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  1. oldballs

    Dad is taking the final journey

    May he rest in peace now. ....No more chores.....No more doctor visits..... May his example guide your hand
  2. oldballs

    What do you drive for a truck?

    Right now my ride just got a new alternator & battery.....................but the R headlight and r turn signal don't work?????? Well, back to the guys that are suppose to know what they are doing??? It's a 1999 F-250 and quite faithful. BTW, I had the previlege of driving...
  3. oldballs

    Returning batteries for warranty claim

    This is now beyond my ability....physically and technically......but I get the ideas....Off to a real automotive shop this is going. ....besides .....It needs to replace the OE serpentine belt as well. Thanks for the allowing the interruption on Hay Dude's NAPA issue. Cheers, Mike
  4. oldballs

    Returning batteries for warranty claim

    May I jump in here and ask..............My truck (a 1999 F-250 5.4 SuperDuty) battery suddenly failed. It was wet on top when I removed it. I put a good battery in that read 12.8 volts. But when I started the engine I still got a "Battery" code on the dash and the dash volt meter was...
  5. oldballs

    Trailer wood deck treatment: Brush on used oil, linseed oil, sealer stain, unicorn tears...?

    Maybe the rotting and the replacing of deck boards has more to do with what one is "hauling" versus what preservative one uses. ...e.g. I used to go to the local quarry and purchase around 3 tons of gravel at a time for different projects around my place. The gravel was the cheapest...
  6. oldballs

    Tie Rod Boots

    I've been meaning to ask this question for a long time.....How come the manufacturer (Kubota in my case) never recommends greasing these tie rod connections in their OE manual maintenance directives? Cheers, Mike
  7. oldballs

    Pine Straw Rake for cleaning up leaves? Useful or not?

    Back to the OP's question as to the ability of a Pine Needle Rake usage for leaves.. I'd say that it would get most of the leaves in a heavy covering of leaves.....then in windrows to finally do something with them is the question. My PNR has been used only for Pine needles/cones.....and...
  8. oldballs

    Dad is taking the final journey

    Prayers now and then for your Dad........ Mike
  9. oldballs

    Recommendations for wood chipper for small material

    Maybe KacKissic has a model that fits your needs.......This company has been making their products (USA) for many years with good quality and is mine........
  10. oldballs

    Recommendations for wood chipper for small material

    My experience started 15 years ago when I bought my first machine.....a MacKissic Mighty Mac SC1650HTE. It is a gas powered chipper/shredder that I tow around with my garden tractor. It has served me well for the small stuff.....generally shrub/brush residue...windstorm...
  11. oldballs

    Woodchippers: PTO vs gasoline driven

    I don't have any experience with the Spitfire. But would still prefer my Woodland Mills WC68 even with only 19HP at the PTO.....bc of the hudraulic feed....the stop/reverse control. ..being a short (5'2") old man I think my WC68 is easier to feed. That's a tall young man in the video...
  12. oldballs

    What safety equipment do you have when running chainsaw?

    I have nothing........except the Stihl helmet with it's ear/eye protection......Has worked for me up to my now 91st birthday. The Lord and my Guardian Angel have blessed me. And I work alone. Cheer, Mike
  13. oldballs

    Fuel costs !

    QT Eastern Kansas ....road diesel $3.68/gallon today 87 EtOh gas ......$2.87/gal
  14. oldballs

    Yanmar Grease Fittings

    .....and... my old pistol grip grease gun coupler doesn't seem to work well on some zerks#$%^&* in my experience.
  15. oldballs

    Questions about wood chipper on DK5310SE

    Here's what I put in myWC 68...running it on a 26 HP (19 at PTO) Kubota . The Woodland rep said my selection of a 5 gallon pail of ISO-46 was alright for my temperature range here in Kansas. That was July of 2019. BTW, I have put lots of hours on the machine with no issues chipping several...
  16. oldballs

    Status of Everything Attachments

    I've never posted anything about firearms on the Front Porch....What gives????
  17. oldballs

    Status of Everything Attachments

    I don't understand your comment....or is it for someone else??
  18. oldballs

    Status of Everything Attachments

    We used to get Travis to respond to inquiries here on TBN. Now that no one is responding, it makes me wonder ..... and I doubt that I would place any order if I was shopping for an attachment.
  19. oldballs

    Can I add anti-gel to my tractor

    All this antii-gel talk is making those old gasoline tractors look pretty good. Ah-h-h the good old days. Cheers, Mike
  20. oldballs

    Can I add anti-gel to my tractor

    Ah he**, On my three acre place here in Kansas, I deal with extreme temps high or low. And owning my Kubotas is probably a losing deal anyways. So I add PS to every 5 gallon of whatever comes out of the local pump. It doesn't cost me that much to prevent gelling issues....and maybe there is...
  21. oldballs

    B2650 vs B3350SUHSD

    Maybe you should consider whether a FEL or MMM is involved in the purchase now or later. Cheers, Mike
  22. oldballs

    B2301 Loader Fell Off !

