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  1. oldballs

    Box Blade Cultivator

    Since I never purchased a Dirt Devil type cultivator I've used my Box Blade some times. By dropping the rippers max and tilting up the box itself max, I can bust up the top 5-8 inches at the end of the garden season. The Dirt Devil type attachment would work better, but I'm running out of...
  2. oldballs

    emojis Don't Respond

    How come I can't bring up the "emojis" when posting? :rolleyes: There! Now I found out how ..Thanks Cheers, Mike
  3. oldballs


    I'm having an Ablation is a few days and there is some talk of needing a Pacemaker at that time. Do any of you know whether one can still use a Chainsaw...Polesaw, Brush cutter....or run vaious gasoline powered equipment like.....Chippers....etc.??? Cheers, Mike
  4. oldballs

    Diesel Kleen Question

    I am using Diesel Kleen as a basic addtive. But, as winter arrives with temps below 32 deg F, should I add an anti-gel product to those same containers? Cheers, Mike
  5. oldballs

    Stihl Saws/Chain Compatibility

    Here is my question: I have a 11 YO MS 290 "Farm Boss" and a brand new MS 261. Can I interchange the chains between the two saws? The MS 290 has 8 teeth in the drive sprocket; whereas the MS 261 has a smaller sprocket with 7 teeth. I use 16" and 20" bars. Both "bars" have 11 spikes on...
  6. oldballs

    Bagworm Tsunami

    I'm embarrassed to mention this problem, considering other natural disasters going on right now ....especially fires in California.....but I have never in my 50 years at this place seen Bagworms this bad. They are hanging from and sticking to everything by the thousands. In June I sprayed...
  7. oldballs

    Unnecessary MMM greasing

    Using my B2650 with MMM, or similar set ups, how often (hours) would you TBN'ers grease the MMM zerks and PTO shaft U-joints ? I'm OK with maintenance, but decided that I've been over doing it. Cheers, Mike
  8. oldballs

    Ammo and Guns

    I just did my monthly shopping at Walmart. As I passed the guns and ammo dept, the shelves were empty. That's probably not news to many of you, but it sure puzzled me . I did not need any ammo etc. and am glad of that. Are things really that crazy now? Cheers, Mike
  9. oldballs

    Stump Grinding Observations

    I just finished grinding 5 White Pine stumps. Here's some pic of the last two. Note these observations.....I used red marking paint to help follow the unground stump and lateral roots. Note also that one lateral root jammed the grinder....taking two hours for this old man to cut it out...
  10. oldballs

    Chainsaw died;

    This is a 11 year old Farm Boss Stihl MS290. It has been quite dependable and I have taken good care of it even though it has a lot of hours on it. A couple days ago I was cutting a 30 inch White Pine Stump close to the ground so as to get my Stump Grinder on it. I have done this many times...
  11. oldballs

    WC68 Chipper Service

    Woodland Mills WC-68 has a replaceable part called "Bed Plate' or Anvil. Has anyone tried to replace it and how did you get to it? Surely one does not have to remove the bearings and fly wheel? I may have to call the manufacturer Monday. Cheers, Mike
  12. oldballs

    National Weather Service

    Gentlemen, About a month ago the NWS installed a new radar picture. I thought the old radar was fine, especially now that I see the new version. But hey, I'm just a ordinary person. Maybe I need some classes in esoteric radar images. What do you all think? Cheers, Mike
  13. oldballs

    Power Service Problem???

    Guys, I went to my Kubota dealer today to pick up some parts etc. On my shopping list was a bottle of Power Service (White bottle). I could not find any on the shelves???? When asking the parts manager about it, he said that they do not stock it any longer ...........because Kubota...
  14. oldballs

    Plowing Problems

    OK you garden plowing TBN'er......What do you think? I have used this plow (Leinbach #19), 12" single moldboard for nine years on this 50 x 100 garden. It does not get easier even with more study and adjustments. I've replayed several of the EA videos over the years and tried to take more...
  15. oldballs

    No Pictures

    For years I have been able to post pictures on the various forms. As of today I can not get them to post. What's up with that? P.S. I not real savvy about computer tasks......but posting pictures in the past has been easy. I was served by Spectrum but now am served by Google - Fiber...
  16. oldballs

    Comparison  Cylinder vs cycle

    Just for a curiosity, I was looking at specifications on Compact Tractors from the B2301 on up to the Grand L. Under the engine specs, the Kubota site calls the engines....e.g. 4 cycle diesel in the bigger models .... versus a 4 cylinder in the smaller models. What's with that?
  17. oldballs

    Kansas Snow Sucks

    Hi TBN'er I gotta rant a bit. My area got about 6 inches of snow. I was ready with my shovel and heavy duty walk behind snow blower. The side walks and patios I can't do with the tractor. Well, I guess I forgot............Kansas snow is wet. It sticks to the shovel and clogs up the snow...
  18. oldballs

    What Battery?

