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    CT235 hour meter.

    i have likely already posted about my hour meter not working but hoping someone has some easy steps to help diagnose. Have also posted about my dash lights not working but really don't care about those. Hour meter sure is nice for service intervals. Thanks, Winston
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    CT 235 dash.

    Bored today so decided to take my dash out again. Dash lights haven't worked for some time. Hour meter has stopped working but tach still does. Temperature gauge pegs all the way over when lights are turned on dim or bright. I did find if you turn the light switch just far enough for the dim...
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    1720 differential problems

    One of my friends owns a 1720 with problems. Upon receiving the tractor, putting it on jack stands I noted the left wheel would lock in with the transmission only when differential lock was pushed down. Left wheel would do nothing no matter what I did. My thought was broken stub axle shaft but...
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    CT235 fluid leak

    My 2008 CT235 has been leaking fluid out the bottom opening of the hydrostat motor case for quite a while but slowly getting worse. Reading the manual and looking at part drawings would lead me to believe the motor has a seal leaking. The motor has numerous seals and I am very Leary of tearing...
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    186DD for sale

    Thought I might attach on this forum. Believe the owner lives in Columbia, SC. (41) YM186D for sale - Yanmar Tractor Support Message Board (
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    dash light translation

    Anybody out there that can translate these dashlight pictures.
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    TN70A pto engagement lever

    Trying to help my neighbor. His TN70A pto engagement lever will move far enough to engage the pto which is just a small part of the travel the lever should have. Of course it will not stay in gear with no more movement than that and he doesn't want to try running it by holding it in gear. I can...
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    CT235 hydraulic dip stick

    No big deal but getting a good read on my hydraulic dip stick has always been a bit of a mystery to me. If my tractor has been sitting a long time I can pull it out and there may not be anything on the stick. I can put it back in and one side might show at the add mark and the other side about...
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    Where is Normde??

    Beginning to be concerned about Normde, anyone hear from him?
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    CT235 dash lights

    My dash lights don't work, fuse is good, all other lights work as they should. Have both high and low beam headlights. Any ideas? :confused:
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    New Holland tn70A won't accelerate

    not mine but belongs to neighbor. He has changed fuel filter, bled at injectors, fresh fuel, air filters clean. Will idle but won't accelerate. lot's of white smoke. Wondering if it could be turbo problem? :confused3:Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    used,refurbished, rebuilt. tractors

    Thought some of you might find this interesting. This gentleman has started advertising in our local Craigs list here in North East Texas. I have found him on google before. Out of Arizona. Basic Tractor Components - YouTube Here is his web sight. Arizona Tractor Sales | Chandler AZ |...
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    CT235 5 amp fuse blow

    Had been brush hogging, came home, backed tractor off trailer, started forward and she died. Ignition was dead. After inspecting fuses I found a blown 5amp fuse labeled Operational control unit/switched power relay. Although I know not recommended my seat safety switch is bypassed and has been...
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    CT235 power steering hose

    Thought I might show what is behind the cover right under the steering wheel. 4 bolts to be taken off with a 10mm socket. My power steering hose from pump to hydraulic block had a hole rubbed in it. I guess it took about 10 years to happen. I have it out and waiting for Monday hoping to have a...
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    TO35 hydraulic problem

    Lift will maintain any setting with big load as long as engine speed is somewhat above idle. Problem is the lift will go down in seconds when clutch pushed in or engine killed. I pulled side covers and observed when turning key off there was no fluid leaking out of the lift piston so I pretty...
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    1600 conversation piece

    Went with trailer to look at this but came home without it. Way worse than pictures. Tree growing up through it, steering wheel broke off, no fuel tank cap, no cover on exhaust, etc, etc. Tiller just as bad. No doubt probably worth more than $300. Maybe Aaron will see it and come pick it up...
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    Yanmar 1510 with stump grinder

    Thought some of you might find this interesting. making a stump grinder part 2 - YouTube He has several videos. Making of a stump grinder and using the stump grinder - YouTube
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    Boom cutter

