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  1. Hughman


    Was adding a gate when I found an underground spring that ate my tractor.
  2. Hughman

    PTO shaft hitting the drawbar

    I was just greasing up the rfm getting ready for the first mow when I noticed the plastic safety guard on the pto shaft mangled in the middle. Looks like the shaft is coming into contact with the drawbar when the tractor breaks over a hill. I was able to get it apart and shorten the inner...
  3. Hughman

    Good clean fun

    Here something I've never seen before. Guess I live a sheltered life.
  4. Hughman

    PTO shaft

    I just picked up a new WinCo 15kw generator and need to shorten the shaft a bit. This is the first one I've ever seen that has an internal safety cable that keeps the two halves from separating. Is this a new thing?
  5. Hughman

    RUI? Only in California
  6. Hughman

    Bucket hooks

    While Les Schwab is busy fitting new shoes I decided to install some bucket hooks. Should be safer than the old method of wrapping chains around the bucket. In a moment of vanity I bought the blue hooks. In hindsight...
  7. Hughman

    Time for new front tires

    My front tires are bald, cracking around the center of the tread line and have multiple plugs from punctures over the years. Having a hard time holding air at this point. The rears still look like new. Leaning towards just replacing them with the same brand (titan trac loaders, 25-8.5/14). Is...
  8. Hughman

    Don't see this everyday

    Went out the backdoor this morning and found a black widow trying to pull a baby rattlesnake up to her nest about 8 feet up to the bottom of the deck above. She had made it about 18 inches off the ground when I found them. The spider was about the size of a half dollar coin. Not sure why the...
  9. Hughman

    Green turns to yellow

    It's only the end of March and my yard is already making its transition from green to yellow. At this rate I'll be removing the mower from the tractor in April this year. Guess there's a reason they call California the golden state.
  10. Hughman

    DIY Oil transfer pump

    Getting ready to change the hydro oil on my tractor. Last time I used one of those cheap harbor freight plunger style hand pumps. Not fun with 10+ gallons of oil. This time I started research on buying an electric transfer pump. Then I remembered I had an old fresh water diaphragm pump out of an...
  11. Hughman

    Need a new name

    Been a while since I've been online. I lost my "wannabe" status in 2016. That's when I also lost the computer I use to use for my login to the site. It's taken me this long to remember what the password was. I tried the password reset a bunch of times but never got any reply from that. Anyway...
  12. Hughman

    Rotary Cutter  What size rotary cutter for a NH TC33DA?

    I'm looking to buy a cutter. My tractor has 27 PTO HP. I'm cutting about 5 acres of tall (2-3') grass/weeds a few times a year. I have rolling hills (Sierra foothills). I started shopping for a 6' cutter (woods bb72x, rhino 172, land pride 1872, ...), but now I'm wondering if I should scale back...
  13. Hughman

    TC33DA glow plug light stays on after engine starts

    I started seeing an issue where my glow plug light stays on for several minutes after the engine starts. It doesn't happen all the time. Maybe a bad relay, weak battery, ??? It has the original battery which is about 9 years old now. The temps have been in the 80-90's so its not that it's...
  14. Hughman

    Ballast  filling tires

    Digging a pond and thought the tractor seemed lite in the rear end with a full load of dirt in the FEL. Always went on the assumption that the dealer did what he said an filled the tires when I bought the tractor 4 years ago. Checked it (stem down) and nothing but air. Oh well. I'm going to buy...
  15. Hughman

    well water pressure pump leak (seeking advice)

    New to living on well water. This is a weekend home for now but eventually will be full time. This past weekend my pressure pump was not turning off. When I went to investigate I found a leak where the pvc pipe screws into the output side of the pressure pump. It pumps up to the cut-out pressure...
  16. Hughman

    TC33DA front axle fluid

    Rookie question as this is my first fluid change in the front axle. I'm working on a 2006 TC333DA. The manual show capacities of 1.5 qt for the diff and .85 qt for (each?) reduction gear. There are drain plugs on the front diff (center) and on the bottom of each reduction gear. The question is...
  17. Hughman

    gear oil vs hydro fluid (front axle)

    Greetings. After years of lurking and learning, I am finally going to make a post. I have a TC33DA that I bought in 2007. Other than engine oil changes, this weekend was my first attempt at changing fluids/filters with 330 hrs on the clock. I changed the hydro fluid/filters, engine oil/filter...