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  1. MitchellB

    Who Uses CB Radios?

    I've had a CB in almost every vehicle I've owned since the early 70s when I first got a driver's license. (telling my age now) My old truck currently has a Uniden PC68XL CB as well as my 2m/440 ham radio since I was licensed in 95 in it. I don't travel as much as I used to, so it does not get...
  2. MitchellB

    Views from the Operator's Seat

    spreading some new gravel in one of the driveways about 3 years ago. back when we first got the 861D in 2014.
  3. MitchellB

    United Box Blade

    I bought a used United 566HD 66"(5 1/2') box grader back in 2014. I've been real happy with mine. We had just bought some property behind us. I needed to level about a dozen dump truck loads of dirt we lucked up and got for free to fill in a hole where an old church was removed many years...
  4. MitchellB

    School me on old used rotary cutters

    I bought one just like that for $300 a few years back that was in way worst condition. Welded up the cracks, put a new wheel behind it, filled up the leaky gearbox with grease & painted the rust. We had just bought a piece of property that was overgrown for several years and use it behind my...
  5. MitchellB

    my YTA24V48 rolled off the truck today

    Just to show what I'm talking about. The front on the mower with the missing cap when it was returned after repairs. Such a minor item, but I bought the bumper extra for the mower, as it did not come on the mower when we bought it. The cap should not be very expensive for them to replace, or...
  6. MitchellB

    What small tiller, mantis or ?

    Last year I was not able to do a big garden using the tractor. My past experience with an our old 4 cycle gas tillers were that I worked on the tiller to get it running longer than it took to use them. Last time I tried to use it, I discovered my stepson had burned the clutch out of it when I...
  7. MitchellB

    Husqvarna quitting consumer grade mowers

    I've owned our new Husqvarna riding mower for a couple years and it has been back twice now (under extended warranty) for linkage problems (still there as I right this). Our old Lowes/MTD mower lasted almost 10 years before giving me any major problems. And back then, it had to double as my...
  8. MitchellB

    Adult hand brush cutter?????

    I bought a blade similar to this for my string trimmer and turned it into a hand held mini-bush hog. Eats through almost anything that grows.
  9. MitchellB

    Where is Your Tractor Kept?

    I keep them under a metal carport cover. It protects them (& me) from rain, snow & uv, but not temperatures. I can only dream about an big enclosed work shop building here. The carport cover has to double as my fair weather work shop.
  10. MitchellB

    Box blade or grader blade

    I just looked back and we only paid $156 for the Tractor Supply grader blade new, but that was many years ago; looks more like $400 today, but I've got my moneys worth out of it and then some. I also use that blade to move snow off our gravel driveway in winter and sometimes the paved street in...
  11. MitchellB

    Box blade or grader blade

    I got this light duty 6ft blade new from Tractor Supply about 18 years or so ago when we first got our 49 8N tractor. I wore the adjusting pin hole out a after about 10 years. When I repaired it, I made a little frame to hold some concrete blocks to add a little more weight to it. I never...
  12. MitchellB

    ford 660 tranny/pto help needed

    This was my 1958 861D old 2 stage clutch & the worn fingers that ride against throw-out bearing before I replaced them. And this is looking into the case at the throw-out bearing and clutch shaft. Your 660 is probably similar.
  13. MitchellB

    Traction Tractor Cover

    When I first got our 8N tractor I quickly discover here in the humid southeast that things rust sweating under a tarp so we cobbled together some lightweight sheet metal roofing panels and laid it over the old swing set to park under. It kept the rain and snow off. Then I ran across a place...
  14. MitchellB

    Relief valve adjustment

    Probably not necessary, but after I had trouble with my hydraulic system I mounted a gauge permanently on my 861D's pump so that I can see at a glance what my pressure is from the driver's seat. I forget what I paid for the gauge, but found it on eBay pretty cheap.
  15. MitchellB

    8n Brush Hog

    This is the way I had my 49 8N attached to my 5' Bushhog before I sold them.
  16. MitchellB

    Will a Ford 4000 pull a box blade?

    My United Box Blade is the attachment I use most often with my old 1958 861D Ford. A couple years before this picture was taken, I leveled about 10 dump truck loads of dirt to fill in where an old church once stood with that box blade and a little 8N Ford tractor that I had then, which is allot...
  17. MitchellB

    Which Old Ford Tractor??

