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  1. coupman35

    Seat upgrade L40

    Just wondering has any one up grade the seat in there L40 series .Id like to get a high back and more soft seat also whit a bit hire arm rest seam like the are rest are to low ,my arms barly rest on them . Show me what you got .
  2. coupman35

    Kubota L4060 Hydraulic pressure boost

    Has any one do this to there L4060 ajusted the pressure on there hydraulic system . Was just wondering i saw a boost kit on amazon but not not sure if it a good idear to use that .I guess it ajusted when you get it but do you need the extra pressure.
  3. coupman35

    code 20 ECU

    Can any one help me whit this the tractor was out side for a few hr now it will not start it givinf mw a code 20 something about the ECU no comunication
  4. coupman35

    HLA snow pusher

    I have a HLA 2500 snow pusher it works great but only thing is when am pushing up in the snow bank the snow come out of the space on top where it open and falls out on the tractor . Am thinking of making a plate to close that up to stop that ,you can see in the pic the hole .Now it 13inch...
  5. coupman35

    Drift cutters

    Am going to make some drift cutter for my rear 74 inch snowblower just wondering what size steel shude i use and how long will i need to go.
  6. coupman35

    Armrest in l4060

    Ok is it me or seem like my armrest in my l4060 are to low , am 6 ft and look like the armrest are not usefull at all. My arm dont even rest on them there like 5 inch to low .Has any one try yo make some riser for them or some thing too get them a bit hier .Are all the seat the same .
  7. coupman35


    Thinking off upgrading my head lights to LED but so may kind what to pic .Need info if you have done this upgade what did you use and how it working .
  8. coupman35

    Steering wheel acting funny

    Ok let see if i can explain this .Today i went to my friend to do some work on my way there i nothis that my steering wheel acting funny when i was driving my horn button was changing place it stated in the low place then it was going up in circle and if i turn the steering all the way to the...
  9. coupman35


    Woundering has any one welded a plate in the lower part of the loader arm so it doesent get filded up whit dirt .It seams that if i bring the loader arm as low as it will go and go push dirt or what ever it get full of dirt .Yep am someone will tell me dont go to low but it happens .So i was...
  10. coupman35

    Greasing my L4060

    Did my greasing today for the first time today did seem like id did not find them all .Is there any grease fitting on the trottel petal , find about 9 on the loader , 2 under the front the front axcel and 3 at the back 3 point . Am i missing some.
  11. coupman35

    Top link

    Need some info on hydraulic top link for my L 4060 .i GOT ONE WHIT THE TRACTOR BUT SEEM A BIT SHOT IT 21 INCH CLOSE AND 28 OPEN .Is that ok because yesterday i used my box blade but the link does not go out enough to give me the right angle .Look like i need a other 4 to 6 inch to make it work...
  12. coupman35

    My new mod

    After seeing this on you tube i just had to d one also. I used 1/8 steel for the plate and 1/4 x3 in flat bar it work out pretty good and i thing it look good you don t see the hydraulic hose quick connect any more .
  13. coupman35

    Tree puller

    Well am doing a tree puller for my tractor . Was looking to by one but but dint find any thing close to me and i have the tools and shop to do this . Also have the time to do it and it just fun doing this stuff So far i have the main frame don in 3x3 tubing and 3/8 plate i willl post pic soon...
  14. coupman35

    What oil are you using

    What oil are you using in your L4060 just wondering because i have 10w30 left over for my b2650 is that good for the l 4060 .Will i have to good whit other oil.
  15. coupman35

    Front function

    Am thinking of adding a front function on my tractor i have a 7 foot plow that can be angle , so id need function in the front . I look in to it whit the dealer it cost close to 1500.00$ that a bit more then id like to pay so am going to use one of my back remote i have 3 of them .Now is 3/8...
  16. coupman35

    Snow bucket

    Well whit the new tractor on it way am wondering what be the best size bucket for my L4060 . Was looking at the kubota bucket they have 3 bucket but they dont have much spec on them .If any one have info spec to help me let me thanks .
  17. coupman35

    My new L 4060 is coming

    Well my dealer call me i order my tractor last week and they told me today it be in about 3 week mid fev i hope there right .They told me the option i want will come in by the end of the week them get it all done the next week . Let see how that goes Getting turf tire Block heather HD bucket...
  18. coupman35

    Nokain vs Turff

    Am looking to get a L4060 just trying to get info what be better the norkian or turff .We have all 4 season here up norht id do cut lot off grass and clean snow in winter , What you take on tires .
  19. coupman35


    Will L3300 rims fit a b2650 tractor the rims am looking at they say the tire on them was 21.5 L x 16.1 SL turf tires on them
  20. coupman35

    Tires  Foam filled tires

    Am sure this came up before .Am thinking of getting my tire filled whit foam there is a tire shop that does it in town.Am wondering if it a good thing . What your take n this did any one ever got it done and how is it . any info thanks
  21. coupman35