    TBN'ers It is about time to replace my 2012 OE battery for the B2620. What are you all using for replacement? Per my computer, I see the dealer replacement at about $124. Is that about right? Or, are there others that are just as good at a much better price? Cheers, Mike
  19. oldballs

    Dead Deer

    Fellow TBN'ers, While mowing this afternoon and noticing many Turkey Vultures soaring over my hedge row, I came upon this 8-Point buck with and arrow embedded in his midsection. I've never hunted deer, but wish the shooter would have found this creature, because it stinks something terrible...
  20. oldballs

    Wood Chipping

    It was 89 deg F and very humid today, but I put my new chipper to work on some pruned dead Cedar branches. If it wasn't so hot I'd would have finished the pile..........but ........."Hey" there is tomorrow. Cheers, Mike
  21. oldballs

    Break Away Test

    Hi TBN'ers Can one test the function of the Break Away system by simply pulling the key out of the switch with the trailer not connected to the tow vehicle? Shouldn't one hear the electric brakes engage? I know the battery is okay (new), but the indicator lights on the box don't light...
  22. oldballs

    Bag Worms

    Hi Fellow TBN'ers, This year the Bag Worms seem particularly bad. Usually I spray each year....some times a bit late. This year I used Bonide "Systemic Insect Control" which is 9.4 % Acephate. I use 1 pt (16oz) per 10 gallons. My place is partially lined with Eastern Red Cedar...
  23. oldballs

    B2650 MMM Pin Up

    Guys, Do any of you have experience with the pin up procedure of the MMM to hold it up while using the 3 point??? I tried to do it, and quit after about an hour of twisting, reading, and cussing . My conclusion at that point was to just leave the MMM mounted since this particular 3 pt job...
  24. oldballs

    Doing It In Mud

    Hi TBN'ers, I have no pics, but thought posting about working in mud might bring up some interesting responses. Yesterday my neighbor called me to bury an Alpaca that she had to put down. There was/is standing water in our fields from days after days of rain. I decided to give it a try with...
  25. oldballs

    B-2650 Seat

    This is the second mowing season for my 2018 B2650. I've notice that the ride is much rougher than my B2620. Yesterday I looked at the two seat springs and they appear thinner and weaker than those on my B2620. When riding over ruts/pot holes in a field it really jars my back. The B2620...
  26. oldballs

    Western Farm Show

    Just came home from the first day of the Western Farm Show (22-24) at the American Royal Complex in the west bottoms of KCMO. It wore me out making the rounds of all to see.........but it was worth it and I enjoyed myself with some friends. Cheers, Mike
  27. oldballs

    Front Axle Pivot

    Hi TBN'ers I am doing some more B2620 maintenance. According to the OE manual the Front Axle Pivot screw is suppose to be 11.2 - 22.5 ft lbs..."oscillating load"...whatever that is?? At 600 hours the adjusting screw took several turns to get at approx 16 ft lbs with my Torque Wrench. The...
  28. oldballs

    HST Fluid Level

    Hi TBN'ers, In doing the Super UDT2 fluid change on my Kubota B2620, I added 3 3/4 gallons of the new fluid. The capacity calls for 4 gallons. Thinking that I could top it off later, that seemed like the way to go. The Suction filter and the HST filter were replaced at this time. I let...
  29. oldballs

    Green Falling Limbs

    This must be some phenomenon of nature. The past week two approx 12 foot limbs of about 3 inch diameter with fully green leaves have just fallen out of my 45 year old Sycamores. It has been unusually dry this spring and summer so far. One was a clean break the other sort of splinter at the...
  30. oldballs

    For Diesel Engines

    I bought a 5 quart jug of Rotella T1 straight 30 W dino oil. .... was going to use it in some of my old gasoline engines. I did not notice that the jug said "For Diesel Engines"...Wouldn't that work just as well in my old gasoline engines? Thanks Y'all. Mike
  31. oldballs