    On my fairly new B2650, I helped a neighbor by spreading a pile of gravel that he bought for his driveway. I had used several different Kubotas doing such a chore around my place. Short story is that I had not mounted the FEL into the saddle properly. I noticed that it wasn't working quite...
  23. oldballs

    Woodchipper Recommendation

    For the average homeowner, I'd imagine that the WC68 would last one's lifetime. Cheers, Mike
  24. oldballs

    Banning a member

    I'm aware of being on only one TBN member's "ignore" list..........and I consider it an honor.:cry: Cheers, Mike
  25. oldballs

    how to best prepare garden from grass covered sod and weed seeds

    What Mo said. Gardening takes persistent work for results. I use a hoe quite a bit. It is peaceful and productive that way. Cheers, Mike
  26. oldballs

    Northern Tool Founder dies

    May he rest in peace......I've bought a lot of products from Northern tool and Hydraulics as i recall the original name.
  27. oldballs

    Air Compressor Performance

    My compressor is different than yours, but I know that I have run mine below 40 Deg F....with 40 weight oil Don't think that it did any still works OK. Just below 40 deg it is just slow getting up to speed. Yet, the increase in "fill time" might because of such wear and...
  28. oldballs

    Air Compressor Performance

    Being a newbee at compressors, if the run time is getting longer and longer does that mean the rings are wearing out? The owner manual says nothing about routine oil changes........It only recommends using 40 weight summer and 10 weight winter...non-detergent....which I never do since it is...
  29. oldballs

    Tachometer digital

    The digital dashboard on my 2018 Kubota sucks..... compared to the analog on my 2012 Kubota
  30. oldballs

    What teams will play in the next Superbowl?

    With all that's going on at our Southern border..........Pretty soon we won't (woke) know who's national anthem to play......... Me too........may not watch the Stupid Bowl. Mike
  31. oldballs

    Status of Everything Attachments

    Over the years I have bought 4 attachments from EA. I kinda did not like the prepayment idea, but went ahead with the order. Their shipment and service was satisfactory at that time. I can not address their recent issues, but hope they maintain their production and service. But, maybe...
  32. oldballs

    Fuel additives

    Thanks Lou.....I don't plan on having that senario....but was just curious. Cheers, Mike
  33. oldballs

    Fuel additives

    But, does the gelled fuel dissolve if the tractor sets unused until the ambient temperature rises sufficiently? I'm speaking of gelled diesel fuel that has not been treated with an antigel. Whence it would be safe to start the tractor.
  34. oldballs

    Fuel additives

    Will a gelled up diesel fuel turn back to liquid when the machine finally warms up on its own? Just wondering? I guess a tractor that sat all winter with gelled diesel fuel would be good to go when the temps came back up. ???
  35. oldballs

    lost nuts!

    Here I thought that I was the only victim of the magnetic bowl lost nut...........:rolleyes: Cheers, Mike
  36. oldballs

    Anyone go back to a flip phone?

    I connect (wire) the Canon (micro card?) to my computer and download them. They stay there until I want to post one. Sometimes I have trouble finding the one I want.......That's because I'm really not that skilled at this stuff. Cheers, Mike
  37. oldballs

    Anyone go back to a flip phone?

    Yep,....I have used the Canon "Powershot"ELPH 100 HS for years and it is the source of any pics that i post on TBN etc. Cheers, Mike
  38. oldballs

    Anyone go back to a flip phone?

    Maybe some of us are not really retarded.........but just so old that our eyes (AMD), fingers and patience are just about worn out. Cheers, Mike
  39. oldballs

    Anyone go back to a flip phone?

    Always have been on a Flip Phone....AT&T....cost me about $112 per year for use. Fits so nicely in the tool pocket of my dungarees....which is what I wear 99% of the time....and never falls out ...even working or running the tractor. P.S. Have y'all ever noticed how the smart phone folks...
  40. oldballs

    bar oil test

    I'm just a Home Owner.....that has cut a lot of dead Pine trees etc. I use the Year round blend in my nice saws....That's the least of my expenses as a DIY guy. I figure the Manufacturer know more about his saw and what's good for it than I do. Cheers, Mike
  41. oldballs

    T post removal

    I use one similiar to yours, but I don't remember paying $25 for it ( but that was several years ago). Getting on / off the tractor to move on to the next T-post is the most work when working alone. For few posts I can deal with it. But I wouldn't want to work alone if there were a lot...
  42. oldballs

    Kubota L4802 vs Mahindra 5145 - Kubota $10k more, less functional?

    What I've seen over the past 50 years that dealers, mergers, mechanics and sales people come and go. What looks good today may not be so tomorrow. Cheers, Mike
  43. oldballs

    Rear Ballast Weight DIY Build

    Thanks Eddie. Sounds like the Covid variables are more complex than the amount of ballast weight to shoot for.:unsure: Cheers, Mike
  44. oldballs

    Rear Ballast Weight DIY Build

    Eddie. This is off subject....but how come you got the Covid several times? I just got over my first/only bout of Covid. Never got the booster shot and hoped that my natural immunitywould protect me for a while??? Cheers, Mike
  45. oldballs

    2024 garden season

    Seeins as how I just turned 91 YO....I have to wait and see how I'm holding up come planting time. However, I did get the garden cleaned up from last year and cultivated. 🤞 832034 Cheers, Mike
  46. oldballs

    Tooth bar?

    How many 10 " tree stumps are you talking about??......If it's just 3-4 that would probably work. Myself, I use an axe for these small jobs. Cheers, Mike
  47. oldballs

    Status of Everything Attachments

    I wish them well in the settlement of the continue making top notch attchments. Never have I gotten the support in buying any product that Everything Attachments provided.......especially in their videos of attachments in action. Cheers, Mike
  48. oldballs

    Rear Ballast Weight DIY Build

    Are you sure that you need all that weight? Sometimes just a Back Blade, waterfilled Spiker, a loaded Carry-All, Tiller etc. is all that you need to feel safe and it's something that you already have and paid for. Just thinking.....:unsure: Cheers, Mike
  49. oldballs

    Tire Chains for Traction on Turf Tires - Areas Beyond Snow?

    As ruffdogg mentioned in post #3, the type of tires that the chains are mounted on makes a difference. On my R4's some of the ladders fall in the lug spaces and some ride over the lugs. Therein lies the bumpy ride in my case. On deep snow or soft ground, none of this makes any differance...
  50. oldballs

    James Webb Space Telescope begins historic mission

    There must be some good to come from all the technology involved and imagies ....but .....I can't grasp the significance of an infinity of psychodelic swirils and points of holes...and such . I already knew (learned) that God is infinite....and as far as I know, so is His...
  51. oldballs

    Tire Chains for Traction on Turf Tires - Areas Beyond Snow?

