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  1. dusty3030

    Anyone have a recommendation for a GPS tracker for their equipment?

    I could use at least 6 of them to put on tractors, excavator, side by sides and a work truck. I haven't been able to really figure out what to use and what to avoid in my web research. Not looking to get killed in monthly fees either.
  2. dusty3030

    Get rid of those bent axles!

    Camber, you don't need no stinking camber.
  3. dusty3030

    Sunflowers are showing out

    6 plus/ minus acres. They are in full stride now.
  4. dusty3030

    Tennessee Sunday night.

    A little fire is nice even when it isn’t cold out.
  5. dusty3030

    NX series hydraulic heat questions.

    If you have a NX series I'm curious of those who have noticed elevated hydraulic heat levels - do you or don't you have the factory third function installed on your tractor? My theory is the factory third function, at least the one that was installed on mine, is a major contributor to the...
  6. dusty3030

    Making the new NX6010 my own.

    Loading the tires tonight with -20 WWF. Also put some louvers in the hood right above the DPF. Can’t hurt anything to let some trapped heat out of there. I also put in a 180 degree thermostat and replaced the green coolant with Peak Final Charge. Ive only mowed so far and am concerned about...
  7. dusty3030

    New to looking at Kioti, is the NX comparable the Grand L in Kubota?

    Doing my comparisons it looks like a NX6010 Cab matches up as a fair comparison to the Kubota GrandL 5460 Cab. The Kubota engine is 4cyl and more displacement is the only big difference I can find. Am I on the right track? Also, what does the DK6010SE compare to in Kubota? Thanks!
  8. dusty3030

    New to looking at Kioti, is the NX comparable the Grand L in Kubota?

    Doing my comparisons it looks like a NX6010 Cab matches up as a fair comparison to the Kubota GrandL 5460 Cab. The Kubota engine is 4cyl and more displacement is the only big difference I can find. Am I on the right track? Also, what does the DK6010SE compare to in Kubota? Thanks!
  9. dusty3030

    I lost a good friend to a rollover this past Saturday.

    He was a self employed agricultural irrigation installer / service tech. Mini ex rolled over on him while working on a center pivot. Pinned him severing one leg and mangling another, he bled out before they could extract him (had to use air bags to lift the machine). I believe he was thrown...
  10. dusty3030

    Link to PDF of a Kubota tractor safety coloring book- printable

    I printed off enough to send to my son's teacher for her class and thought I would share.
  11. dusty3030

    Is the Iphone / IPad app dead?

    Mine quite working sometime yesterday. Figured it was slow connection at home but at work have fiber and it still times out never connects FYI. Though most of my computer problems can be traced to a short between the keyboard and the seat.
  12. dusty3030

    Small school in OK trying to raise funds for more equipment.

    I'm not affiliated with this at all. I follow Mike Rowe on social media and he shared this from this shop teacher in OK trying to get a fabrication program off the ground. Again, I don't know these folks from Adam, but I do appreciate this teachers effort to try and buy equipment for his class...
  13. dusty3030

    New to me TC35 gear 4wd with 900 hours

    I posted about buying this tractor recently and wanted to follow up with my first impressions. First and foremost I like it. I was expecting it to be smaller when I went and looked at it and it ends up being about the same physical size as my other tractor a JD 4120. I pulled into my shop...
  14. dusty3030

    TC 35 with a little less than 900 hours- any issues with these?

    I'm looking at a clean one, no loader, 4wd with r4's, little less than 900 hours. So far everything checks out. Anything in particular I should look out for or be aware of? Thanks!
  15. dusty3030

    Neat looking 5000 on Craigslist

    Who knows what is under the paint and the price to me is insane (which is what caught my eye to look at the ad) BUT - this is a nice looking tractor so I thought I would share. Those R4's on the front give it a pretty wicked stance, this thing looks business...
  16. dusty3030

    Steal of a deal.