    Digital Dashboard

    Having owned two Kubotas (BX2660 & B2620) with analog (I guess you call it) dashboard dials, I gotta tell you all that this digital screen sucks....(B2650). I can hardly read it while operating in daylight. My B2620 dials are readily readable at a glance and the hour meter can be read...
  32. oldballs

    Ordering from "Store"

    Moderator, Last night I tried to order the Quick Hitch from the "Store". As far as I could tell, all the information for shipping/billing/etc was entered and the ordered was accepted. Should I get an e-mail confirmation that the order was received? Thanks, oldballs
  33. oldballs

    B2650 PTO Gear Shift

    Have any of you B2650 owners had a problem with the PTO gear selection? My new machine (10 hours) has three selections....viz, Rear PtO only, Mid PTO only and both. Currently my shifter is stuck in a position that runs the Mid PTO and the Rear PTO simultaneously. The dealer field...
  34. oldballs

    How Many Years?

    Since there are a zillion little parts and many main assemblies, how many years does Kubota commit to guarantee parts/assemblies availability? Is that in writing or just a consensus? Cheers, Mike
  35. oldballs

    FEL Stuck...HELP!

    Well TBN'er, it doesn't pay to work when you are tired. After 5 years of owing/operating my B2620 and mounting the FEL as needed, I really screwed up. From the pictures you can see that the FEL is collapsed on the right tire. I tried to get it up with the hydraulics but only made it worse...
  36. oldballs

    Other Site

    What happened to the case/colt/ingersoll site. When I try to bring it up, I get a message saying "Forbidden"403.....whatever that means. I check in there now and then even though I'm not a collector/restorer.
  37. oldballs

    MMM Cutting Height Adjustment

    My Kubota B2620 MMM cutting height adjustment knob will not hold the setting. The past few years it looses height now and then. I figured it was just a sudden bump that threw it off, and just reset it. But at the start of this season it will not stay up at all. I can set the height all the...
  38. oldballs

    Stuck Inside

    If there aren't any outdoor chores to do and you're tired of TBN browsing, what do y'all do? Me, I'm going to finish polishing my many pairs of boots, so as to be ready for some really cold and snowy weather that's coming.:cool:
  39. oldballs

    Grass? Leaves?- Snow?

    What's a guy to do? I'm still mowing and sucking up leaves. Every time I think the summer/fall tractroring is done, it rains and is mild....about 50 deg today, going to about 60 deg with rain tomorrow. The switch over to snow mode will have to be quick...unless it hardly snows like the...
  40. oldballs

    Farm Boss 290 Control

    Hi Folks, My Stihl MS 290 that was bought in October 2010 has been faithful. I keep it in top shape after each use. But this last time that I cleaned it up with kerosene, compressed air, clean rags etc the throttle/choke control tab will not flip to the positions....viz., Full Choke, Half...
  41. oldballs

    Missing Man Formation

    Hi Fellow Americans, Just now a Missing Man Formation flyby passed over my place 4-5 times....Three jets on the left ...a blank space....and one on the right....about 5,000 feet. Did something happen? Or were they just practicing? Cheers to our men/women in uniform, Mike
  42. oldballs

    12 volt Fuel Transfer Temp Limit

    Anybody know if these 12 volt DC Fuel Transfer Pumps work at less than 32 Deg F...pumping diesel fuel? I just bought a new model that makes no statement in that regard. This model is good for gasoline as well as diesel and has an aluminum body. The cast iron models state..."durable through...
  43. oldballs

    Save My Back

    So I got tired of lifting 5 gallon diesel fuel cans high enough on a stand to get a siphon action going. Diesel really doesn't taste that bad.:D Thus I bought a Fillrite 8 gallon 12 volt DC pump. And while at it, I decided to go the extra dollars and buy the model that is also listed to...
  44. oldballs

    Tiller Chain Lube Change

    My tiller is three years old with about 50 hours on it. Getting it ready for spring, I noticed that the gear lube 80W-90 was caramel colored and sort of milky looking. Thus I drained it and replaced it. I supposed that there was condensation (water) in it. Temps this winter have ranged...
  45. oldballs

    When Change #2 to #1

    In NE Kansas, when do the fuel retailers change from #2 to #1? I asked two of the legal (?) alien attendants, and they had no idea what I was asking. It is 80 something today, but that's not normal for this time of year.
  46. oldballs

    Chain Marking I.D.

