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  1. dusty3030

    Status of Everything Attachments

    Website still up, still allows you to add to cart and proceed to checkout. Of course I didn't make the purchase but still..
  2. dusty3030

    Chert driveway

    Depends on your location. Chert you can get here in west TN doesn't hold very well, it washes but it's cheap so people use it. Put crushed limestone on top of it and it holds fine.
  3. dusty3030

    Vented non fuel jugs.

    They are awesome. I use them for gas and diesel. They hold up well and you can get spare parts when things wear.
  4. dusty3030

    2001 tc40

    It's a dry clutch. Sounds like it's slipping or worn out as said above. What is the free play now?
  5. dusty3030

    8’ dual spindle chopper - should I get a 3pt or pull type?

    I prefer a pull - keeps tail from wagging the dog
  6. dusty3030

    Cx2510 factory 3rd function, rear remote question.

    PB from loader valve to 3rd function valve. 3rd function valve has a PB port that runs to rear remotes. Rear remotes power beyond feed 3pt valve then 3pt valve dumps to tank. That is the sequence for just about any open center hydraulics in a tractor like yours.
  7. dusty3030

    orange tractor talks

    He got banned on OTT so I guess this thread struck a nerve?
  8. dusty3030

    Coolant flush procedure issue

    Sounds like you might have some air in there. You drained the old coolant already and are flushing with clean water and radiator flush if I'm reading correctly. When you drained it did you drain out the radiator and the block? There is a block drain just forward of the oil fill cap.
  9. dusty3030

    Coolant flush procedure issue

    When you say the block gets hot, how are you measuring the temp? What does the temp gauge on the dash indicate? It takes awhile to get a diesel that isn't under load to warm up and open up the thermostat. Infrared thermometer would be helpful for you to see what the temp actually is before you...
  10. dusty3030

    How Many Have More Than One Tractor?

    Arkansas and Tennessee
  11. dusty3030

    How Many Have More Than One Tractor?

    I'm spread out between 2 states. Multiple machines make sense versus hauling all the time.
  12. dusty3030

    Veteran Appreciation Thread

    Sgt USMC 1991-1999. Probably would have stayed in but at that time they were drawing forces down so no reenlistment bonus in '99. Took my DD214 and GI Bill to college. Wouldn't trade those years for anything.
  13. dusty3030

    DK 55 Rear Remote Dust Caps

    Should be 1/2” ag style
  14. dusty3030

    PTO on 8N won’t attach to mower shaft. My 8N PTO has a kind of slight flange around it that keeps the u-joint from sliding on enough to engage the

    Don't grind anything, don't buy anything expensive. What you need is an over-running coupler / clutch. 1. Will help keep the momentum of the mower blades from "driving" the tractor when you throttle down. 2. Will allow you to make your connection. Example over-running coupler
  15. dusty3030

    Little fire at my in-laws

    Positive side that fire in the woods will be good for the wildlife. I'm still kicking myself a little for not buying one of those trucks at an auction one time. It was a Mississippi forestry commission truck pre emissions and low miles / hours. I flinched because it didn't have air conditioning...
  16. dusty3030

    Titan Stump Bucket Sale - not so much

    There were two Titans. Both in TN. Not affiliated with each other. The one that is more reputable changed name to Ironcraft and their stuff is carried by many dealers across the country. The other that primarily goes by sells consumer direct out of a warehouse outside of...
  17. dusty3030

    JD2555 owner and shop manual

    Look under the hood and see if it has a turbo. If it has the turbo I'm 99% sure it is the synchro 8 speed dry clutch transmission. If no turbo it should be the non synchro 8 speed dry clutch. The collar shift is the non synchro. There was a deluxe and a standard version of the tractor if I...
  18. dusty3030

    Fluids for T474HC?

    You feel better about yourself now. The red indicator is fuzzy it looks like it has fluid in it but so is the rest of the picture to me. New hydro fluid is straw to almost clear so I can’t tell by a picture. Also welcome to my ignore list.
  19. dusty3030

    Fluids for T474HC?

    I can’t tell by the pictures when I zoom in I can’t see them well enough. Auto parts store will have some inexpensive dye you could add to verify or the dipstick idea.
  20. dusty3030

    Fluids for T474HC?

    What you added didn’t drain out hardly any. You maybe would have used a 1/2 pint or pint at most . Your level on sight glass or dipstick wouldn’t have moved enough to notice. You’re most likely overfull
  21. dusty3030

    My dog's not doing well

    Sorry to hear. Hope your buddy recovers soon.
  22. dusty3030

    Looking to purchase a 2305 JD with bucket and backhoe

    The housing around the rear pto shaft is thin and prone to shatter if pushed in like when you have a sticky or frozen up pto shaft that isn't sliding like it should. Also I believe there are u joints on the drive shaft that are hidden that never gets lubed that can be a problem.
  23. dusty3030

    Buying Advice First tractor

    Ford / Chevy / Ram Hotdogs with ketchup/ ketchup on hotdogs is heresy Ginger/ Mary Anne Tastes great/ Less filling
  24. dusty3030

    Just found out people are paying $30K for L2502

    The thing we don't take into consideration is you can't equate the dollar difference between makes as directly proportional to quality differences. You have to factor in the reality of a global economy. The relationship of the US dollar and South Korean won gives a US buyer more buying power...
  25. dusty3030

    HELP!! I don't speak Hydraulicese

    Take the ones from TSC back. They are super proud of theirs anyway. Here is an example of what you need from Discount Hydraulic. 1/2" Ag style 1/2" NPT Set 1/2" NPT Male to 1/2" BSP male adapter
  26. dusty3030

    Grapple Heavy Grapple on Kubota L47?