    I'm sure if you call he would say "road ready, I'd pull it anywhere"
  17. dusty3030

    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day! I'm not from there, but my country of birth shares a border with her so I shall celebrate with you fine folks of the North! Besides, as a quasi-alcoholic my motto is if you're not drinking with somebody or to somebody your just drinking - so today I salute you.
  18. dusty3030

    No more laying on my back to change the oil.

    Wish I had thought of putting a lift in years ago. I do most of my own work and have the room, oh well better late than never.
  19. dusty3030

    I need this for father's day.

    The SOTV-B is the Toughest Pickup in the World and it's Made in the USA But You Can't Buy One. - Gear Heads I don't think my wife would go for it even if I could buy one. But it makes you want to really keep an eye out on the government auctions sites just in case.
  20. dusty3030

    Need help making wish list 50 +/- pto hp cab tractor.

    I'm seriously considering going from 1 open station tractor with loader to a cab tractor no loader and open cab skid steer. My allergies are just flat killing me mowing. The cab L's and cab M's both look interesting. Without a loader I want R1's I'd like enough hydraulics for top and tilt...
  21. dusty3030

    Credit Card Processing

    Telemarketers, especially credit card processing telemarketers. I get a couple a week get through to me on the phone. Today in a bubbly voice they start their pitch on how they could save me money in credit card processing costs. As always I told them our business does not take credit cards...
  22. dusty3030

    Landpride tiller / Craigslist find

    I've been wanting a 6 foot tiller and finally found a good used one, actually barely used Landpride RTR 1274 It will be time to use it before we know it! Seller wanted 1800 I offered 1500. He circled back with me and I offered 1700, no steal but fair deal and got a good brand reverse rotation...
  23. dusty3030

    Fraud victim

    Accidentally making some decaf then taking a big swallow it is worse than swallowing a bug. They shouldn't even call it coffee or allow it to be stored in the same area. It's a fraud. Its a smell / taste combination you have to literally scrape out of your mouth - yickk.
  24. dusty3030

    A little over a year and still loving the Tundra

    2013 crew max 5.7 4wd Have put just under 27,000 miles on it. Very comfortable and haven't regretted anything or wanted for anything. No issues so far ( knock on wood) Hauled hay today.
  25. dusty3030

    Any opinion on Galaxy brand R4 Tires?

    I was mowing sunflowers late Friday afternoon and cut the left front 6 ply Titan R4 that came on my JD 4120. Found an old gang of disk blades and it cut that sucker clean through the tread and the sidewall too. Hey, it happens, just so happened at 630 PM the Friday night going into Labor Day...
  26. dusty3030

    I think I found my hunting truck - 2001 Ram 1500

    Regular cab, short wheel base, Sport, offroad package, 5.9 gas V8, automatic, little over 100,000 miles so I ran a Carfax and the mileage jives as well as no wrecks show up. Was sold new and has always been renewed right there in the same 50 mile radius. Truck is DIRTY - but good tires and...
  27. dusty3030

    Redneck mosquito truck

    Spot sprayer, zip ties, gas blower, and malathion = redneck mosquito sprayer.
  28. dusty3030

    Cooking for church youth group today

    Hard duty but somebody's gotta do it I reckon, knocked out my chores before 9 this morning so I can sit on my rear and tend the smoker for the rest of the day:)
  29. dusty3030

    TSC caryall ballast barrel

    Took a TSC caryall, 55 gallon barrel, quickcrete, angle iron, scrap treated deck board ends, a bunch of old brake rotors and hub bearings, piece of chain I found in a field, a few other pieces of flat iron and 2 rattle cans of Cat yellow from TSC = this.
  30. dusty3030

    Planting sunflowers

    Fun fun fun
  31. dusty3030

    Not mine, but the phone number is a legit local number for the area

    John Deere 790 That is a pretty good deal for somebody if it checks out as advertised.
  32. dusty3030

    New Holland FEL - not mine but looks like a deal to me.