    Thought y'all might find this interesting. Not sure how well it would work, did notice the 3110D hooked up to it. Maxx Edge Cutter - farm & garden - by owner - sale
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    Clutch replacement video by Hoye

    Another great video by Aaron on clutch replacement. How-to Video Section
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    Hoye pto seal replacement video

    Another good video by Aaron at Hoye tractor on replacing a pto seal. He makes it look simple. Yanmar Tractor PTO Seal Replacement - YouTube
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    ct235 hood latch problem

    Heeeellllp!! Leave it to me to find an unusual problem. My hood is shut and the pin than connects the cable to the latch has come out. I cannot find a way to unlatch. Unable to remove the bottom hood panels and if I could I don't think it would help. I'm back. Was able to drill a 1/4" hole...
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    troy bilt tiller identification

    Posted for years on TBN but first time in the rototiller forum. Just picked up an old Troy Bilt and have became frustrated in trying to identify hp and other things. I have found numerous sights with information but none seems to get me information I want. As you can see from pictures this...
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    front end loader

    might be a good deal for someone. front end loader - farm & garden - by owner - sale
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    Adjusting valves

    Curious as to whether any of you have adjusted your valves and if so how did you find the adjustments. The repair manual schedule shows this task at 800 hours. My CT235 has 1714 hours and I have owned it since 12?? hours having no idea what was done to it in prior history. Sort of thinking I may...
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    Loader for sale

    I know loaders are in demand sometimes and we don't see many of these for sale around here so I thought I would just put it out there. Front end loader for small tractor
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    Yanmars Intigrated hydro mechanical transmission

    What do you guys know about the transmission Yanmar has in some of their new models. I see on one Ebay listing the seller is advertising the reverser as "powershift". 217 YANMAR YT359 TRACTOR 4X4 W/ LOADER DUAL REMOTES CRUISE CONTROL...LOADED!!! | eBay Reading on the subject some indicates...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you Bobcatters. :xmastree::xmastree::xmastree::xmastree:
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    Saw this on our local Craigs list. Seems cheap enough but maybe to many miles between where needed? John Deere 666 Snowblower
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    Improved front axle for loader.

    I believe this is worth sharing with Yanmar owners. LOADER-PROOF AXLE!!! NEW PRODUCT!! - Yanmar Tractor Support Message Board
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    loader level indicator CT235

    My effort for a bucket level indicator. When the bucket is level on the ground see photo one. when bucket is in dig position see photo two. A piece of 3/8" rebar, small section of 1/2" pipe. Upper mount a small piece of 3/16" flat metal, lower mount a small piece of 1/4" flat metal.
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    Wheel spacers

    Another new product from Hoye. I don't think it is illegal for me to attach. Not advertising, I just feel like it could be interesting to some. Yanmar Tractor Support Message Board ? View topic - Rear Axle Wheel Spacers!! New Product
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    Time for a trade?
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    9.5-24 tires

    Seems a buyers price in case any of you guys are needing this size tire. Ad probably won't last long. 2 Tractor Tires 9.5x24 like new . wont work on my 4x4 tractor. used 2
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    led headlights

    Check this out, all you guys wanting bright headlights. Yanmar Tractor Support Message Board ? View topic - New LED Headlight Assembly For YM2000, 240, 1700, And More!
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    hydraulic line return at dip stick

    Can't help but advertise a little for Hoye. They are always looking to help the Yanmar owners. This will. Yanmar Tractor Parts Hydraulic Return - Dipstick Adapter
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    CT-235 decals

    My hood decals are starting to peel. Anyone bought these without breaking the bank? Any idea the cost? 7148972 and 7148973. As seen in this picture. 2012 Bobcat CT235 MFWD tractor | no-reserve auction on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 |
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    Guess I am advertising for Hoye

    Thought this might be of interest to some of you. Yanmar Tractor Support Message Board ? View topic - New Power Steering Kit And Other Fun Things On The Way!!!
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    Bobcat CT235 oil pan