    You can say that ladder chains have a noticeable gap where the cam happen to lock.:(
  52. oldballs

    You Know You Are Old When

    I watched that on Christmas TCM........full of laughs..... Cheers, Mike
  53. oldballs

    You Know You Are Old When

    You know that you are old (not getting old) when you go to take a whizz and find that your zipper is already down. Cheers, Mike
  54. oldballs

    War and the Muses - Eleanor Roosevelt’s Prayer

    Undoubtedly Eleanor did lots of good works. However I'm not in favor of the "Two Fer" presidential combinations...such as the Clintons. My favorite First Lady was Harry Truman's. As far as I know, she stayed home and left running the country to the elected President. Cheers, Mike
  55. oldballs

    Tire Chains for Traction on Turf Tires - Areas Beyond Snow?

    I'd try it "as is".....until you get an idea how what you might need. Some time ago, I had a Kubota BX with turf tires and it worked just fine for my conditions and didn't even need chains in snow. Whereas a later Kubota B model with R4 tires wouldn't function at all in snow. That Kubota...
  56. oldballs

    Woodchipper Recommendation

    Oh, BTW, I've used the Woodland Mills WC68 for hours and hours now...since 2019. The machine has been trouble free. I've run mostly cedar, pine, redbud, poplar, walnut and some bush trimmings occasionally. Cheers, Mike
  57. oldballs

    Woodchipper Recommendation

    I think that feeding vines and smaller stuff works best if accompanied by some larger limbs etc. Cheers, Mike
  58. oldballs


    Here's a pic............. TACHREUSE]
  59. oldballs

    You "Road" Your Tractor?

    Around here, I hate to even mow the shoulder along the road..........The crazy azz drivers scare the bejebbies out of me as they whiz by on my dead end road. I've got up to the black top now and then to help a neighbor, but hate to drive even there....with flashers on an the SMV sign well...
  60. oldballs

    Neighbor's cattle in yard

    In 50 years here, I've had horses stop thru my strawberries, cattle stray thru the muddy areas leaving deep holes, had some pigs wander thru and even several buffalo, and sheep on the loose. Overall I either tried to help round 'em up or just let the neighbor take care of the situation...
  61. oldballs

    Pat's Quick Hitch and arms... slanting when lifting?

    Has anybody tried to contact the new owner of the PAT'S for a question? My attemps were reply. I needed some new springs. .... but it works with my repair anyway.
  62. oldballs

    Hi Richard, Missouri Roll Call ain't what it used to be . It is nice to see a post from...

    Hi Richard, Missouri Roll Call ain't what it used to be . It is nice to see a post from you now and then. Miss James and Triple R too. Been down with Covid the past week ,,,,,,but getting better. Cheers, Mike
  63. oldballs

    Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

    Yeah,,,,like KP duty..... peeling potatoes...firing the barracks coal stove.. :rolleyes: I was 9 years old on December 7th 1941.........I daily fly the flag in honor of all those from WWII right on to today. Cheers, Mike c
  64. oldballs

    Trashy Ads

    I just past a nasty add.........first one that I have noticed.
  65. oldballs

    Amerind Mackissic Mighty Mac shredder air leak at muffler

    I'd probably just ignore the leak, if it were me. Cheers, Mike
  66. oldballs

    Front anti-scalp wheel impacting stopper on front link causing wear

    See post #6.....and the pic in post #5..In the OP picture, the hook up is incorrect.......The "front link" is supposed to fit into the deck rceiver lowest notch. I never did quite understand what that other piece is supposed to do, but mount it as in post #6 picture. Cheers, Mike
  67. oldballs

    Box Blade Cultivator

    Since I never purchased a Dirt Devil type cultivator I've used my Box Blade some times. By dropping the rippers max and tilting up the box itself max, I can bust up the top 5-8 inches at the end of the garden season. The Dirt Devil type attachment would work better, but I'm running out of...
  68. oldballs

    Where Does Your "Handle" Come From?

    Being a really old guy and fairly new at computer handles and passwords etc., I tried to get on the TBN site. Seems like everything that I picked was already taken.....In the last attempt, I tried "oddball".....well that was already taken also. Then I stumbled on to "oldballs" by accident...
  69. oldballs

    Just got a new set of snow chains for my (new to me) tractor

    Looks about normal to me. Did the vendor ask the size of your tires when you ordered? I presume that they would get it right. Here's my fit
  70. oldballs

    Veteran Appreciation Thread

    6 years in the Army Reserves fullfilled my obligation...trained as a Medic and later as a Lab Technologist..discharged as SGT. Never got a D-214 and never ask anything from the government or business for my little contribution. Thanks to all past and present for your service. Cheers, Mike
  71. oldballs

    What size tractor can we get by with?

    I'd say that 25 HP in any of the colors metioned would serve your long as you can manuever in/out of the barn....HST of course. Cheers, Mike
  72. oldballs

    We're Back!

    Glad you fixed go to relaxation place. Cheers, Mike
  73. oldballs

    Market Watch

    How's this for Market local fuel station has raised the price of diesel 50 cents in the last couple at 4.70/gallon. Geeze, Mike
  74. oldballs

    What is This?

    That is my take on it to.
  75. oldballs

    Will UAW Strike?

    5030, you are a wealth of information on many subjects.......whether I like you or not........... as if you cared..........beat you to it. :ROFLMAO:
  76. oldballs

    Will UAW Strike?