    After "google" search about chain manufacturers and chain markings, I'd like to be sure what the marks on my chain mean. I've got 50 feet of silver colored 5/16" chain that has these marking every six links........"PM" and "M3" alternating every six links. This must be grade 43 chain made by...
  47. oldballs

    Grubs vs. Strawberries

    Hi fellow gardeners, I've raised about 75 strawberry plants for several years. The past 3-4 years the white grubs have done a lot of damage. Sure enough, when I see a plant that is looking sick, I dig down and find the grub chewing away at the root. Is there anything chemical that I can...
  48. oldballs

    Hydaulic Press Hook-Up

    As often reported by newbies, hooking up the FEL can be a problem if there is pressure in either side of the hookup. I thought that I had this down by simply pushing a steel dowel into both sides of the hook up to relieve the pressure. Well, today the ambient temperature is hitting about...
  49. oldballs

    Spreader  Shredded Leaves/Sticks

    I've run out of places to hand spread shredded leaves/sticks in my garden and various paths around the place. Is there an attachment that will dispense this material behind my tractor into open fields? Most of the sticks end up less than 6 inches x 1/2 inch mixed in with the 99% leaves...
  50. oldballs

    Tilling Tips

    Being fairly new at using a tractor driven tiller, I've encountered a few problems. How about some tips from the more experienced. My ground has been gardened 40 years with a walk behind tiller and lots of hoeing. But when I let my Kubota tractor/tiller loose in the garden some new...
  51. oldballs

    Change To Electric

    Hi TBN'er, I'm about to take off the Hydraulic Surge Brakes and install an Electric Brake system. It's on a two axle (3,500 each) equipment hauler. I have a couple questions and would also appreciate any additional tips. The trailer wasn't used all that much in the 15 years that I have...
  52. oldballs

    Sick of Surge Brakes

    Again, out of the clear blue, a wheel locked up without warning. Another tire ruined and a PITA. After 15 years of dealing with this random failure and ruined tires and service bills, I'd like to change the whole thing over to disc brakes. What do you all think? Is it possible? I can ask...
  53. oldballs

    Draw Bar on QH

    Anybody got any ideas on how to stabilize a drawbar on a 3 pt Quick Hitch. Such locks are available for direct connection to the lift arms, but I'd like to leave the QH on. Cheers, Mike
  54. oldballs

    Hydraulics at 5 deg F

    The FEL on the Kubota B2620 seemed really slow compared to its usual response. It worked okay moving the deep snow, but I'm wondering if hydraulics work slower at these low temps. I ran the machine for about 4 hours, operating at about 2000 rpm or less. I figure the tractor was as warm as...
  55. oldballs

    Sheridan Pellet Rifle Fix

    My 20 cal (5MM) pellet rifle will not hold pressure any more. I can't see anything obvious to repair without taking it apart. Anybody have some ideas on a fix? I'd kinda like to know where I'm going with the fix before taking it apart. It is aBenjamin- Sheridan Blue Streak CB9. It is a...
  56. oldballs

    R4 Mowing Tears Turf

    After two seasons of MMM mowing with the stock R4 tires, I'm wondering if switching to a set of Turf tires (just for the front) would be easier on my lawn area around the house. Usually I mow without any other attachments on and only in two wheel drive. But turns still tear up the sod even at...
  57. oldballs

    275 CCA vs 235 CCA Battery

    I just bought a new battery for a 18 HP Onan twin Garden tractor. The battery that came out was 235 CCA, but the one I bought is 275 CCA. Would that extra CCA do any harm to the electricals in the tractor? Cheers, Mike
  58. oldballs

    B 2620 HST/Hydraulic Fluid Change

    Okay so I tried the "Search Function". Forget that. In draining the HST filter oil outlet and the Hydraulic filter oil outlet, I get only 2 gallons. The book specifies the capacity as 4 gallons. So I looked for the other elusive drain plugs in the rear end. Let's see??? It looks like...
  59. oldballs

    Mower Blade Hardness

    Since I traded my BX (60 in MMM) for a B with a 60 inch MMM, I saved the spare set of BX blades to use on the B. They are identical except for the center hole. I took the blades to a local welding shop, and the owner said "Sure Thing" to drill a new hole to fit the Kubota B2620 deck. Well...
  60. oldballs

