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    Cataracts and other visual concerns!

    It was suggested to start a visual related thread. I have my left eye cataract surgery finished and currently scheduling for the right eye. From another thread: I am 50% through that proces with one of my SCO classmates that I was in school with in Memphis 1982-1986. He serve as the AOA...
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    Sleep apnea, CPAPs and other sleep health solutions.

    After 18 years of used CPAP use to prevent complaints about my snoring I did a formal at home sleep study. Yesterday picked up my first non used machine. It is an easy to set up ResMed AirSense 10. Do far I'm very impressed . I noticed of recent most CPAP posts were mentioned in the good...
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    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    Retirement means many different things depending on one's age, health and country. At the age of 71 clearly it should be serious subject for the 18-25 age group but that seldom happens. When I was a kid I thought living to be 33 would be a stretch. :) When you run across related information...
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    Gasing Up on Sunshine

    Using sunshine for our energy needs is as old as man. Stored sunshine in the form of trees and coal was our sources of heat as a child. First it was coal (fossil fuel) then dad got a gear driven McCullough chainsaw when I was about 3 or 4. My interest in capturing sunlight directly for...
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    The Upside of the 2020 Pandemic.

    Coronavirus Lockdown May Save More Lives By Preventing Pollution Than By Preventing Infection To keep from making tracking in the You May Be Getting Old tread I am starting this to talk about possible positive outcomes of the 2020 Pandemic that our grand kids are sure to be talking about 90...
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    Battery based electric vehicles of today and tomorrow.

    To keep the battery power tool thread more focused on hand tools this thread can be for cars, trucks, tractors, etc that are here today and new ones of the future. Clearly Europe is ahead of the USA in battery based vehicles and for several reasons. McDonald's putting in car charging stations...
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    Glyphosate Induced Obesity?

    Glyphosate Induced Obesity?- Hormones Matter Keep in mind this post was published originally on Hormones Matter on July 28, 2014.This was a year before the first government research raised the red flag about cancer concerns and years before the first Round-Up court case. This article is full of...
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    21 year old son and fiancee choosing Rural Living over apartment in town.

    After dating for nearly 3 years they have a wedding planned for September which will be three years since their first date. Just to get started the son was thinking of getting an apartment for a year or two but due to the college rent in Murray KY is expensive. One of the small local internet...
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    Home made starting system.

    Cat D4C Kylma Kaynnistys starttina Zetor 25 A - YouTube This idea never crossed my mind but then I do have batteries. :)
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    Got started putting 1948 Allis Model B engine back together.

    This has been a hot summer project and summer left yesterday so we got the sleeves back into the block and got the crank finished today and the pistons loaded. Hope to get the head on tomorrow. At age 3 in 1954 I played on Dad's Model B and started driving it when I was 5 while he was picking...
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    Rotary Cutter  Bush Hogョ SQ84 Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters

    I saw one last week for the first time but it was scrap due to using it as a heavy brush cutter and I saw this one on Craigslist when I double checked the area postings and saw this one and hauled it home this afternoon. Looking forward to trying it out soon. At this point I see it as a...
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    Bought Rusty a 3600 Ford on Craigslist

    Separating this from my 3000 CL purchase thread at: Posts #71-74 on this other thread apply to Rusty and not the 1966 3000. Copy of post #71 in other thread. Not sure why I bought this...
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    Knowing when to Hold or to Fold on Tractor ownership.

    Last year I added a 1966 Ford 3000 at the age of 66 and have since picked up an one arm FEL for it and a nice 3PH forklift mainly for the heavier 265 MF. Yesterday I went and looked at the last year of the 3600 Ford generation. It was a 250 mile trip through rural farm lands of KY and IN which...
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    Forks  Westendorf 3PH Fork Lift from Craigslist

    I called about this 3PH forklift yesterday morning and closed the deal by phone and 14 hours later I had it home early this morning. Since I had to have the U-Haul trailer back by 10 AM this morning I had to move fast after a short night. This afternoon the son and I got it mounted and all...
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    eBay/Craigslist  Bought a Ford 3000 Diesel Today off Craigslist

    Not popping to full size. Not popping to full size. I backed up and lost all of my long post so here it goes again from the CL ad. ALL ORIGINAL SHED KEPT None Nicer Vented Hood, After market Power Seering that works & lasts, Ford's gave constant trouble With one remote double valve Spin out...
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    Walking Death Backwards by changing way of Eating, Moving and Thinking.

    Starting at my low point mid 2014 at the age of 63 I have been hitting the books as to how to recover my health. It had gotten to the point to get into the seat on the tractor and backhoe was not really worth the effort. The kids were helping me in and especially out of the car. The doctors...
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    No Hot Water Heaters over 50 gallons now at Lowes or Home Depot

    About 4 PM yesterday morning I was informed our hot water heater had a flow of water running to the basement drain. It was perhaps 12 years old (a record of us) but we had replaced a lot of elements and the anode tube one. A year or two ago I saw Lowes still stocked the same 80 gallon hot water...
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    Marriage Outlast 1981 Sears Microwave!