    L47 TLB, not the L4701 tractor. L47
  27. dusty3030

    Just arrived and hour meter is broken

    Great advice, hope the original poster reads it.
  28. dusty3030

    Just arrived and hour meter is broken

    Selling dealer is taking the tractor back no problem. The whole issue that started the thread is settled.
  29. dusty3030

    New battery not starting tractor

    My guess is you fried a battery cable / cable end. If one is super stiff and kind of cracks or insulation cracks off if you try to bend it then that's likely your culprit.
  30. dusty3030

    Just arrived and hour meter is broken

    Have you considered a full sized used backhoe? Buy it, use it for the grunt work then sell it for what you paid for it. If you're moving dirt and you are looking for a jack of all trades / master of none a full sized 4wd construction backhoe with a 4 in 1 bucket is about as versatile for a one...
  31. dusty3030

    3 Point Hitch Not Raising All The Way

    The o rings on the piston on these are known to wear and leak internally. Fortunately can be replaced from the top you just need to remove seat to get to everything.
  32. dusty3030

    Just arrived and hour meter is broken

    Bought it then it took a minute for it to get delivered. Not a local purchase as I read it.
  33. dusty3030

    Just arrived and hour meter is broken

    Original poster has posted in this thread dozens of times. Short version- bought a tractor unseen. Gets it shipped to him. Uses it some and realizes hour meter doesn’t work. Makes the mistake of posting about it on TBN. Did I miss anything?
  34. dusty3030

    Hi-CO Rotary Mower 60in, PTO and shaft spinning but blades not

    99% likely you sheared the shear bolt. That is what it's supposed to do it's a fuse to protect the cutter from breaking something. Just google rotary cutter shear bolt and you'll figure it out. It will be a bolt that goes perpendicular through the coupling where the PTO shaft attaches to the...
  35. dusty3030

    does anyone recognize this engine?

    “Needs carb cleaned”
  36. dusty3030

    Thoughts on towing this with what we currently have

    Cue up emissions and real farmer rant and go…
  37. dusty3030

    New Tractor

    The MX5400 on the 10’ would be a no. The Deere would be fine with it.
  38. dusty3030

    DK5310SE Safety Switch Issue

    My only advice is to think digital and not analog as you diagnose. All the safety switches report back to the ecm and the ecm decides whether or not to complete ground to start relay circuit in order to start. Ignition switch completes hot leg but start is inhibited by ecm through ground leg on...
  39. dusty3030

    New Tractor

    Kubota equivalent would be a M6060, but the Deere still heavier and out specs it a little in hydraulics.
  40. dusty3030

    Rear remote operating lever stiffness - adjustable?

    I'm not too sure on that tractor that they even have cables. According to parts diagram I looked at the levers are connected directly to the valves. Original poster look at the valve body itself in the rear and see how they are connected. No adjustment that I could think of. If working it back...
  41. dusty3030

    Is a Kubota L6060 (60hp) strong enough to run an 8' brush chopper?

    An 8’ twin is a hell of a lot easier to run than a 7’ single. Your tractor would run a 8’ wonderfully. I personally prefer a pull type.
  42. dusty3030

    Mahindra Universal Tractor Fluid Equivalent

    It's made by TYM. TYM owners say that TYM recommends this: Travller UTF There is also this if you want branded Rotella UTF If you have a Deere dealer nearby the HyGard is a great recommendation as well.
  43. dusty3030

    third function

    Open center hydraulic system. It runs in a series. Whatever is first in the series gets the priority of flow. If something upstream is being used anything downstream has to wait it's turn. If the thing upstream isn't using all the available flow the next thing downstream may work simultaneously...
  44. dusty3030

    I ordered a couple of threaded fittings came in a week or less later from them last month. No issues. Ordered on 8/8 received on 8/14
  45. dusty3030

    A Dumb Question About Lift Arms and Rear Hydraulics (Bobcat CT230)

    Normal in an open center system. The valve you are running the splitter with comes before the 3pt in your hydraulic circuit. After the fluid passes through the splitter it is going directly to the tank and not the 3pt.
  46. dusty3030

    Kioti NS310H HST Transmission Filter?

    One is on suction side before the pump the other is on pressure side before the HST.
  47. dusty3030

    Grapple EA Everything Attachments WICKED 55 Root Rake Grapple

    I've got a wicked grapple from EA, and I love it. Everyone on here that gets one loves it. You seem unreasonable to me. They obviously aren't giving you a warm and fuzzy so do you and them a favor and don't buy it.
  48. dusty3030

    3rd valve on John Deere 4000 series

    How handy are you mechanically?
  49. dusty3030

    trailering your utility tractors

    Aww heck. When I replied I was going off thread title with "utility tractor" ie bigger tractor. For your GC good ratchet straps are fine.
  50. dusty3030

    trailering your utility tractors

    Chains and binders, one at each corner (4 total). Any attachment on the 3pt another chain or heavy ratchet strap depending on what it is.
  51. dusty3030

    Kioti factory assembly vid

    Daedong OE filters are orange, they are not Fram nor Fram made.
  52. dusty3030

    Kubota M5660SUHD caught on fire (60hrs)!