    Billing vs Building

    Is it normal to bill a customer immediately for a product even though it will be 2-3 weeks before the product is even built? Having agreed on the estimated shipping/delivery time, I didn't expect that my credit card would be billed immediately! I'm disappointed.
  61. oldballs

    Gear Lubricant Differance

    I just drained the gear box on my MMM (Kubota 60 inch). The manual calls for SAE 90 API GL-5 year 'round. But all I have is 80W-90 gear oil GL-5. Is there really any differance that matters? I can buy some straight 90 later this week, but would like to get this finished ASAP. Thanks...
  62. oldballs

    Tiller  Tiller Storage & Mounting

    This my first experience with a PTO tiller. I find it an unwieldy piece of equipment to manage. My questions are: 1. It came with the skid shoes on a low setting such that it sets on its row of tines. It seems to me that it should be setting on its skid shoes when stored, viz. with the...
  63. oldballs

    Sue Kubota

    :confused2:Notice! There is no warning on the ROPS that tells one to wear a hard hat when working around a ROPS that is in the folded position. And furthermore, when letting the ROPS down to enter a low garage height the ROPS can fall and hit your noggin and knock one silly. So if some of my...
  64. oldballs

    Rain At Last

    Here in eastern Kansas, where I live there has been no appreciable rain since early June. So far since yesterday afternoon I have received over 5 inches (my gauge only goes to 5). After walking around the acres and viewing the barren parts of the garden, there is no standing water. The earth...
  65. oldballs

    Bucket Solutions

    Has anybody had some experience buying products form Bucket Solutions company? I'd like to give them a try for some pallet forks. Their clamp-ons look pretty stout and I might give them a try. I'm getting tired of my pin-ons, although they are quite capable and efficient, getting them on, or...
  66. oldballs

    New FEL Level?

    Good bye BX........Hello B. I just traded my BX 2660 for a B2620 with FEL and MMM. The price was okay with Kubota rebates and the tractor looks well assembled, all fluids in range and tire pressure okay. But the FEL measures about 3/4 inch lower on one side vs the other at the front of the...
  67. oldballs

    Tire Mounting

    This is a utility trailer.....4 x 8.....single brakes. I mounted a new 4.80-8 tire on an old wheel for a spare. I used a "Syl-Glide" paste silicone lubricant on the bead and rim flanges. But then I read the new tire label that said , "never us a silicone to lubricate the bead and...
  68. oldballs

    Tire Sealant

    Is tire sealant like a Slime type product okay to use in a little 4.80/400-8 Load Range B tire? I'm rebuilding a rusty old 4 x 8 trailer and will mount new tires. This could be used (by me or family members) on local busy streets at speeds up to 55 mph as well as maybe hauling brush around my...
  69. oldballs

    Garden Plowing

    I'm new at plowing, but here is my experience. I am using a Kubota BX2660, a Leinbach 12 inch moldboard single plow, and turf tires. The summer was dry but we had some nice rain in Nov-Dec so the rich ground was moist but not too wet. The temperatures have been above normal. ..around 50...
  70. oldballs

    Big Buddy Heater

    In a 24 x 24 attached garage (9 ft ceiling) would the Mr Heater Big Buddy propane do me any good? It's 25 deg F in the garage today and I'd like to get a little more comfortable out there. Old age is making these chores less and less desireable under these conditions. Any comments would be...
  71. oldballs

    Balance Trailer Tires

    I just mounted four new trailer tires. And then it occured that I didn't ask for balancing. Usually I'm hauling around 2-3 tons of rock, or gravel at less than 55 mph. They weren't balanced before and seemed to ride okay. Thanks y'all. Mike
  72. oldballs

    Check Chains

    Should the check chains be set snug or tight or loose when the various attachments are used? Or does it vary with the implement or conditions? a. Rear Blade b. Plow c. Boom Pole d. CarryAll But right now, I'm going to be pulling a small wagon (4 wheels) with some kids on a...
  73. oldballs

    Surge Brake Bleeding

    Having just replaced the two flexible hydraulic lines to the drum brakes, I'm having a problem bleeding the system. The master cylinder is full and the trailer emergency brake is off on this two axle rig. Shouldn't the fluid keep coming thru each bleeder valve as one goes to each one? All I...
  74. oldballs

    Wheel Lock Up

    While backing with a 2 ton load on, the RF wheel locked up on my tandem 12 ft trailer. I thought that it would break loose when I got back on the road. But it is really stuck and ruined the tire in that effort. Now I can't get the hub off to check out the problem. It has surge brakes and...
  75. oldballs