    We got married 27 Dec 1980 and moved her stuff to TX where I was in college. In Feb 1981 we took our cash wedding gifts and bought a new Sears Best microwave. Shortly after its last long distance move in 1987 the magnetron tube went out but we took it to a large Sears store and they replaced it...
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    Oorscheln farm stores 3 day Synthetic Blend 5W-20, 30 and 10W-30 $1.99 quart

    Trop Artic Synthetic Blend Motor Oil Trop Articョ Synthetic Blend Viscosities: 5W-30, 5W-20, 10W-30 A premium-quality engine oil for use in passenger cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks under all operating conditions. Formulated to provide excellent wear protection, minimize engine sludge and...
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    Used Pick-Up Trucks Selling For More than High Retail Blue Book in these Parts.

    The kids are in the eleventh grade and we had picked up a S10 Chevy for the son and put in another engine and transmission a couple years ago as a project truck that is now dependable. It have him some hands on wrenching time and he has put a few good size dings in it already. The daughter was...
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    Real gasoline for $1+ a gallon from NG?

    OK I found myself home alone doing some internet reading. After I went out and feed the animals and took a 1/2 mile walk I called my outside work DONE. :) For a year or two I have heard an energy breakthrough coming that was going to make the USA very productive again but I dismissed until OPEC...
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    Universal Tractor Fluid (UTF) 303 vs. Premium from TSC.

    We finally got around to getting new hydraulic fluid in the the 25 year old F700 with 16' flat dump that we picked up some time back. I can tell you 25 years is too long to go between changes but I know that and longer is common. The inch build up in the bottom of the 20 gallon tank made me sick...
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    Skyco Ospho for neutralizing rusted surfaces.

    Skyco Ospho for neutralizing rusted surfaces After we got the 2"x6" wood cut off of our 16' flat dump we found more rust than I wanted to see on the bed framing. Nothing that is a structural issue but I want to stop the rusting before we cover it with 3/16" sheet steel that will keep the frame...
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    Covering 8'x16' flat dump bed made out of heavy 2x8's

    In putting in the acre parking lot and hauling all of that sandy gravel from two miles up the road I want to stop all the cracks so dirt and sand stay off of the twin cylinder hoist and the rest under the bed and make heavy dirt stick less. Four sheets of 3/4" treated plywood is $36 a sheet...
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    DR brush mower generator attachment availability?

    While we are driving the Midwest to top of North DAKOTA calling on customers all week I thought I would see if the son and I might pickup a DR generator head. Found a never used head fore $200 but it is like in OR or WA state and the guy will only do a local sale. We plan to make Lincoln...
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    $750 for a straight, running with good tires 8N

    My neighbor was excited telling me about his father found a nice running 8N for $750 and offered it to him for the same price. I have not seen it yet but our friend that has a critical eye to me it was nice for the age and not beat up but missing things like head lights. With a 4' bushhog and...
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    Electric Fence Options of Mini Horses.

    Zareba is a brand of charges and rope wire that looks interesting at TSC. We use 5 of the 16' cattle panels for temp grazing rings but that is a lot of work sliding them around so this year I was thinking of trying some temp fencing. As a kid we always used the steel wire with weed burning...
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    Tire Selection  Ply rating of tractor tires important when it comes to stob resistance?

    I know bias tires are preferred over radial tires for like bush hogging where past work has left hard stobs because they are more puncture resistant but radials give a better ride with less soil compaction. My question has more to do with rear farm tread tires. In bias tires where you have the...
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    Tire Selection  16.9 - 28 R1 tread Treadura, BKT and Firestone options

    Well after 38 years the Firestone tires are so cracked up the left one pinched a tube it appears. Used 16.9 - 28 tires seem to be rare in these parts. Miss a used set by two days and they were $250 each. I can get new Treadura 8 ply for $425 each, BKT's for $505 each and I think the Firestone...
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    No Death but Serious Accident.

    Washington Man Survives Going Through Wood Chipper « CBS Seattle
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    Heat wave before Deep Freeze

    Today I had thought about tearing into the ATV engine or burning of where we are clearing some ground and got side tracked last year. Well the temp when above 60F for a change and the wind was too high to burn the grass and weeds over the area where a lot of trees are down on the ground that...
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    Price Check  Yanmar 240 Value?

    Is a tractor as per the text below even worth $1200 if it would start and run? Purchased as "non-running tractor". Got it started and smoked too much. Installed rings and inserts. Now it won't start. My loss you gain. It is 25 hp. 2-cylinder diesel. 3-point, PTO all work, Good tires.
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    Falling Flat On the Back

    At 62 I know being on a farm can be dangerous. Six days ago (last Sunday) I was moving the cattle panel grazing circle over about 20 feet into taller grass for the daughter and have done it many times but mostly when it is a complete circle. I was in a rush and it was open on one side. Since I...
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    Bought 1st Battery from Tractor Supply Co. Tonight.

    Exide Heavy-Duty Farm Battery, F4DLT - Tractor Supply Online Store Well today the MF 265 would not start again. Not even the headlights could come on after cleaning the posts. The 200 amp jump start setting would only so an output of about 15 amps unless trying to start it so I called it dead...
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    Night Vision Monocular by Night Owl

    NOXM50 I have wanted a night vision device since I first read about them like 40 years ago. I showed my son one on a local craigslist like website. They wanted more than new price and my son said this one new for under $200 would be a better deal. He pushed me into getting it. :laughing...
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    Genealogy was never of much interest to me until recently I started to find the history of the father of a 69 year old man who never had speech and can not read or write. After finding his live birth record at the health department I was able to learn his father was born in Franklin Co KY in...
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    Tree removal by a sink hole.

