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  1. Redbug

    Any One Else Eat Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

    I put diatomaceous earth in all the bird houses in the spring. It reduces the mite loads on the fledglings and adults.
  2. Redbug

    Outdoor burning laws

    About the Emerald Ash Borer and issues concerning transporting wood...what do the loggers do about transporting logs to the mills?
  3. Redbug

    What two Landpride attachments with new Kubota purchase?

    Bush hog and heavy box blade.
  4. Redbug

    If you were in Alaska for the first time, where would you go and what would you do?

    In my earlier days I lived at Fairbanks. Drove the Alacan, took the ferry, too. Rambled and hunted a good part of the state. Be sure to order the latest Milepost:
  5. Redbug

    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    In South Carolina I see commercial solar farm/factories becoming more and more abundant. Large acreages. Most people need to make money on their lands whether growing trees, farming, cows, etc. I don't harbor ill feelings on solar. But I do have feelings on esthetics. But I have other questions...
  6. Redbug

    Deer Hunting and deer hunters

    I would tell the neighbor that only he is allowed to hunt your property. No other people. Tell him if it happens again he cannot ever hunt your property. It's that simple.
  7. Redbug

    New Diamond C HDT

    Thanks T on the roller bit.
  8. Redbug

    New Diamond C HDT

    I have one of the older designs of HDT. Mine is 24 foot, (6 foot stationary), with the locking toolbox up front. Question...using the winch to load a vehicle with the ramp down what method is used for the cable to slide over the lifted ramp? Pulley or some sort of Teflon/metal slide? I have...
  9. Redbug

    Watch out for bicycles too.

    You guys can ride your bikes wherever you want. I don't care. However for me...I would not want to put my life in another person's hands. I pick up a good bit of litter and much of what I pick up are beer cans and other liquor based products. There are a lot of people drinking and driving around...
  10. Redbug

    What causes this pine tree problem?

    Pine beetles. I think those trees have been dying for quite awhile.
  11. Redbug

    WR Long 3rd function purchase recommendation?

    I think the WR Long is the best 3rd function out there.
  12. Redbug

    How long before Compact Diesels are obsolete?

    I'm not so sure the rest of the world is ready for this new electric revolution that will bring much more efficiency while saving the planet.
  13. Redbug

    Kubota L3130 : Front Axle Vent

    I was just noting that my tractor does have the vent. I think many tractors are vented, it's just hard to see the vent. No one in particular...
  14. Redbug

    How long before Compact Diesels are obsolete?

    Thanks for posting that DieselBound. Good points and I am digesting the links...
  15. Redbug

    How long before Compact Diesels are obsolete?

    Electric, no, and no. Not practical in the real world. Sub-zero temps will kill a Li-ion battery or severely diminish its capacity permanently. In the heat, you lose battery life. That 8-10 year battery life will be 4-5 years in hot places like Texas or Arizona. Replacement...
  16. Redbug

    Kubota L3130 : Front Axle Vent

    I have an L3830 and the axle does have a vent. I bet yours does, too. Take your flashlight...go to the right side of the tractor/axle and look about midway on the top axle under the tractor frame. There is a fitting with a hose. The hose goes up and under the area around the radiator overflow...
  17. Redbug

    What Do You Do With Your Waste Oil?

    Some of my used oil gets used doing prescribed burns on the various properties for wildlife management/reducing fuel loads in the drip torches. 60/40 mix-used oil/gas. My trailers with wood decks get a coating about once a year on a hot summer day using a roller and pan. Puts the oils back into...
  18. Redbug

    Need a loader for a L3830

    I think Woods makes an aftermarket loader, also.
  19. Redbug

    Are Harbor Freight discount coupons gone for good?

    I have also wondered about the HP coupons. That is what brought me in the store, (and the free bees). I haven't been in there in months. Ebay is the best deal going.
  20. Redbug

    Valve stem guard

    I did the same thing to mine.
  21. Redbug

    complaint with restaurants (which dosen't make sense to me)

    If it's on the menu then there should be no problem on what is ordered. So the restaurant is telling you what to eat or not to eat even though it is on the menu? I would walk out.
  22. Redbug

    Deciding on grapple type, not brand yet.

