing contractor

    My older son is still fighting his insurance company for damages from Ian in Sept 2022
  15. JPRambo

    Pictures from a skid steer mowing contractor

    I went thru all of those. Ivan was the fourth one. Charlie came through P. Charlotte. The hospital where I worked was evacuated of all patients. Lost all the fourth floor roof.
  16. JPRambo

    Pictures from a skid steer mowing contractor

    A fair amount of bad weather there also. Hurricanes like that part of florida. Moved from Port Charlotte area little over a year ago.(100 miles south of Tampa)
  17. JPRambo

    Want cream with your coffee

    I still like your avatar, terraformer
  18. JPRambo


    Torvy: first picture is looking out East facing window of my house. Second is the best picture I just took. It's raining now. Blueberries are to the right of green shed.
  19. JPRambo


    I've got 5 'Rabbit Eye' blueberry bushes. I used cement reinforcement mesh bent into a 'U' shape and the rebar to keep it in shape. After they bloom put bird netting over it. Keeps the birds and squirrels out. Deer don't come near this blueberry area. We have red clay and need to add sulfer.
  20. JPRambo

    What do you drive for a truck?

    Mine is a 2013 Silverado 1500 LT. Bought it used in '16. It has a 9,990 lb. tow rating and 14,990 lb. gross. Use it to pull these and a everything getter. 138,000 miles so far. (Edited to adjust milage)
  21. JPRambo

    New shop started

    A water heater timer would work.
  22. JPRambo

    Who is excited for snow season? Not us! We're depressed due to lack of snow.

    This is yesterday from my brother on Long Island
  23. JPRambo

    Cat pic(s)

    Percy would climb inside and lick the inside of the grocery bags (t-shirt bags). He also would not eat unless someone was close by and watching him. Wanted to have fresh water or ice cubes to lick. Could not put the ice in the water he would splash in it till cube was on floor then lick it while...
  24. JPRambo

    Losing your dog....

    I'm sorry for the loss off your 'best friend'. Pets are family members and mourned deeply when lost.
  25. JPRambo

    Cat pic(s)

    One day early last year Percy started low crawling from one room to another. And this he seamed to be growling with a sound of pain. He had never been mean to me. And I never to him. And after a couple hours my wife and I decided he needed medical help. It was 11 pm. We found a nighttime vet ER...
  26. JPRambo

    Cat pic(s)

    Looking4new, thank you for the sentiment. Fatjay good luck with Mocha's surgery.
  27. JPRambo

    Cat pic(s)

    Thank you plastikosmd
  28. JPRambo

    Cat pic(s)

    I have been trying to stay busy today helping my son. Tomorrow morning we are traveling home 350 miles and will bury him there. He was just a great cat.
  29. JPRambo

    Cat pic(s)

    Thanks everyone. It really was a shock to us. He was playing with the window shade minutes before.
  30. JPRambo

    Cat pic(s)

    Thanks MossRoad
  31. JPRambo

    Cat pic(s)

    Picture from post #47 We are visiting our younger son who recently moved his business from SW Florida to N Florida. Using our camper. Percy usually stays in the camper during the day. He would sleep with us and in morning wake us by tapping the curtain that is at our head area. He did this this...
  32. JPRambo

    Cat pic(s)

    This is Percy. Found him on our land a couple years ago. He was 5 or 6 weeks old. Next day I checked a trail camera near where we found him. We think he is an orphan.
  33. JPRambo

    Restarting My '70 Nova Project

    I have a 1964 Chevelle Malibu SS convertible with the original 265 and 4 spd. But it will be a while before I get to work on it. So I put the outer parts in storage.
  34. JPRambo

    U-groove track wheel for bandsaw mill,

    Take some accurate measurement of your wheel and contact sawmill manufacturers. Maybe they can match it up.
  35. JPRambo

    Merry Christmas 2023

    Merry Christmas to all.
  36. JPRambo

    BX2370 Push Boom? - Custom Implement 1

    Plywood 'doser blade' extended with 2xs from tractor bucket and rathet scraped into/onto bucket. Should be quickly attached / removed
  37. JPRambo

    Want to buy a sawmill - Talk me out of it!