    After used purchase I found someone had not just stripped the drain plugs on my oil pan but had broken the cast aluminum all around the plugs. I JB welded them but have been nervous ever since so I broke down and ordered a new pan, gasket and drive shaft o-rings. I actually ended up ordering my...
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    CT235 headlight bulbs

    Haven't recieved them yet but ordered these yesterday. Amazing price differences on internet. New Pack of H4 12v 35w/35w Halogen Front Headlight Bulb Motorcycle ATV Scooter: Automotive
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    CT235 work light and tool boxes

    Pictures of my Harbor Freight work light and box for pins, etc. and also a little larger tool box. The light is acturally a fog light and comes two to a package and complete with switch. The Bobcat already has a swich activated wire in place for the work light. Pictures taken in shed so light...
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    CT235 electrical problem

    Will ramble some here, not required reading though. This afternoon I parked my tractor after mowing some. Went back to crank up a little later and nothing. Lights all worked bright, horn blew. Broke out the meter and got 12.75volts at the big starter terminal, nothing at the small solenoid...
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    CT235 pedal return cylinder

    I have read numerous posts on troubles with the hydrostat pedal not returning properly. Seems to be different opinions or different cases of just what cures the problem. I know the original pedal return cylinder was part #6695874 and replaced with part #7022773. Seems the newer one maybe has...
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    YM2002D sold

    :weepy: I recently bought a Bobcat CT235 to uppgrade in size. I have sadly sold my little YM2002D. I suppose I will move all my comments to other forums which might make many happy. I'll probably still be watching in the background. Thanks to all of you for your help through the years.
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    New to this forum. Just purchased a ct235 knowing nothing about Bobcat tractors. Got home and find they no longer make the tractors. Am I going to have a hard time finding parts for my new machine? Thanks :o
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    New Holland TC29

    New to the New Holland forum but have been following Yanmar forum for several years. I am considering buying a used TC29. My main concern is availability of parts. Not talking filters but engine parts, drive train parts, etc. Are most parts available for the TC29? :confused3: Any reviews on...
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    Temperature gauge

    Just installed this gauge on a 1050 John Deere. Equus 6262 - Water Temperature Gauge | O'Reilly Auto Parts Although the on line information does not state this, it comes with adapters, one is the m16-1.5 adapter required on all these grey market Yanmars. Several wires to do on it although it...
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    YM240 double tires

    Just happened to run across this and thought some might find it interesting. I wasn't aware that Yanmar offered this option on the YM240. Straight out of the parts manual.
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    Reconditioned tractors

    Thought this Craigs list ad might get some comments. Note the wording. Like New YNM FX 335 4x4 Tractor 40HP w/ FEL Also wording on this page. dallas farm & garden - by dealer "ynm" - craigslist
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    2002D fuel injection pump experiment

    As the followers of this forum know I am constantly messing with my tractor. This may get long but is not required reading. As stated before my 2002D was a Vietnam refurb and has dealt great misery in the past but been reliable for some time now. However, it has never run quite as cool as others...
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    Yanmar weather

    I saw something today I have never seen before and I have been around quite a while. Wife and I were eating lunch at 12pm and glanced over at the porch thermometer and it was reading 68 degrees F. Never have seen that on August 1st in all my put togethers. Weather people have not confirmed it...
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    international 424 valve settings

    I am getting desperate! I have requested the valve settings on two different International forums but have got no feedback. Hoping one of you Yanmar owners might also own a manual or have knowledge of the valve settings on an old 424 gas engine International. I have googled and found one sight...
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    international 424 valve clearance.

    New to the International forum. I have a 424 in my garage wanting to get it running for a widow lady to sell. Anybody out there that could help me with the valve clearance I would sure appreciate it. I have googled and come up with a possible .014" on intake and exhaust while hot. Anybody agree...
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    Yanmar YM177

    Gentleman has this listed on our local Craigslist. yanmar tractor Price was to low for me not to go look at. Found out it was a YM177 and look at this. Yanmar Tractor models to avoid Long story and probably no one interested but just in case someone out there has a YM177 and needs parts this...
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    Many uses for the Yanmar tractors.