    I had a 1949 8N for about 16 years. My father in law convinced me to get one. A darn good little tractor for it's size and simple to work on and easy to find parts. In that time I had a chance to figure out what Ford I wanted that would better fit my needs and decided I wanted an 861 or 661...
  18. MitchellB

    Answer to global warming

  19. MitchellB

    What is your favorite tractor and why?

    My favorite tractor has got to be my current tractor; a 1958 Ford 861Diesel. The first tractor I ever drove was (don't remember model year) an old red Farmall A for a couple summers in high school with a belly mower mowing between acres of boxwoods on a boxwood farm. After we got married, my...
  20. MitchellB

    Steering wheel repair

    My old Ford steering wheel always left my hands black after using it. I got one of those cheap automotive steering wheel covers and wrapped it. It has held up great for years now, and may work for you after you repair your wheel.
  21. MitchellB

    Bog type disc or standard ? Pros and cons

    I got this old Bog disk harrow from my father in law a couple years ago. He said his little 8N Ford could not pull it. I pulled it behind my 861D Ford to do a small garden and it really strained the old Ford to pull as well, but it did. However the front end of the old tractor would sway from...
  22. MitchellB


    I got one of those little 16" barreled 94AE in .44mag years ago new that I ordered from a local Walmart in store catalog. (this WM sadly does not sell guns anymore) It has become one of my favorite rifles to use and it caliber matches my Ruger .44mag Vaquero also.
  23. MitchellB

    Ford 861 question

    My 58 861D has one as well, but I had to look to make sure as I did not remember it when I had to pull the engine. Almost looks like a Allen bolt stud. I took pics of mine back when I had to rebuild it and found these of the insides. It does not appear to be any reason for it, but I'm sure...
  24. MitchellB

    Ford 800 finish mower size

    I use a 5' King Kutter with my Ford 861D. I wish it was a six foot, but I bought the five foot when I mowed with an 8N Ford. I think 800 could easily run a 7' finish mower, but that would be a little unwieldy in tight spots, but large open land not so much. I have gates to get though, so 6...
  25. MitchellB

    Ford 861worth fooling with?

    Well, I probably prejudice, but the 861 is my favorite model Ford tractor (got an 861D). It may be worth $300 or so as scrape metal. If you can get it running, maybe worth a couple thousand to an interested buyer, or part it out. I'd love to have the power steering off of it on mine.
  26. MitchellB

    amateur radio

    I just recently upgraded to Extra this past February. For VHF & UHF, I still use two homemade ground plane antenna mounted on my roof since I first made them back in 1996. I got the plans from an old ARRL Antenna Book. My Yaesu FT847 only puts out 50 watts on those bands, but I have been real...
  27. MitchellB

    Looking for riding mower

    We went with the Husqvarna YHA24V48 near the end of the mowing season last year, so we really haven't had it long enough to give a long time review. I had a drive belt come off soon after we got it, but that was repaired under warranty for free. It has the General automatic transmission that...
  28. MitchellB

    Ford Tractor photo thread, lets start one!

    I don't know how many were produced, but I believe Ford offered the 4 cylinder diesel engines in all the 601, 801 and early thousand series tractors, before switching over to the 3 cylinder diesel engines. After some research, I had my sights set on one of these model Fords for a couple years...
  29. MitchellB

    Ford Tractor photo thread, lets start one!

    We bought this little 1949 Ford 8N in February of 1998 that we sold in 2015 after we upgraded in July of 2014 to this 1958 861D Ford that currently shows only 547 hours on the meter.
  30. MitchellB

    my YTA24V48 rolled off the truck today

    Well (I hope) good news and (definitely) some bad news. The hopefully good news is we bought the 3 year extended warranty from Lowes just under the deadline in time. The really bad news is the third time I began mowing with the new Husqvarna something in the GO peddle broke and now it just...
  31. MitchellB

    my YTA24V48 rolled off the truck today

    It is good to hear some (mostly) positive experiences with this mower. I could have bought the 2 or 3 year extended warranty from Lowes, but I thought to myself, how much can go wrong with a mower that I could not fix myself other than something catastrophic like engine or transaxle failure...
  32. MitchellB

    my YTA24V48 rolled off the truck today

    Just a quick update to my thoughts on the new mower after the first day of mowing with it this morning. We have 3 adjoining lots now that I mow that are close to 2.5 acres. About half is wooded with many sticks and roots to mow over and crap to mow around, the other half is open field, but...
  33. MitchellB

    my YTA24V48 rolled off the truck today

    We took delivery of our new Husqvarna YTA24V48 riding mower this morning. It took Lowes a couple days to get it together to deliver. I did a lot of research before I settled on this brand and model. I also had to up our budget more than I intended originally, but that was because our last new...
  34. MitchellB

    Craigslist tractor scam?

