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  1. Mtnmnstr

    Village Idiot did it again.

    Hey guys, This is a hydraulic issue. Jumped on my XR4140 that I put 3rd function and the AE Grapple. It's been working great for 4 years. Been having issues with disconnecting the hoses. Then I bled the pressure off and popped on. Then today I read about; turn the key on and exercise the...
  2. Mtnmnstr


    Over the years of bashing through the over growth, saving me from Widow Makers , I ripped the whole LS canopy off my tractor. All I got is a frame left. Any of y'all have any replacement suggestions?
  3. Mtnmnstr

    Fix'n to get a Tiller

    Looking at adding a tiller to the yard. Currently i'm running a 3 turning plow and disking. I'm thinking a Tiller will speed up the process and get me the results I'm looking for. I've searched the threads and found too many to read through. I'm thinking a 72" or 84" . King Kutter II is local...
  4. Mtnmnstr

    PTO switch diagram

    HEY Y'all XR4145 PTO switch died AGAIN!!!! Any of you have or know what the wiring for the PTO switch is? I'm looking to put in a push switch. LIFT UP to run Down to stop. This is my third PTO switch in 403 hours. Thanks Gene
  5. Mtnmnstr

    Oil & Fuel  XR4145 Fuel & Starting issues.

    Ok guys, I know y'all are smart out there. I have an issue with starting my tractor. Like y'all I used to jump on it , turn key wait a second or two and turn key and Vroom, it starts. now I have to 1) pop hood, pump the manual pump on top of the fuel filter. 2) turn it over 2 or 3 times, 3)...
  6. Mtnmnstr

    XR4145 PTO issues

    HEY Y'ALL!! Had my LS XR4145 for about 2 yrs or so, just found this group.. just fell out of warranty. Been using the heck out of it. So much so I use it as my therapy from stresses of "The Job". Here it is, I hooked my Auger found my marks, hit the PTO switch and . . .nut'n. the dash light...