    I know tractors are multipurpose but never have seen one used this way. :D BBQ Rotisserie lamb grill in Lithuania vs YANMAR YM2020D - YouTube
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    Salvage 2000

    Anybody needing parts for their 2000? DO YOU NEED YANMAR PARTS?
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    Yanmar tiller

    Thought I might post this in case someone looking for a tiller. If in decent shape I would think a good buy. I'll guess it will sell by days end. Yanmar Tiller
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    California YM240 sale

    Might be a deal for you California gentlemen. Small Yanmar Diesel Tractor Model 2TR20A x 24 Horsepower Needs Some Work | eBay
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    What brand and model is this? .

    I think I know the answer. Notice all the tractors sitting around. I'd bet a dollar to a donut this is the old VN remnants. Notice the word Yanmar is not used in the ad. 19hp tractor three point and pto
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    Used equipment

    Hope this is ok here. I have done a little work on a rotary mower to sell for a widow friend of mine. It is now in good working condition. Tail wheel reworked, deck straightened and welded, blades sharpened. There is no sign of a tag on it any where. It is a 5 footer with a stump jumper...
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    Good buy

    Looks like this has the makings of a good buy. If I was in the market I would be calling. 26 hp cub cadet 4x4 tractor w/loader
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    Bright Yellow 1610

    How about this bright yellow 1610 with only 77 hours on it. Yanmar 1610 Diesel Compact Utility Farm Tractor FL1535 Loader Bucket | eBay
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    Refurbished 2210

    Not seen Fredricks use ebay before. This should be interesting to watch. Yanmar 2210 2WD | eBay
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    Very nice Yanmar 1700

    Was just impressed with this gentlemans 1700 and thought it might be worth a look to others. 1700 Yanmar Tractor Also some nice pictures showing how the 1700 is put together.
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    Yanmar YM1700 (Green)?

    Did the YM 1700 ever come in green or is this a repaint? Yanmar 1700 tractor & 4ft. Brush Hog Tempting to look into this one. :D
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    Stolen Yanmar

    I saw this on another forum and believe it would be good to pass it on. Hope the real owner is looking. ATTENTION STOLEN TRACTOR RECOVERED
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    ym2002d alternator possibility

    I just had the 3rd voltage regulator go out on my tractor yesterday. One before that was about a year ago. One before that was 3 years ago. I'm tired of this expense. It uses the vr522. My research has told be there is no other replacement available. Therefore I am entertaining the idea of...
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    Redneck brush piler

    I came across this item a few years back in need of repairs. It was originally made to attach to a 3 point. I have since added 2 more forks, and adapted it to work on my loader or 3 point. It works pretty good. :D
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    YM2002D Power beyond

    Recieved my fittings today and am now plumbed for power beyond. Thank you all for the good advice. Anything looks wrong here please let me know. 1st picture: power beyond plug installed in top opening. 2nd picture: Tank return. That is a 3/8" opening directly below my dipstick. That is...
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    Yanmar verses Kubota

    Thought this was interesting. Yanmar vs. Kubota - YouTube
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    New engine for Yanmar.

    I wonder if I could get this to fit it my Yanmar? :D Worlds Biggest
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    Winston1's ym2002d farming tactics

    I pretty much hi jacked deepNdirt's thread on "Something you realized you can do with your tractor". I apologize for that. Some may find my gardening tactics interesting and some may not. It will not be required reading. It is Yanmar related. I normally plant turnip greens, spinach, etc in...
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    YM2002D dynamo bearings

    One of the bearings on my little dynamo locked up today. It uses two 6201 2RS double seal bearings. Had to cut the inner one with a dremel tool. I didn't have a puller small enough to get under it. After cleanup everything went back together smoothly. Both bearings were $7.74 including tax...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you Yanmar lovers. America is still the best place in the world to live. Many many things to be thankful for. :thumbsup:
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    Yanmar dealers