    For those of you that have experienced this sort of (what I consider a scam) listing, this may be just reinforcement, but it may help some others that are more trusting. Below is a recent back and forth emails after finding a nice looking tractor on Craigslist for a very low price. My...
  35. MitchellB

    Most Useful Minor Additions to Tractor

    Fabbed up an extra step to climb on my old 861D Ford. My worn out knees love it. In the hole in the dash where the optional dash light went in 1958, I installed a 12 volt plug (diesels were 12 volt back then). I normally keep a cheap DC meter plugged in there for constant voltage monitoring...
  36. MitchellB

    Ordered a Pat痴 Easy Change Hitch System for my 861D Ford

    My PECS came this morning. I got them install with the longer pin they sent me being able to use my old long Ford sway bars. I was concerned at first that having the sway arms so far out from where they use to ride next to my lift arms, that it may interfere with how wide and narrow I could...
  37. MitchellB

    Ordered a Pat痴 Easy Change Hitch System for my 861D Ford

    Just like the title, I got off my wallet and ordered myself a Pat's Easy Change Hitch for my tractor. My step-son helped me change implements around over the weekend so I could plow & disk him up a little garden plot. I knew how hard it was for me the change implements by myself, but watching...
  38. MitchellB

    2 Way radios in the truck

    I still have my CB in my old truck, my ham radio, a couple of handheld (HT) radios in the console and usually my cell phone with me. Not many folks use CB anymore in their cars, but the truckers sure do and some 4-wheelers. I also have a portable CB radio/speaker setup that can be plugged into...
  39. MitchellB

    Mowing trouble keeping brush hog at right height

    I welded 2 rings for chain attachment to my rotary cutter near the lift arm pins and hooked the opposite ends to my long top link pin on my 8N tractor with D rings. these pictures below I got from the internet shows the proper way to do it, but I did not want to buy the chain kit with the...
  40. MitchellB

    Ford 661 Proofmeter

    Take drive cable loose from hyd. pump and make sure the cable is OK and not broken. If it is, then most likely the cable drive in the end of the hydraulic pump is bad. That was my problem with my 861D. Ford 801 Parts - Gauges
  41. MitchellB

    Ford 661 Proofmeter

    If it is anything like my '58 861D Ford, the cable connects to the rear of the hydraulic pump. The pump is driven by a gear on the rear of the cam shaft. My cable drive fork that turns my cable end at the pump was worn out and had to be replaced.
  42. MitchellB

    Consider cast weights instead of liquid in tires

    My tractor has pie wheel weights (over 500 pounds per wheel) and fluid filled too. It was just that way when I bought it and I've never changed it. I must say, that all that extra weight will leave nice deep tracks in the yard, even when the ground is dry; but the old girl pulls strong before...
  43. MitchellB

    Posthole Digger King Kutter Finish Mower?

    I also purchase a used KK 5' last year; an older side discharge model. All my 4 tires needed new inner tubes before I could use it. My KK also has the front mounted anti-scalp roller. Besides tubes, new blades, a lot of grease and modifying the PTO shaft length to fit my tractors, the only...
  44. MitchellB

    Looking for advice on an 8n

    I'd fix it, if I had the tools, time and a place to split the tractor. I had to replace a dual clutch in my '58 861D Ford last year (first time for me), but not so much because I had to as, the tractor was already split for engine work and the bolt heads that the throw out bearing push against...
  45. MitchellB

    Ford 3000 hydraulics

    I know my 58 861D is older than yours, but mine has 3 separate reservoirs, divided by seals in the shafts. I use 80/90 wt in both my rear end and transmission, and UTF in the Hydraulics. At the bottom of the clutch housing you can see the lines from the hydraulic reservoir that comes through...
  46. MitchellB

    Adding an LED voltmeter to my Kioti DK35se

    I picked up one of these on fleeBay pretty cheap back at the first of the year. It simply plugs into an accessory plug. So, far it has been working fine.
  47. MitchellB

