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  1. Zork

    2004 3520 Sight Glass Installation

    Does anyone know what size sight glass we have and whether it is threaded or pressed in. Mine might be leaking and I would like a spare or two before I touch it. I tried measuring it today at 1.173", but I couldn't get real close to say it was accurate. The screw in versions are about $10 for...
  2. Zork

    Modifying Your Grapple

    I have an Express Steel grapple that has the lower shelf. I did some research and watched many videos comparing the two designs and limitations before deciding on this model & manufacturer. And after a few uses I realized the very same limitations with this design that the clamshell root rake...
  3. Zork

    Question on 2004 Branson 3520 Hydraulic Piping

    Greetings, My hydraulic tubing is coated to protect against corrosion, but the piping is rusting. I was thinking of replacing the tubing. The standard hose and threaded end was 3/8 for the loader arms and bucket. The tubing measures .394 O.D. which puts me close to 10mm and larger than 3/8...
  4. Zork

    Must i remove 3 point arms to install Backhoe?

    Greetings, I have a 2004 3520 with a 7620?subframe backhoe. It seems at the very least, the inner lower pivots of the 3point arms must be removed to give room for the subframe mount. The subframe uses the lower arm pivotbolts. The backhoe has remained on the tractor for 99% of the time since I...
  5. Zork

    Loader Spool: Identical circuit upgrade from Ansung 17004 (2 spool) to 3 or 4 spool

    I'm looking for a new spool with the same hydraulic circuit and port sizes. I don't mind modifying the mount. I have a 2004 3520 with the Ansung BL20 loader. I want to add a grapple circuit and maybe another. My current Ansung 17004 2 spool joystick is sticking so I'd rather replace with a 3/4...
  6. Zork

    Is there a BL20 Hydraulic Spool Power Beyond Port

    Greetings, I'm picking up a grapple and I want to know if the joystick spool on my 2004 3520 has a way to send power beyond to another spool, or do I need a kit or just go with a 3 or 4 stick/lever valve. Thanks
  7. Zork

    Branson BL20 Quick Connect Bucket to Skidsteer Adapter

    Good morning! Is there an adapter out there on the market to connect to the Branson quick connect that would convert to the skidsteer quick attach or do I need to weld it up. I was hoping for something similar to this JD adapter.
  8. Zork

    What have you done to your Branson today?

    I hope that this thread will continue as others perform maintenance or adjustments on their tractor. Century included. My tractor seemed to be struggling with HP lately. The tractor did not roll on a slight incline as it did in the past. It turns out that the brakes were sticking. I pulled the...
  9. Zork

    Snow  Purchased an inexpensive Meyers Snow Plow for my Branson.

    I just wanted to show you all this and get some comments. This is a seven-foot model from an F350 that I purchased on the cheap and hastily installed. The electric lift works but I used the bucket instead with the upper mount secured to the bucket, I regret drilling the rear plate. With this...
  10. Zork

    3520 Intake Plenum Cracked

    Hi all. This is just to let you know that my intake air plenum has failed. It wasn't a big deal since I caught it early and it did not appear to permit unfiltered air into the combustion chambers. The synthetic plenum cracked close to and under the flex hose that attaches to the intake. There...
  11. Zork

    Does Branson suffer from Cavitation Cooling Issues?

    Greetings all! I hope this new year finds everyone in good health. My question pertains to diesels and the phenomena of cavitation/corrosion issues within the cooling system. Does the Kukje/Cummins diesel require the additional SCA's necessary to prevent cavitation. Either way, I use a HD...
  12. Zork

    Anyone use their gasser/diesel unit during the recent storm and power outage?

    I was just wondering if any of the engine driven welder generator rigs used the generator portion for emergency power? What unit do you have and what did you maintain this weekend? Thanks in advance for all who participate.
  13. Zork

    What's the difference in 20 Series and 20R series?