    WATCH: Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows Giant Trees Watch the water moving to the center to the camera and tall trees starting to sink about 10 seconds into the video and gone in like 20 seconds.
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    Backhoe chainsaw.

    OK the need may be low for most for this saw but I thought it was neat. In helping a guy without speech get a head stone for his family grave plot I was reading up on how they create the large color murals by etching and paint which he selected. Then I was looking at how the stones were mined...
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    Royal Crown Cola Diet

    Being 75 pounds over weight and with all of the arthritis pulling up to get on either tractor is a chore. After about 15 years finally got a physical and while no treatment is required other than take Vitamin D my good cholesterol number should be higher. When hauling the couple loads of hay I...
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    Risk Article about spaying for weeds.

    Yahoo! News Canada - Latest News & Headlines
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    ??? About Purchase, Care and Tack for Miniature Horses

    After years of being around other people's horses the wife asked if we could get a couple mini horses. Being ignorant on miniature horses I used Google and YouTube to get an old man up to speed on the subject. I visited a horse owner who also keeps two mini horses as pets in her backyard about...
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    New DR Catalog has CUT tractor 3PH and bucket attachments.

    I was shocked this evening when looking at the mail. Instead of the DR Field and Brush mower being on the cover it was a 3PH line trimmer. Page 14 has clamp on forks and snow plow and a 3PH log skidder. Guess they are going into implements now. There is also a new tree cutter attachment for your...
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    Very Portable Saw Mill!

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    Extremes in hay cutting equipment.

    Cutting hay in a small way. Cutting hay in a big way.
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    Youtubing on a rainy weekend. This popped up on a search for just the word tractor. I would not want to be the driver but it could be a fun building project.
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    Polaris Magnum 325 4 wheeler. 4x4

    The daughter has been asking for an ATV after the passing of her grandfather in 2009 and his going to an uncle. We do not have really open space on our place like my father in law did. He actually taught her and her brother how to operate his nice size Honda ATV that he got at the age of 77 and...
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    Walking Tractor

    World's Only Walking Tractor - YouTube For that era this had to be a one of a kind project.
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    Sea Foam in Crankcase Before and After Photos.

    5S-FE MK2 Non-Turbo Engine Seafoam, Before and After PICS 5SFE Found this set of before and after crankcase use of Sea Foam photos. There were no details on how long the Sea Foam was ran in the engine. While I use it in the crankcase like for the sticking oil pump relief valve in the 2003 GM...
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    Non Hydraulic Front End Loader

    old front end loader | Flickr - Berbagi Foto! It may not be OSHA approved but shows someone had their brain engaged a long time ago. I think I fail to grasp what it was like in the pre-hydraulic days.
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    High Mileage class of Motor Oils

    Does any one have a link that compares the motor oil options for 75K+ mile gas engines? Most all major brands at WM have a high mileage line it seems. I am thinking a 10W-40. There are some high zinc options in the 15W-50 weights but that could be a bit much for colder climates but we are seldom...
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    Tractor Supply Co dollar days sale on -20F windshield washer fluid.

    Tonight I was in a local TSC and picked up two gallons of the -20F windshield washer fluid for $3. Not sure if that is a great price or not compared to WM/etc but I know some buy for self filling of tractor tires. The TSC brand UTF prices have been cut $1 per gallon on the 5 gallon pails. This...
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    Snow in England Pictures

    UK snow: Dig in! The worst is yet to come: Roads gridlocked and airports closed as snow havoc looks set to last through weekend | Mail Online There is a shot of a nice tractor with a front blade plowing snow at the airport.
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    29F Above Average So What To Do?

    I had to take the son into town to help another scout with his Eagle Project so I head back to the house and start exercising some equipment in this mid Jan heat wave. Our average temp for today is 43F but we hit 72F. Not having used the block heater (which on testing is 550 watts) on the 1976...
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    Catching stuff just by going to the doctor.

    Surgeon's Infected Hands Led to Staph Outbreak at Cedars | NBC Southern California
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    Difference between same steel hot water heater tanks rated both 6 and 12 year life.

    Like many rural living folks we have a water well and it is hard on electric hot water heaters. We finally got around to replacing the anode rod in our 10 year old 6 year rated 80 gallon Whirlpool electric this week. Lowes still sells the same model number 10 years later for the same price of...
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    Writer May Just be Dreaming about Ethanol's Future but Sounds Nice.

    Critics take aim at tax breaks for ethanol subsidies | Washington Free Beacon I have to say with the talk of E15 becoming the standard at the pumps scares me with gas engines ranging from 1971 to 2003.
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    Why does every single plumbing task turn into four tasks?

    We just put the wraps (I hope) on some outside (clog on the way to the seep field) and inside plumbing where we ohm'ed out the heating elements and they passed (4500 watts = 12.8 ohms) after many years but they are the life-time Sand Hog low density. It was the water heater flushing part where...
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    Two Cycle Fuel Mixing ratios. This hour long video is very detail and if you own a Stihl it is even more detailed. Having seven functioning two cycle engines (saws, line trimmers, blower and generator) with different mixing ratios I have for the most part ran a...
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    TSC Visit: Champion generator, Manual battery charger and Hot Shot injector cleaner.

    Champion Power Equipment™ 3500W/4000W Portable Generator - 4434023 | Tractor Supply Company Not sure at $299 this is a good deal but it seems to be a popular low end genset. Hot-Shot® Secret Stiction Eliminator Diesel Oil Additive, 64 fl. oz. - 1024869 | Tractor Supply Company Hot Shot...
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    Komatsu D155 W bulldozer working under water.