    PICS OF BARNS; Any barns; All barns; My barn; Your barn; Not your barn

    It looks like a barn, but it is really used as my tool shed. My brother in law and new wife helped me nail this together back in 1991.
  48. MitchellB

    rpm questions for 801 ford

    While I would not want to run mine at 2400 RPM it should rev up close to that unless something is wrong somewhere. I highly suggest you get an owners, repair &/or user manual for it. The guys over on the Vintage Ford section can be a big help. Ask them why you are only able to max out at 1800...
  49. MitchellB

    rpm questions for 801 ford

    Old Ford Tractor Specifications and Data This lists the maximum RPM for an 800 Ford to be 2400. At 685 PTO speed it says an 851 gasser is running 2000 RPM engine speed. However most mowers need to operate at 540 PTO RPM speed which I think is about 1800 engine RPMs which is what I run my 861D...
  50. MitchellB

    Ford 8N

    Welcome to the group. I've owned my '49 8N for 17 years and just now put it up for sale due to buying a newer/bigger '58 Ford 861D last year to replace it. My little 8N has always been a welcomed work horse when needed, but due to her age, she has always been a little needy in the...
  51. MitchellB

    Cheap Canopy , real cheap! $8

    Looks good. Last week the wife gave me a yard sale umbrella she had and said I could attach it to my tractor. Beats a hat and my favorite expenditure; it was free.
  52. MitchellB

    Fuel Petcock leaking 861D

    Thanks again for the pics & tips. I got a set of line wrenches, but the only way I could tighten the fuel line fitting was with a 7/16" crowfoot wrench on an 3/8 extension & shorty ratchet; and then it took three hands to hold it all in place to turn. On mine, there was not enough room between...
  53. MitchellB

    Fuel Petcock leaking 861D

    Whew! Such a simple repair that due to the location was a PITA, but I got 'er done. Draining the almost full tank took a while. The screws holding the valve to the tank on mine was slotted screws for a flat blade screwdriver. They were a pain to take out and reinstall with my little bent...
  54. MitchellB

    Fuel Petcock leaking 861D

    My diesel fuel tank petcock has been leaking under my '58 861D Ford. It wasn't too bad at first, just a little drip every 15-20 minutes and then only when it was opened. However this last time I used the tractor it has gotten so bad that it is time to fix it. It does not leak when turned off...
  55. MitchellB

    Show us pictures of your pets

    The late Rocky Molly (boxer/lab mix) & Tenbrooks (chorkie mix)
  56. MitchellB

    toe-end 861D adjustment

    Ever since I had this 861D tractor it has steered hard and was difficult to handle on rough ground; sometimes whipping the steering wheel right out of my hand if my grip was not good. Definitely armstrong manual steering, but I could not understand how it could be so much more difficult than my...
  57. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    When the old 12 volt generator was working, the voltage never got much over 13 volts when the engine was revved up and the light always came on at before it dropped to an idle and the voltage would drop to 12 volts or less on the gauge. It has what looks like a fairly new voltage regulator. I...
  58. MitchellB

    Want to starting a small beginner garden.

    2 days ago it was finally dry enough and I took the time to plow up the little patch of garden we're going to start with my Middle Buster. While it did an OK job I suppose, I really needed either a double middle buster behind my tractor or a double bottom plow. This morning I put the Bog...
  59. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    I'm lucky with mine that all the oil compartments & seals are tight so far - at least no puddles on the concrete. The only oil leak I have is around the rear injector fuel line where the rubber insert sets in the head. Three problems I've noticed with mine since the rebuild is 1) the lift...
  60. MitchellB

    New (to him) 63 Ford 2000

    I went with my father in law today to look at a Ford 2000 that was for sale at a very low price. He had it delivered to his house an hour later. It has a bad seal leak dripping out of drain hole in the bottom of the bell housing that he should replace, the right brakes and meter does not work...
  61. MitchellB

    Want to starting a small beginner garden.

    Well due to other problems, work and getting a late start both in 2013 & 2014, I never was able to get our garden started like I hoped. I bought a new (to me) 861D tractor in 2014 however it quickly turned from what I thought was a nice old tractor into a rebuild project that year. However I...
  62. MitchellB

    bush hog help

    Just to update this thread, I have since sold the Bush Hog rotary cutter. I made money on it, if you don't consider my time rebuilding it. Once I had the field bush hogged, I was able to keep it trimmed with weekly/bi-weekly mowing with my small riding mower and had no real use for the heavy...
  63. MitchellB

    Anyone ever seen disc harrow like this before?

