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  1. SouthernSky

    Oil & Fuel  L2650DT steering seal leak

    Including a picture here. In addition to the axle seals leaking I also have a leak on both sides of the shaft to the tie rods. Do I have to drain my hydraulic fluid to take this apart? It appears to be the lowest point where two hydraulic lines go in, a design changed in later years because...
  2. SouthernSky

    Removing FEL hose that is not a quick disconnect

    I have a Woods 1009 loader on my 1996 Kubota L2650. Since new (27 years) I have never removed the loader but now have to for additional clearance to work on several front end leaks. One of the three hoses is not a quick disconnect on either end. I'm thinking it was intentional since there is...
  3. SouthernSky

    Stuck loader fitting - how to loosen

    I have to rebuild my bucket curl cylinders due to leaks. Of the eight connections I have to remove to also change four hoses, one is stuck. The 7/8" wrench pictured is just there to keep me from twisting the tubing while trying to figure out how to loosen the fitting. I've tried a soaking...
  4. SouthernSky

    Removing small dead trees - best way to pull

    Due to the Louisiana drought this year (still happening), I’ve lost maybe 50 Leyland Cypress trees about 25 years old. I also lost a couple magnolias we planted at the same time which are clearly not coming back. I’ve pulled the cypress before because after a year of being dead their roots are...
  5. SouthernSky

    Removing boom cylinder from Woods loader

    25 year old Kubota L2650 with Woods 1009 loader. Left side has a leak in the boom cylinder but I’ve been told it is best to get them both done at the same time. Do I remove the FEL from the tractor before removing the boom cylinders? Or is that best left with the FEL attached and just remove...
  6. SouthernSky

    Where do you get rid of used hydraulic fluid?

    Autozone and Advanced will take my used motor oil without question but when i asked them about hydraulic oil they said they couldn't take that. Where do you get rid of it?
  7. SouthernSky

    L3200 battery - is it special?

    I have a 10 year old Kubota L3200 and the battery barely cranks in cold weather. I’m fact, it usually doesn’t start without a jump or fast charge. After 10 years, well, that seems like excellent life for a battery. I’ve been reading that I should not use an automotive battery as a replacement...
  8. SouthernSky

    Rear implement drops to ground if I let go of position control - L-series

    Boxblade drops to ground unless I strap the position control lever towards the back with a bungee cord nor hold it in my hand. No problem with raising or lowering, as long as my hand is on the lever, so it may not be a hydraulics issue. It just won't stay in place when I let go of the position...
  9. SouthernSky

    Cutting asphalt to create a drain

    I have a large area in front of my home that was black-topped maybe 20 years ago. In the center of the largest area (where everyone drives and parks) there is now a 40’ long depression that collects water that becomes a pond until it evaporates. An overlay is not an option (without a complete...
  10. SouthernSky

    Woods 1009 FEL bucket curl hydraulics repair

    Seal is leaking out the cylinder where the rod goes in. I can buy a seal kit for $65 from Messicks, or I can replace the whole thing ($600+). My choice should be easy, but after watching a bunch of videos mine seems to be different, though it came from the manufacturer. It has a welded cap...
  11. SouthernSky

    WTB - L2650 (L2350 or L2950) front grill parts

    I am trying to find a front grill and bracing for a mid-90s Kubota L2650. Used is preferred but not as bashed up and disfigured as the pieces I took off due to tree damage. Everything on the front except the radiator. Thanks!
  12. SouthernSky

    Snow  L2650 - belt snow/stop on freezing day today.

    I was box blading my driveway for the first time in 30 years with this freeze. After about an hour I heard noise from the engine and saw a puff of smoke out the left side and an eerie belt noise. I shut it down right away and inspected it. I could turn the radiator fan manually so it isn’t...
  13. SouthernSky

    Removing a culvert, but plumbing has to stay

    I have a center ditch between my two properties that runs from one property to the other boundary. It was a natural drainage path that takes the water from a wide highway frontage, passes it through my land, and on to a pond 1/2 mile away. The state said that if I blocked it they would sue me...
  14. SouthernSky

    L3200 electrical - Only tach and temp gauges don’t work.

    Fuel gauge works, but tach and temp do not. Checked the 10A panel fuse and it looks good. All other electrical on the tractor works fine. I just need to figure out why these two stopped working yesterday. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  15. SouthernSky

    New loader bucket over curls, is jerky, and movements are erratic.