    Stereo whit Head set

    Need some info or help am try to get a head set setup in my tractor. I have a after market car stereo in the tractor but drying to set it up whit head phone what be my best way to do this. I don't think a blue tooth will work and cant find a stereo whit a front plugin for a headphone .Any one...
  22. coupman35

    3-Point Quick Hitch

    Looking to get a 3-Point Quick Hitch for my b2650 where can you get a good one in Ontario Canada at a good price .That fit good and works good
  23. coupman35

    bucket not staying up

    Looks like my bucket not staying up after a bit it goes back down .Can this be a leak but I don't see any wet spot on the floor. Any info be helpful . My b2650 ony 2 years old.
  24. coupman35

    Bucket off

    My bucket is hier on one side like 2 inch off on the left side .Is there a way to adjust it Can the cylinder be adjusted .Last winter I hit a rock under snow and wondering if this bent some time I try to do some masure but cant see any thing wrong .Any help will be great thanks
  25. coupman35

    Fuel Filtter B2650

    Small question is there a fuel shute off valve before the filter so you can turn off fuel when changing filter . Or do you have to train the tank.
  26. coupman35

    Cutting edge

    Looking to but a new bolt on cutting edge on my B2650 bucket. I think Kubota sell them but cant seam to find it on the web site. Does any one in Canada have a good place where we can get them. Any info be nice thanks
  27. coupman35

    DIY spill Gard for my B2650

    Was looking for a way to get a bigger bucket whit out going to big .Saw this on and had to make one of them spill gard I love to fabric my stuff I hate paying for shipping and waiting .This is what I made today in about 5hr . I try it out it works great to and looks like a beast lol .
  28. coupman35

    bucket forks hold downs

    I made a set of forks they work good but the hold down are not that great I used a treated 5/8 rod and welded a washer in the botthem but it hard to get them real good . i need to find a way to get a flat bearing in there some how.The one in the pic are something like I have but whit a washer...
  29. coupman35

    Box scraper for b2650 whit cab

    Am looking to by a box scraper I see every one using a 5 foot wide on the b2650. Is a 6 foot to big for a B2650 or not .If you get a 6 ft that is the same wait as a 5 foot is the 6 ft still too much for a b2650 . Also looking at a 5.5 feet Walco .What do you have on your b2650 and how it...
  30. coupman35

    Adding a 3 hydraulic

    Like to no can you add a 3 hydraulic out but to the 2 that I already have on now. My B2650 whit cab has a snow blower on the back so I had to get the kit for the hydraulic shute . Now I have a hydraulic top like so id like to add a 3 hydraulic for that.
  31. coupman35

    Top Link

    Good day does Kubota do hydraulic top link for B2650 or you need to go after market.
  32. coupman35

    kubota b2650 rear remote hydraulic valves

    Hey guy am trying to find the number for this pump .One of the valve was not working so I found out it had water in it and was frozen so I used a heat gun and it working now .Am just trying to find the manuel for it to see if I can undo the lower cylinder to get the water out. Number I got on...
  33. coupman35

    b2650 lose cylinder

    Only 70hr one of my bucket top cylinder pin is very lose is this normal. Try to see if it just the pin or the cylinder hole that has used up. Any one else had this happen am going to call my dealer see what his thinks about this .
  34. coupman35

    3-Point Hitch  furrow plow to big

    Just pick up this nice massy furrow plow today. When I got home started to look at it closer and notice the 3 pth are to big for my b2650 the pin are 1 1/8 big and the plow is very heavy . Now wondering if I can make it fit , can my tractor pull it whithout braking anything. The plow a model 70...
  35. coupman35

    Will this fit

    Am looking for turf tire for my b2650.Founf this are they to big CARLISLE 27X8.50-15NHS - (2) TITAN 41X14.00-20NHS and are they a good mach set for my tractor.
  36. coupman35

    Hydraulic conecter hard

    Today I remove the loader bucket off my b2650.Coming of was not bad the fitting or connecter where hard to disconnect but when I try to reconect then back together it was just about impossible. Is they a easy way to get them back in whit out any trouble .The next door guy to me to let some...
  37. coupman35

    Fuel what do you use

    This came out as I was getting fuel .Guy asked me if I was using colored fuel or just the regular whit fuel at the pump.Now his got me thinking .Is the red color fuel better for my tractoc or is the white .Is the red fuel bette what your info on this.Red is cheaper up my way they say it for off...
  38. coupman35


    Am looking to add some weight in the back of my b2650, just not sure how much will I add. What you info on this am sure some of you did this .300-400 hundred pounds. Let me no thanks
  39. coupman35

    No back spot light

    Well go my b2650 tractor Monday very happy whit .Yesterday look at a few things no this there are no back spot light on it . Id like to put some on some led I see the wire are there in the back are the wire going from the front .So all I need is a switch any one have a part number for it .thanks
  40. coupman35

    B2650 radio instal

    Got a new tractor b2650 like to instal a radio cd player am looking for the wire diagram for the plug.If any one can help me out that be great