    Thanks for the replies so far. Any ideas what these 4 large holes were used for in the front of the gangs. Looks like some big pins or bolts might have attached something there. Maybe the gangs are backwards and the holes should be to the rear?
  64. MitchellB

    Anyone ever seen disc harrow like this before?

    I brought home this 4 disc 2 gang 6 foot disc harrow last night that I traded for. It is in pretty rough shape, but I got more time to repair this than money for a nice harrow and only a small garden to use it in. First thing I noticed is the lift pins are too small for my catagory one 861D...
  65. MitchellB

    Pole Barn Eave Lighting - Clear or Translucent White

    When I built our little storage shed about 10 years ago, I also left a 2' section along each side of the roof where I used the clear roofing panels from Lowes. They matched the corrugations from the metal roofing I used and were an easy addition. I was apprehensive about using them, thinking...
  66. MitchellB

    wood vs king kutter

    Mine is a 5 foot King Kutter. I wanted a 6', but got a good deal in this used 5' model (needed repair). It worked find with no clearance issue on the rear tires of my 8N which I think are 11x28. My 8N had no power problem running a finish mower. In fact, I used to have a 5 foot Bush Hog that...
  67. MitchellB

    wood vs king kutter

    I got an older King Kutter and my complaints with it are the 4 tires have tubes. They were all flat when I bought the mower and required 4 new tubes before they would air up; solid tires would be better in my opinion. My other worry is the top chain connection from the top link attaching point...
  68. MitchellB

    861D Hydraulic Hickup

    Today we had a load of gravel delivered and spread somewhat at our rental house driveway. I fired up the 58 Ford 861D to smooth out a couple spots in the driveway. Temperature had warmed up to about 38 degrees, and this was only about the 6th or 7th time I have started the tractor since I...
  69. MitchellB

    Kids and tractors

    I got one grandson that is crazy about anything to do with machinery.
  70. MitchellB

    Empty hole in 1958 861D dash panel

    Under dash. Here's a pic of one on a ford 8n. Thanks. Looks like they just used a L bracket to hold the cigar lighter. Since the 8N was originally 6 volts (my 8N is still 6 volt too), I wonder what else could be powered from a 6 volt power supply receptical? I know the gas versions of my...
  71. MitchellB

    Empty hole in 1958 861D dash panel

    Where did the dealer option cigar lighter mount? It warmed up some today so I piddled with installing a couple items on my tractor. I picked up the Harbor Freight 12v work light they had on sale yesterday for $7.99 and mounted it in an old hole in my right rear fender and ran the wire for it...
  72. MitchellB

    Empty hole in 1958 861D dash panel

    I got to wondering what went in the empty hole in my dash panel below my proof meter that has a metal cap plug in it now. I saw some tractors online that had a dash light that stands up and points toward the proof meter that seem to be what Ford originally put in there. I found some of...
  73. MitchellB

    Tractors in the suburbs vs acreage

    We only had about an acre lot in the beginning, and half of that was wooded with large gullies across the back portion. We started off with a little 17hp Lowes lawn and garden tractor in 1991 that mowed and kept the driveways level with a tiny 3 ft. scrape blade. However I soon realized I...
  74. MitchellB

    Additional weight for 6' rear blade

    I welded some angle iron to mine to make trays to hold 2 heavy concrete post footings. They can be removed if needed, but so far they are just about the right weight for most of my chores that I use the blade for. Buying a box blade w/rippers has been what I use now for really heavy duty work...
  75. MitchellB

    where do you store your tractor - inside or out?

    When I first got my 8N I did not have anywhere to store it, so it stayed outside under the stars. I soon made a metal cover attached over an unused gym set I put up for the grandkids that I could drive it under that at least kept it out of the rain. After I built the wife a picnic shelter...
  76. MitchellB

    Nomad welding table advice

    I just took some scrap and welded up a couple of metal saw-horse shape stands that can either work as stands or lay some scrap material across them for a quick table or long rails for big projects. I also welded together another table with a flat metal top (also from scrap about 2'x4' top) for...
  77. MitchellB

    Hydraulic pressure check

    Recently on my 861D I was able to install an Ebay hydraulic pump gauge (goes to 5000 lbs) elbowed from the plug in the top of my Hydraulic pump and left it there permanently. I haven't tried to test the relief valve by chaining the lift arms to the axle, but when lifting my 6' scrape blade the...
  78. MitchellB

    Farm Show Magazine?

