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  1. prairiegirl

    MF 4609 suddenly does not drive or lift loader

    We were seeding and while turning around the tractor 'popped out of gear', anyway, it stopped moving forward. No broken linkages. Steering and loader no longer work either. Valves still work for loader will go down. It was running warm a few times because of plantmaterial on screen; removed it...
  2. prairiegirl

    Spreader  Tractor speed too high for compost windrow turner

    Son wants to buy a compost turner but our slowest tractor goes twice too fast. Would it still work, or is there another way around this?
  3. prairiegirl

    Shop circulation

    Hi everybody, We built a new -heated- workshop, nice! But it is much warmer at the ceiling and mezzanine than on the floor. I guess it needs some kind of fan Trying to find out a way to turn it on as needed. It seems a bit much to let it run all the time. Compare top and bottom temperatures...
  4. prairiegirl

    Case Maxxum manual

    hi, we bought a used Case MXM 130 but don't have the operator's manual, and nobody seems to have it. It sure would help with operating the thing; it has a gazillion lights and buttons. Where could we get one? It is a 2004 and Case website only goes back to 2007.
  5. prairiegirl

    Setting an offset disc

    Hi, not sure if I am in the right category here, but this is our question: Our new Versatile offset disc last year did a rough job. My son moved the hitch to pull it straighter behind the tractor ; now the result is better but the tractor has to be steered to the side like terrible! We asked a...
  6. prairiegirl

    Sooty Massey

    Hi, our Massey 4609 loses about a litre of oil while running the hammer mill. We would not know where it goes, but when we work it a bit harder it blows it all out of the smokestack - soot all over! Checked the turbo -leaky seal could cause this- seems to work fine. Dealer thinks a leaky valve...
  7. prairiegirl

    Hello from Southern Alberta

    Hi everyone, I was born a city girl but became interested in farming and ended up marrying a farmer and living/working on a dairy farm. Loving it. I get asked to give my opinion on tractor troubles all the time :confused2: ; not that I know enough about it but I try. Google helps and I hope I...