    You ever thought about your dealer was trying to get this tractor totaled out since it was their understanding you had it insured? For those that missed it let's review the facts of this thread. The original poster borrowed money from Kubota to buy this tractor. Less than a year into the 48...
  53. dusty3030

    For Sale Add Definitions

    Kabota for sale. Don't lowball me, I know what I got. Don't know how to read and write but I know what I got.
  54. dusty3030

    Used 4052m or new DK6010

    Sweet you'll enjoy that tractor. E Hydro is nice. Cruise and the stall guard feature (load match) are awesome. I had the previous series of those in a 4120. Very comfortable operators station that you can see very well off of. At least I could. Built solid too in the drives, axles etc.
  55. dusty3030

    Used 4052m or new DK6010

    Kioti is turbo Jeff not normally aspirated.
  56. dusty3030

    Used 4052m or new DK6010

    Jeff he isn’t looking at a RX model he’s looking at a DK your post here isn’t helpful
  57. dusty3030

    Used 4052m or new DK6010

    Jeff posted the wrong Kioti model. Original poster is looking at a DK6010 which weighs almost exactly the same as the Deere. Engine wise the Deere has a 4 cylinder turbo Yanmar that has slightly more displacement as the 3 cylinder turbo Kioti. Spec wise they are comparable
  58. dusty3030

    Kubota M5660SUHD caught on fire (60hrs)!

    Warranty is the same regardless. Did a defect in material or workmanship that is covered under the warranty cause the fire? Or was it dry grass, or a rat chewed wire. Who knows other than oxygen, heat and fuel found the right mix and it burned. Regardless of any of that you are on the hook...
  59. dusty3030

    Kubota M5660SUHD caught on fire (60hrs)!

    You agreed to purchase insurance and cover the burned tractor. Paragraph 6 of the contract you signed with Kubota financial. The dealer provided a repair quote that they believe you will be filing a claim with the insurance company that you represented to them that you have coverage for the...
  60. dusty3030

    Kubota M5660SUHD caught on fire (60hrs)!

    Kubota financial would not have completed this deal without the original poster having insurance whether through them or through an outside insurance company. Their underwriting wouldn’t allow a dealer to screw that up. Either the OP has ktac and doesn’t realize it or had outside insurance at...
  61. dusty3030

    MX6000 Air Conditioning

    It really shouldn't be stuck as new as a tractor as that is. It isn't that big of a deal to lift off the top, you really should do it and clean under there occasionally. You shouldn't have to buy a new seal either it should seal back down.
  62. dusty3030

    Kubota M5660SUHD caught on fire (60hrs)!

    I have a hard time believing Kubota financed without insurance. It's in their terms and conditions. Kubota Terms Standard Finance Kubota Terms Special Offer Finance
  63. dusty3030

    Quick connect too hard ?

    You using the factory third function to run it? Just turn off tractor turn key back to on but don’t start it and cycle the thumb switch on the loader joystick handle that runs the third function to relieve pressure. Or you could just get your husband to attach it;)
  64. dusty3030

    Hydraulic return port location

    Looking at it from rear it is the line in red. Just remove your seat pan and you will be looking right at it.
  65. dusty3030

    Hydraulic return port location

    Circled in red. This is being photographed from the right side imagine it directly below the seat. It’s not under pressure so you could cut this hose and tee it with a brass or stainless hose barb tee and run a short hose to the back to connect to your pounder.
  66. dusty3030

    Battery light keeps coming on John Deere 3046r

    Load test the battery. If you don't have a good tester any auto parts store can test it for free. Where the ground cable connects to the tractor (opposite of better end). Remove the fastener that attaches the ground cable to the tractor. Is there any corrosion or painted surfaces there that...
  67. dusty3030

    Hydraulic return port location

    There is a tank port on top of the transmission housing. You can tee into it. It is BSPP thread so you'll have to order the fittings if you don't have a dedicated hydraulic shop nearby. The return to tank line from your loader valve will be running to it. I'll try and take a picture of it later...
  68. dusty3030

    MX6000 Air Conditioning

    You need to take the roof off to access the ac on your tractor. It’s not hard. Look on the parts breakdown to identify which screws to remove it.
  69. dusty3030

    MX6000 Air Conditioning

    Agree you shouldn't be hot in it you should be able to stay comfortable. In a full hot sun 90 plus degree day it might not be able to freeze you out, but you shouldn't be hot either if that makes any sense.
  70. dusty3030

    MX6000 Air Conditioning

    You can see all the diagrams of your tractor on Messick's site. Also keep in mind a cab tractor has a ton of glass on top of the fact you are sitting on top of a hot transmission and right behind your steering wheel is a hot engine blowing it's hot air right on the firewall. What I'm getting at...
  71. dusty3030

    NX55 HST Jerky Transmission at Low Speed

    Kubota super UDT2
  72. dusty3030

    NX55 HST Jerky Transmission at Low Speed

    Clipped about 7 acres of pasture pulling an 8’ twin spindle pull behind bush hog today at 540 pto rpm the whole time. 95 degrees heat index of 104. Suction line on using my laser Klein thermometer read nearly 210 degrees. No jerkiness whatsoever.
  73. dusty3030

    North American Red Wine?