    Does anyone have any experience with this magazine? Like it? I got a offer in the mail yesterday to subscribe to FARM SHOW bi-monthly magazine and it looks interesting. However, I have never heard of it before or read/seen an issue. I know many people consider print to be dead but I still...
  79. MitchellB

    660 ford

    Oh, I forgot to mention there was a bolt/nut that held the yoke to the shaft that had to be removed. Mine was hard to remove because of the direction the bolt was inserted, but easy to put back together when I reversed it.
  80. MitchellB

    660 ford

    If it is anything like my 861D, it pushes out from right to left with the clutch peddle still attached to the shaft/pin. The shaft is about foot long. There is coil spring inside the housing that wraps around the shaft on the yoke for the clutch release bearing which will all have to be...
  81. MitchellB

    Critters captured on camera

    This whistle pig used to live under the cement front porch of the house we purchased behind us to remodel to turn into a rental. We blocked off the holes under the porch and then he moved under the neighbor's shed. He would often come out in the morning and evenings to graze in field we were...
  82. MitchellB

    Critters captured on camera

    I got a shot of this Red Shouldered Hawk sitting in the trees by our field last summer. Today I heard crows all around me cawing like they were going to attack me and I quickly slid out from under my wife's van that I was working on to see them chasing this Hawk all around the sky and trees for...
  83. MitchellB

    Critters captured on camera

    I heard the dogs raising a ruckus a few years ago. I walked out the back door to investigate and found this owl sitting on the ground by the porch. It could not fly away. Luckily there was a bird of prey recovery center in town and they told us to wrap her in a blanket, put her in a big box...
  84. MitchellB

    PTO shaft lenghtening

    Here痴 the problem. My PTO shaft needs to be longer. I used a 5 King Kutter finish mower on my 8N tractor and had to shorten the PTO shaft to match my 8N with the overrun clutch adapter attached to the rear of the 8N tractor. Now I have an 861 Ford that does not need the overrun clutch and the...
  85. MitchellB

    TSC 6 ft rear blade

    I got a Tractor Supply 6' grader blade about 1998 for our 8N Ford. Not sure who made it then, but do not think it was County Line. It worked OK for me, but a few years ago the swivel pin hole in the frame wore out badly and when I welded in new metal to beef it up, I added a tray on the rear...
  86. MitchellB

    Steel for DIY Fire Pit - Advice Needed

    Best I remember, I used scrap 3/16" sheet steel when I made ours. I left a hold in the bottom to draft and for ashes to fall through. I had some scrap pre-drilled framing steel that fit inside itself that made a handy sliding grill top. It has held up for 5 or 6 years so far.
  87. MitchellB

    Cab mirrors relocation

    Good idea. I wish I had a cab or ROP to mount a mirror to, but with my old tractor, I just drilled and bent a long flatbar to mount to my fender to hold my mirror.
  88. MitchellB

    Location of weights on rear blade.

    A couple of years ago when my center pin hole wallowed out on my scrape blade, after I repaired that, I welded an angle iron frame to hold 2 heavy concrete post blocks on my blade that was left over from another project. These can be removed when needed, but so far I've always kept them on...
  89. MitchellB

    ford 3500 glow plug question

    I don't know if the 3500 is like my older 861 Ford, but that is the diagram I went by to rewire mine. Mine was missing the relay and the push button switch when I bought it. Luckily the heaters worked OK after rewiring.
  90. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Yes it would be cool to know the grandkids still use my stuff, but I expect my widow will turn my toys into cruise ship vacation fodder:cool2: Heck, she hasn't ever seen the old girl run before or after the rebuild.:confused2: However she has kept a close eye on those parts receipts!:eek: I...
  91. MitchellB

    Building Gates on uneven ground

    Neither actually. On my fence gates the hinge pins have somewhat adjustable bolt/nuts (an inch or so) that go through the posts in a drilled hole. I was able to move the bottom hinge pin in as tight as it would go on the upper post and the top hinge pin I just adjusted it out until the gate...
  92. MitchellB