    I never knew about that Komatsu dozer.
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    Getting Ready For Winter.

    Bush hogged the place today and got it off for the winter. That was an easy task thanks to Pat's easy hitch. Then we got the box blade on with two clicks and one pin. :D We finished putting the skin back on that we removed to remove, clean and recondition the 4DLT battery on the 265 MF and...
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    Fixed non starting MF 265 connections and Bush hogged a bit.

    It was late 2009 the last time I cleaned up the battery cable ends and the battery rack in the nose. Late the location but the 4DLT does add about 100 pounds of weight to the nose. The last few times I had to wiggle cables to get it to start. One issue was the ends had no gap left so I could...
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    How to Locate Serial Numbers on Heavy Equipment. Just found this interesting info that was pulled together for LEO use.
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    WM 18Ah Premium Power Sport AMG Battery (ES20LBS)

    When we got the DR Brush mower a couple years ago the battery was shot but I got charged to where it would start and used it some that winter but it has been parked since without charging. After two days it was still only holding at 7v so tonight after watch the new Clint Eastwood baseball movie...
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    Round-Up (knock-off of course) and Rain.

    I had heard if Round-UP is applied 30 minutes before a rain that it will work but never tested it by intent but did unplanned about three weeks ago. The sprayer had been filled (15 gallon/golf cart rig) and it started coming up a cloud and I was going to be out of town so I did not want the mix...
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    Front-End Loader  Ford industrial loader series 703, model 19-105 for Ford, MF and Oliver.

    VCI Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade... Locally Search on Ford Frontend Loader Someone was looking for a FEL for I think the old 2000 Ford series that looked like a 600-800 series style. It seems to be self contained with front crank shaft powered pump and fluid is in frame. Seller said it was...
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    Trailer decking wood type?

    We went to look at a new like 6'10"x12' tilt trailer that was build in Mar 2012. The ad called the decking treated. It is marked #3 and look like run of the mill yellow pine but it was dark by the time we got there but lighting was OK. I was thinking pressure treated so I was caught off guard...
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    Projects Would Go Faster if Fixing Old Equipment Did Not Take As Much Time.

    Getting into all of old equipment problems in detail can wait but one project I have been trying to do for three years finally got underway. That project is cleaning out some drainage ditches the neighbor had dug with a trackhoe with a 36" bucket about 8 years ago. I thought I had the 1983 JD...
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    Head -On Accident Developing Thoughts?

    Raw Video: Car Hits School Bus Head-On - YouTube Those of us living in rural areas on two lane roads are at risk like in the video. This school bus accident video supports my training of the kids to stay in your lane to decrease your risk. There can be no 100% right answer. Besides the legal...
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    Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster Warning - Can Tilt Tractor

    Lucas Hydraulic Oil Booster & Stop Leak : Lucas Oil Add to go to Lowes today to pick up a pipe fitting that I broke off of the backhoe boom with one of the stabilizers after getting it mired down yesterday. Thankfully on the 4th Lowes had the pipe fitting and a #6 Eazy-Out so I to work today...
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    How Long to Cut Fence Posts?

    In clearing a couple old home places I have ran into a lot of locust. While some would have to be split or used as corner post some of it is nice skinny 30+ foot trees. While it would be easier to pile and burn I am driven towards cutting and stacking these as post even though I have no...
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    Finally in the Right Spot to Get a Good Rain.

    We had 14" less rain in April of this year vs. last year. Yards were starting to look like August. This rain was not even on the radar 30 minutes before it came and it was not a general rain for the region at all. Hope it is not going to be a hot and dry year for the farmers.
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    Are all O-Rings Created Equal?

    The major oil leak on the side of the transmission housing of our JD 310B BH was due to a dried out O-Ring. It occurred the first time I used the new thumb but I do not think it was related. Did not make it to NAPA before they closed and did not try the other guys since I need other lines and...
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    Delo 15W-40 $13, Rotella $14/$20 dino/SYN

    Was in O'Reilly's to pick up a bearing the son busted hitting a tree with his go-cart. Through the 10th they have a farm sale flyer locally. They also have a WIX filter stock up event going on to what ever that means. Chevron Delo @ $13 limit of 12 gallons, 15W-40 Rotella at $14 limit of 3...
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    Where to Mount Digging Teeth UP or DOWN Since I raised this question in another tread I thought it best to give it its own thread to keep from messing up the thumb thread. I learned this week when I went to get a tooth replace on the...
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    Thumb  Anyone sorry for adding a Thumb to BH?

    I have our 1983 JD 310B BH at the welding shop for repair on both buckets. Not being to do serious welding I was thinking about mounting a thumb with very heavy U bolts. While it is a 60 HP engine the old machine has weakened over the years and has loose pins. eBay - New & used electronics...
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    Found an 8' 3PH disc and a set of plows.