    I got a Huson Sawyer mill in April. Since then I have cut over 1000 bd ft of white and red oak. I did build a solar kiln out of 2x4s and plywood left over by the carpenters who built my house. They are work to use but the lumber will be used for book shelves and a chicken coop. I have a few...
  38. JPRambo

    sawmill platform? What to use?

    This is my setup. Hud-son sawyer.6" x 6" with aluminum tracks lag bolted down. I shim the 6x6s each time as they are just set in the ground. Just put mill head in the garage while i spend christmas in Florida with the kids.
  39. JPRambo

    Water line leaking - how to find it

    How deep is the line buried? I have had good luck locating within 8 inch either way using a couple pieces of wire. 2 lenghts (about 16 inches each) of wire. Bend both 90° at 4 inch. Hold one in each hand. And hold short ends loosely in fists with the end balanced on little finger. Hold long...
  40. JPRambo

    Anyone seen a civilian Growler?

    USAF crashes another osprey
  41. JPRambo

    Son's new career path, pretty proud father

    My Grandson enlisted in the AF in August. He tried to get into the Army (RAMBO) but they kept delaying and wanting more paperwork and info etc, etc, etc.. He could not get into the AF until picking an AFSC (MOS). We went to San Antonio to see him graduate basic training. He went to Biloxi for...
  42. JPRambo

    House Build 2023

    Here in N.Georgia walls are painted flooring installed and then the finished cabinets are installed
  43. JPRambo

    Just another junk chainsaw

    It's not a 20 inch saw. But, after the 18 inch oaks are on the ground don't have tobend over as far. And I don't have to shaarpeen as often.
  44. JPRambo

    Just another junk chainsaw

    That echo looks like mine. And I've been using a 20 inch bar and chain.
  45. JPRambo

    Dumb question on a cat

    Our cat found us about 2 1/2 years ago. Vet said he only 6 or 7 weeks old. The next day we looked at the trail camera pics and there was a coyote. We guessed he was the only one that had survived from the litter. One night he was moaning (he has not learned to meow) and would cry if we touched...
  46. JPRambo

    Anyone using a gas powered wind mill frost machine for their orchards?

    I dont need anything as large as that windmill thing. I only have 12 or 13 fruit trees. But I need to do something about a late frost. This year I did not get 1 peice of fruit apple, plum, pear, peach, or cherry. It's a bit of work to put a blanket over each tree for each frost warning. What do...
  47. JPRambo

    Are you ready for the winter? Let's see your firewood stack!

    Wife and I cleared 1/3 -1/2 acres of our ~7 acres in N. Georgia for this house over the last two years +. We moved in late this March. So we used some wood in the wood stove. Not much maybe a half face cord. But we don't know how much we will use. Hope this will last a few years.
  48. JPRambo

    Stucco Siding Help - Cracking and Bulging

    Had a similar problem on the old house. Did not repaint behind the water softener equipment. After/ during removal of the stucco fount all of the wire mesh and the staples holding it to the wall had rusted. The stucco was holding itself to the wall but bulging. Had a local stucco company ( owner...
  49. JPRambo

    Offers I can't refuse?

    Look at the county GIS website. Zoom in on the property you want. They usually have the mailing of the owner.
  50. JPRambo

    hollow bolt for overhad lamp wiring.

    Half inch hole use an electrical chase nipple with a lock nut and bushing. Home depot.
  51. JPRambo

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I am 5'9" and i weight 145 lbs. now. Most I ever weighed was 165 lbs.
  52. JPRambo

    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    According to their website hm126 woodlander comes as: 9.5 hp or 14.5 hp, 10'5" or 16'11". Price is $4,764 - $6,147. Plus shipping Only 50 hours? Any extra blades Maybe $1000 off new from woodland mills. I dont know anything about any other than my mill. But, no waiting for it to be built and...
  53. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Didn't you need two SawyerRob?
  54. JPRambo

    Electrical question.

    Will it fit like this on the bar with the bare wires?
  55. JPRambo

    Electrical question.

    No sir. That is were the jumper from the right side that you moved to the upper left and extended should go.
  56. JPRambo

    Electrical question.

    I see one mounting screw here
  57. JPRambo

    Electrical question.