    Search Function

    :o The search function is great. I've learned quite a bit there, but there is a problem. In looking for a certain subject, I find so many other interesting threads that I forget what I was searching for.:o:D
  76. oldballs

    BX2660 Red Button

    I've searched for hours but can't find anything about the red button that is behind the 3 point top link mounting. Sorry, no camera. What's it do? I'm afraid to push it without knowing.:confused2:
  77. oldballs

    Non-Zerk Greasing

    When there is no zerk on a metal to metal surface such as MMM deck hangers, mounting bracket, mounting links etc., should one apply grease to these surfaces? Or should one leave them dry. It seems to me that external grease just attracts dirt/grit that is more harmful that a dry friction...
  78. oldballs

    Carhartt Rivets

    I have just noticed some scratches on the lower part of the seat back. The coveralls that I wear in snow don't have such rivets. Thus my recent work wearing bibs must be the cause. The bibs have rivets in the back pockets and where the tool loops are attached. Although the rivets are...
  79. oldballs

    BX Garden Plow?

    Boy would I like to run a single plow with my BX2660. I think it has enough power, but it sits so dang low. My garden needs to be turned over, especially in the fall. I've only had a walk behind rototiller for the past 35 years and that's getting to be a lot of work for this old man.:o Do...
  80. oldballs

    Hydraulic Failure

    I tried to get the particulars after hearing it on the radio, but never got more details. Apparently a farmer was killed a few days ago, when a round bale on the 3 point spear fell on him. The reporter said they think that the hydraulics failed when he was under it. Bad luck can kill one...
  81. oldballs

    Hammer Loops

    :(I've had it with hammer loops on work pants. They never hold the hammer and the real rant is that they catch on everything else. Several times I've just about busted my bippy when one catches on the tractor controls that are mounted on the fenders. Today when sliding out of the seat this...
  82. oldballs

    Brake Bleeder Valve

    :(:(I mangled the last one of the bleeder valves (tandem axle) while flushing the lines with clean DOT3. I can't get it to turn now, for sure. I tried every gripping device in my tool box. But every tool ( vise grips etc ) just slips around. My grip is weak anyway. So.....what now? I'm...
  83. oldballs

    Hydraulic Hoses

    I'm doing some major maintenance on my 10 year old trailer. Was going to flush the old brake fluid and replace it. But I noticed that there are two hydraulic hoses, one to each axle. At this age should those hoses be replaced? It's probably not that expensive, but just another delay in...
  84. oldballs

    Surge Brakes

    Which type of brakes on a 12 ft, tandem wheel, 2,200 lbs trailer would be the good, better, best? I have used this trailer for about ten years with no problems. OE it came with surge brakes. It is not used that much, like I'm not in a business. Occasionaly I'll haul 3 tons (max) of gravel...
  85. oldballs

    Getting Logged Out

    If i have logged in and am composing a thread or response, how come when I get to the "Submit" part it says that I am not logged in? This has happened several times. I think kinda slow and deliberate to make a concise comment or thread. This is really getting to me. Is there a time limit...
  86. oldballs


    :( Let's see...Tractor...FEL...MMM...BB...and now 3 point hitch...Ballast Box...Pallet Forks...Magnetic Block Heater...Tooth Bar...HST Fan Guard... Backup Fluids/Filters/Oils and extra metric size tools..... Did I leave anything out? Boy is that bait for an answer. I'm going to ban...
  87. oldballs

    Rear Blade  Rear Blade Problem

    My new Rhino 200 rear blade only touches a flat surface at its tips. Thus when scraping snow off a driveway or even dirt grading the outer edges dig in and the center part is about 3/8 " off the surface. Is this a defect in the product and can the dealer correct it?:( I dismantled the blade...
  88. oldballs

    Log In vs Thread Response

    This has happened before.....I dully log in and am recognized by the board. Then as I compose a response, which takes maybe 3-4 minutes with some forethought, I find that the site says that I'm not logged in. What gives? This waste of time annoys me and discourages participation...
  89. oldballs

    Front Axle Fluid?

    My BX2660 owners manual says it comes with Super UDT in the front axle. But it says that 80W-90 could also be used. That's confusing to me. Although the maintenance schedule didn't call for a check, I pulled that plug (boy is it hard to get out), and the fluid didn't even reach the stick...