    I have a root rake type with single lid made by WR Long. I really like it. I also welded up a brush guard which is needed when using a grapple. Make sure your grapple is as wide as your front tire width. That way you are not driving over debris when pushing up a load.
  23. Redbug


    I got my anvil back in the mid-80s. I wanted one and put a wanted ad in the local Farmer's Market Bulletin. I got several calls and looked at some that were too beat up or too large. The one I bought from an old farmer weighs 88 pounds and I paid $45 back then. I use it all the time for odd...
  24. Redbug

    3-Point Hitch Trailer Mover

    Here's what I use. The shackle keeps the drawbar from turning. I also welded a receiver into my box blade for moving trailers around.
  25. Redbug

    MX4700 to tow if the engine won't start...

    One of my friends' MX4700, (has HST), would not start, and we could not get it to roll in neutral with the clutch pedal pushed in. What needs to be done to enable a tractor to roll with the engine off to get it on a trailer to be repaired? Is there a valve that needs to be opened to get it into...
  26. Redbug

    Full length 24 ft 14K gravity tilt trailer recommendations

    I also have a 24 foot gravity tilt. Diamond C. 16 foot tilt portion and 8 foot stationary. 14900 weight total and weighs around 3500 pounds. It is balanced well and I really like it. To tilt either way just stand on either end. This trailer has a valve that you can open and close to keep the...
  27. Redbug

    Broke Down and Got One of those Fake Drawbars :-(

    This is how I keep my drawbar from rotating.
  28. Redbug

    Diamond C Trailers

    I had a 20 foot trailer which was really too short. I sold it. I shopped around and decided on the Diamond C's. I ordered a tilt bed in the 24 foot length, (and 8 foot stationary bed). The dealer said it would take a little over a month to build and be delivered. That trailer was about five...
  29. Redbug

    Long dump trailer

    I used to have a 20 footer made by a company called BMF Trailers which later became Big Lug Trailers. I sold it a couple years ago. I welded up removable sides and tailgate for it after I first got it 12 years ago. For heavy loads I used a weight distribution hitch.
  30. Redbug


    My home made valve stem protectors.
  31. Redbug

    Single axle vs double axle on 20 foot campers...

    I am looking to get a camper, (preference is a newer model used), in the 20 or 22 foot range. I have noticed quite a lot of campers having only a single axle. I think the newer campers must be lighter in weight than the older models hence the single axle. But I wonder about towing a camper with...
  32. Redbug

    Diamond C Tilt trailer 48HDT ?

    Hello Fallon...My Diamond C trailer came in the other day. I ordered it. 24 foot model 45HDT. I got the full length rub rails/stake pockets, and lockable chain tray in the tongue.
  33. Redbug

    Butcherng a pig.

    Hi there George, We kill a good many hogs at my club along the Congaree River. One year...just during deer season...we logged close to 400 hogs, (and that was just what was dragged back to the club house). We hunt them all year round. This year is going to be another of those years, I can tell...
  34. Redbug

    Neat find from the original Americans...

    I found this neat mortar and pestle a couple months ago while out rambling around. I always keep my eyes to the ground, looking for points and is a hobby. I have found other mortars before, but never a pestle with one. The pestle was about 3 feet from the mortar and has a flattened...
  35. Redbug

    Detailed rainfall mapping...

    Just how much rain fell at home or the farm? A good rainfall is literally worth millions across the state when in a drought... To see detailed rainfall amounts... 1. type in your place...such as Bamberg, SC. 2. click states, county, road/town overlay 3. click last 2 days...or whatever... 4...
  36. Redbug

    Question and advise about septic tank cleaning...

    We have been living in this house about 12 years or so now. I have been thinking that it is about time to have the septic tank cleaned out. We don't have a lot of waste...just the wife and I, but figure it is a good preventive measure to keep the drain field from clogging up. Everything works...
  37. Redbug

    Question about those rechargeable AA batteries...