    I noticed in browsing the net that RCO Tractor is now an authorized Yanmar dealer. That is on Yanmars sight. RCO's web sight says updates are in progress. No mention of the old Yanmars. That is one way to avoid a law suit. :D
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    Domush 336 overhaul update

    Mr. Domush, just got to ask, how is your 336 doing? It has been awhile since your overhaul thread closed out. Your thread was the winner for the year, maybe several years, talking about Yanmar threads. You had over 5600 views on your thread. Maybe just an update on your being pleased or...
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    muriatic acid radiator clean out

    OK, I know y'all (you guys) think I'm touched by now. I admit I do a lot of things that probably don't need done. That is one of the advantages of being retired and a bit retarded. My heat gage on these East Texas 100 degree days has been running up a tad over the midway point on my gage when...
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    yanmar 2002d hydraulic lift

    Another project probably not needed but just wanted by me so here tis. My lift slowly leaks down so I decided to order all the o-rings and gaskets to go through it. The way the 2002 lift works it constantly raises it if it drops a minute amount it will pick up a minute amount. Remember all...
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    yanmar 2002d hydraulic lift

    Another project probably not needed but just wanted by me so here tis. My lift slowly leaks down so I decided to order all the o-rings and gaskets to go through it. The way the 2002 lift works it constantly raises it if it drops a minute amount it will pick up a minute amount. Remember all...
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    RCO Tractor

    I noticed clicking on the Yanmar name under RCO's home page brings up "Update in progress". That would sort of indicate they are no longer handling Yanmars. Anybody know? :confused3:
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    concrete wheel weights

    I had my 2002d 8.3-24 tires filled with a weak antifreeze solution. Run over something the other day and punctured the tube. I found it to be quite a job to get the remaining antifreeze out in order to break the tire down and patch the tube. So after finally getting most of it out, tube...
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    Price is right!

    No details but the price is right. Maybe. YANMAR tractor
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    2002d 4 wheel drive spindle bearing replacement.

    Got to noticing the spindle had a good deal of slack where the steering arm attach's up top. Tore it down far enough day before yesterday to see for sure what parts needed ordered. Put it back together. Ordered the parts yesterday from Hoyes, received them this morning, started the job after...
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    Search feature

    Probably not doing something right but here is my dilemma. In using the old search feature it was possible to choose a forum to search in. That doesn't seem available now or am I just doing something wrong or not understanding how to do it? :confused:
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    New Yanmars

    Check this out. 2012 Yanmar Sc2400 HST Review
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    Yanmar Tachometer

    My old tachometer hand sort of moves around and is as much as 200 rpms off depending on speed. This is with checking with cheap digital tach. I have changed the drive cable and little gear unit because of an oil leak. So I believe the tach itself is the problem. I have considered removing it...
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    60" Belly mower

    I see people looking for these things pretty regular. Not sure it would fit a Yanmar but guessing it would. Might be a good buy if your in the market and close to Texas. Finish mower / PTO drive / 3 point hook up Might ought to change that to "close to East Texas". Long ways across this state.
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    Yanmar tug of war

    Looking for opinions. Here is the senerio. If you hooked a ym1500d and a ym2000 back to back with a chain which one would pull the other backwards? Of course both with no extra weight or implements. And yes, 4 wheel drive is engaged on the 1500 and both can or cannot engage the differential lock...
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    Yanmar log splitter

    How many of you guys have seen a Yanmar log splitter? Sorry about that, didn't seem to get it attached first try.
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    Yanmar Malaysia

    I found this video very interesting. I have never seen this attachment. Yanmar Mini Tractors - YouTube
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    "BIG" Yanmar

    This came up on the Craigs list in our area. I don't see many this size. Just thought it interesting. Tractor Yanmar YM7000DT, Turbo,4x4, front loader, cab and air
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    Good deal?