    What's the gubermint being "broke" got to do with fiscal responsibility and a free market ? Cheers, Mike
  77. oldballs

    Will UAW Strike?

    GM needn't worry........The guberment will bail them out...AGAIN. No Cheers, Mike
  78. oldballs

    Will UAW Strike?

    I don't know how one gets a "degree" in CEO, but I think all of them make way to damned much money along with a bunch of college professors and politicians. Cheers, Mike
  79. oldballs

    WG24 stump grinder

    Make sure that the "ears" make a good fit in the Pat's such that the grinder was little wiggle room....or will be a source of excessive contortion.........Use some bushings if necessary. My WG24 fits on both my B2620 with a Quick Hitch (with bushings) and on the B2650 with PAT's and...
  80. oldballs

    Fed up with the garden

    Yep, Mother Nature has more to do with the harvest than we do....... sorry to hear of that crop failure...........but you'll be back next year. Cheers, Mike
  81. oldballs

    Will UAW Strike? you ever go to town in it?.....:unsure: Cheers, Mike
  82. oldballs

    Talk Me In/Out of the Stihl MS261

    Lots of TBN'ers know a heck of alot about chainsaws....a whole lot more that I do. But many of us home owner types know what works for us. I really learn and enjoy these discussions. Cheers, Mike
  83. oldballs

    Can we clean it up?

    I've often wondered what such discussions would be like without hiding behind the internet. Heck I've seen old ladies swear when talking about politics.....and they were in the church choir. :rolleyes: I've never gotten riled that much about these things. I just faithfully vote and do the...
  84. oldballs

    Midwest Gasoline to Spike $0.50-$1.00 Per gallon

    $4.40 for diesel at QT here in mid-central eastern Kansas. This summer I cut back on mowing my place (3 acres). Every other time I mow the whole place or just around the house. ... and let it get higher at that between mowings. There's no need for my place to look like Country Club Golf...
  85. oldballs

    Talk Me In/Out of the Stihl MS261

    Just a 3 acre homeowner myself....but my Farm Boss MS 290 is still serving me.....(although it is somtimes stubborn to start )...Later I treated myself to a MS 261 using a 20 inch bar.............and real happy with both. The 261 is easier to start. I leave a 16" bar on the Farm Boss...
  86. oldballs

    Can we clean it up?

    I generally don't mind the political comments or I just move on to another subject. Cheers, Mike
  87. oldballs

    Should I consider a diesel for residential?

    Are gasoline powered lawn mowers louder than a comparable diesel powered lawn mower? Seems like it to me. It seems like the gas powered varieties are screaming loud to do the job. Just wondering.... Cheers, Mike
  88. oldballs

    To fly Oct 1st you need "Real ID"

    All this ID crap only affects the ordinay US citizen. The terrorist and illegals have all the proper ID. Having been born and lived in the USA all my life, having served in the US Army (with no D-214) with the Honorable Discharge... I don't have but a ordinary Driver License.......and...
  89. oldballs

    skidding logs

    Just following this subject......I don't do much log dragging. ... It seems to me that there two different situations here......One is the use of a winch....Two is just dragging from the drawbar.........and maybe.... Three is an effort to keep the butt up out of the dirt per sawing. Safety...
  90. oldballs

    Storing Tractor in Garden Shed (double 3/4" floor)

    Maybe the decision rests on how long the structure's use is predicted or/and how much one wants to invest in it. And, of course, all of us never build one "big enough" in the long run. In my case (at 85 YO), I invested in one of those canvas type structure sitting on gravel.....and eight...
  91. oldballs

    Suitcase Weight opinions for a L2501DT

    Would filling the front tires be an answer? Cheers, Mike
  92. oldballs

    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    Had some nice rains well spaced this mid summer.........but's dry now......and.....the real heat is gone too.....nice and cool mornings and daytime highs in low eighties. Been hung up with medical issues and hate to miss these good working outdoor in eastern mid Kansas...
  93. oldballs

    Fed up with the garden

    My garden did fine until this 100Deg heat hit. Early on I said to myself ,,," I'm not going to water out of this". So now, it is pretty much burned up. But early on I had a great melon crop and the other stuff too. It was worth it. Would iike to start a Fall Garden but just ain't up to...
  94. oldballs

    Are people lazy, don’t know how to help or scared of liability.

    You are right about that, my figures are outdated........ But we do have better water pressure and and a fire hydrant too. Cheers, Mike
  95. oldballs

    Are people lazy, don’t know how to help or scared of liability.

    Here is sort of an example: When we (I) moved out here about 50 years ago, we were in a Rural Water District....with small lines and not much pressure. Then the suburban sprall came along and our district was taken over by a big company. The old rural district had one man for maintenance...
  96. oldballs

    Driveway weed clearing

    That sounds like the best solution....for now and years to come.....TractorSupply might be another source. They run off of your tractor battery......never had one myself. My big ole 55 gallon sprayer runs off of a gasoline engine...which is more expense and maintenance issues. It works great...
  97. oldballs

    Driveway weed clearing

    How long/wide is your gravel driveway?'s been my experience that if the gravel is packed......just leave it alone and don't blade it unless it is really necessary.....because a heavy rain will start washing the gravel around. I can do my 75 x 30 foot gravel driveway with about 2...
  98. oldballs

    PTO Chipper Advice -- maneuverability and center of gravity concerns

    According to my notes from a phone call, the flywheel weight of my WoodlandMills WC-68 is 80 lbs. ?? Just used mine last week to clean up the wind storm damage of the past month.
  99. oldballs

    Shredder Vacs... Good, Bad or Ugly???

    It seems to me that the shredder/bagger units that you are considering sure would not be worth buying because they wouldn't hold much bag volume. In such small volumes a small plain old rake and ones' hands plus a plastic bag would be as effective ... Maybe not??? Cheers, Mike
  100. oldballs

    How to kill MOLES!