    Phone number and all looks legit for the area it is located in. Looks cheap to me for a new FEL - just passing it along. New Holland Front End Loader
  33. dusty3030

    YM 1500

    One local, 4wd. They ran it out of fuel, turns over, wont crank. Tires bad, rest is in great shape. How hard to find and how much will tires cost? Worth buying for $500? Thanks!
  34. dusty3030

    Not mine, JD 48 hoe

    Not pristine but could be had cheap I am sure
  35. dusty3030

    Gonna sleep good

    I saw the sun rise and set out doors. Saw it rise from a boat seat and saw it set from the seat of my tractor cleaning up after the ice storm. Patching fences = I'm gonna sleep good tonight!
  36. dusty3030

    Loader and backhoe

    Not mine saw it today and passing it along
  37. dusty3030

    Late winter project, hope to use this spring - Allis Chalmers Planter

    I'll go get it Saturday. Hopefully will be planting some sunflowers later this spring.
  38. dusty3030

    Ant hill art.

    This is pretty cool. They get a nice penny for them too. I have no affiliation with this, somebody posted the video on facebook and I checked it out. Anthill Art - Artistic and Educational Ant Colony Castings
  39. dusty3030

    Cotton picking these days.

    For those that have never seen it. Picker builds and wraps the modules, a long way from pickers dumping it into trailers that people stomped down. That evolved into module builders and now to this. Filmed by a...
  40. dusty3030

    Not mine but got to be worth that just for parts if anything.

    2420 farm pro tractor That is a local number so probably legit.
  41. dusty3030

    Bitersweet Day.

    For the last 9 years we have been to **** and back. You never got stuck and you never left me stranded. You had heart, and I wish you the best. Fair winds and following seas old friend. New truck, we have no bond. We haven't been anywhere we shouldn't have been, doing something we shouldn't...
  42. dusty3030

    $85 Tire pressure thingy -free to a good home (magrinal homes will be considered too)

    This here is what on other forums called a karma. I am going to give something away for the heck of it, no catches, no hidden agenda other than I am bored at work. I'll set the time period - this one will end Friday July 19th at 7PM Central time. One entry per member, must have been a member...
  43. dusty3030

    Heavy Duty Trailer

    18'ft 3-axle Pintle Hook equipment trailer Hitch her up to your F150, throw your back hoe on the back, strap her down and this sumbitch is ready to go. Yee haaa! Hold my beer boys and watch this!
  44. dusty3030

    563 Loader Arms Cheap - not mine passing along.

    John Deere 563 Loader Frame Looks legit, phone numbers listed are local. I have not a clue who this is, I am not connected nor responsible for loss, dismemberment, emotional distress, yada, yada, yada.
  45. dusty3030

    4x20 Open Station SCV (2011 or sn 81000 or newer) information / discussion thread.

    JD, bless their hearts, is a little bit confusing on the build your own and somewhat on JD Parts on what is what on the SCV options on these tractors. I have a 2011 4120 that i have so far installed the EH 3rd, the lever operated 4th and 5th, and the 3 rd function hard line kit on the loader. I...
  46. dusty3030

    Grapple  Titan 48" JD quick attach grapple.

    Picked it up yesterday at Titan warehouse in Collierville TN. Brandon was who I had spoken to on the phone and he loaded me up. Great to deal with and if you have an opportunity to go pick up in lieu of shipping I suggest you do it, it worked out well. These babies were stacked to the ceiling...
  47. dusty3030

    Not mine, but something for you John Deere 1070 owners. Woods BH subframe.

    John Deere Backhoe Mounting Bracket No connection, don't know if this is a deal or not, but I am sure someone here might could use it!
  48. dusty3030

    Poll - box blade, rear blade, or land plane?