    Finally picked up a disc and set of plows for the MF 265 that was the FIL. Bought this Long Manufacting disc harrow. The Model is 960 and I think 425T may be the serial number. Looking on the web I think the 960 refers to the frame size maybe because I have seen photos of the same frame with a...
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    $20 Chainsaw Tack

    Digital Tach for tuning Stihl Chainsaw mini tachometer | eBay Everyone said you need to make sure your saw is not running too lean and that one needs a tach to do it correctly. The one above is actually over $40 but I bought the same one from Amazon for $20 with Prime shipping but was to...
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    Forks  $149 FEL Bucket Forks

    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices We got a set of these forks back in 2010 and have used them several times. Now that we are cleaning up old storm damage and digging/pushing out dead/unwanted trees preparing to move a hill up to the...
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    Cheap Aftermarket John Starter New Starter John Deere Tractor 1965-1992 310 350 401 450 480 510 Diesel Engines 1107577, 1107599, 1107863, 1107871: Automotive After it setting for 18 months in a box I finally planned to install it today after all the flooding yesterday. After getting the dirt dabblers nest off of...
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    Locally when looking at some breaking plows I ran across this new 6' Kubota FEL bucket for $375 if one had something it would fit. Is that price in line of a new used bucket? I guess it is old since it is not a quick hitch.
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    Two Wheel Earth Moving Pans

    I have a lot of dirt that I would like to move about 800' to make a major fill so I can at some point built a shop near the house. I have the backhoe and 16' flat bed dump truck but saw a two yard dirt pan but the seller states one needs 90 HP tractor to fully load it and I only have 60 HP...
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    NAPA vs. O'Rielly's for Hydraulic Fittings

    O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) Female Swivel x O-Ring Boss (ORB) Adapter The link is just for the photo of what I am talking about. At O'Rielly's the same fitting was $12 each and today I got the same size at NAPA for $4 each. Since they are not the standard pipe threads on the JD backhoe they...
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    Trees Really Do Grow!

    We have been here 25 years and did some tree trimming but never had any profession tree care company to come in and do it right. Over the past four years we have lost some trees around the place due to storms of one type or another. Thankfully the house has been spared and damage from any...
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    Temp Work Shop.

    Outside view. You can see the RV roof AC and like an 8'awning and the AC shore power cable. The guy had used it for a work trail, sold funnel cakes and recently had a frig, etc and actually camped in it. I came across the ad for this trailer today and with winter here again with no...
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    Grime Fighter Model 2560 SB Pressure Washer

    Yesterday we picked up an old Grime Fighter Model 2560 SB pressure washer/steam cleaner. The seller knew little about it and I can not find a manual or other info online. It is made by Electro-Magic. They have new lines on the market but I am guessing this one is 25+ years old since a...
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    Radical Engine Flushing Experiences?

    I was wondering if anyone has any radical crank case flushing experiences. As posted before the 1998 S10 that we bought recently with 524K miles started to having a stuck valve issue that would stick and then free up driving it home. After pushing it hard it now is a complete miss on #5 and...
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    6/2 amp Manual Charger $20 TSC

    Schumacher Manual Traditional Charger, 6/12V - 0476900 | Tractor Supply Company While this is only 20% off it is kind of a deal in that more and more it is hard to find the old plain style manual chargers. While most are happy with software controlled chargers but there are times when one...
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    Craigslist, E-Bay and the like

    Over the years I have developed some success of buying through these web based options but even more so to learn details about products I plan to buy. We have a regional service that is much like CL but they only offer coverage where they provide internet services which is about 50-75 miles in...
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    Starting on Propane vs. Ether

    Has anyone tried this? The reason I asked some use propane to find engine misfiring in gas engines due to sucking air through a defective intake manifold gasket.
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    Life a Chevy 4.3 V-6 Can Run?

    Looked at a 1998 S-10 5-speed Chevy PU with 524K miles on it today that is not to use over a quart of oil between 3K oil changes and I know it sounds as good as our 2002 4.3 auto in our Blazer with 192K mile and it seems to have more power but it could be the auto vs. manual factor. It shifts...
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    Picked up 45 watt solar system today.

    For years I have been interested in how solar power systems work so while HF had the 45 watt system (less inverter/battery which we have) on sale for $150 I picked up the kit today for a class project with the twins. The reviews seemed to indicate it was OK for the price for very light duty...
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    235/75R15 vs 31x10.5 15 truck tires

    On the 1980 F100 2WD I am just going to stay with the 235/75R 15's but on the 1994 F150 4WD I am torn where to go with the same size or get the 31X10.5 15's at a premium of $152 for the type tire/tread? I am not planning to be doing any mudding and would be more concerned with traction in the...
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    1995 Ford F150 4x4 experience

    Anyone have or had a F150 XL 4x4 with the 302 engine and I think it is an automatic from the mid 90's era? The picture shows a clean truck not beat up at all. Having 215K miles on it is my big concern especially it being 4WD because I can see there is nothing cheap about the front drive...
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    Throwing Trees with the FEL and Backhoe

    There was a dying and even larger dead trees near the driveway that were in time going to fall on a car or other piece of equipment in a storm. One was leaning hard so knotched and cut through as much as I dared with the FEL against it very high up the tree then pushed it so it fell into the...
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    Beware if Selling or Buying a Used Truck

    After working to help spot a truck for a neighbor who has no online means of searching I have been shocked at the prices and demand for even junkers. Beware before you set a price you will sell for or a purchase price do some serious pricing research. If selling yours may be worth more than...
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    Insurance requirements to bush hog, etc locally.

    I get asked from time to time to bush hog a small area or dig a footer for a carport. In reading another thread the question popped up in my mind is insurance required if you do any tractor work for hire? I have a farm policy but 'assume' it would not cover when working for hire. Would...
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    China Financial News

    Asia Times Online :: Beijing caught in debt dilemma This article raised several concerns in my mind. If this many firms are actually failing in China will this affect farm equipment exports in any manner? If China as a large source of cheap loans was to dry up what could that do to our...
  99. G

    Kobalt Tool Set
  100. G

    How much more does fuel delivered cost?