    Did you read the original post? They asked for recommendations for a North American red for someone who prefers an Australian syrah and I made a suggestion.
  74. dusty3030

    North American Red Wine?

    Try a Willamette Valley, Oregon Pinot Noir.
  75. dusty3030

    Modern Gas Tractor? What's the Chance?

    Updated GM iron duke would be a great one.
  76. dusty3030

    NX55 HST Jerky Transmission at Low Speed

    I just got the new software update done on mine. Cured the jerking. Check with your dealer again and have them see if yours could be updated anyway. Mine was done for free They came out to the farm installed an extra ground strap in the cab and did the update - jerking is gone.
  77. dusty3030

    EconoLine Trailers

    Curious as well. Been looking for a pintle air brake trailer and these pop up often.
  78. dusty3030

    Shred or Spray

    Keep in mind on the 24d and products that contain it you can damage neighboring crops. If someone has cotton anywhere near you don’t use it.
  79. dusty3030

    AC Series 70 2 row Panter.

    Lincoln Ag has the plates (JD plates). Need an adapter that is also available from them to use the JD plates with the AC planter. I've got fiberglass hoppers on mine. I've kept my eyes open and bought up a couple of 4 rows and made a "best of" for mine. You can get still get some parts from...
  80. dusty3030

    What is this critter?

    Not a lion. Save the picture to a computer and blow it up and you can see it’s tail clearly,
  81. dusty3030

    What is this critter?

    Some have pronounced spots many don’t
  82. dusty3030

    What is this critter?

    What appears to be it's tail is it's left rear leg. Little stubby bobcat tail, bobcat tufted ears. Red arrow is the tip of it's tail.
  83. dusty3030

    What is this critter?

    Bobcat all day every day.
  84. dusty3030

    Grapple Double Duty Grapple, Tractor and Track Loader...Help me choose.

    I use my EA wicked 60" on both a Kioti NX6010 tractor and a John Deere 317 track loader. It works great for me for both. Since it's my equipment and I'm the only operator and I wrote the check for it I'm certainly not trying to find the limits of what will break it but I don't tip toe around...
  85. dusty3030

    Wrong hydraulic oil causing too much resistance in hydraulic pump?

    Parking brakes aren't engaged are they?
  86. dusty3030

    Shoe Search

    Does Bates make one? They still have to my knowledge a good made in USA selection since they do so many military shoes.
  87. dusty3030

    Building a tractor bridge, long-ish span

    Here is one coming up in your area, all truck parts, trucks, trailers etc. Eustace TX Auction June 8
  88. dusty3030

    Building a tractor bridge, long-ish span

    I look at them all but Proxibid is a good one to check every few weeks.
  89. dusty3030

    Building a tractor bridge, long-ish span

    Before I cobbled one up out of pallet racking I'd seriously look harder for a semi trailer first. Need to get one at an auction. Steel ones aren't in high demand and go cheaper. I bought a 48' Great Dane flatbed road worthy with current tags / title fully fully functioning brakes and lights...
  90. dusty3030

    Shipping container weight on one end?

    What's the end goal? Is it meant to be mobile from here on out or are you just trying to figure out how to get it from point a to point b?
  91. dusty3030

    Question about a tractor

    They switched to blue in the 800’s at some point.
  92. dusty3030

    Kubota 3910 ran out of water and will not run

    I don't see the point of running the owner of the tractor into the ground. Pulling off the lower hose mowing in what I assume was tall stuff up at pto rpm there it might be easier than you are thinking to not see the lost coolant. Should he have smelled it? Maybe, maybe not. Was he wearing a...
  93. dusty3030

    Thread seal everything?

    Kioti kit would have been BSPP
  94. dusty3030

    Scored! I Tractor Supply

    Reinforces to always browse past the clearance rack!
  95. dusty3030

    Looking at a Used Tractor (Need Opinion)

    Great catch ptsg. Yep that is TYM T654 with a Deutz engine. T654
  96. dusty3030

    Looking at a Used Tractor (Need Opinion)

    I doubt its stolen what I was saying is you can't get much at all for one on trade. So if he was having troubles with it and didn't trade it in because they wouldn't take it.
  97. dusty3030

    Looking at a Used Tractor (Need Opinion)

    Ask him what he's buying to replace that one or take a good gander around and see if you see a brand new one of a different brand around his barn or garage. I won't comment anything on Zetor in particular because I don't know much about them but I'm always suspicious of a practically brand new...
  98. dusty3030

    Kioti oil filter problem

    Yep. My theory is they aren't lubing the gasket. New filter screwed on to dry threads and a dry surface as it is assembled.
  99. dusty3030

    Kioti oil filter problem

  100. dusty3030

    Three way hose on hydraulic pump

    Can you be a little more specific. What equipment are you working on and what are you repairing or trying to accomplish. As far as hydraulic fittings if Surplus Center, Summit Hydraulics, or McMaster Carr don’t have it it doesn’t exist.
  101. dusty3030

    Kioti DK6010 3pt not going up or down.