    I was referring to the two areas marked in green. Can you show us the inside of the main house panel. Maybe someone will see something for you (or your electrician friend) to check on.
  58. JPRambo

    Electrical question.

    Similar to were you removed the jumper on the right (circled in previous post) there should be a screw hole next the left ground bar to use and the end can be inserted were you put the bare wire.
  59. JPRambo

    Electrical question.

    It's better than nothing - but why?
  60. JPRambo

    Electrical question.

    It is obvious that it's not a professional install but, this should have been done even if it was neutral to ground connected.
  61. JPRambo

    Electrical question.

  62. JPRambo

    Electrical question.

    No. Use the item I have circled. It can be used on either side of the panel. But the ground wires are in the bar on the left and neutrals on the right. The panel box needs to be grounded. Use the jumper (circled) to do this.
  63. JPRambo

    Electrical question.

    After removing the jumper from neutral bar to ground bar you need to bond the ground bar to the panel. Using the bond jumper from the right side of the panel. Looks like it is just holding the neutral wire to back of panel.
  64. JPRambo

    Electrical question.

    Do you have overhead or underground wires to the house? Years ago my mom's house had underground to house. She called me after a lightning storm. Power in her house was affected. I checked same as your friend. (I'm a residential electrician - retired now). Affected microwave, dishwasher...
  65. JPRambo

    Lets see if the birds get all the cherries this year

    In March this year I had blossoms on all my trees, apple, cherry, peach, plum, and pear. We got a unexpected freeze overnight and lost every blossom. I am preparing a few covers for 2024.
  66. JPRambo

    Trailering passenger car

    I like to use holes in the frame. Pull the vehicle down to the trailer a bit, it will lessen the movement of the vehicle on bumpy roads and turns. Especially when you need to make a quick adjustment to avoid any a-hole drivers needing to be where you are now, !@%&r!.
  67. JPRambo

    USA made bearings?

    KOYO is also made here in N. Georgia.
  68. JPRambo

    Lets See Your DIY Tow Behind Landplane

    Here's the one i made. 4 foot wide to use behind the B6100
  69. JPRambo

    Making Copper Pipe into Overhead Sprinkler

    Something with a fine mist. Drill a hole and insert
  70. JPRambo

    Is it worth it to have a slide out installed on a horse trailer?

    My wife used to work (in the office) for a RV repair company. She saw all the billing for repairs and maintenance of RVs. They also were capable of this type of modifications. She is talking about this being a 8 - 10 thousand $ 'mod'. Stiffening the floor and wall around the slide our. Also is...
  71. JPRambo

    Shipping container weight on one end?

    Do you just want to lift it to put wheels on? Dig under the end and use a couple of 4" x 6"s with support a foot from the box and pry it up. Pick the other end up with the 3 point.
  72. JPRambo

    Dump Trailer Purchased - now questions

    Local quarry has the scale in the loader also. But it still overloads. I usually ask for 3 ton when I want 4.
  73. JPRambo

    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    We recently had a home built. So, probable some built-in shelving. Coat racks and boot changing bench at doorway entrance. That sort of thing. I will need a way to dry the lumber also.
  74. JPRambo

    Dump Trailer Purchased - now questions

    At the quarry ask for less than you want. Locally they always overload me. (6' x 12' 10000 lb)
  75. JPRambo

    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    I reread all the posts and noticed no one mentioned a small manual mill. I have purchased a Hudson Sawyer mill. Max size as purchased is 21 inch diameter and 9 ft length. Works pretty good I have to say. I have 12 logs 8 to 12 ft long and 12 to 20 inch diameter. But to test and learn my neighbor...
  76. JPRambo

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    When I worked for a hospital we had a 1meg generator delivered. The tractor had the same wheelbase. I asked the driver the same question. He said the fed trailers had 8 feet to the fifth wheel.
  77. JPRambo

    Roll Up Steel Workshop Doors

    I have two on my garage. Installed them 3 years ago with the help of my g-son and g-daughter. Ordered them from Janus near Atlanta. Picked them up a week later.
  78. JPRambo

    Need to protect a small inverter & battery on an outdoor post

    Would a large mail box work?
  79. JPRambo

    12x16 Shed Sitting on Blocks Needs Attention

    I would use the 4x4" diagonally at the corner under the floor and use the floor jack to lift. Use sledge to bring corner together and use screws to hold it and put corner strap to keep it there. Do this for all corners. Since you say it was not 'permitted' with the pyramid blocks it would/could...
  80. JPRambo

    12x16 Shed Sitting on Blocks Needs Attention

    If mine I would use 4x4", automotive floor jack, sledge hammer, 6"screws, 12" corner straps, and concrete pyramid pilings
  81. JPRambo

    Small creek bridge abutment design?