    I agree with Dave above. I use an older style piercing model of trap and have been very successful with them. I set as many as 12 traps at a time if necessary. Cheers, Mike
  101. oldballs

    PTO Chipper Advice -- maneuverability and center of gravity concerns

    I'm repeating myself...........but....... the heavy rear PTO chippers make the front end really light when moving from place to place.........Thus some kind of ballast on the front end such a FEL makes the tractor more stable when moving from place to place. This is especially noticeable on...
  102. oldballs

    Chipper knife sharpening for dry wood?

    I've run a MacKissic tow behind model SC1650 for the past 15 years. Most of the feed is wind blown limbs of Sycamore, Soft Maple and various garden cuttings. I've never set the chipping blade to anything but the OE manual spec...with an occasional hand touch up....In fact , I don't think the...
  103. oldballs

    Fed up with the garden

    My melon patch is looking good for the first picking.......
  104. oldballs

    PTO Chipper Advice -- maneuverability and center of gravity concerns

    Maybe he was looking at the shipping weight??? Cheers, Mike
  105. oldballs

    PTO Chipper Advice -- maneuverability and center of gravity concerns

    I found that having the FEL mounted (low) when using my Woodland Mills WC68 on my B2620 or B2650 incheases the stability of moving the tracotr/chipper around from place to place. Cheers, Mike
  106. oldballs

    Tractorbynet Malware WorldPress

    I'm getting the WordPress here and can only get on the site by google.????? I thought it was something that I did in my ineptitude with computers... Cheers, Mike
  107. oldballs

    Dealer Prep Time on New Tractor

    As a newly married young man, I soon learned that if screwing it up is the name of the game.......I can do that all by myself without any help....the beginning of my DIY life style.:rolleyes:
  108. oldballs

    Fed up with the garden

    Don,,,,,,,do you really think that your hunting skills are going to keep out a mob of starving people? Lots of luck on that if the chit hits the fan.:ROFLMAO: And like one of the other posters ......if that happens I don't want to be around anyway. IMHO. And like Paul Newman said in a...
  109. oldballs

    John Deere 2025r or Kubota lx2610

    My first experience with a "tractor" as a newbie was in 2009 with a BX2660....a work horse for sure. But, IIRC, it was a two range HST. It was squealing in low or lugging in high to mow my place. Went to a 2012 B2620, also have a 2018 B2650 and have been happy ever since......... BTW...
  110. oldballs

    Fed up with the garden

    Since I have lived on this 3 acres for about 50 years, I have developed fencing to keep out the deer, squirrels and rabbits. It also inhibits the possums and coons. But they can climb the fencing...thus I trap them. The past few years I have reduced my planting to one garden that is about...
  111. oldballs

    Fed up with the garden

    With some luck and good doctors you can be back in the garden year. I had some health issues the past couple years, but allowed myself to "heal" and then ease back into the manual labor aspects of living alone and DIY attitude. Of course I don't plant 10 lbs lbs of seed...
  112. oldballs

    Fed up with the garden

    Yep......... hoeing in the morning until the sun starts beating down on one will do that. So far, things are looking pretty good. This area of eastern Kansas has had some evenly spaced rain. Cheers, Mike
  113. oldballs

    Fed up with the garden

    At over 90 YO, I can say that gardening is a way of life........a hobby maybe..........a cash losing deal however. Each year of late, I debate whether I want to garden.......but .....I always come back to it. There is a lot of sweat and grief dealing with the weather, one's health, the...
  114. oldballs

    emojis Don't Respond

    How come I can't bring up the "emojis" when posting? :rolleyes: There! Now I found out how ..Thanks Cheers, Mike
  115. oldballs

    Dealer Prep Time on New Tractor

    I don't remember how long it took to see 1st delivery of my 2018 B2650 (bought off the lot without attachments) But it took five trips back to the dealer to get the missing bolts and other stock parts right (MMM & FEL). One time I trailered the damned thing back myself and was so pissed off...
  116. oldballs

    John Deere 2025r or Kubota lx2610

    The specs on the Kubota LX2610 out rank the specs of the JD2025 in all cateories as I compare them. One category is the three range transmission. Don't know about the price comparison....nor the dealer support....especially in the shop/service mechanics. New units seldom need servicing...
  117. oldballs

    St. Joseph Island Tractor Trot

    Gee Whillikers Pay......I think you are hooked!:D Enjoyed the pics. Mike
  118. oldballs

    Tomorrow will be a 3-bra day!

    I just hang my "clothes" on a door knob, kitchen drawer, back of chair etc. Next day I recycle 'em. ...good for several days work.....Mother Nature never complains about my demeanor/smell. I can do this because .... my wife has passed on......and now live in a "man cave".:rolleyes: Cheers...
  119. oldballs

    St. Joseph Island Tractor Trot

    Happy ride Pay. Cheers, Mike
  120. oldballs

    trail clearing technique and tools

    Good Posts usual... "Thanks". I do a fair amount of work with a Stihl handlebar brush cutter. My right hand goes numb routinely....sometimes it wakes me up at night with pain. But pain comes with old age and I just live with it and without any pill medicines either. Just...
  121. oldballs

    Viet Nam Memorial

    The history of "war" has taught mankind a lot about the human body/mind. My specialty was the procurement, processing and use of blood and blood products...along with being a medic. I can thank the Vietnam vets for their service.......but ......being over 90 YO.....I have lost track of...
  122. oldballs

    My Place: a CAT, Mahindra, and Ducks

    Well, at least, you didn't blame it on your dog.😇 P.S. It's gett hot up here also....about 89 right now. Cheers, Mike
  123. oldballs

    hydraulic oil life

    There's a country song that says "What was I thinking?" :unsure: Cheers, Mike
  124. oldballs

