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  1. Walkin Horse

    Fence Line App for my phone?

    I had a surveyor friend come mark mine out. He did what ever surveyors do from each cornerpin and drove a stake every 50’. I know that’s not what you wanted. But being in the construction biz, if you could get your hands on transit,that would be the way to go. Using an app you may have a line on...
  2. Walkin Horse

    Sluggish Mule

    I have a 4010 mule with a diesel. I drove it today for the first time in months. I haven't been around much so I'm not sure how it's been abused. About 12 mph is all I can get out of it. It starts and idles good but is just real sluggish. Where should I start. Fuel system or the belt. Like I...
  3. Walkin Horse

    Blue and orange come together.

    I went to help a friend on a landscaping job. He was behind and had 2 big piles of dirt to move and spread. Because I was just going to loosen the pile and he would spread it,we decided not to take a box on mine to save room. Big mistake. That tractor beat me to death with out a counterweight...
  4. Walkin Horse

    Hour Meters

    How does the hour meter record. Does it record hour for hour or does it work off the rpms.
  5. Walkin Horse

    Socket Organizer

    Does anybody have any good ideas for socket organizers. They are a mess and hard to keep up with. The rails I have them on are hard to get off and most times the sizes are turned to where I can't see them. Homemade or store bought would work. I have posted the picture of my end wrenches to show...
  6. Walkin Horse

    New Carhart coat

    I bought a new coat tonight on a whim. It is called a Crowley jacket. It looks to be made of spandex. Has anybody tried one. How well does it hold up. I don't think I will be welding in it. Is it waterproof.?
  7. Walkin Horse

    What is this.

    Found this in a tool room at work. What is it. Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  8. Walkin Horse

    Stabilizer bars

    A friend has a boomer 50 that he bends and breaks the stabilizers. He bought another oe set and when he breaks one he brings it over and I give him the spare and then fix the freshly broken one and save it til he breaks the next one. I have no idea how he breaks them. Question is. Does anybody...
  9. Walkin Horse

    A dye for spraying weeds

    I was out today spraying weeds. I have a bad jinsom weed problem. The fence lines are easy to keep track of but the ones that are growing random in the open are hard to keep up with. Does anybody use a dye to keep up with what's been sprayed. I'm spraying with a 25 gal sprayer in the back of my...
  10. Walkin Horse

    Plumbing a stump grinder

    I found a Woods 50 stump grinder on CL for $3500. It's brand new, as soon as he got it somebody loaned him a Vermeer. So he plumbed it to his older Kubota and used it one time. ??? He has all 4 cylinder hoses run to an old Kubota joy stick that will control up down and swing. The 4 cylinder...
  11. Walkin Horse

    Electric weedeater

    Has anybody had any experience with a cordless weed eater. Looking at the Echo at HD. Should I just stick with a gas one.
  12. Walkin Horse

    Need Help With A Stihl Saw

    I startedup my MS 390 to cut a log. I ra it for less than a minute when white smoke started coming out of the muffler. It was still running but I cut it off. My first thought was the gas. But it's the same gas I had been using in my Farm Boss. This saw is about 3 y/o. 2 years ago the plug blew...
  13. Walkin Horse

    Gear box lube

    I got a used Bush Hog last week. I hooked it up Friday and it started leaking oil right away. My nieghbor said it was too full or had water in it. So we pulled the plug and drained some. This oil was in it. It was too pure looking to have water in it. But we neither one have seen anything like...
  14. Walkin Horse

    A safer alternative to Roundup

    I went to talk to a lady that wants me to reseed her pastures. She has moved her horses to my place and doesn't want to take care of horses anymore. Her meadows as she called them are beat up pretty bad. Nothing but weeds left after 2 years of keeping horses on them. I don't do this for a...
  15. Walkin Horse

    Adjusting a tiller

    I borrowed my nieghbors tiller and hooked it up to my cat 2 tractor. I can't get it to dig over 2 or 3". I have adjusted the top link in and out but it won't sit down and dig. It looks like it's sitting on the skid shoes and may not go any deeper. Or is the tractor too big to let it ride right.
  16. Walkin Horse

    Garage door opener.

    I have an old 16' garage door opener. I closed my garage on the house and made a pool room out of it. I saved the opener. Has anybody repurposed one for anything. I'm open to ideas. I hate to throw it away but I won't use it for a garage. Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  17. Walkin Horse


    Has anybody heard from our Oklahoma or Arkansas members today. I just did a real quik check of today's postings and didn't see any. Just checking and praying for everybody in that area. Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  18. Walkin Horse

    Magnum Research 45 Colt

    Walked in to a lgs and found one in 45 colt 410. Does anybody have one. Does the choke tube come out for the colt bullet. Does that mess the threads up. Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  19. Walkin Horse

    Tire sealant.