    My older brother was in the army. And when he was 'bored' he would go to the motor pool. He talked to the motor pool Sargent and tested and received a military driver's license to operate a mobile assault bridge in or around 1989 or 1990
  82. JPRambo

    Cost to connect to the grid?

    7/2018 had power brought into property. 715 feet $7.26/ft cost ~$5200. Plus 500 non residential 1phase service (temporary pole) $500. ~$5700.
  83. JPRambo

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    In 2007 rampart blvd I75 overpass in Florida was hit by a high excavator on semi trailer. The driver was fine $71. Rampart blvd was closed for 1 month while they replaced a section of the bridge. (main escape route for a large community). Cost was estimated at $500,000.
  84. JPRambo

    new (to me) email scam

    I got this text this morning, many for the last 1 1/2 - 2 weeks
  85. JPRambo

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Did it not come with a metal strap that has the ground screw on it? That strap is mounted to outlet box and has screws and decorative nuts to attach light to it.
  86. JPRambo

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    As with receptacles on a 20 amp circuit as long as there is more than one per circuit. And each switch operating less than 15 amp.
  87. JPRambo

    Thank God for Dollar Tree / Family dollar

    I have been able to get away with doing a lot of crazy and stupid stuff over the years (45). But this week out of all the year, I don't. Three special days I must remember Bday (8th), Anniversary (12th), and V-day). Even though I jut gave her the card at 8:00pm. But I got away with it.
  88. JPRambo

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    0600 is am
  89. JPRambo

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    12/28/2022 @ 10:58pm
  90. JPRambo

    Boosting question.

    I found that tractor has batteries rated 154Ah x 7.25 = ~1100CCA. I have a couple of these on my solar system in my garage and they are ~100 lbs each.
  91. JPRambo

    Burn piles

    My wife makes some fire starters from cup cake papers, dryer lint, sawdust and old crayons.
  92. JPRambo

    Kubota Restores Their Classics

    I have a 6100 in bad shape, but still runs good
  93. JPRambo

    Shed wiring question

    I think you will end up with nuisances tripping of circuit breaker at that amperage. Keeping it below 16 is recommended at 80% of 20 amps.
  94. JPRambo

    Shed wiring question

    What is the amp draw of the mini split(?) On 120volt? If only 50' I think I would put a 2/4 circuit panel and put 240v/30a 4 wire to it.
  95. JPRambo

    Sawmills, sawmill buildings, drying sheds, and kilns... show your pictures!

    But should your new measurement line be at the top of the clear plastic?
  96. JPRambo

    What to do with disabled friend!

    Maybe a Jazzy mobility scooter would be a good thing for him to have.
  97. JPRambo

    How to use a Grader Scraper

    This one
  98. JPRambo

    How much winch is enough?

    I have a HF 2500 lb winch on my trailer. If I don't double line it it will not pull my 93 jeep pioneer put it. Need to double line it foritto work at rated weight. Most winches are rated at the first wrap of the line on the spool. After the first wrap they are derated considerably.
  99. JPRambo

    Any Port in a Storm...

    My younger brother lives near Gainesville fl.. They got lots of rain and wind.
  100. JPRambo

    Any Port in a Storm...