    My Place: a CAT, Mahindra, and Ducks

    Hi Brandi, When I do things like that.............I say..."I can't believe I did that"!!!! Of course, now I can blame it on old age. :oops: No response required....... Cheers, Mike
  125. oldballs

    hydraulic oil life

    rScotty............I hate you;) You wnat to take all of the fun out of doing the hydraulic oil change...:ROFLMAO:
  126. oldballs

    DPF and Emission Controls vs Models

    It is my understanding that anything over the 26 HP has the DPF etc. Thus all the BX models and the 26 HP models of the "B" series and the L2501/L2502 don't have the DPF. Neither of my B2620 (2012) nor the B2650(2018) have the DPF etc. I'm real happy about that! Cheers, Mike
  127. oldballs

    Orange and Blue

    Life is good up yonder. Cheers, Mike
  128. oldballs

    TruFuel 50-1or Stihl 50-1 or Red Armor 50-1??

    Why's that?
  129. oldballs

    Name Brand on tools

    I just bought a Nicholson 14 " mill bastard file.........It looks "good" but was made in Brazil....if that makes any differance.
  130. oldballs

    Anyone used a tiller to remove topsoil for driveway?

    Been there....done that.........It was especially nice to have that topsoil piled up for later use. But ....750 feet is going to be a lot of work and a lot of topsoil. Cheers, Mike
  131. oldballs

    Can someone point me to good Ford F150 forums?

    FTE membeer for over 20 years...........The place to go. Cheers, Mike
  132. oldballs

    Hour Meter

    Do we get fined when the meter goes off....kinda like a parking meter? :unsure: Cheers, Mike
  133. oldballs

    PTO driven stump grinder

    I have the Woodland Mills Stump Grinder since 2017. But I'm not in the business of grinding stumps. ...Just do some around my place and the neighbors (for free). I'm happy with the grinder and the WM support. What to buy obviously depends on ones goals and dollars. Have done around...
  134. oldballs

    Kubota UDT or gear lube for front axle case

    What all of the above said..........says me. Maybe UDT2 would be the best if your tractor is used in a cold climate quite a bit. Cheers, Mike
  135. oldballs

    Kubota B3200 tiller stops PTO

    Here's a random thought without much mechanical background.....Did a roll pin fall out on the PTO shaft/tiller side?Unless you were really abusive to the tractor, I doubt there is a problem on the tractor side. Cheers, Mike
  136. oldballs

    Attaching Kubota mmm RCK54-23BX to BX2380

    Yep, I thought of that....after....I posted. It's been 13 years since I owned a BX model........ Now what? Darned if I know........except using plenty of lubricant and maybe some old gloves for grip. Cheers, Mike .............
  137. oldballs

    Attaching Kubota mmm RCK54-23BX to BX2380

    I just lay down on my back and slide head first under the rear end with the proper magnification glasses on. Sometimes I wear some old cotton gloves to get a better grip. I'm over 90 YO, 5'2" 140 lbs. Cheers, Mike
  138. oldballs

    Wheel barrow tires?

    Yep, I've drilled many a hole with my auger type PHD. If I had more than "many", I'd probably get a powered one.:giggle: It is kept sharp, didn't cost much, is stored away easily and is ready to go for small jobs. Cheers, Mike
  139. oldballs

    Wheel barrow tires?

    I still find the wheelbarrow (it is now 60 YO) a handy tool. With lots of Osage Orange around my place the thorns kept my air filled tires a flat. I tried inner tubes for awhile, but finally settled for the solid tire....and yes....the ride isn't as smooth as the air filled especially on rogh...
  140. oldballs

    Stihl ms290 not oiling enough

    IIRC, there is a oil adjustment screw on the underside of the MS 290 body. Cheers, Mike
  141. oldballs

    Loader Old man and tree

    Hydraulic Pole Saw/////////// didn't know there is such a thing. Looks quite handy for big jobs. Alas, I'll still be standing with my traditional Gas Pole Saw.....but it gets heavier every year.:mad: Cheers, Mike
  142. oldballs

    recommendations on good, quality fertilizer spreader for residential use

    I've had several years' use out of an Earthway spreader.......It is still in good shape having spread many bags of fertilizer and some lime. Depending on how hardy I feel, I load it to the level that I can push it at a steady rate of walking. Cheers, Mike
  143. oldballs

    Kubota B2620 LA364 Loader Control Lever sticking

    what Thomas said.....and....welcome to TBN. Cheers, Mike ....
  144. oldballs

    Echo chipper shredder good/bad

    I don't anything about Echo products. But you might take a look at the MacKissic chipper/shredder products to fill your needs. I've use their MightyMac for about 15 years with good results and customer service. Cheers, Mike
  145. oldballs

    Amazing how much a little tractor can do

    My first "tractor" was a Kubota BX2660 in 2009. I too was truly amazed at what it could lift or scoop or dig or mow....and with no issues. Cheers, Mike
  146. oldballs

    Pine cones everywhere! Any automated pickup ideas?