    After we get back from a cross country I want to get the used 300 gallon tank filled with gas that we recently purchased. When I called yesterday the spread to get the gas to our place vs. one of the distributor's station in town was about 10-11 cents per gallon more. Is that about normal...
  101. G

    How would you like to be this Home Owner?

    Metro and State | Cottage remodel undoes Worth Township | The Detroit News
  102. G

    Ready to get your new tractor driving license?

    Proposed rule on farms called ?absurd? A new rule being proposed by the federal Department of Transportation would require farmers to get commercial drivers licenses. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is a part of DOT, wants to adopt standards that would reclassify all...
  103. G

    Home mortage rate direction?

    After Friday's S&P downgrade of USA debt and this morning down grading of Fannie Mae, etc debt rating some are saying get rid of variable rates and get into fixed rate home loans. Any one with long term experiences in home loan rates. I know in 1981 CD rates hit near 20% right after we got...
  104. G

    Well after 25 years I finally got a fuel tank.

    While I do not have a photo of the tank it has good paint and is 61" long and 37" wide. The guy sold it as a 300 gallon tank but when I plugged the numbers into a calulator it came up more like 284 gallon so I guess that could be called a 300 gallon tank by the marketing folks. :) It has great...
  105. G

    Any added life to an AGM by adding water?

    Has anyone had any luck getting more life out of a dying AGM battery by removing the caps and adding water?
  106. G

    Spent the 4th Buying Used Toys

    We did something for the first time ever on the 4th and that was to purchase two used Go-Karts. The kids are 13 and have never any RV of any type with an engine. The daughter has been pushing for a 4-wheeler but for several reasons that was not a good option. We got one 2-seater 6HP kart that...
  107. G

    Wal-Mart Gas War with 10 cent Discount

    Wal-Mart Cuts Gas Prices To Reel In Customers - Yahoo! News The 18 states.
  108. G

    A Regional Version of the Craigs List type

    VCI Classifieds This is where I listed my used MH tires, bought a generator, grader blade for the tractor kind of stuff. VCI started out as an ISP many years ago in the region and somewhere along the way added this feature. It was free for any years but to post ads and get contact info...
  109. G

    Loosing the Split Rim Dayton Wheels

    This morning I bought 6 of the the 10 R22.5 tires mounted on the Dayton radial style wheel for the 1989 Ford F700 16' flat dump that were pulled from wrecked school buses. The truck currently has the Dayton split rims that I want to get away from because more and more shops will not service...
  110. G

    Car Driving Safety Tips

    Driving Safety Driving for Teenagers - You two need to get together due to your interest in safety.
  111. G

    Rear Blade  I Feel More Complete Now. :)

    We were without a tractor and equipment from 1996 until 2010 because our company ate our farms and equip in 1996. I had picked up a new 8' Bushhog heavy box blade over a year ago for the 265 MF and bought the JD 310B backhoe but still did not have a grader blade. After trying to remove snow...
  112. G

    Got a call our old story building was burning.

    We have about 15 acres we have put together that run down to the state highway that included an old wooden frame grocery that was about 100 years old but was dry due to a metal roof. About midnight we got a call it was on fire. I went down the hill just before it fell in. The metal roof held...
  113. G

    Ordered new R-4 16.9 x 24 tires

    Well with the price of tires going up and up and my tire dealer (car/truck but not tractor) overing to order in tractor tires at his cost I decided to retire the 310B JD backhoe. There is a guy who on the side comes out and installs tractor tires that will put them on for a few. My question...
  114. G

    BKT Tractor Tires

    After buying the MH tires and seeing the price increase I am giving some thought to replacing the 1976 OEM tires on the 265 MF and maybe even R4's for the 1983 JD 310B back hoe. They are still holding air and the tread is 90% on the MF with 1300 non road hours on it but they do look 35 years...
  115. G

    Kumho 225/70 19.5 tires

    Our set of seven Kumho KRS03 225/70 19.5 tires for the motor home came into today. They look great and are under six months build dates. I may get them installed tomorrow. They ran $218.47 out the door but just had another price increase that makes them $219 each just for the tire. They have...
  116. G

    Sprayer  12v 15 gallon spot sprayer for $49 Had a few minutes yesterday evening before Source Code started so I hit up TSC and Orschein's. TSC had 12v 15 gallon spot sprayers for $100 with nice 4 amp 1 GPM 35 PSI then I found the above one at...
  117. G

    Chipper  3PH Model for 60 HP Tractor

    I have lived without a chipper all of my life but kind of would like to have one I think but I really do not want much $$$ sitting around in a chipper. My question if there really is little to no play in the moving parts are the replacement blades the major expense for upkeep? Looks is not a...
  118. G

    70-80 HP FEL with 3PH Tractor Options?

    I know a guy looking for a 70-80 HP tractor that would be good for handling large round bales of hay and the ability to carry the second on the rear 3PH hay fork. He has ruled out AC's due to bad experiences. Liked a 7700 Ford but it went sky high. Enclosed cab preferred but not required. He...
  119. G

    Battery Life Expectancy ?