    If it was rabbits and a cow I would think it was my granddaughter. My son and his family are in SWFlorida.
  101. JPRambo

    Laminated tire wheel zerk - repair question

    40 years ago i operated a 15 ft batwing bush hog. I used a 10 lb sledge for the persuasion.
  102. JPRambo

    Honda EB3500x Generator engine starting issue

    I use a web site like ereplacement parts dot com they have specific models and exploded views with part descriptions.
  103. JPRambo

    Honda EB3500x Generator engine starting issue

    I sometimes begin with a splash of gasoline on the air filter element to see if it could run. Then a tiny wire pushed into venturi(?) from fuel bowl to check if it is clogged with varnish from old gasoline. I reread your first post. You get it to run for a second or two after changing carb.
  104. JPRambo

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    My wife used to work for a RV repair/consignment dealer in Florida. Some were sold to first time owners. Some sold to persons of considerable age. Some came back damaged in a day or two. One was a Class "A". $300,000. Ran over something on the highway traveling at 65 or 70 mph, blow a tire hit...
  105. JPRambo

    We are making a pergola and a patio. Issues have begun.

    You are welcome JasperFrank
  106. JPRambo

    We are making a pergola and a patio. Issues have begun.

    Sorry. The one I referenced is an extension box. The entire back is open for access to the box it's mounted to. Mounted to the box with extra long device (or blank cover) mounting screws.
  107. JPRambo

    We are making a pergola and a patio. Issues have begun.

    I dont think that is not up to code but this one is
  108. JPRambo

    We are making a pergola and a patio. Issues have begun.

    something like this and drill a hole to fit the LB into
  109. JPRambo

    Burnouts Ruining Tires

    Check out HOONIGAN Ken Blocks Gymkhana Seven video driving around L.A. Some serious drifting.
  110. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I made a little firewood from the trees I needed gone.
  111. JPRambo

    pulling wire through conduit

    Something like this
  112. JPRambo


    He said Franklin, N.C. in first post
  113. JPRambo

    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    Have you ever heard of using dry ice to 'blow' the bottom of a well clear of sand? I had an old neighbor in Florida (I think he was from kentucky) who told me about it. I had a shallow 2" well and it stopped giving water. Removed the pump from top of well. Bought a galvanized cap and 5 lbs. of...
  114. JPRambo

    Shipping container axles adding?

    Would you be moving it empty?
  115. JPRambo

    Burned Up Trailer Wiring

    Well I have to admit I have not checked the emergency flashers. But I know that the radio interior lights power to the trailer connection and maybe a few other things.
  116. JPRambo

    Burned Up Trailer Wiring

    My 2013 Silverado turns off everything after 15 minutes even if key is in accessory position.
  117. JPRambo

    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    1973 Dodge Challenger 340 ci 4 spd w/ Hurst shifter
  118. JPRambo

    New Build Plumbing Costs

    I will soon find out if that is today's prices. I talked to a builder yesterday. They are working on costs.
  119. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    That's why I tell everyone I'm from Long Island
  120. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Skeans.. yes I do leave a few roots on the side I want thetree to fall to. Plus I attach my come-a-long 15+- feet above ground pull with. Nothing in the area to be damaged by tree falling in the wrong direction but my pride.
  121. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

  122. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

  123. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Jstpssing a couple pics.......
  124. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Yes. Since I only have my new BX23s and these trees are 85 feet tall and 20" dbh I dig around them to break the roots pull the whole tree over with a cable puller ( aka come-a-long) using the height and weight of the tree to pull the root ball and the remaining roots loose from the red clay here...
  125. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    '65 Chevy Malibu I left the windows down an inch and it rained.
  126. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    That tree gave me 2 - 10+ ft and an 8+ ft logs from 12" up to 18" dbh. Plus the 5 ft stump and then there is all the branches. I'll have to build a new firewood crib before I start splitting it all.
  127. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    It's a good thing I am retired. I took most of a day to dig around it. Half a day to wrangle it to the ground with ratchet straps and a come-a-long. Then I cut the top branches to fire wood lengths. I cut 8+ and 10+foot length logs off leaving at least 5 foot of stump. That makes it easier to...
  128. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Last few weeks I have been digging around trees and pulling them over. Cutting them up and moving the logs to a splitting area. I got one left to do and my house pad will be clear.
  129. JPRambo

    What implement for creating furrows?

