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  1. Bill Guenthner

    Dad Jokes

    Here's one to kick off summer. Pig 1: I never sausage heat Pig 2: Tell me about it, I'm bacon Have you got any that drove your kids bonkers?
  2. Bill Guenthner

    I still haven’t gotten the garden tiller out

    Went out to the garage to get the garden tiller. “Let’s see, need to move these seed bags up off the floor so I can get to it” “That table is covered with paint cans” “Where’s the lumber for that shelf I was going to put up to store all these cans?” “Oh yeah, it’s in the other building with the...
  3. Bill Guenthner

    Z-Force SX drive belt damage

    The drive belt on my brand new Z-Force SX is rubbing on this bracket. It looks like the bracket also keeps the pto clutch from rotating freely so I don't think I can just take it off. I can take it to the dealer under warranty but that's going to put it out of service for a while. Any ideas...
  4. Bill Guenthner

    Members in their 70s?

    At 63 I can still do anything I want or need to do, cut trees, split wood, build, load and unload lumber, hook up attachments, etc. just a little slower than I would have 10 years ago. Like the song says, “I’m not as good as I once was but I’m as good once as I ever was.” Obviously that only...
  5. Bill Guenthner

    Rotary Cutter (easier to work on)??

    I have a Big-Bee Agri Five rotary cutter (60 inch) that has given good service and taken a lot of abuse for 6 years but... it is not a pleasure to work on. There are no holes in the deck to access the bolts that attach the blades to the stump jumper so when they loosen up it's tremendously...
  6. Bill Guenthner

    Stump grinding / removal

    I have a large wooded tract for recreation and hunting. I've got an acre or so that we clear cut several years ago and now it has a good stand of grass on it but the stumps are still there, about 30 stumps anywhere from 6 inches to 30 inches but mostly under 20 inches diameter. I want to get...
  7. Bill Guenthner

    3-Point Hitch  PTO lever positions

    On the B3200 and B3300 the PTO engagement lever has three positions; un-engaged then one with a picture of the tractor and the PTO shaft and then one with a picture of just the turning PTO shaft. What's the difference between the two engaged positions? I can't tell any difference in operation of...
  8. Bill Guenthner

    Need advice on new compact

    I have 35 acres, 33 is wooded. Mostly uneven and rocky. Currently mow the 2 acres of grass with a JD x300 but it's very hard on the riding mower. I want to convert another acre or two to grass. Most of my tractor work will be in the woods making paths, deer plots, moving downed trees, also...