    I was also wondering if a leaf blower would corral the pine cones so that they could be shoveled up. That wouldn't cost much in time or money. And "yes", a Cyclone Rake should do it.....but quite expensive. When I had a lot of full grown Pine trees, I used a Pine Needle Rake to gather up...
  147. oldballs

    My Place: a CAT, Mahindra, and Ducks

    Thanks for the hugs............ Am blessed with good nuf health to work outside most of this day..........collecting downed limbs/stix, garden and flower bed prunings from recent high winds...and burning the stack. This winter was mild except one cold spell that dipped way down to your...
  148. oldballs

    My Place: a CAT, Mahindra, and Ducks

    That is a beautiful piece of creation. Cheers, Mike
  149. oldballs

    Back to watching black and white TV

    I get Grit TV on my rabbit ear 50 year old TV set....about 14 inch screen. Lot's of westerns that I have never seen still showing. It's my relaxing time in the evening....about 2 hours. BTW.....don't have and don't want cable TV Cheers, Mike
  150. oldballs

    Cleaning lawn of branches

    "That's good enough" is my old age goal in life............(y) Cheers, Mike
  151. oldballs

    Chipper recommendation

    Over the past 14 years I have bought both the MacKissic chipper/shredder (model SC1650 HTE) and the Woodland Mills (WC68). I've found both machines to be effiecient when used as designed. And I have found that one or the other machine fills my particular job needs. Also, both companies...
  152. oldballs

    Stump Grinding

    Thanks Rj.......Guess.....I better start looking over my left shoulder....must be my dislexia. Here's a pic of doing it the "hard way".....until I can hook up the grinder..... Cheers, Mike
  153. oldballs

    Stump Grinding

    My old brain and eyes get confused easily. Let's see............I'm sitting on the tractor seat......I look over my right shoulder......Now start grinding on the right side of the stump. Seems like I got confused when I first got my stump grinder several years ago. Haven't ground many...
  154. oldballs

    Cleaning lawn of branches

    Now that you mention it, I too, used to use my little pea pickers (4) to pick the stix....when we lived in the city. But that was a long time ago. .... paid them really well too........0.01 cents per stix.:D Cheers, Mike
  155. oldballs

    Cleaning lawn of branches

    Here's my routine.... On the "front yard" of my three acres, many Sycamore, Soft Maple, Black Walnut trees drop lots of stix/limbs just like the OP. The trees are about 50 years old. Also, my place has Cedars and Pines along the property line on three sides also about 50 years old.....and...
  156. oldballs

    After years of hand filing, went and bought myself an Oregon chain grinder

    Happiness is a sharp chain and a chainsaw that starts up right away. :) I've had my Oregon around 15 years and leave it set up in the basement all the time. Cheers, Mike
  157. oldballs

    Anyone have a solution to eradicating moles ??

    As in post number #2, I use the Victor Spike model......Only I set 12 of them at a time as a rule until the population thins out. The other suggestions as to placement are also my experience. \\But I have never figured out why there are a plague of moles some years and hardly any in other...
  158. oldballs

    What teams will play in the next Superbowl?

    Due to my medical conditions I never got the chains or the back blade on the Kubota...... So far, there wasn't enough snow to need 'em anyway. ,,,my next favorite team is the GREENBAY PACKERS Cheers to Richard & All TBN'ers ....Gotta go now to my Lady friend house for the KC Chiefs TV...
  159. oldballs

    What teams will play in the next Superbowl?

    I'll be watching the Chiefs parade on the TV. I don't expect the fans to riot or set the town on fire. It will be chilly today, but no rain like yesterday and no snow like tomorrow. No school for the kids today. Hum-m-m. Chees, Mike
  160. oldballs

    PTO shaft shield

    Yeah....and then the plastic tabs break off....sometimes....anyway. ☹️
  161. oldballs

    What teams will play in the next Superbowl?

    Youse guys tickle me........ GO CHIEFS Cheers, Mike
  162. oldballs

    What to use Carry-All for (other than carry-all)

    Like one of EdGooding's pics.......I've found that the Carry-All is handy as a seat at just the right height for my short butt to rest while having a coffee break and some donuts while also using it for the chainsaw, oil, fuel, helmet, gloves, wedges and some rope..... Cheers, Mike
  163. oldballs

    Saving a 5g fuel can

    I guess storing a slowly leaking gasoline can in an open shed would not be real dangerous.......except for smokers....but.........if there is some doubt..........I'd THROW IT OUT. Cheers, Mike
  164. oldballs

    What to use Carry-All for (other than carry-all)

    I used to take off my Carry-All after each task...........But have since found that it is used more often by just leaving it on all the time....... and it does serve as a limited ballast for light duty usage...... or....readily loaded with weight for more ballast. BTW, I do have the luxury of...
  165. oldballs

    Kubota New Pricing

    I think Richard forgot tomention the six-pack of Budweiser :ROFLMAO: Cheers, Mike
  166. oldballs

    Saving a 5g fuel can

    I'd try JB weld the instructions first....clean the surface involved.....maybe try doing inside and the outside. But some other method might be better. Hum-m-m...getting something "inside" the can could be a challenge. cheers, Mike
  167. oldballs

    Kubota New Pricing

    I wish that I had bought your fuel caddy..JY. And it cost less than the 12 volt set up that I purchased a couple years ago. Cheers, Mike
  168. oldballs

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Yeah, I have a grandson that is a straight A ....scholarship jerk........and doesn't know whether he is a boy or a girl.......go figure???
  169. oldballs

    Middle Buster/Potato Harvester for sub-compact Kubota

    Here's some pics that might be helpful............What oldnslo said too........Later on I moved up to a B2620 that has more ground clearance....the last pic. First pic is a BX2660. Cheers, Mike
  170. oldballs

    Where do you store your filled fuel containers?

    I've been storing approx 20 gallons of Power Service treated diesel and 10 gallons of Stabil treated ethanol free gasoline in an unheated shed about 75 feet from the house. The containers sit up off the ground on wooden skids, covered with a tarp to keep bird crap etc. off of everything and...
  171. oldballs

    Engine Oil

    I'm going on 14 years of owing 3 brand new Kubotas and just use Kubota brand 10W30 for my climate as advised in the OE manual. Heck, those Kubotas are going to be around a lot longer than me. Cheers, Mike
  172. oldballs

    Locked in the Car and Unable to get Out - Food for Thought

    Lordy..Lordy....What model car was that?
  173. oldballs

    Error correction

    Yeah .....and fence posts too. Cheers, Mike
  174. oldballs

    What teams will play in the next Superbowl?