    I went to Southern States Coop this morning and found tire sealant on sale. A five gal. pail regular $250 marked down to $50 then marked down to $5. Has anybody used this. Is there a way to get it in an old Slime squeeze bottle neatly. It has a tire valve built into the bucket. The instructions...
  20. Walkin Horse

    HF Winch

    Last week when they were on sale I bought a 12000# winch. I plan on putting it on the back of my truck. I am thinking about using 1/0 welding cable with twist lock connections at the winch. Running it from the battery to the back is about 25'. Does this sound ok electrically. Or am I going to...
  21. Walkin Horse

    Bent Hitch Pin

    About 3 years ago I bent the hitch pin on the truck receiver using it to pull a stump with. I have learned my lesson on jerking on the hitch. I haven't been to worried about it til now because I don't have a bumper pull trailer. Well things are changing and I need to fix it. I have cut the pin...
  22. Walkin Horse

    Wireless game cameras

    Several years ago I joined a hunt club near my house. It has nice lake access and is only a mile from me. When I joined they had suddenly lost a bunch of members. This club is about 50 years old. When I first joined someone broke the gate down and stole a boat motor. During hunting season I...
  23. Walkin Horse

    Tractor Electrical System

    In light of the recent posting about winches here's a question. I have a 850 cca battery in my tractor. It has a 55 amp alternator. What does that mean? That it would take about 16 hrs to recharge the battery. I have found a truck recovery winch sold by Motoalliance a TBN sponsor. It has a 390...
  24. Walkin Horse

    Keeping up with tools

    I do pretty good at keeping wrenches and such. The one thing I can't keep up with is a valve stem remover. I don't use one often so I can never remember my new hiding spot. Last I found it after checking a bunch of spots. When I got done with it i put it in my bib pocket meaning to put it away...
  25. Walkin Horse

    What is this.

    I was going thru some old stuff that I'm hanging on a wall. I came across this and don't know or remember what it is. I thought wine opener or bottle top opener. When you twist the handle the cog turns and moves the rack which tighten the outside ears. There is also a pic of some kitchen stuff I...
  26. Walkin Horse

    Rebuilt subsoiler

    I bought this junk at a auction a couple of months ago. I used it about 10 minutes when it started ripping apart. Today I stayed in the shop and caught up on some projects. I cut the angle off and replaced it with 4" tubing. I had to cut the flatbar off to straighten it. Welded it up and a...
  27. Walkin Horse

    Thumb grapple install need help

    I got my thumb grapple today. I have sitting on the bucket c clamped to 6" of blocking. I have some questions about the install. Does the height look rite for my bucket. I have some 6" angle to sit it on if this looks good. Next question is the hydraulics. The rear remotes have a pic of a...
  28. Walkin Horse

    Ford 555d hydraulic line

    I broke this fitting off. It is on the right side of the transmission I called the dealer about it and he said the trans would have to come out. He said the peice inside the fitting is broke. That I can get the old one out but won't be able to get the new one in. Does anybody know anything...
  29. Walkin Horse

    Led lite advice

    Last nite at TSC I saw a led lite bar for $130. It was 3000 lumens at 980'. I think it said 30 watts but I could be wrong. Does this sound good or junk. It was on the Christmas specials shelf. I don't use the tractor at nite much like some do to push snow. Maybe putting out round bales or...
  30. Walkin Horse

    No wonder they sell you so many screws

    I got to the barn this morning to find this. Lucky only one sheet blew off. I built a combo tack room bar and feed room. I'm just finishing it. Like always I got the roof on and just enough screws i thought to hold it til it cooled off enough to get back up there. The mirror over the bar fell...
  31. Walkin Horse

    Look behind you.

    Today I was moving a pallet of feed out of the barn to my new feed room. I had a spotter in front watching my forks going into the pallet. I was already nervous about picking this much weight in a tight space. As I was backing up I heard somebody yell. I turned around and one of my boarders was...
  32. Walkin Horse

    Bucket grapple

    I found this grapple on CL for $1000. Says it brand new that he gets from a friend that manages a shop. It has the Tomahawk name on the guard. Does anybody have any experience with bucket instead of a brush grapple. It looks like it would be good for manure and hay removal. But I'm wanting to...
  33. Walkin Horse

    What is this

    I found this in a shed. I thought it would scratch the ground for seeding but it angled wrong. Potatoe masher ? Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  34. Walkin Horse

    Synthetic oil

    Recently I bought an old beater from my BIL. He had bought it from some guy that was getting deported. Bil told me he thought it had synthetic in it but isn't sure. I can I add regular oil to it now and can I change the oil and put regular in it. I seem to remember that the HD dealer told me...
  35. Walkin Horse

    Fuel cap

    Attached is a picture of my fuel cap. The tractor has 130 hrs and I've had it 3 months. I buy my fuel in 5 gal containers and store them out of the weather. I fuel up at least once a week. The cap looks like someone found it in the ground and put it on. I'm thinking I will clean it up and cold...
  36. Walkin Horse

    Watchin the grass grow

    With now rain since I've seeded 2 weeks ago I had to resort to watering this paddock. Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  37. Walkin Horse