    Which would you take to battle against this "road." FYI not my road just a trail ( map said county road, I say trail) I had to venture down this weekend.
  49. dusty3030

    This boy can sing, Josh Turner

    Great show in Tunica MS tonight. We've been fans since his first album.
  50. dusty3030

    Happy days are near! Turkey season only a few weeks away!

    Won't be long, I'm itching to go! Anyone else chase gobblers? I was about out of ammo, thank goodness there is no run on turkey loads round here.
  51. dusty3030

    Wish me luck, made an offer on some land!

    Got my home and 10 acres paid off recently so just like prisoners want to get back into prison I am itching to get all that dang money out of my pocket. Found a tract, 65 acres timber, good deer and turkey huniting area. Made them a verbal offer this morning. Within 100 miles of my house, I'm...
  52. dusty3030

    Kharma - free stuff please read

    Happy new year. Up for grabs is a Woods engine block heater timer. Rules - reply to this thread and be a. TBN member before today. Winner drawn at random one week from today. Not required but a request, please post something you think could could help someone else out. Tip, advice, a funny...
  53. dusty3030

    As of today my piece of "Rural Living" is all mine!

    6 years 10 months on a 15 fixed. My little 10 acres, home, couple of steel buildings / barns are all mine free and clear!!!!! 2nd home I've paid off in my lifetime. Only thing left I owe is on my current tractor, it was 48 month 0%, so I saved it for last of course. Oh thank you Lord for the...
  54. dusty3030

    Not mine, but a nice little 2720 TLB in Arkansas.

    2010 JOHN DEERE 2720, BACKHOE, LOADER & 4' CUTTER Ain't mine, came accross it surfing the net. Nice looking little rig though.
  55. dusty3030

    Dove season!

    Good for boys and their dad!
  56. dusty3030

    Slap yo mamma good.....

    Okra, boilt for a good little while. Celery, onion, sausage, flounder, red beans, a little rice, red pepper, garlic, etc. etc
  57. dusty3030

    Blue Shop Towels on a Roll

    Always keep a roll on your tractor / skid steer / etc. They are awesome for: 1. Wipe your hands. 2. "Glove" to grab a greasy hydraulic hose etc. 3. Hankerchief. 4. Paper plate to eat your lunch. 5. Toilet paper after you ate your lunch. 6. Bandana 7. Clean the dust off the windshield. 8. Clean...
  58. dusty3030

    Gaetz Tractor Museum, Colleg of the Ozarks - pic heavy!

    College of the Ozarks tractor museum in Hollister, MO
  59. dusty3030

    Mothers day bald eagle.

    Some of you folks probably see them every day, rare treat to see them in this part of Arkansas, spotted this one today while out with the family.
  60. dusty3030

    Not mine, but a nice 8b hoe for you 990 owners
  61. dusty3030

    Kroger diesel

    With points got 70 gallons for 3.35 a gallon today. Oh yeah. Also got 35 gallons of unleaded for 3.05 a gallon. That should just about do me over a good chunk of my mowing this season.
  62. dusty3030

    Struck me as funny.

    Was reading thread on commuting and thought about a couple of farmers I know that I meet on the road in the mornings on the way to work. My wife and I choose to live in the country and I in return commute to the city to work to pay for our 10 slice of heaven. Their wives want to live in the city...
  63. dusty3030

    Home made cultipacker

    I didn't build it , I bought it this way but thought it was a good idea to share.
  64. dusty3030

    4120 picture just because.

    Clipped pasture after church and we were washing cars this evening so we gave her a wash while we were at it. Thought it would make a good picture, it ain't this clean that often.
  65. dusty3030

    Case 2594

    Was this the last of the white painted Case branded row crop tractors before the switch to red? I drove one for two years in high school. For me it was a Cadilac going from a open station 4 post John Deere 4630 to the Case was a dream come true. Used it to plant and cultivate soybeans. Plant...
  66. dusty3030

    Good kind of tired.

