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  1. BigE_

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    As found on Facebook.
  2. BigE_

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I haven't driven the Silverado since I stole the pin out of the hitch. But, the hitch has been sitting there in the back. For clarification, this is a drop hitch, and there are actually four pins total on the hitch. One on the receiver tube, two on the drop portion, and one more because it is...
  3. BigE_

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Adding the actual picture to the thread so people don't have to click on the unknown link. I love the comment "He's just barreling down the highway".
  4. BigE_

    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    This t post puller worked great... for the first 3 posts. Broke on the fourth. So, it moved quickly from the don't suck column to the suck column.
  5. BigE_

    TC33D Head Gasket Replacement - Video series

    I recently had to replace the head gasket on my TC33D, so I decided to film the process. I didn't film the tear down, but I did film the build up. I'll be posting the series here as I go through the editing process. I have 3 hours of video that I'll try to compress into about 15-20 minutes...
  6. BigE_

    Kids using tractors

    My son wanted to use the backhoe the other day, so I found a place where he couldn't do much damage and let him have his fun. I took the RPMs all the way down to idle and then stood back and watched. After about 5 minutes of trying to figure out the controls he started to get them down. Here's...
  7. BigE_

    Leave it to the Germans

    I'm not quite certain what they were trying to accomplish with this. But, whatever it was, the guy does know his stuff when it comes to running this machine! RobaJKGMMiE
  8. BigE_

    How much to charge for rental repairs and cleaning?

    I was trying to find the right forum for this, Related Topics seemed appropriate enough. I have a small quandary I'd like some advice on. A few years ago, for some long forgotten reason, I thought it would be a "good idea" to invest in some rental property. Long story short, I bought a small...
  9. BigE_

    Putting in a pool

    OK, here's the background: The wife was out shopping about a month ago, sees one of these above ground pools at Fred Meyers, on sale for $150. 15' wide, comes with a filter, pump, cover, ladder, etc. Sounds like a decent deal, right? Not to mention that the weather is starting to get a bit...
  10. BigE_

    Chipper  Video of my little chipper

    Made a video today of my little chipper in action. I just replaced the engine on it. It had a 25hp, but a new 25hp was around $3k all said and done. I put in an 18hp engine, seems to run just fine, and it was half the price. Unfortunately, the battery on the camcorder died right in the middle...
  11. BigE_


    We've got blackberries and other weeds that are hard to control, so I've been thinking about getting a goat to help keep it under control. My wife has a friend who has sheep and claims that this particular variety are even better than goats for clearing land. The up-shot is that we are getting...
  12. BigE_

    Oil & Fuel  TC33D oil light at low RPMs?

    I finally got a chance today to work on the new (to me) tractor and play with it for a few hours. The issue with the hour meter turned out to be pretty simple -- someone had taken the dash apart, pulled the hour meter, and broken the wires going to it. I could also see scratch marks, etc., on...
  13. BigE_

    TC33D Parking Brake, hour meter + other maintenance

    Hello all! I'm well into my 1st week of tractor ownership, and I still have almost no seat time. It is driving me nuts having to see it sitting there when I get in my rig and head off to work in the morning. I don't get home generally until after dark, and I really don't want to learn how to...
  14. BigE_

    Ready to pull the trigger on TC33

    Found a used TC33 today for $9700, so I think I'm ready to pull the trigger (finally -- only been looking for 8 months now). Here's the specs: 2000 TC33D 33HP 4WD with HST, supersteer, R-4 tires. Also has 7308 loader with 5ft bucket. 1125 hours, and has a brand new paint job to boot. Yeah, I...
  15. BigE_

    Used DX29 -- Decent Price?

    I've been lurking in the forums for about a month now, spending hours reading all of the posts. As you well know, lots of good info here -- thanks. I finally joined so I can post.... I'm looking for a tractor / loader / backhoe for use on my 5 acres. 4 acres are wooded, and everything is on...