    I have been using some of those rechargeable AA batteries in my digital cameras, instead of the alkalines. I have been using the Kodak Ni-Mh 2500mAh, the Duracell Ni-Mh 2000mAh, and the Rayovac Ni-Mh 2000mAh. These rechargeable batteries don't seem to hold a charge for more than a 4 or 5 days...
  38. Redbug

    Everything Attachments

    Hey thanks Ted! Being a member does has it's perks, and it works both ways! Again thanks for working on something!
  39. Redbug

    Everything Attachments

    Hi EverythingAttachments...Just wondering, can you give TBN members a discount over your posted prices? We can be a spendy bunch...
  40. Redbug

    Fun real life classes for us adults...

    Planning ahead for when my wife and I have more time, (retirement for me will be in less than 4 years), some fun classes to take. This could also be a good weekend getaway while having fun learning something new...Great for you and your wife...I am interested in the blacksmithing and...
  41. Redbug

    Subscription to threads not working for me

    Just wondering...I have my preferences set to "instant email notification", but no longer get the emails of a thread update. I have my cookies set to accept from this site, (as always). I have had no problems until a couple weeks ago. Have there been any software changes on the site, or do I...
  42. Redbug

    Your opinion on this tool...4" multi-use saw

    Just wondering if any of you has used this saw? I sure could have used something like this the other day when having to cut some plywood away next to a wall. My regular circular saw would only get as close as about 2 1/2 inches from the wall. Somehow, I got it done with a lot effort using the...
  43. Redbug

    Opinions about a utility grader attachment...

    Just rolling around the idea of getting a utility grader attachment. The one I am looking at is made by Leinbach. Utility grader A question or three...I have a box blade, but was wondering if these graders can do a better job smoothing out a road than the box blade. Do any of you own one or...
  44. Redbug

    My first buck this season...

    Where I am in SC, deer season began Aug 15. On my hunt club we practice Quality Deer Management, and don't take any bucks less than 14" spread. Over the years I have really seen a difference in the size of the bucks. I got this one Saturday, Aug 30. I had seen a couple smaller ones in velvet...
  45. Redbug

    Something always going on at the Hunt Club...another new piece of equipment...

    The roads grow in pretty fast. Shooting lanes need to be trimmed... Serious piece of equipment. Can't keep up with Bob! Pretty neat, huh?
  46. Redbug

    Dye for Herbicide...see where you've been

    I go through a quite a few gallons of Roundup each year. Sometimes it's difficult to see where you sprayed when doing a large area and wind up spraying the same area twice or have overlap. A friend of mind suggested using agricultural marker dye in the herbicide. So I ordered some. I can see...
  47. Redbug

    Posthole Digger  Advise on Post Hole Digger Auger Size

    I plan to buy a Leinbach 3 point hitch post hole digger in the near future. I know the model I want, (L-7200), but am not sure about the auger size I should get when I get it. It will take 4, 6, 9, and 12 inch augers. I plan on using it to dig holes for fence posts and most likely a pole barn...
  48. Redbug

    Subsoiler operation...question about the setup...

    I have used this subsoiler some around the house to pull a few small stumps and out in the field. But, I've got a few questions on how to use it properly. This particular one hinges in the middle. When I hook it up to the tractor, the top end is heavier than the lower end. That causes the...
  49. Redbug

    Valve Stem Mod

    I was out in the woods pushing tree debris the other day. I heard a hissing sound...and the first thought was hydro line leak. The sound was coming from a front tire. A limb had rubbed up against the tire and busted off the brass valve stem. I slowly drove the tractor out and onto the trailer. A...
  50. Redbug

    Thank you all for for a great year!

    Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your lives, projects, opinions, and knowledge with me in this past year. Each of you have touched others in ways you cannot fathom. Live long and prosper, and may your tractor have many happy hours! Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and the...
  51. Redbug

    Hunting stand after logging, glad to have a tractor

    Well, it finally happened. One of my favorite hunting stand sites got logged. It was it some big timber alongside a swamp. Trees like that won't grow back in my lifetime. Here's what "my tractor did for me". A few pics of how I got my stand site fixed up again since the location is still a...
  52. Redbug

    Home Made Tie Rod Boot Protector

    Well, so far I have replaced the larger rubber boot on the tie rods twice on my fairly new Kubota. I have been pushing tree debris and limbs, and they seem to find their way toward those boots and tear them up. They cost $10 and my time to replace. A pic or three shows my answer to the problem...
  53. Redbug

    4in1 tidbit I learned by accident...