    That should be your standard rear remote that comes on that tractor. Make sure the rear remote lever isn’t stuck in the detent position. Work the lever briskly to pop it out of detent and leave it in center neutral position
  102. dusty3030

    Kioti DK6010 3pt not going up or down.

    Do as you please. This is your second thread today about this tractor. Good luck with it.
  103. dusty3030

    Kioti DK6010 3pt not going up or down.

    Don't run it until you correct this problem! You're going to blow a hard line and or tear up your pump! You have an open center system which in short explanation means the fluid has to be moving in a circuit. You've effectively plugged the circuit by taking your backhoe out of the circuit...
  104. dusty3030

    Hydraulic fluid for a Kioti DK 6010?

    Yours is a HST tractor right? If so look for Kubota super udt 2 or from John Deere low vis hyguard. Whichever dealer is more convenient to you either is a great choice for a HST transmission. Super UDT Low Vis Hyguard
  105. dusty3030

    AC on CX2510

    Since it’s brand new put it back in dealers lap.
  106. dusty3030

    AC on CX2510

    What kind of problems are you having?
  107. dusty3030

    what do I need ? (hydraulics)

    I’d just mount a two spool loader type valve to the fender or on rops whichever side you turn around in the seat to run blower. Run power beyond from third function valve to it then from it to 3 point. It would be very intuitive to control blower with a single lever. Valve
  108. dusty3030

    what do I need ? (hydraulics)

    What tractor are you mounting it on and what all hydraulic valves are on it now.
  109. dusty3030

    John Deere 3038e, should I change to a 4?

    Example - Deere 314 Deere 314's for sale
  110. dusty3030

    John Deere 3038e, should I change to a 4?

    Since you can write off (section 179 deduction) used equipment I'd just get a skid steer and keep your tractor the way it is. $20,000 to $30,000 can get a nicer late model one (with tires not tracks, tracked ones are more) with 1,500 hours or so.
  111. dusty3030

    L3830GST won't turn over after working fine yesterday

    Flickering when you try to turn it over as crazy as it sounds even though it worked the day before I'd really check the battery and it's connections real good. Check the ground cable to the frame as well. Do you have a battery load tester? If so I'd load test it and check how many amps its...
  112. dusty3030

    Kubota 3910 ran out of water and will not run

    Wouldn’t turn over if it was.
  113. dusty3030

    Kubota 3910 ran out of water and will not run

    It’s insurance against the asset if it’s financed. Not advocating a get out of jail free.
  114. dusty3030

    Kubota 3910 ran out of water and will not run

    Hopefully has KTAC on it.
  115. dusty3030

    Max26XL Hydraulics

    The dial that controls your 3 point lowering speed, what position is it in. If it's all the way closed 3pt won't go down.
  116. dusty3030

    Kubota 3910 ran out of water and will not run

    Probably smoked it but need to diagnose it. Compression test of each cylinder is needed.
  117. dusty3030

    Oil & Fuel 4105 won’t start - probably a dumb question

    JD battery is a TY26498. That is a 22NF group size. Deere batteries are excellent quality so if you have a dealer nearby and the price is competitive I wouldn't hesitate to get one of theirs. You should charge and load test or take it somewhere and have it tested your current battery. It might...
  118. dusty3030

    Max26XL Hydraulics

    When you had your loader hooked up one of the three lines was the pressure side that took the hydraulic flow from your pump, through the relief valve, and sent it to the loader valve. One of the lines was the power beyond that took pressurized fluid from the loader valve to the three point...
  119. dusty3030

    John Deere Tachometer Problem

    Yes, electronic not mechanical. There is a ground cable between the engine and the cab at the rear end of the engine. Find it, unbolt it and clean the contact surface and tighten it back down. Also check the battery connections while your at it.
  120. dusty3030

    anyone know why JD drilled/cast this hole is into the plow's tailwheel?

    Bullet hole from the Seminole Wars.
  121. dusty3030

    Agrotk excavators: Does anyone have one? Opinions/comments/critiques?

    What's your budget? Have you considered a full sized backhoe? I follow a lot of auctions and mini's are still selling for strong money but backhoes are not. If you don't mind turning a wrench and fixing a leaky hose or cylinder for what you'd spend on the machine you linked you're almost into a...
  122. dusty3030

    Kioti dk50c with quick detach loader - hydraulic quit - loader with not lift a load , 3point hitch will not lift any weight.

    Michigan Iron has all the parts breakdown on their website that might be helpful.
  123. dusty3030

    New small Kubota's now have a proprietary hydraulic coupler

    It appears digging around on Kubota parts that the open station LX comes with 1/4" Pioneer / Ag style couplers and the cab LX comes with 3/8" Pioneer / Ag style couplers.
  124. dusty3030

    New small Kubota's now have a proprietary hydraulic coupler

    I tagged Messicks about the original topic of the thread has nothing to do with you.
  125. dusty3030

    iMatch Quick Attach Hitch Lower Link Pin(s)

    Any category 1 lower link pin will work. I'd get two 7/8" diameter pins like these - Tractor Supply Hitch Pin
  126. dusty3030

    Cab door storage or AC retrofit!