    That is ......if they weren't food for the lions........."Christiani ad leones".
  175. oldballs

    Error correction

    I don't know about "redirecting" it, but I have done it with steel cable around the trunk (something that wont fray when dragging the butt thru the dirt). Then a long rope about four times the height of the tree....attached to my F-250. Cheers, Mike
  176. oldballs

    Is there any way to slow down 3PH?

    How's this for a guess...........Maybe cut back on the throttle (engine rpm) before you raise the attachment. Cheers, Mike
  177. oldballs

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I never lived for retirement. I was happy to stay out of serious not beholden to any employer...enjoy whatever i did for a living which included several occupations. When I reached 65 I looked forward to doing some fishing, maybe take up wood working or even go deer hunting...
  178. oldballs

    What's this called?

    Sounds like a good plan.........I hope that old satellite dish is a "Direct-TV" dish.:censored: Cheers, Mike
  179. oldballs

    What's this called?

    I don't know what to call it, but that clevis looks too high to be safe for hoisting much weight. .... maybe a good way to flip the tractor? What do Y'All think? Cheers, Mike
  180. oldballs

    Torque Wrench Suggestions

    I believe in proper torque. But have never thought it necessary for my 60 years of draining oil on my own cars, tractors or trucks. Seem like one just has to have a feel for these things. Same goes for many other applications...except for rebuilding and engine maybe. As I have gotten older...
  181. oldballs

    LX2610 and Landpride WC1504 wood chipper

    I've been running a Woodland Mills WC 68 for several years with both a B2620 and B2650 Kubota. They have 19 HP & 19.5 HP at the PTO. Both tractors handle my assorted trees/brush just fine....not feeding limbs over 4 inches however. Cheers, Mike
  182. oldballs

    Getting too old to step up 22”

    You got me beat cuz I won't be 91 for 10 months.........But I don't need no step up...... yet least for the B2620. The B2650 has a step already built in and I do use it. Being 5'2'' and trim means that I don't have much to lift.:ROFLMAO: To get into the back of my F-250, I just...
  183. oldballs

    Who's had cataract surgery? Feedback wanted.

    At 88 I had catract surgery....with distance lens and stigmatism correction....did both eyes and cost me a bundle. However my Macular degeneration set in after that and my vision is poor as to distortion and blank spots. The cataract surgery was quite helpful however. Now, I'm getting shots...
  184. oldballs

    What made this lawn damage?

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned turkeys. That was my first thought. Have had them around here now and then. But their holes are not quite that deep. Cheers, Mike
  185. oldballs

    Bar grove and cover cleaning tool

    Darn it......I've never thought about cleaning out the rigid Stihl plastic cover........Hum-m-m- Cheers and Happy New Year. Mike
  186. oldballs

    Bar grove and cover cleaning tool

    I use a rigid copper wire of 12 gauge etc. to make a good bar grove cleaning tool.
  187. oldballs

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Thanks for the Happy New Year wishes.....even from up here in Kansas......... Mike
  188. oldballs

    Best method to clean older 5 gal. Diesel cans (plastic)

    I just cleaned four (4) of those 5 gallon red metal Jerry Jugs ( WWII Style) that had been used to store diesel fuel. They are about 40-50 years old. There was some rust in the bottom too. I swished some gasoline thru them several times and sat them in the sun to "dry out". But the next...
  189. oldballs

    Ford Superduty 6.2 questions?

    I'm a really old guy with a F250 1999 SuperDuty. I haven't been there recently, but you could try this site FTE...i.e. Ford Truck Enthusiast. Lots of good forms there. Cheers, Mike
  190. oldballs

    Kubota B3030 HST peddle not returning to neutral and creeping

    Sound like something I'd do......Oh Well..........It's fixed now. Cheers, Mike
  191. oldballs


    Thank You Mike Farm... That was quite a read and quite helpful. Cheers, Mike
  192. oldballs


    Well, "Thanks" you all. It's one thing to Google the thing to ask one's doctor..... But it is nice to hear from those that actually have one....or have good info about them. Danged if Iknow. Cheers, Mike
  193. oldballs


    I'm having an Ablation is a few days and there is some talk of needing a Pacemaker at that time. Do any of you know whether one can still use a Chainsaw...Polesaw, Brush cutter....or run vaious gasoline powered equipment like.....Chippers....etc.??? Cheers, Mike
  194. oldballs

    Roy Jackson has died.

    It's been my experience that some only use the funeral home for an obit......and never have it placed in the local newspaper. If one can find the funeral home, it may be posted there for on-line viewing.
  195. oldballs

    Roy Jackson has died.

    May Roy Rest In Peace. He always was helpful, but not argumentative. Maybe his last days in Vermont were what he had hoped for.
  196. oldballs

    Check your trees for hazards

    It's one thing to have a widow make, dead branch fall out of a tree...........and it's another to have one explode out of the clear blue and come crashing down in your front yard. I had been near by raking walnuts just the day before that Sycamore 6 in ch branch came down. Guess it wasn't...
  197. oldballs

    Check your trees for hazards

    Just happened in my front yard a couple weeks ago.......
  198. oldballs

    Jacking a B3200

    What he said...........
  199. oldballs

    Anyone else seeing signs of an early winter?

    It's crazy right now in eastern Kansas.....suppose to get down to 22 deg F tonight .....yet be up to 80 deg by Saturday. Fall rain. I'm glad that I didn't do any Fall seeding ....what with the price of seed and diesel. Guess there is no "sign" of an early winter. Cheers, Mike