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    Buying Advice  Looking for new or used garden tractor, something strong enough to plow, PTO, 3 pt hitch, don’t need mower attachment.

    Searching for buying advice on garden tractor, with 3 pt, rear PTO, strong enough to plow, no need for mower. Can be used, or new.
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    Cub Cadet RZTS with leaf vac

    Was looking to use a Agri-Fab or DR tow behind leaf vacuum behind my RZTS Zero turn mower. Three dealers poo-pooped the idea saying that pulling that kind of weight would ruin the transmission on the CC mower. Has anyone out there ever used one on a zero turn mower? I was looking at one of the...
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    Ballast  can antifreeze be used as ballast with or without tube?

    Getting ready to install tractor tread tires on my garden tractor. Wanting to know if I can use Prestone antifreeze as ballast in them with tubes or without tubes. 23x10.5-12 size. Any idea how much liquid per tire? Am I better off using straight antifreeze or mixing it half and half like for...
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    tire ballast adaptor

    Does anyone have any info on a decent inexpensive air/ballast adaptor for filling tires?