    I don't have any experience with them so take it for what it's worth but there are 12v package unit rooftop ac options out there now. All the off grid RVing crowd along with the tech for semi trucks to park without running their main engine have driven it. Might be worth exploring.
  127. dusty3030

    Tractor lots are full

    Local JD and Kubota lots are brimming. This is in west Tennessee
  128. dusty3030

    Help! SSQA to a JDQA Grapple?

    Less weight overall and less slop in the connections. You can make sure you are using good steel and having it welded up correctly if you either do it your self or have someone you trust convert it. Makes it easier for you to sell if you decide to get rid of it later for some reason.
  129. dusty3030

    Help! SSQA to a JDQA Grapple?

    I wouldn't mess with an adapter, just get it welded up to SSQA. Cut off the pins and JD ears and have SSQA welded on.
  130. dusty3030

    Looking to buy my first tractor

    Compact track loader would serve you better than a tractor for now. 25,000 you would be looking at a slightly high hour machine that might need a little work. Beat the hell out of it doing your heavy lifting then sell it for a little newer tractor down the road. You should be able to get most if...
  131. dusty3030

    Serious RK37SC Hydraulic System Questions

    Had some more time and looked up some stuff on your tractor. From what I read you have a position control for your three point but no draft control right beside it correct? You also have one set of rear remotes standard correct? I've been trying to think through your loader symptoms and I'm...
  132. dusty3030

    Serious RK37SC Hydraulic System Questions

    Something is plumbed wrong. The three point hitch (rockshaft) adjustment shouldn't affect on the FEL valve at all. I'm not an RK owner but I promise what your tractor is doing is not what it was intended to do. Neither the FEL or the position lever for your three point hitch. Something is...
  133. dusty3030

    NX55 HST Jerky Transmission at Low Speed

    Fly by wire, no linkage on OP's tractor. My NX can be jerky as hell usually on medium range pedal to the floor and it's when the fluid has warmed up. I can set cruise and it stops and travels smoothly. I've figured out a bunch on my tractor but not this one yet.
  134. dusty3030

    Need help with JD MX6 bushhog

    JD Parts is your where you need to look. JD Parts MX6
  135. dusty3030

    2022 honda elite Pilot verses 2022 Toyota Highlander platinum

    I’ve got a 2022 Honda Passport Trailsport as my new commuter car. I’ve had it since May and have a little over 8,000 miles so far. Same as pilot basically only a little bit shorter and 2 rows of seats in lieu of 3. I love the drive train. I had a 2016 Accord before this one with the same basic...
  136. dusty3030

    Glyphosphate - application rate advice needed

    For Bermuda try Fusilade. It doesn’t work fast on it but works. Beauty of it you can spray now and again over the top in the spring when the rhizomes sprig back out and not harm your broadleafs you planted in the fall
  137. dusty3030

    Glyphosphate - application rate advice needed

    Reason I ask is it's all irrelevant unless you know what it is OP is trying to control. For instance if it's bermuda glyphosate isn't going to be that effective no matter the rate. If it's fescue glyphosate 41% at 2 quarts per acre would work great.
  138. dusty3030

    Glyphosphate - application rate advice needed

    What kind of grass are you trying to kill?
  139. dusty3030

    Adding a Two Spool remote -- Do I need to connect "Tank"

    I just looked at parts break down. Perhaps you could fit a tee into the tank port on the distribution block and retain the stainless line then make up a hose to go from new valves tank port to the tee.
  140. dusty3030

    Adding a Two Spool remote -- Do I need to connect "Tank"

    Tank line just needs to dump back into sump - top of the transmission. Look all over the top of the transmission for threaded plugs or perhaps an inspection plate you could remove and install a fitting in. Run a hose from tank port to said fitting.
  141. dusty3030

    Summit Hydraulics - reliability of parts/valves, support experience?

    I've purchased several things from them. Last was a third function kit. I had some technical questions that were answered quickly and accurately. Quality for me has been great. Shipping fast. Based on my own experience I say they are good to go.
  142. dusty3030

    Low tech compact tractor options

    Massey Ferguson made some up till the late 90’s / early 2000’s 231S for example
  143. dusty3030

    Kubota BX2200 loader will not go up or down

    This is your most likely problem given symptoms. Do this first. Also, does it have a joystick lock? If so make sure that isn't engaged or partially engaged. Usually a small lever near the joystick.
  144. dusty3030

    Edited Title - Kubota L4060, LS XR4141, or ?

    For new the Bransons spec out pretty dang good in that class. I don't own one, but wouldn't have any problem buying one. Their compacts have some weight to them and they are matched up to what looks on paper to be a great loader for the class of tractor. Their owners seem to love them as well...
  145. dusty3030

    Pondering swapping out my AG for a TLB

    Is your M5400 in decent shape? Pre emissions and no electronics are something worth keeping if its doing pretty good for you. If you don't have to trailer it around, consider getting a used full sized backhoe and keeping your tractor. Even though costs of most stuff is still through the roof...
  146. dusty3030

    Nx6010 needs to regen daily

    That age of this engine in the NX platform they had problems with fuel injectors dumping way too much fuel and clogging up the DPF. Would lead to blown turbos as well. Multiple threads on it on this site in this forum. Some reading for you below...
  147. dusty3030

    How do I check fuel solonoid ?