    Reconditioning lead acid batteries for optional use in a reverse operational mode - US Patent 5652497 Description I found this info a couple days ago and started applying to the first battery yesterday. It is a battery that is only good for a core charge so if I do not kill myself it may be a...
  120. G

    Gas or Electric Golf Cart for a Run-About?

    I am considering getting a golf cart to use as a run about around the place. I can live without one but it would be nice taking fuel, tools or just my butt around the place. For the next couple years I will be using a corner of our new 18'x28' 2 story storage building with a 12'x28' lean-to as...
  121. G

    Escalade battery dead w/beeping even w/neg cable removed

    The wife went to start the 2003 (110K miles) Escalade 2WD with tow package and the battery was dead. We have had it about 6 months with NO issues and it is an awesome vehicle. It was driven yesterday and has been setting as much as five days at a time during the snow and the battery stayed up...
  122. G

    Water Pressure Hit 120 PSI in the House

    After sorry water pressure for a long time then it going to 120+ PSI I had to move on servicing the well pressure controls.:laughing: At least we got a free high pressure test of our home incoming plumbing. :D All held but one commode in-tank shut-off valve cried a lot and flowed water but...
  123. G

    Why Equipment Production Leaving the USA!

    Plenty of companies are hiring — just not in U.S. | Business | - Houston Chronicle That article mentions CAT moving production to China but it is not to just beat the high labor costs. The article talkes about 50% of CAT's growth in Sales will come from Asian customers. The general...
  124. G

    The House and Me Smell like Dark Fired Tobacco

    I stopped by the neighbor's place where he strips out his tobacco yesterday and Shorty said he was gone but called him because I asked about the load of tobacco stalks on his F-600 flat bed dump. The owner said he was holding the stalks for a guy that never came and if I wanted them he would...
  125. G

    Brush Mowers for places too small for bushhog

    The walk behind brush mowers are expensive but of even more concern is I see them on Craigslist for sell with 9 hours of use and are 4 years old or 10 years old with 50 hours of use. Do they not work well or demand that you be well to work them? The sellers often are well out of their prime...
  126. G

    Bad time to drop a turbo!

    Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota After thinking about even large tractors I can not grasp something like the turbo on a ship like this or the 18,000 HP tug pulling it to a safe harbor.:thumbsup: I take they have it running without the turbo just trying to stay out of the rocks. 29...
  127. G

    Killing ground of parking lot.

    What are some chemical options to keep EVERYTHING from growing in a limestone graveled parking lot?
  128. G

    Finally got Rotella 5W-40 in the 265 MF

    When we got this about a year ago from wife's father I put Rotella 15W-40 in it but since have moved to standardize on the synthetic version of Rotella. The box blade may be used for snow removal and with the 5W the oil should not be a starting issue. I had to drive to a different WM to find...
  129. G

    Most awesome new tractor seat!

    Northern Tool - Michigan Seat Highback Suspension Seat, Model# V-5300 customer reviews - product reviews - read top consumer ratings The new Swisher ZT2760 came with a nice tractor seat with arms but when mowing on rough ground it it did not have enough give. I noticed Swisher (others) had an...
  130. G

    Ethanol on the Ropes?

    U.S. corn ethanol was not a good policy-Gore | Energy & Oil | Reuters I still am not sure what I read was actually said by the man. :thumbsup:
  131. G

    How to make crack free wooden trailer/truck bed

    After finding a lot of great info on pros and cons of diffent wood and wood treatment I still did not find a solution for cracks mentioned. For the equipment trailer the cracks are OK but on the 16' flat bed dump truck the cracks bug me because they let sand, dirt and stuff like fine ground...
  132. G

    Fuel supply for next 100 years looking up. This artice with photos shows a brighter energy outlook. I am not sure we should become a next exporter of natural gas however.
  133. G

    Swisher Lawn Care Equipment

    While Swisher is located to the ajoining state I really never learned about them (they are 65 years old) until last week and I see like with most venders there is the typical love/hate web posts about this company as well. :D After a lot of reading we purchased a Swisher ZT2760B that the owner...
  134. G

    I may have ran Backhoe out of Diesel.

    We are finishing the clean up from the building of our Classis Manor Building and was moving some pallets over to an old building. I had noticed the idle was not smooth as usual is the case. When I got on a slope it surged and died. I am going to go get some diesel and hope it did not loose...
  135. G

    Cell Phone - Droid X Smart Phone

    Our phone contracts with Verizon have been out for a long time and the phones are getting worn plus the kids are wanting cell phones. I like something that I can stick in my pocket even when out on the tractor/BH/mower. Well the wife has been wanting a Smart Phone for along time and last...
  136. G

    Huge increase in tractor prices?

    News Headlines If the value of the US dollar does drop by 20% internationally will the factory/dealers eat most of this to keep volume up or pass it on and accept a lower volume do you think? It the $40K new imported tractor actually rises to $48K over the next few years will this not also...
  137. G

    F700 Radiator flushed, rehosed and filled.

    Well when we made the 300 mile trip home with the 'new' 1989 F700 it was the first week of Dec last year. I swear the coolant looked like a tractor that got filled out of the pond all summer but it came over Mount Eagle and the temp gauge was stead as a rock. We went directly into a period of...
  138. G

    Photos GM transmission DIY Flushing

    Transmission Fluid Change We did this yesterday on the 'new' Escalade and need to do it on the Blazer. The guy's write-up works as stated. We did this three years ago on the motorhome but the connection was simple due to regular hose clamps at the add on transmission cooler. We did put a...
  139. G

    P265 70 R17 tire options for Large SUV

    I need to get a set of four tires for the 2003 Escalade 2WD with tow package and after hours of reading reviews I am confused by what people post. It seems the very same tire is loved by some and hated by some. At this time the towing needs should be very light so my focus is on safety of the...
  140. G

    Forks  Chain On Pallet Forks Came Today.