    I know the HP range overlaps in the New 20 series from 31- 47 and the 20R series increases the HP range from 31 - 55 Hp. Any thoughts?
  14. Zork

    Truck Hitch

    Hey All! I live in VA and someone was telling me a truck bumper mounted ball is no longer allowed to pull a trailer, no matter what the trailer weight is. The guy said this change was due to so many bumpers falling off with the trailer connected. I checked VADMV website but could not find any...
  15. Zork

    I re-torqued my cylinder head.

    All right then. My tractor is a 2004 3520 with 284H and the 3T90L engine. My block was leaking very, very, little oil at the outside of the head gasket. I noticed this when this was the first area that accumulated dirt. Make a long story short, my engine does not have stretch head bolts...
  16. Zork

    Backhoe  Poor Bucket Weld

    The other day I was using my backhoe to dig a stump out. About halfway around the stump I noticed something odd about the bucket. I did not feel anything odd since the whole rig tends to snap and pop. The setup is an '04 and I've got about 30 hours on the hoe and 280 hours on the tractor. I...
  17. Zork

    carburetor filter

    Just an FYI to all you vintage Ferguson owners... I have a '51 TO20 that recently started sputtering. It was a fuel problem and I found an integral brass filter soldered to the 90* flare fitting just before the needle valve. You may be able to remove the fitting with the carb on but the carb...
  18. Zork

    Head bolts and valve clearance

    Anyone know that the valve clearances are for an '06 35 hp Kukje? I was looking through my manuals and I cant find any spec's. Additionally, are the head bolts the stretch type that do not need torquing or do they require torquing at the "tighten nuts and bolts intervals" at the prescribed...
  19. Zork

    Battery polarity, does it matter

    Hey all, Zork here. I noticed on the Tractor Data site Ferguson TO-20 tractor information it says my tractor (1951 T020) has a positive ground, well the battery that was in the tractor when I got it was hooked up to negative ground- that is something I originally noticed...
  20. Zork

    Oil & Fuel  No apparent oil filter

    Hey all!- Zork here! I have a 1951 T020 and I do not see an oil filter/ assembly on the engine; or at any area where it might be installed. I did notice a round disk-like cover on the base of my oil pan that may be an access to this filter. Can anyone help me with this and, Thank you in...
  21. Zork

    Just acquired

    Is this machine worth keeping? Hey all, I'm new to the MF crowd and I was wondering about the age, HP, and 12v conversion, if necessary. I just brought this home this weekend and I am not sure if I want to keep it. What is it worth? Can the loader be easily removed? The loader has an...
  22. Zork

    Generator  3 Pt generator.

    Hi all! I have a 35 hp tractor with a 2 speed pto (540 and 1000 RPM) The generators I have been looking at are 540 rpm input. Now my tractor engine will run @ 2600 +- rpm for a pto output of 540. Can I put the pto in 1000 rpm and run my tractor engine at half of the 2600 rpm so that the...
  23. Zork

    Still doing fine

    Hey Yall! Just thought that I would drop a note and see how everyone was doing? My tractor is doing well. I love the 6 foot King Kutter rear discharge mower that I have. Just cleared some trees and graded the area for seed. The 3520 does well to push over trees and save having to dig the...
  24. Zork

    Spiker/ Plugger Aerator

    Anyone build a decent 3 pt unit and would like to add a few pointers?
  25. Zork


    Yes, the peanut gallery speaks, lol.... Is Zetor the new guy on the block? What about alphabetical order? I own a Branson, chosen over Century, before I knew Zetor was in the picture .
  26. Zork

    3520 FEL/ 7620 BH

    Hi everyone. Today I finally got my tractor delivered and I was able to run it for a while. The fel hydraulics run fine, however the loader lowers slower than I would like. The backhoe exceeds my anticipated expectations for a smaller bh. It is responsive and has quite a bit of power and so...
  27. Zork

    3510/ bl10 loader

    Hi everyone, Im new. I've been shopping and I think that I have decided on the Branson 3510 with bl10 loader and backhoe. During a dealer test drive and a satisfied customers on property test drive I noticed that the FEL arms lowered when I tried to work the bucket at the same time. Most...