    Just got my new Ansung 2545C-QB loader home today on my Kubota L3200DT, installed by the Kubota dealer who is also an Ansung dealer. This loader and bucket is supposed to be the same as the Kubota LA525 except for the decals -- not sure about that but okay. I knew I shouldn't have bought a...
  16. SouthernSky

    Front-End Loader  Kubota or aftermarket loader for my L3200?

    I purchased a used 2013 Kubota L3200DT without a loader (I know) and am now considering adding one from the aftermarket. I have a 1995 Kubota L2650 with an aftermarket Woods 1009 loader. Can I swap it to the new one? If not, any recommendations for an aftermarket loader? Thanks!
  17. SouthernSky

    Kubota L2650 PTO jumps out of engaged position. Is the PTO shot?

    I have a 1995 Kubota L2650 where the PTO will no longer turn. Well, most times anyway. It may turn for a few moments before the PTO disengages itself. And every time when I engage the PTO lever it clacks loudly and disengages itself within a few moments. I'm thinking one of the shear bolts...
  18. SouthernSky

    3-point hitch lever on L2650 - how to adjust? Keeps falling.

    The lever to raise and lower my bushhog or box blade keeps drooping down/forward instead of staying in one position, thereby causing the implement to go lower than I want it to because of whatever weight is attached to the three point hitch. How do I adjust the lever so I don't literally have...
  19. SouthernSky

    Water temp gauge points south

    When my Kubota L2650 came out of the shop for a new clutch, I found the water temperature gauge needle was inoperative. Instead of being between HOT and COLD, the needle was out of the range of motion, pointing downward. The last thing I want to do is bring it back to these guys who redid my...
  20. SouthernSky

    Loader  Reinstalled FEL - now it won't lift up

    My L2650 tractor was just split and a PTO gear changed. To save some expense of the ag tech doing it, I removed my front end loader and left it at the house. I have it physically back on but it won't go up, though I can stop the arms from lowering and the bucket from turning face down. I know...
  21. SouthernSky

    Ever change a Kubota dual stage clutch?

    My tractor clutch froze up after sitting up for a while. I tried bumping a tree and it freed it up. Still, there is loud noise now whenever I depress the clutch and the PTO handle jumps out of gear when turning a load (like a bushhog) but spins fine when no attachment is attached. The...
  22. SouthernSky

    L2650 - Why so many oil filler/drain holes?

    I just changed the hydraulic fluid on my L2650. I refilled it through the filler hole in front of the seat. I brought the level up to the middle of the sight-glass by the clutch pedal, halfway between the H and L symbols. What is the difference with filling it up at the hole in front of the...
  23. SouthernSky

    L2650 - Brake rod - is it bent?

    I looked under my tractor yesterday for possible damage and noticed the adjustable brake rod/link was perfectly straight except the ends were slightly dog-legged. It sort of looks like: \______|_/ instead of like ________|_ though the up-angle is not as steep as my drawing, maybe 5 degrees...
  24. SouthernSky

    L2650 - PTO lever under steering wheel pops out of engaged position

    If I hook up my bushhog and engage it, it takes very little load for the handle/lever under the steering wheel to disengage itself on its own. If I have no implements hooked up to the PTO and just move the lever to 840 RPM (low), it will spin properly. It is only under a load it pops out of...
  25. SouthernSky

    Where is the cheapest place to get L2650 body parts?

    I've damaged several pieces on the front of my 12-year-old Kubota L2650 and need replacement grill, headlights, and misc pieces. Can anyone recommend an aftermarket or low cost source for such parts?
  26. SouthernSky

    Clutch won't disengage? L2650

    Parked up my 12-year-old Kubota L2650 4WD two months ago. Today I went to fire it up and noticed nothing happened when I pressed the clutch. To get it in gear, I had to force the lever Forward on the gear shift and Slow (turtle) on the speed shifter. To stop, I had to kill the engine because...
  27. SouthernSky

    Kubota 2650 w/loader - hydraulic line pops off

    I'm new here and searched through this forum and got some ideas, but I haven't quite figured out the "why" to this. My Kubota L2650 has three hydraulic lines coming off the loader to the control handle. For some reason, everytime I put too much of a load (though most times it's not even a big...