    Last night wife and I were sitting in bed and we agreed we were tired, but the good kind of tired. Got up Sunday, got ready, wrassled the young un to get him dressed, went to church. Got home, fixed Sunday dinner and ate. Went outside and got stuff together to mend fences. Cleaned out and...
  67. dusty3030

    Why do the 4X20 series tractors have three top link holes?

    I've read the manual. I understand one is for light, one for medium, one for heavy. But is there any harm in leaving it in heavy hole all the time?
  68. dusty3030

    No connection to this, just fyi on a parts Rhino

    Saw this, if the engine / tranny is good might be worth it for parts to somebody. Like I said in title, I have no connection to this at all, just found it browsing local craigslist. RHINO TRACTOR
  69. dusty3030

    Almost home

    Lots of stuff to do but I can't wait to get there. Thank God for a good job but I never like leaving my babies. Prayers that all our soldiers, sailors, airman and my beloved Marines sit in one of these seats soon to see their loved ones and a merry and blessed Christmas to you all.
  70. dusty3030

    Does anyone know how to tame a caveman?

    Must get it from his mother. Sweet boy, just a little feral.
  71. dusty3030

    Trying to get some ballpark value on an NH baler and rake.

    Backstory. Got a call yesterday afternoon from on old widow lady down the road. 73, lives by herself, has a broken back and is house ridden. She has a daughter in law (also widow) down the road that checks in on her, but she lives by herself and works full time so can't be there 24 / 7. Me and...
  72. dusty3030

    How would you feel if some stranger came and mowed your grass?

    Got some new neighbors. Neighbor beeing a relative term since where we are is very rural and houses or clusters of houses are pretty spread out. One of the oldest houses in the county is less than a mile down the road from our place. Neat old house sits on 3 acres now. Rest of it sold off long...
  73. dusty3030

    2011 4000 twenty series 3rd SCV kit question.

    I recently installed the electrohydraulic 3rd SCV kit on my 4120. Kit part number LVB26032 Took about a little over an hour to assemle the valve body to it's brackets and to install it and the new hard lines that go to it on the tractor, pretty easy. Took two hours to install the wiring...
  74. dusty3030

    Woo hoo! Almost home.

    Everything else is in. Hopefully they'll get the loader on and deliver it come Monday or Tuesday
  75. dusty3030

    How many per acre is reasonable?

    Beers that is. I like mowing, I like working in the yard / barn / pastures. So does my neighbor. I tend 11 acres and after I get done I have about 3 beers or so. He tends 3 acres and before he gets finished he's into his 11th beer. I tend my 11 acres once a week or so. He tends his 3 every...
  76. dusty3030

    Tractorless, I feel nekid.

    Man showed up this past Sunday with cash money and a big trailer and drove off with my JD 2355 and JD 709. I ain't go a tractor in the shed so I'm jonesing to go grade the driveway, move some dirt, clean out the barn etc. If the tractor was there I'd be finding a way to sneak off and go fishing...
  77. dusty3030

    What is the OAL height of a 4120 ROPS folded?

    R4 tires, height of a 4120 with ROPS folded. Thank you!
  78. dusty3030

    5035 shuttle with FEL pricing.

    One quote so far 26,000 using the 0% for 60. Waiting on the second quote. Is this in line?
  79. dusty3030

    Trying to decide on new iron. Fix old or buy new.

    I've got a 2355 Industrial / 2wd / JD 110 Loader and a JD 709 cutter trying to decide on fixing or replacing. The 2355 has 3,270 hours. Blows a puff of white smoke if you let it idle for awhile and give it throttle. I think the clutch is on it's last leg. The 709 cutter is heavily worn. I have...
  80. dusty3030

    2355 bad steering leak, need help.

    My 2355 started blowing oil out of the front seal on the right hand steering cylinder when I turn right. Figured bad seals so I ordered the kit and replaced all the seals in the cylinder. Put it back together, same thing. I can't find a restriction in any of the lines on the two front cylinders...