    Also be sure to use your meter to verify the ground wire is indeed grounded. Don't take for granted it is.
  148. dusty3030

    How do I check fuel solonoid ?

    Here is a page out of Kioti workshop manual for a different model, but should be same as yours.
  149. dusty3030

    How do I check fuel solonoid ?

    Trolling Kioti forum this morning?
  150. dusty3030

    M9000 loader hydraulic lever and all rams leak

    Sounds like it might be highly restricted / dead headed. Pressure has to go somewhere.
  151. dusty3030


    Solid looking tractor, doesn't look beat up. Those are well built utility tractors that you can still actually work on. Three remotes on the back plus the loader it's "loaded out" on hydraulics which is a bonus. That was the last you could get before all the Tier 4 crap had to be added to...
  152. dusty3030

    New Tractor manufacturer

    Funny you should say that because yes, the two guys doing the Summit tractors are the same guys who did the Rural King line. One of them also ran McCormick brand for AGCO at one time as well. Dug around and the web and found the connections. Summit Tractor story from their webpage. Daniel...
  153. dusty3030

    Anyone have a recommendation for a GPS tracker for their equipment?

    Theft recovery. I'd like to get some kind of warning if it got on the run. At the home place not as concerned as at the other farms that are in the boonies.
  154. dusty3030

    JD 5105 Repair Thread

    Thank goodness that's one of the old school simple tractors. Also that the fuel tank was behind the seat instead of right there where your fire is! It's kind of crazy that the rubber fuel line and the inline filter go right behind the dash like they do. For that matter the rubber line runs all...
  155. dusty3030

    Anyone have a recommendation for a GPS tracker for their equipment?

    I could use at least 6 of them to put on tractors, excavator, side by sides and a work truck. I haven't been able to really figure out what to use and what to avoid in my web research. Not looking to get killed in monthly fees either.
  156. dusty3030

    kioti running hot

    I'd also check the radiator hoses with an infrared thermometer just to see what the actual temperature is coming in and out of the radiator. If nothing else just as a reference to what the actual temperature is in relation to the gauge. Hot on the gauge may or may not be an actually overheated...
  157. dusty3030

    Starting Excavating Company, Insurance/Bank Recommendations

    Might want to research the licensing more, you probably do need to get a contractors license. Especially if you want to take any jobs relating to anything to do with a septic tank / field. On business insurance I've found it more advantageous to find a good local agent than whatever particular...
  158. dusty3030

    Where to find this piece

    McMaster Carr is a good resource. They ship quick too. McMaster washers
  159. dusty3030

    Fuel in oil sump (a lot of fuel)

    On that engine there are 4 individual fuel pumps built into the engine, one for each cylinder and they are operated off cam shaft. They are a SOB to replace and are supposed to be done in sets. I don't know how you would test to know which one would be the culprit. Here is a video showing a...
  160. dusty3030

    How to broadcast seed evenly

    Is the field already prepared? How are you going to cover seed once spread? Might check and see if you can rent a drill. That would be the most accurate to plant and would get the best germination rate. Local soil conservation service should have drills to rent and you usually just pay by...
  161. dusty3030

    RK37 Weight for hauling to first 50 hour service 129 miles away. I need a trailer.

    I don't think they will hold 83 gallons each. The tires on a RK37 aren't big enough to hold that much. 83 gallons total more likely, roughly 40 gallons a tire is the most I think you could put in there to cover the rim and leave an air pocket in the tire.
  162. dusty3030

    Sporstman 500 H.O. Polaris Question

    Personally I'd just keep running the reliable one till it falls apart. You know it, it has served you well. Replace what needs replaced when if it breaks and rock on. The unreliable one would be good trading fodder. You might see an implement or tool or something you want that someone might...
  163. dusty3030

    Kubota Interim Tier IV Motor Oils

    The chart is on the Kubota USA main website. Click on service and support tab then the maintenance tab.
  164. dusty3030

    Kubota Interim Tier IV Motor Oils

    It's been hashed out here and on other forums. Since the manuals were printed Kubota has updated their recommendations. Double asterisks on this chart refer to this change. I use Rotella T6 0W40 in my M7040. Kubota Fluids Chart
  165. dusty3030

    NX4510 starter not turning over

    I had this problem on a 2020 built NX6010. You've gone through most of it but one switch I didn't see you mention is the brakes must be locked together, there is a switch on the lever that locks the two brake pedals together. It must be in neutral. PTO off. Brake pedal pressed, weight in the...
  166. dusty3030


    What's the engine oil look like? I'm thinking you probably have a leaking head gasket.
  167. dusty3030

    When is it time to repalce the tires

    And when they start leaking, tube them and use them 10 more years.
  168. dusty3030

    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    Sounds like the dealer is throwing parts at it. Obviously it starts and runs, it just won't stay running. Could be as simple as a faulty fuel cap vent or loose safety switch. If they are troubleshooting by just plugging it in to their diagnostic tool and throwing parts at codes you might be...
  169. dusty3030

    NH-134 Hydraulic fluid

    I guess a question to ask is what have you ruled out? The 134 spec oil is pretty basic and there are many, many good products that would work well for where it is called for. What's it going in? At Tractor Supply the Traveller Premium Universal meets it, the Mobil Delvac on sale right now at...
  170. dusty3030

    Big Tex Dump Trailer stolen from ranch early this morning...