    Building Gates on uneven ground

    When I put our 12' double gate in, I made sure to build my gate posts plum, but hung the gates at an angle on the hinges and also placed the hinge mounts on the lower post lower than the upper the gate post.
  93. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Tomorrow should finish me up. I got my grill, grill trim, lower guard and 8N bumper installed. Also got the intake, oil bath air cleaner, and exhaust stack mounted. Made up 2 long bolts for my battery hold down and got the battery in. Bought fuel and antifreeze and filled up the fuel tank...
  94. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    No test run yet, although I probably could have. I got the fuel tank bolted in. I had to push the bolt up against the front tank bracket with a long flat bar in one hand while I held a long wrench with 2 fingers turning the bolt to get that bolt started. I got my sheet metal on (that was...
  95. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    I got my radiator back on Sunday. Monday I picked up an elbow at NAPA and some other stuff at Tractor Supply I needed. I finially put a new copper 1/8" oil pressure line on the tractor and filled the transmission with new 80w90. Today I fabricated me an "old man" step for the left side of my...
  96. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    I got the engine block bolts to the transmission housing tightened and the 4 bolts that hold the axle to the front tightened. Reattached my radius rod and tie-rod to the axle Removed my cherry picker, jack and jack stands underneath. Torqued the head down to 100 lbs. and put one bolt in to...
  97. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Thanks. I torqued the rod bearings to 50 and the mains to 100. I got that online. The pal nuts I guess-ta-mated. Got them snug and and about a 1/2 turn more. I took the oil pump apart, cleaned it today and reassembed it with new gaskets. I did smear some grease around the gears and plunger...
  98. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    That sounds like a good simple plan. I'll try that. I have more scrap wood laying around than metal. My replacement liner is supposed to arrive this afternoon as is grandson#4 after school. I finished cleaning the pistons yesterday and got the new 5 ring sets installed on them. I move my...
  99. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Yea, same plug. The sleeves appear to be a hair below the surface of the block, so I used the same plug to be sure to seat the sleeves properly. #4 sleeve (first one I put back in) went about half way before I had to use my rod setup to finish pulling it in. #3 sleeve went all the way in...
  100. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    This is the way I had it rigged from the bottom of the engine using a trailer hitch to span the gap. This is the top of the engine with my homemade cap on the other end of the rod to pull with And this is my cursed tractor taking it's hatred out on me again just when I think I'm almost over...
  101. MitchellB

    Elephant Structures Barns

    I had a metal carport cover installed a few years ago both as a place to park my tractor and as a work area for projects to get me out of the sun and dirt. At the time (this was a few years ago), they installed a 20x18 carport cover for $600. All I had to do was provide a level surface. We...
  102. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Finally got the last sleeve #4 out this afternoon just as the rain began. Although it was the easiest one to start, it was the most difficult to get all the way out and cupped the aluminum pull plate I made in the process. My new parts have arrived, so I think tomorrow I can officially claim...
  103. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    I took a hacksaw and file yesterday and shaped out a disk from 3/8" aluminum plate I had to make a sleeve puller end. That took me most of the day except for picking up and moving in a new(used) freezer the wife bought because the old one suddenly died. A lathe would be nice to own, but...
  104. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Thanks, I'll check that release valve out before I finish. It has been rainy for a few days, so progress has been slow. I did use some plasticgage to measure the bearings, and 2 connecting rod bearing are at their limit, one was over and one was slightly under. So I think I'll just buy all...
  105. MitchellB

    Building a bridge

    Lowes sells a 10' x 12" section of plastic pipe for $150 each. Not sure what concrete pipe cost is.
  106. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Made a little more progress today as I replaced the old cam with the new (used) cam and gears. I measured with my China Freight dial calipers comparing the two and one journal lope #1 Exhaust was .025 smaller than the new (used) cam. All the rest were within a couple thousands of being equal...
  107. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    I finally got the engine pulled. I noticed extreme wear on the heads of these 6 bolts around the clutch where (I think) the clutch thrust bearing engages the clutch. Should I replace these bolts? They also appear to be unevenly adjusted, some being held out further from the clutch than most...
  108. MitchellB

    Valve removal on 861D

    I'm removing the valves (to lap them & clean head) on my '58 861 diesel. Except for the little cap that surprised me on the tip of the exhaust valves, they come out as expected with 2 little half moon keepers holding the spring on. However, the intake valves appear not to use a 2 piece half...
  109. MitchellB