    Would one of these work?
  130. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    I've been removing trees from my house pad for the last two weeks sine I got my new bx23s. I dig around them, break the rots and pull them over with a come along. 7 so far. Those is a slice of the biggest so far. It was hollow from ground level up to about 5 foot. 2nd picture shows sometimes...
  131. JPRambo

    Tie Down Straps with loops for tractor

    d I don't know. I don't ever know the names. I do remember Lake Charles was Laura, but that's because someone had spray painted it on their house. Danny, Erica or Fred?
  132. JPRambo


    Try Jody Echols at Mason tractor(Kubota) Cummings GA.. My phone # is from SW Florida and he answered all my calls.
  133. JPRambo

    House A/C problem due to breaker

    Aluminum wire expands when it get hot. But it can't expand where there is resistance. And when it cools it shrinks. So it gets hot expands and cools moving away from the lug or screw that was tight against it. Over time the connections screw needs to be re-tightened. This could have caused the...
  134. JPRambo

    Kubota still offering 0 percent financing

    ....Still offering 0% financing and rebates / cash back on certain models.... Yes they are. I just made a deal for a BX23at Mason Tractor Cumming Georgia.
  135. JPRambo

    Moving a shed

    I thought it to be ashes for the garden?
  136. JPRambo

    Real Estate Days on Market?

    I just closed on my Florida home sale yesterday. First asking price was higher than realtor suggested by $25K. Signed initial papers in 4 days. Sold for $15K above what realtor suggested. Now to get the builder started on new home in north Georgia on my <7 acres.
  137. JPRambo

    Now what do I do?

    I dispatch 6 or 8 after finding this.
  138. JPRambo

    New garage time!

    I wired homes for 19 years before I went to work in as an electrician in a hospital setting. The inspectors like to reference this: NEC code 110.12 states 'in a workmanship like manner' . If the panel and all electrical runs are neat and tidy it looks more like you know what you are doing and...
  139. JPRambo

    New garage time!

    But why are you feeding a 100 amp 240 volt panel with 12/2?
  140. JPRambo

    The Way Back Machine

    There are numerous stories about non-citizens with green cards being drafted. My wife was a 'non citizen' when she enlisted in California. But it was the day before I enlisted in New York. April 21st, 1975. Of course the conflict was coming to an end. She received her citizenship while in the Army.
  141. JPRambo

    Shipping Tractors

    I need to move two cars from SW Florida to NW Georgia. I have been quoted $400 each if on same trip. That was in January but it will probably go up. I can do it, but it costs more in fuel alone for me to make the round trip. And I can only haul one car at a time.
  142. JPRambo

    My 83rd Birthday

    Happy birthday
  143. JPRambo

    Fencing my property

    And a deeded easement. I owned my land for about 5years before trying to get power to it. I had to have my neighbor agree to and sign papers before coop would bring in power lines.
  144. JPRambo

    Grandfather - first time

    Congratulations SC. It'll be a fun ride for a lot of years to come. My G-kids are 16 (g-daughter) and 17 (g-son) YOA now. Grandson is trying to get into West Point and the Corps of Engineers.
  145. JPRambo

    Propane Tank Outdoor Storage

    Would an RV waste tank heater work. Some can be used at 120 volt or 12 volt. They have sensors that turn on/off at correct temps. I have them on my RV and run them on the batteries.
  146. JPRambo

    Any way to weld the thin metal on tractors and attachments?

    Use a copper backing plate (because mig weld will not stick to it) and .025 solid wire with 75-25% gas. Short 3/4" - 1" welds spaced 3/4 - 1" apart and then fill in between, should not burn through. I've been doing this on my '65 Chevy Malibu body panels, it's been working well for me.
  147. JPRambo

    B2400 Radiator- $1600!!!

    Here's another place I found
  148. JPRambo

    Help .... Frozen hydraulic pivot pin

    This stuff if you can find it, is amazing. As said earlier a couple squirts in morning and again at night. A couple days and it's free. Not as cheap as WD-40 but works tons better.
  149. JPRambo

    Finally got power after tornado.

    My dutch oven is 14 quart. The turkey was 11 pounds and veggies and potatoes were in there also. I have not tried but bread in it, yet.
  150. JPRambo

    Finally got power after tornado.