    Trailer thefts are rampant in my area. TN doesn't require they be tagged for personal use, steal trailer scratch off VIN and call it homebuilt. Arkansas requires tags, but are so lenient you can tag anything without being questioned. Scratch off the VIN, call it a homebuilt, and get a...
  171. dusty3030

    Get rid of those bent axles!

    Camber, you don't need no stinking camber.
  172. dusty3030

    Bought a Kioti CK3510SE TLB, Package w/ Trailer & Attachments

    Yes looks like a Wicked 55". I use a cheap bungie cord to hold the hoses up that I connect to the loader tube (cross bar that says Kioti in your pic). The bungie keeps them out of the way but if they get caught it will stretch / break before the hoses so I kind of see it as a fuse.
  173. dusty3030

    Bought a Kioti CK3510SE TLB, Package w/ Trailer & Attachments

    EA Wicked grapple and a Woods Brushbull to boot. Nice setup!
  174. dusty3030

    10 ft disk

    If I was looking for a disk for a 3020 and for what your are doing I'd be looking for a pull behind and not a 3 point.
  175. dusty3030

    NX Series Parts/Owner/Workshop Manuals - PDF's

    It’s a huge file- satellite internet probably is your problem.
  176. dusty3030

    Should I say something

    Here’s my take - approaching this person who bought it has no upside. 1 It’s kind of creepy. You sold it. Let it go. 2 The new owner may be very well satisfied with his purchase. All you will accomplish is make trouble for him.
  177. dusty3030

    Bad boy compact tractors?

    @kittyhawk You are correct they show 2 speed, but every video the dealers themselves are putting out with descriptions and reviews clearly show a 3 speed transmission in them.
  178. dusty3030

    Advice on replacing JD4720

    L47 and even more so M62 outclass anything else in that size. A regular compact tractor with a hoe isn’t even in the same class.
  179. dusty3030

    Pulling down a block chimney?

    Yep. Wouldn't have to go all the way down with it by hand, but I'd want to really get a good idea of what I was dealing with before I took it down all at once. Hate to find out it was holding the wall up the hard way.
  180. dusty3030

    Pulling down a block chimney?

    I'd rent a man lift and take it down from the top by hand.
  181. dusty3030

    Need info on Land Pride and Bushhog brand mowers.

    I’ve done business with H&R- they were straight up with me and my experiences were positive. Also I would have chosen the BushHog as well.
  182. dusty3030

    Bad boy compact tractors?

    Bad Boy isn't manufacturing those tractors. Kukje manufactures the tractor in Korea. Bad Boy uncrates and assembles them.
  183. dusty3030

    Massey Ferguson GC2300 Need Advice on Loading on trailer

    Have you tried shorting the starter solenoid directly to the starter in order to crank it? It's dangerous in that you are bypassing any and all safeties and you can start it in gear, but you can start the tractor.
  184. dusty3030

    Sunflowers are showing out

    6 plus/ minus acres. They are in full stride now.
  185. dusty3030

    Drowning in yard waste- how to dispose?

    Down here, we'd burn it. Where you are you certainly can't so that stinks. I would think that there would be a landscape service with a large vacuum truck perhaps you could hire to suck up the pile and haul it off.
  186. dusty3030

    Alternative to EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple ?

    Totally agree that there are plenty of good heavy duty grapples out there. I agree its irritating to have to pay and wait. If I needed a grapple for a skid steer, track loader or a similarly capable big tractor I'd likely not order from EA. The original poster as well as many of us on this...
  187. dusty3030

    Alternative to EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple ?

    That Titan is an imported unit. It is not made in the US. I picked mine up from them directly and all they have is a warehouse and a website. It is soft steel and doesn’t compare to the EA one. I can say this because I bought the titan first trying to get a bargain. It bent easily and I had to...
  188. dusty3030

    Alternative to EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple ?

    Steel is going through the roof and in our industry (auto parts and supplies) we are seeing price increases roughly monthly. The EA wicked is a hell of a grapple and you get what you pay for.
  189. dusty3030

    Intermittent 4WD NX5010

    Coincidence- those just grease the pivot point of the front axle housing
  190. dusty3030

    Need ideas on moving a 10’x25’x50’ pole barn

    If you push up on the trusses from below you're to likely just destroy them / rip them loose. They have strength from a load pushing down as they are sitting on top, not vice versa.
  191. dusty3030

    Intermittent 4WD NX5010

    There is what is called the modulate valve assembly on the right side under the cab. If you follow the two hydraulic lines that come out of the pump one goes to the loader SCV and the other goes further back to the modulate valve. The valve that activates the 4wd and the valve that activates...
  192. dusty3030

    JD 790

    According to JD Parts, no draft control.
  193. dusty3030

    Is RM43 the correct product?

    Yes that would be a great product for what you describe. It is just glyphosate with imazapyr. I would add just follow the label on rates and how to apply. This isn't a "more is better". The Imazapyr can travel through a root system and it will smoke a tree if your not careful. The RM43 is not...