    Shaver post driver

    There is a Shaver post driver for sale at a local auction. It's set up for a Quike FEL. Is there any reason I couldn't adapt it to run off the 3ph and my remotes. I see them advertised working off of the back. I don't know if this one is made for the front or if it would be hard on the tractor...
  38. Walkin Horse

    Geothermal tank heater

    I don't know if saw this idea on TBN or I dreamed it up. I have seeded a paddock close to the barn and need to keep the horses off of it. I am separating and closing off this part of the paddock and the part where I'm going to keep 3 horses is about 500' from the barn. Hauling water is no...
  39. Walkin Horse

    Repairing a trailer jack

    The jack on my 2 horse bp is broke. The telescoping pipe falls out. Inside the outer pipe is a threaded rod with acme thread. How do they work. Can they be fixed. I know they cost less than $50 but this is a shared trailer with two of my boarders. If I can fix it in an hour it would be worth...
  40. Walkin Horse

    Finish mower gear box used for auger

    Last year I bought a no name finish mower for $100. The guy said he had used it verty little I used it one time and the belt broke. I put a new belt on it and the first time I used it this year the belt broke. I put another one on today and used it five minutes til it broke again. That's $80 for...
  41. Walkin Horse

    I had to pu the shield on.

    Due to a manpower shortage I had to pitch in and weld today. I haven't had to weld on regular basis for 3 years. Here are some pics of one of my better welds. I can really tell a difference in my eyesight also.
  42. Walkin Horse


    What is this weed Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  43. Walkin Horse


    I'm standing here looking at my finish mower and brush cutter. I'm thinking instead of having to free the shaft up every year, why not just slide it apart when your done with it. Sent from my iPhone using TractorByNet
  44. Walkin Horse

    The Great Hayscapade

    About 8 weeks ago I was contacted by a guy that said he cleaned up foreclosed properties. He said he had a farm that had 20 round wheels of hay,some odd cubic feet of square bails and a big lot of horse feed. He said if I was interested I could have it and in return there was 50 pt 2 x 8s that I...
  45. Walkin Horse

    Plowing new ground

    I have big paddock that has had horses on it for 35 years. The soil is well compacted to the point it won't drain. I have cut a swale in it to channel water away from the gates and troughs. I also regraded it to a crown in the middle and drains toward the driveway ditch. But when it rains the...
  46. Walkin Horse

    New chicks

    About 3 weeks ago we saw our 2 guinys nesting in the field. Next day they were out walking around. So I went and picked up 13 eggs. I put them in an old fish tank with a red heat light on them. Well tonite two of them have hatched. Should I leave them under the heat light tonite or put them in...
  47. Walkin Horse


    How many of you have kids that love to help work. My 21/2 year old grandson stands by the window waiting for me to get home. He heads to the barn with me every evening and most times we are out til dark. He always helps the girls that feed the horses. Hands them buckets or dumps the feed for...
  48. Walkin Horse

    12 volts and a coathanger

    I had a my coworker make this weld using a 12 volt machine and coat hangers. We had to put knots in the Romex to turn the heat down.
  49. Walkin Horse

    Got my new tractor.

    I picked up my new Workmaster 55 on Fri. Man it's good to have a 3 ph that works good. I took over to a friends house and put hay out for him the first day. His is in the shop. Brought it back and did some dirt work and tried the 4wd. That answered questions I had about do I really need 4wd...
  50. Walkin Horse

    Toplink  Cat 2 pto

    How much bigger is a cat 2 pto vs a cat 1. Can you get get an adapter to change it with out buying a new driveshaft.
  51. Walkin Horse

    Workmaster 45

    Well I ordered my first new tractor today. Got a 45 hp workmaster with forks and a bucket grapple. I pick it up next Fri.
  52. Walkin Horse

    Covering hay

    I got my first loads of hay yesterday and man does it look good. The last couple of years I have been buying it from a guy who would haul it to me when he finished cutting. Sometimes it looked good and sometimes not. But this last year it was full of leaves, thorns, johnson grass and broom straw...
  53. Walkin Horse

    Making a suck bucket

    Recently I posted on here about not being able to get my backhoe running. Thanks Bob Rook for your posts on the diesel germ and dirty fuel. During the process of getting it started I researched whether it was a good idea or not to suck the tank out with a shop vac.I found an idea on a boat...
  54. Walkin Horse

    Fue problem

    I have a Ford 555d .Sunday it cut off so I changed the fuel filter.I took it back to the barn and let it sit and run for an hour. This morning I went to start it and it wouldnt start. Got off hooked my truck to it to keep the battery up and got my hairdryer/intake heater. Went to start it and...
  55. Walkin Horse

    Just bought the farm

    Just closed on 15 acres. Ive been leasing the barn for 5 years to keep horses on. We were able to buy the property and getting ready to move there. I have about 8 acres to clear,build a bigger barn and hopefully get some boarders in to help out.