    I worked for a hospital in the area that hurricane Charlie visited in 2004. Other hospitals in the chain donated many items for employees and local families. My DIL used the last of the mesquite I was asked to relieve the hospital of, on Thanksgiving, to cook the turkey over in a dutch oven.
  151. JPRambo

    moving a building

    $1800 is not bad if in good shape. I just built a 16' x 16' very simple shed. It cost me $2500. No windows or inside wall coverings.
  152. JPRambo

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. DIL cooked a turkey in the Dutch oven over and under charcoal with potatoes and carrots, onion and apples stuffed inside. Corn casserole, cranberry sauce, rolls and green beans. yum yum
  153. JPRambo

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    There is a requirement in residential work in my area. it's NEC 220-3(c)(7) it's also the reason for only 13 outlets on a circuit in commercial work. It states that each receptacle will be concidered 180 volt-amps.
  154. JPRambo

    Load divider dolly,

    That does look interesting. But $5000 is a bit steep. I'm cheap, so a trailer would have more options for use.
  155. JPRambo

    Garage Heater

    I have a 24' x 30' garage. I used a propane buddy heater in my garage before I installed a heat pump mini split.
  156. JPRambo

    Front brake hanging up on rav 4?

    The picture didn't come in the first time I posted. It looks like the inner pad is worn out but outer pad is not. Get a new set and remount the caliper assembly and see if it re-centers. Maybe clean and lubricate the assembly mount.
  157. JPRambo

    Front brake hanging up on rav 4?

    X3 On the rubber hose. Mine went bad on a '03 silverado and caused drag enough to overheat disc wore pad.
  158. JPRambo

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Isn't the red tow dolly/pick up bed being towed backwards?
  159. JPRambo

    Ice makers-anyone know them?

    Water is freezing in the supply line in the back of the unit? Filter is needing replaced?
  160. JPRambo

    Dump trailer direct wire?

    I have a battery on my dump trailer that has been there for about 10 years. I installed an Anderson plug on truck and trailer with 8 awg wire. I plug the trailer in when I hitch up. I use the trailer sometimes once a month and sometimes 10 times, sometimes not for 3 months. As long as I plug-in...
  161. JPRambo

    Stucco over wood

    My florida house is 2x6" exterior walls with 1/2" plywood, tar paper, wire lath and stucco. The only problem area I have had was the wall behind the water softener and airation tank. The house is 29 years old. I did not repaint that area ever. So moisture got into the stucco and rusted the nails...
  162. JPRambo

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Really bad picture. A TONKA dump truck strapped to very end of flatbed semi.
  163. JPRambo

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Picture did not upload. Try again
  164. JPRambo

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Saw this yesterday on I75N near Macon, Ga.
  165. JPRambo

    Burying Flexible Conduits Along Highways

    Traffic cameras?? Electronic traffic warning billboards???
  166. JPRambo

    Anyone like traffic circles-roundabouts?

    this is a local radio show song about the roundabout
  167. JPRambo

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I took my driver license test in a (my oldest brothers) '71 challenger 4spd in '72. Only car available that day.
  168. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Yogi05 why not take it to a welding shop for repair?
  169. JPRambo

    pickup truck size

    A friend of mine had a chevy pickup bed in his yard for years. I asked him why and what he was going to do with it. He said "you want it, take it'. So I did. Another friend has a body shop, I asked him if he could use it. He said bring it over we sell them up north for all the PU bed that rust...
  170. JPRambo

    Need tool to put tubing on nipple

    Depending on the size of the hose, I use a pair of needle nose pliers inserted into the hose and spread the handles to streatch the hose and then quickly slid on the fitting.
  171. JPRambo

    Hauling Insulated glass panels a long distance.

    The manufacturer should have them packaged for shipping. And could offer details on how to move them. The A-frame support is how I see glass and marble slabs transported around here.
  172. JPRambo

    Restarting My '70 Nova Project

    Never had a Nova. But had one of these (1965) in high school. So I had to get this one around 1997. Still have it. In 2007 found a '64 convertible SS it's still a project. It has supposedly an original 265 cu. in. V8. and 4 on the floor.
  173. JPRambo

    Mice chewing wires

    I have heard that Irish Spring bar soap is a deterrent also. My '92 Jeep Comanche engine compartment was completely full of pine needles, grass clippings and other stuff to the point I could not see the motor after not looking at it for a month. a couple wires and one fuel injector had been...
  174. JPRambo

    Tiny Houses

    Growing up 1 had 5 brothers and 3 sisters. We lived in a 1200 - 1400 sq. ft. home with 4 bedroom and 1 working bathroom. My 2 older brothers shared a room. My 3 older sisters shared another room. Mom and Dad had the third room. And me and my three younger brothers shared the fourth room, that...
  175. JPRambo

    Anything better than wire nuts?