    I have a 4in1 bucket and am still learning the ropes with my tractor. I use the bucket a good bit opened up wide to doze and push stuff. It's great at that. However, for smoothing roads it works best closed and by backdragging in the float position. But here's the tidbit...You can do a fairly...
  54. Redbug

    About Weight Distribution etc.

    I thought I would post some information about weight distribution hitches. A WDH will allow you to carry a heavier tongue load by spreading the trailer weight more evenly on the truck's frame. The front axle gets more weight, and the truck does not sag in the back. The WDH arms, (with chains)...
  55. Redbug

    Great information source on wildlife food plots and stuff

    Hi folks, I stumbled on this publication from the Mississippi State Extension Service while searching for food plot information. Really good stuff! Scrolling down, it details each plant including planting dates, rates, etc. P2111 Wildlife Food Planting Guide -- For The Southeast Also, the...
  56. Redbug

    My two favorite weather gadgets...other than a weather radio...

    Just a couple fun gadgets I like... When the weatherman says you will get half an inch of rain at home or at the farm tomorrow that is always good news, (or bad depending on your situation). I have had one of these rain guages for over 13 years and am always comparing to see what I really got...
  57. Redbug

    What's up with dual oil filters on hydraulics

    I have a L3830 HST and my 50 hour mark is coming up right around the corner. I plan to do the servicing myself. I have already bought the Kubota UDT, engine filter, and hydraulic filter. However, just crawling around underneith the tractor, I noticed yet another filter! Reading the
  58. Redbug

    Just a funny pic...First time getting her stuck

    On Memorial Day, I was working on building up a road bed and adding a crown, but got too close to the mucky edge with deep ruts, and she slid in. This time, I could not walk the tractor out by curling the bucket. It was in too deep, and the box blade was dragging. So...we had to walk back...
  59. Redbug

    Loose Swiper O Rings on Loader Cylinders

    Hi Guys, I have a 723 loader on my L3830 and have noticed that occasionally an O ring will come loose and stay at the end of the cylinder arm. It is the first O ring you see when looking at a cylinder...where the arm goes into the cylinder itself. I have reglued them back onto the cylinder on...
  60. Redbug

    Working on tractor with loader you?

    What do you folks do when working on your tractor and the loader arms are in the way? What is the safest procedure...lift the arms and use the valve lock safety and work under the raised loader? How reliable is the valve lock, safety wise? I am wondering, since I am not sure. It seems like some...
  61. Redbug

    My new L3830...see what you all caused!

    I got a L3830HST with 2 rear remotes, R4's, Quick Attach on a 72" WR Long 4n1 bucket with toothbar. I got the WR Long valve kit on the loader. And that's me grinnin' ear to ear.
  62. Redbug

    Balancing your trailer tires

    Just a query...I have noticed that almost all trailers on the lots, etc., do not have the tires balanced. Is it to make more profit? I have several trailers of different sorts and take the tires off and have them balanced at the tire place. But it seems most folks I have noticed run with...
  63. Redbug

    Pics of interesting soil prep equipment

    As much as we all like tractors and stuff, I thought I would share a few pics of the type of equipment used out at my hunt club down in South Carolina. Just some fascinating stuff you may like, also. After an area is logged, (usually clearcut), nothing is done for a year to let the debris...
  64. Redbug

    Do not read if you are a squirrel or rat lover

    I chuckled after reading Soundguy's Possum Control Thread. I mostly use a 12 guage on varmints. But many folks can't. Here's a couple passive poison control measures I also ploy, especially around pets. One of my dogs accidently got into the basement one day and ate the rat poison. The vet saved...
  65. Redbug

    My new equipment trailer...

    Well, I've been mainly a lurker for the past couple years, hardly posting but learning a ton from all you folks. I have a 7000 lb 16' dovetail trailer which will be too small for the tractor I plan to buy, (another post, later). So after much searching, I had my ultimate trailer made...and for a...