    Loader Forks Bucket Forks Skid Tractor Pallet Fork - eBay (item 390060184854 end time Sep-11-10 13:45:13 PDT) Well I did not know what to expect from a $135 set of chain of FEL forks when I ordered them on Tue. At first I was not impressed with the idea of steel pipe forks but after we...
  141. G

    Backhoe Tree Trimming Saw This is a full view shot of the backhoe with the Remington electric tree trimmer attacted to the bucket. Just a flash shot because how...
  142. G

    Classic Manor Building storage buildings

    Has anyone ever contracted with Classic Manor Building out of GA.for a onsite built storage building. I think they build a lot of the Lowes/Home Depot parking lot models too. Were you pleased after the fact with the value you received?
  143. G

    8 x 14.5 LT tires

    The old equipment trailer we picked has the spoked wheels with the 7 x 14.5 tires but they are like really old. A couple days ago a guy down the road had an older mobile home spotted on his farm by me so I went over to talk to the mover who was doing the set up about where he gets his tires. I...
  144. G

    Gas from dirt?

    Gasoline from Thin Air? - ABC News
  145. G

    A Little seems like a Lot in FEL bushing wear.

    The old 1983 310B backhoe has wear all over but the compound wrist pin (not on the bucket connection but the pin in the loader arms?) are the only one place there is super slop due to wear and the right one is worse than the left. The last time I parked it the bucket was dumped so as not to...
  146. G

    1st visit to Fastenal was exciting!

    Home | Fastenal Fastenal opened in Murray a few years ago yet I had never stopped in but I did today. I am looking for fancy ways to mount some muffin fans behind the RV fridge and was looking for some metal options. They will sell any of their metal stock by the inch so that was cool. If...
  147. G

    RAIN Finally!

    We had our quarterly singing at church tonight and the most beautiful rain started then it really got hard. The nice thing it looks like it could last for several more hours. This is our first real rain in about 6 weeks. The popcorn afternoon showers have been hit and miss for weeks. Corn was...
  148. G

    ? for any shingle roofing contractors

    It has been a while since I have been involved in reroofing any three tab roofs and some of the practices I am hearing reported by bidders on our church roof is making me question my current thinking. Our church has four layers of three tab singles with the bottom layer being 46 years old...
  149. G

    Oliver Four Wheel Farm Wagon

    On the name plate it reads: Oliver Farm Equipment Company Model 500 14721 The reason I liked the running gear is it does not have tie rod but 5th wheel steering so by default it pulls true at any speed. My Dad bought a used one that looked like this one in about 1963 so I am sure they are...
  150. G

    Getting stuck/Getting unstuck!

    Well late today i was doing some bushhogging with the 265 MF and heavy 7' bushhog around the property line at church where it is too rough to keep mowed and it had about 6 years of growth after the neighbor had a trackhoe do some much needed drainage. On the upper end it was dry and I had one...
  151. G

    Rate of O/A usage when cutting/welding?

    Tonight I purchased a set of O/A gauges and a torch. I did a little brazing in shop forty years ago so I have no experience. I have 20/10 O/A tanks and a tote coming for a portable set up that I can pack anywhere. If cutting only with these will it be good for 15 minutes, 1 hour, etc? What if...
  152. G

    Backhoe  Setting the bucket in "dig" mode vs "load" mode

    I was reading our JD 310B user manual (dangerous thing I know :D) and came across the power dig link set up vs the typical load set up. Since the bushings are worn though in the load mode hole but had a new like pin I just changed it to the power dig holes (never used in 27 years). It really...
  153. G

    Backhoe  Bought JD TLB in a poke?

    JD TLB will only pull in reverse after working. Well the kids wanted to dig so we we did. That went very well for all three of us. We filled with the BH at first than I used the bucket. When we started to the house I put it in 3rd and it would not move but it would in 1st forward. It pulls...
  154. G

    Backhoe  Model of JD farm tractor used in a model of BH?

    My JD backhoe question is does anyone know a way to find out the base JD farm tractor used for each different BH model. I was told by knowing this you could often find parts in common as used parts or new parts at a dealer who may not have books on JD construction models?
  155. G

    Backhoe  Shuttle directional lag time.

    The manual states the time to change directions using the shuttle should be adjusted to take close to 1 second. Our 310 B takes twice that long. Does anyone know if taking more than 1 second causes physical damage? Do most use the foot fuel control when using the FEL and let of the fuel when...
  156. G

    eBay/Craigslist  First ever John Deere purchase.

    Saturday morning we looked at an Ebay sourced JD 310 B 25 miles away then the same model that evening 125 miles away that was found on Craigslist. The Ebay unit sounded powerful but was one major patched up BH with the RR wheel missing a lug bolt and was working (not tight) causing a...
  157. G

    Backhoe  Popping in rear end going forward.

    A guy has a old 310 John Deere backhoe that I guess is 35-40 years old. He reports when going forward he hears a popping but it keeps working and digs just great. That seems serious to me. Anyone experience something like this or know what could cause the popping in going forward? I guess one...