    OP are you by chance a lefty. Wired houses for 18 years and one left-handed helper that Twisted the wires backwards the wiring nuts would not stay on for him either.
  176. JPRambo

    Sometimes it's worth it to hire a land surveyor

    When i was looking to buy my <7 acres, one of the neighbors (Robert) knew the property well. It was his sisters and it was given to her by their father. Robert walked the property line with us, through the forest and up and down the elevations. He followed the fence lines and some white PVC pipe...
  177. JPRambo

    Plane collision with tractor

    My dad and uncle were pilots. They were taught in the seabee I beleive in the '40"s. Uncle John's plane was an old, old, old, tail dragger with no radio. Flying from Long Island to Vermont one weekend (long ago) supposedly circle airfield twice landing the third time around a duster came up...
  178. JPRambo

    Fire Pit Idea Needed

    Lift a few pavers. Is the grass growing through the weed fabric? Or between fabric and pavers. The ashes are like fertilizer. How do you mow the surrounding grass?
  179. JPRambo

    Celebrities I have met

    I've meet two actors John Hillerman, Higgins on Magnum P.I. Jeffery Jones of Ferris Bueller's day off.
  180. JPRambo

    Wiring pole barn

    I like the cutler hammer brand. Installed a few hundred in homes.
  181. JPRambo

    Wiring pole barn

    I'm wondering what name brand is that 15 amp breaker is. Hopefully not FPE.
  182. JPRambo

    Solutions For Spray Priming Plywood

    Would something like this work?
  183. JPRambo

    Did you guys know this about outlets? I didn't!

    Hot in a two wire switch loop
  184. JPRambo

    Removing / unscrewing a broken off pvc male adaptor

    I usually use a hacksaw blade and make 3 or 4 cuts about 1/4" apart inside the metal pipe. Then use an awl to pry then out. Needle nose plyers to get the rest out.
  185. JPRambo

    Did you guys know this about outlets? I didn't!

    Not that I found just harder to break
  186. JPRambo

    Did you guys know this about outlets? I didn't!

    I wired and trimmed our houses for 18+ years. Then I worked in a hospital for 19 more. The first couple years when I replced an outlet I had to put it in twice. In homes we put ground down. In the hospital it went up. Most had metal plates.
  187. JPRambo

    Electrical / romex mess

    Second wire that's hot is GFCI protected for outlet on light pole?
  188. JPRambo

    Building up u-joint cap bore? (PTO shaft repair)

    Could buy one of these and use the correct size to put in joint for the time being.
  189. JPRambo

    Prostate cancer

    I had radical robotic prostatectomy in 2013 at Celebration Florida Advent Health. About 2hour ride from home. Dr Patel is the director of the Global Robotics Institute at AdventHealth Celebration. He leads one of the world’s most experienced robotic surgery teams and travels around the world to...
  190. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    0k next thing I found: After clicking the "bell" and after clicking the word "settings" on left side of screen below the hi-lighted word "setting" is "Account Detail" click on that and click "receive news".
  191. JPRambo

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    When you sign on click on the bell next to your log in name. Go to bottom of the flyout and click setting. Click on the options you want.
  192. JPRambo

    Replacement mirror.

    mirror plexy is easier to work with
  193. JPRambo

    New log splitter

    Manual says 22.5 inch in length and 14 inch diameter. The load that I processed was 16 inch length and up to 20 inch diameter
  194. JPRambo

    New log splitter

    Sorry working on a very slow connection right now.
  195. JPRambo

    New log splitter

    I bought a 22 ton powerhorse from Northern Tool Tuesday. Assembled it and added fluids. It rained all day Wednesday (yesterday). Today I set it next to the wood pile and drying rack. Took a couple hours. I ran it at about half speed. A little slow but this is the first time I have used one. I am...