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  1. dkmc

    Paint - Majic or Rust-oleum ?

    Please share opinions about which brand is better than the other. Maybe this is a Chevy-Ford question?
  2. dkmc

    Similar to the 'upgrade' thread......time to let it go?

    I bought a 1957 IH 330 Utility back in 1991. Split the tractor and replaced a broken Bull Gear in the trans.-rearend. 12V alternator upgrade, cleaned and painted it up real purdy. Used to to brush hog for many years, plus back blade the driveway with DIY back blade. Motor is some what tired, it...
  3. dkmc

    Deutz FL 511 2 cylinder Eninge Temp. Gauge??

    Hi I have a Deutz 2 cylinder FL 511 in a portable compressor. I would like to install an engine temp gauge, can anybody tell me where the sensors are located on this engine (when equipped with a gauge)? And I'm looking for a place to buy the gauge and sending unit. Any info on where to get...
  4. dkmc


    Lots of good info on this forum, thanks for letting me be a member