    Mig welder versus stick welder

    Thanks, but the cart ain't nothing but a cheap yardsale folding handtruck that I've adapted that is on it's second or third set of used plastic lawnmower wheels. Inventive - not so much, but cheap - for sure, that me all-over.
  110. MitchellB

    Mig welder versus stick welder

    I use an AC/DC Lincoln stick welder & oxy/acetylene torch here at home that does 90% of what I need. Where I’ve worked, I’ve used stick, MIG, TIG, carbon gouged, gas torch & plasma cutter, but I like a simple stick for cost & versatility here at home. For welding nasty rusty steel, dragging...
  111. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    With any luck (been missing that) I'll have the engine on a stand in a few days.
  112. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Got the head off.
  113. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Well, I missed the deal on the used pump but began looking into rebuilding mine. The shaft broke but the gear appears reusable, but I'll need to find the forked piece that screws into the shaft that drives the tach cable
  114. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Good news - bad news; and I really don’t like the bad news. Finally figured out my problem. After failing to get the pump to prime, I removed it. Not only is the hydraulic pump gear and pump shaft in bad shape, the drive gear on the cam is missing teeth and spinning freely/wobbling on the...
  115. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    seller told me he had recently spent $600 on a fuel pump rebuild. ???
  116. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    noticed this (seepage) along left side under head. Don't appear to be a problem though.
  117. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    not much space between valve cover and fuel lines/tank
  118. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    gears look fine to me
  119. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Cam gear did not spin on shaft when spun over crank shaft
  120. MitchellB

    861 diesel problems

    Took the (new to me) 861 out finish mowing yesterday afternoon. Seemed to do good for about an hour. I wasn't even running at full PTO speed on the tach, but about 3/4 (needle straight up) mowing in third gear. I had just finished one small field and had moved to the other portion. Grass was...
  121. MitchellB

    new (to me) diesel tractor - any tips & tricks?

    The glow plugs are both connected with a wire and it looks as though I have some kind of a solenoid/relay (may just be the starter solenoid). Does that same solenoid operate the glow plugs if I had a glow plug button? How do I test the glow plugs?
  122. MitchellB

    new (to me) diesel tractor - any tips & tricks?

    I got my parts from my 8N swapped over & greased the 861. I couldn't see well under the dash, but I was able to get my camera under there to see whats going on. Looks like all I got is a lens cover for the generator light fixture; nothing under it. That is the amp meter above it that I'll need...
  123. MitchellB

    new (to me) diesel tractor - any tips & tricks?

    While doing so parts swapping from my 8N (bumper, new seat, steering wheel, mirrow) I noticed a loose wire on the r/s on the engine of this 861. After doing some research, I've discovered someone has replaced the water temp gauge with an amp gauge. It is supposed to have an idiot light for the...
  124. MitchellB

    new (to me) diesel tractor - any tips & tricks?

    I finally upgraded my old 49 Ford tractor by 9 years. We first got her (8N) in 1998 when it was 49 years old and she's been putting along in original 6 volt condition ever since, but I been looking for a slightly newer/bigger/better stump puller and got this 1958 Ford 861 Powermaster diesel...
  125. MitchellB

    bush hog help

  126. MitchellB

    bush hog help

    I'm going to look at an old 5 foot bush hog to use with my 49 8N Ford. The seller says he was told it is a Bush Hog brand, but the pictures look more like a Hardee by comparing what I can few pictures I can find online. It has a square deck which I though unusual. Most that I have seen are...
  127. MitchellB

    Want to starting a small beginner garden.

    The bank just accepted our offer on two adjoining lots behind our home. With any luck we will be closing next week. The land used to be an old church and parsonage build back in the 50s. The church has been demolished, but the little house still remains. The plan is to remodel the house and...
  128. MitchellB

    New fuel tank for an 8N

    Well my old 49 Ford got a new gas tank installed today. The old one had so much rust in it that it continually stopped up the carbonator requiring it to be removed every few months to be cleaned. However the old tank finally developed a pin hole gas leak last time I used it and all the fuel...
  129. MitchellB

    Hello from an 8N owner in NC

    Hello everyone. I was directed to this net by surfing Google looking for tips on replacing my 49 8N Fords rusted out fuel tank which I have started doing yesterday. I got the hood off, which was my main concern. Kind of a pain in the butt for something so simple, but that was mostly due to...