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    GC Aftermarket Hydraulic Filter

    Has anyone been able to buy the NAPA/Wix hydraulic filter that was alleged to be made for our tractors? I believe it was to be Napa Gold #400361.
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    Wood And Thinwall Tubing Bar Joists?

    I saw these for the first time today. They make up the entire roof structure in a brand new fast food restaurant. I am sure there are engineering documents proving this will be sufficient. But, it sure took me by surprise, to see that was all it took to hold the roof up. They are not at all...
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    Thread Titles In Bold Type

    The font you, (TBN), are using for titles of threads: Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif, in bold type, really doesn't look good on either of my machines, now that I am running Windows 8.1 and Firefox 27.0.1 It is really bold when the titles have yellow backgrounds. If I use a text editor, and change...
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    Me Too Lachlor

    Anyone ever tried using Me Too Lachlor for pre-emergent crabgrass control on turf? I have been using Prowl H2O, with good success. But, could live without the staining. Price is a major consideration, that's what keeps me from trying some of the other products that are labeled for turf.
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    Degree Symbol?

    Is there a way to use the degree symbol in this forum? I have needed one several times, and been frustrated trying to find a solution. I have tried the usual Windows tricks, and a cut and paste results in a degree symbol with this 1 1/2 in front: ( ー ) A button to make a degree symbol in the...
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    GC Series Owner Upgrades And Modifications

    Please post any upgrades or modifications you have done to your GC, which you think other GC owners would be interested in doing. I will start with 2 I have done. The first is the addition of a glow plug light for early models that do not have one. When you energize the glow plugs, the...
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    GC Series Filters, OEM And Aftermarket Part Numbers

    Now that there are more manufacturers making filters, please post your findings, so new owners can find them all in one thread. Here are some part numbers I found using the TBN search feature, information is from posts made by members, and considered reliable, but not guaranteed. Engine...
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    Can you identify this flower?

    A friend is looking to identify this flower. Thanks.
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    Too much time on his hands?

    YouTube - Remote controlled MF GC2300
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    All newbies, FAQ:

    Too bad we can't have a permanent thread kept at the top, for all new compact tractor owners: The steering wheel is not attached to the wheels mechanically so it does not stay in the same place. Don't use the steering wheel as a grab bar to pull your mass on to the tractor, You will damage...
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    You may have to delay fining your 2010 Itemized Taxes.

    I just got this message from my accountant, though I might put it out there for giggles. "The IRS just announced that those taxpayers that itemize deductions may not be able to file their tax returns until mid to late February, 2011. This is due to Congress passing tax legislation late in...
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    Flying Anvil

    The safety guys are going to love this one: YouTube - How to Shoot an Anvil 200 Feet in the Air
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    Nitrite Level In A Compact Tractor Cooling System?

    Anyone know what the target nitrite level in the cooling system of a compact diesel tractor should be? I think I am looking for 1000-3200 ppm :confused:
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    Unbelieveable equipment distruction video

    A sad example of what might happen, if someone is pushed too far. YouTube - disgruntled employee
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    rules prohibiting political discussions

    At the risk of being drawn, and quartered: :D Understanding the basic concept that this is a tractor forum, and that there are other venues for this type of discussion, I still can't help wondering why politics is such a taboo subject. While I often appreciate the moderators being somewhat...
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    The most incredible motorcycle jump ever!!

    In case you missed it last night: Robbie Maddison performed the most heart stopping, terrifying stunt ever performed on live television, CAUTION: The "F" bomb is dropped, by a crew member...
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    6" Bucket for 2310

    As I have mentioned several times, a couple years ago I made a 6" bucket for my 2310. I quickly found, as was predicted, it clogs in clay soil. After trying every thing you can imagine to fix the problem, I pushed the bucket to the back of the shop, and considered it a lost cause. Yesterday, I...
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    RIDGID Thumbs their nose at me

    If you shop at Home Depot you probably have seen the RIDGID line of just about everything anymore. For years the RIDGID name has been synonymous with quality, DO NOT MAKE THAT ASSUMPTION any more. They have been "pimping out" the name to what they called, "a private manufacturing vendor." The...
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    Agco/MF Customer gratitude?

    Made the last payment on "Fergie" 6 weeks ago. While I did not expect a marching band and fireworks, I find it curious that I did not receive a letter thanking me for being a good customer, and asking for my future business. At the very least, you would expect a notification that it was over. So...
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    GC2300/2310 Beneficial List Of Part Numbers

    I have reposted this for the benefit of our new members: GC2300/2310 OEM part #'s: Engine Oil Filter:72201898 Engine Air Filter:3757472M1 Trans Oil Filter:4265229M91 Fuel Filter:3608255M1 Service Manual:4283003M1 Parts Manual:651743M92 prior to S/N JNA25200 Parts Manual:651794m91 after S/N...
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    Ammonia and Corn?

    Has anyone used a household ammonia and water solution as a fertilizer to grow corn? I was told it will work. Being envious of the results the anhydrous growers get, I am considering testing it out. I grow approximately .10 acre of sweet corn.
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    MF GC2300/2310 Filters OEM Part Numbers

    Thought I would repost these for those who may not have them: GC2300/2310 OEM part #'s: Engine Oil Filter:3609410M1 Engine Air Filter:3757472M1 Trans Oil Filter:4265229M91 Fuel Filter:3608255M1 Service Manual:4283003M1 Parts Manual:651743M92 Other numbers available upon request.
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    Electric Chain Saw Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend an electric chainsaw worth owning? I only use one on very rare occasions, but, I need it to work after sitting for years waiting. My McCulloch recently failed to answer the bell, (even though I put it away with all the fuel run out of it). I own a Wen, (Piece of crap)...
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    What the? (serious question to the red forum members)

    Does anyone know why the green's and the orange feel the need to post on the red forum? Do the red's post on their forums? (I don't go there, so I seriously do not know)
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    Who has the most hrs. on their 2300/2310?

    Does anyone have on of these with big time hrs. yet? If so, please post your numbers and let us know how things are going. Perhaps we could avoid trouble, or be able to anticipate problems. GC2310TLB, 140 hrs. all is well.
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    GC2300 OEM Trans. Filter Skid Plate

    Here it is, the long awaited Skid Plate. It will be avaliable as a part for all of us unlucky early birds whom had to prove it should have had one all along. I am told there is a problem with the drilling template (2 holes required), then we should be able to get our hands on them.