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  1. emcvay

    Mahindra 5010 FEL Joystick broke!!!

    :mad::confused: Seems the little cast iron (I'm guessing) anchor for the FEL joystick broke on my 2012 Mahindra 5010 this weekend right before being able to drag some logs out of the woods I'd just bucked up. No idea how it happened as a friend was running the tractor for me but when he...
  2. emcvay

    Grapple  New 54" Grapple, first use

    Hi All, Thanks again for all the advice in the past as well as recently! I finally settled on the LS 54" root grapple as it was both in stock locally and priced right (Thanks Buck at EFC Equipment!). I also had Rod over at Okanogan Truck and Tractor add a diverter valve since they had the...
  3. emcvay


    Hey All, anyone familiar with these? WESTENDORF BRUSH CRUSHER BC-4300 GRAPPLE There is a dealer near me with a good price. Only other option is an LS Rake Grapple in 54" near me or a 4 month wait but I really could use one now.
  4. emcvay

    Mahindra 5010 after Report -- 3 1/2 years running

    I've been browsing the forums a bit today after a long break and thought I'd post a bit of a report/review on my 5010. I bought the tractor in June of 2012 and have put over 400 hours on it (heck maybe it's over 500 I'll have to check) and have beat it to near death a few times! However, it...
  5. emcvay

    Mahindra 5010 ROPS light wiring

    Hi All, It's been a LONG time! I've been running my 5010 in the woods for three years and love this tractor! But I've broken it a couple times too LOL it's a learning curve. Anyway, this post is to seek help/advise on mounting a ROPS Light kit and wiring it. I purchased the fual light kit...
  6. emcvay

    70+ hrs on my 5010 and loving it!

    Got to do a lot of plowing this past week and was loving it. But didn't like the chains! They were too big and need to be shortened and once I had them on they just slid down into the grooves between the treads.....guess I need some instruction there.
  7. emcvay

    Mahindra 5010 exhuast woes

    OK so how many with a 5010 or any side exhaust tractor have modified it to an ag exhaust (that blows up)? Mine blows dust all over gods creation and I'm starting to think it's time for a change!
  8. emcvay

    5010 at 36.5hrs and pretty darn happy

    Just thought I would post this for all those interested. After delivering the Mahindra 5010 to our property and doing a little mowing with it (and breaking the sheer pin and replacement bolt each -- once from a brain fart and once from a sapling) I left the tractor at the property and eagerly...
  9. emcvay

    Bent up my Box Blade!

    Seems I must have been working a little too enthusiastically with my box blade this last week. I was unloading it to put on the mower when I noticed the tabs (?) for the 3 point hitch (bottom arms) were bent. One was bent fairly severely and the other the pin was bent and loose. Not sure when...
  10. emcvay

    Help with trailer requirement

    Hi Guys, Thanks again for all the help in my search to buy a tractor, now my next question: will a 16 foot trailer (bumper tow) be adequate for my 5010 Mahindra with FEL, 5' mower and box blade? Capacity is 12k on this trailer (rental) but I'm wondering if 16 feet is a little too short for...
  11. emcvay

    We did it! THANKS!

    I just wanted to thank everyone here for their assistance in our big purchase! My wife and I just walked out of the Mahindra Dealer the proud new owners of a 5010 with FEL and rotary mower/cutter and box blade :D THANKS!
  12. emcvay

    Beat Juice -- does it freeze?

    Something I was thinking about the other day was whether or not beat juice freezes? We can get temps in the -30s in the coldest part of winter and I'd hate to get up to the property only to find the tractor with exploded tires from frozen beat juice! lol :eek:
  13. emcvay

    Wow! So much to learn.

    Hi All, If there is one thing I've learned in the last 6-12 months is that I have much to learn! I've been kicking tires a little and planning my first tractor purchase. I'm not in a huge hurry (thanks to a tight budget and poor economy and my desire not to use credit, or to limit its use)...
  14. emcvay


    Just popping in to say hi and thanks for the great site. I'll be perusing the forums and asking the typical newby question but hopefully in the right place. Thanks for the great site! Erik