    Looks like this might be a good deal for all you snow pushers. :D Yanmar Tractor Support Message Board • View topic - 155D for sale,Ohio
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    Full time 4 wheel drive

    Occasionally I see mention of full time 4 wheel drive Yanmars. As I understand full time 4 wheel drive there has to be a center differential which might require a transfer case. Wondering if anyone knows the models that have this? Wonder if anyone owns one and maybe has pictures? Just curious! :D
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    Nothing to do with Yanmar

    Hope you guys don't get mad at me for posting this but I found it amazing. Pretty long video. May be a 12 cylinder Yanmar. :D The world's tiniest V12 engine. [VIDEO]
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    Wet brakes

    Had a question come up on another Yanmar forum about wet brakes. Knowing there are a lot of curious folks out there I thought I might just post a couple of pictures of an 1802 and 2002 wet brake system.
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    1500 water pump

    Well looky here. Not advertising, just think this is worth sharing with all you 1500 owners. Would be interested to see your thoughts on this. Yanmar Tractor Parts: WATER PUMP CONVERSION KIT-YM1500
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    Finish mower blades???

    OK, I know this is a Yanmar forum but you Yanmar guys and gals have finish mowers. Going to preface my question with history. At one time I had a Cub tractor with a Woods 42" belly mower. It had a single blade that was flat as a flitter. It did an excellent job of mowing with hardly any dust...
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    Finish mower chains

    Well 284, I decided to go ahead with my safety chains. I used 2/0 twisted chain only because I had 15' on hand. Had to buy a small piece to complete as you can see from the shiny ones. I used 1/8" x 1-1/2" flat bar. I drilled 1/4" holes on 1" centers which gave me 55 links. The factory one has...
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    Insurance  Toolboxes and cup holder

    For anyone who might be interested or have one to post. Here are my toolboxes and cup holder. Had someone wanting pictures but not smart enough to attach them to a private message.
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    quick hitch

    At California's suggestion I'll start a new thread on an old subject. A few pictures and explanations of modifications to make my Harbor Freight quick hitch work for me. First is the swivel adapter I fabricated, Harbor Freight sells them, their sight is down so I can't post a picture of theirs...
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    What a deal!

    Well, I'm bored so I thought I would see if you guys have ever seen a 14 hp ym240. And only 65 hours. :D YANMAR YM240 65HR 3PT HICH NICE!!!! - eBay (item 220713051091 end time Dec-28-10 18:02:44 PST)
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    YM 2002D "02" designation

    After being on these forums for several months now and getting educated somewhat I have learned quite a bit about Yanmars. I am of the opinion that the tractors with the last two digits 02 all have power steering and wet brakes. Can anyone agree or disagree with that? Also, was wondering if...
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    tachometer check

    This may be a lot of blah blah blah to some but not forced reading. I've always wanted one of these digital tachometers so finally bought a $26 model at Harbor Freight. First thing I did was check it out on our 2009 RAV4 and also on my old 97 GMC. The digital reads in tenths but of course the...
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    head gasket spray???????

    Anybody care to share their opinion about the copper spray made for head gasket use? Is it a good idea or not? I have my YM2002D tore down awaiting gaskets, etc. Got everything cleaned up and ready to go back together. I am not sure whether to use this spay or not. Have got different opinions...
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    rotary mower tail wheel???????????

    I have an old FMC 5' rotary mower. Overall I am very pleased with it. What I don't like is when you mow in reverse the angle of the tail wheel raises the mower up higher than I like. I think most mowers are designed for the swivel action to raise the back of the mower but in my opinion it raises...
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    YM2002D engine code

    Hello out there, My YM2002D has an engine code of 3T80U-NAP. This does not agree with some postings I'm seeing out there. Are there any YM2002 owners that would want to reply with your engine codes. I don't guess it makes any difference but I have a large curiosity. Thanks, Winston
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    My 2002D tachometer cable leaks where attached on housing in front of engine. One fellow said the housing would have to be changed to stop this. Any other advice out there? Also wondering what John Deere would be closest match to this Yanmar? Thanks, Winston