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    What did you do for your tractor today?

    Yes. The tractor didn't come with a toolbox and nowhere to mount one. It was put them there or on the side of the loader mount. They wouldn't last long on the loader. I designed the plates to wrap around and bolt to the cab mount on top of the rear axle. They are made from 3/8 plate and cut on a...
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    What did you do for your tractor today?

    Added a hydraulic top link and levers to control it and the three point lift without having to get in the cab.
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    Hydraulic/Trans fluid

    Warren Oil Co was the manufacture of the 303 and the settlement was 10.8 million. It was sold under various labels. They also manufacture Travellers brand. I would not use it. There are no standards for hydraulic fluid. No one is checking to see if it is what is represented on the label. I...
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    4WD Detent Ball

    When I bought the tractor, the previous owner said it had fallen out and he put it back in. I would like to know why it falls out and what's involve with fixing it right.
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    4WD Detent Ball

    I found the detent ball that holds the 4WD selector in place stuck to the magnet on the transmission drain plug. Anyone know whats involved in putting it back in and why it keeps coming out? Tractor is a Mahindra 2565 Cab tractor built by TYM. It looks close to a T554 but with a little more HP.
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    4WD Detent Ball

    I found the detent ball that holds the 4WD selector in place stuck to the magnet on the transmission drain plug. Anyone know whats involved in putting it back in and why it keeps coming out? Tractor is a 2565.
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    Add Rear Three Point Control Lever and Toolboxes

    The handle is made from 1/4x1-1/4 flat steel with a handlebar grip slid on. To connect under the tractor I removed the original linkage and welded a cutoff bolt to to so the swivel joints would slide over it and be held on with a cotter pin.
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    Add Rear Three Point Control Lever and Toolboxes

    Hard to believe Mahindra 2565 tractors have no toolboxes. I added two and a rear mounted lever to control the three-point hitch.
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    Bucket hooks

    I may have gone overboard with 3 hooks and 3 shackles!
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    Rk55 forestry hardening

    It's been 6 months. Any updates?
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    Mahindra 2565

    I have only had my 2565 a few months. So far I love it. There is a Facebook group for the 2500 series tractors. You could ask there. Its a new group so not a lot of members yet but very helpful.
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    Mahindra Universal Tractor Fluid Equivalent

    I want to change the transmission hydraulic fluid in my shuttle shift 2565. The owner's manual calls for "MAHINDRA UNIVERSAL TRACTOR FLUID". There are no other specifications listed. What does Tractor Supply have that is equivalent to this. Looking at their website I see ISO 32, 46, and 68.
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    TYM Mahindra Equivalent and AC Help

    I recently bought a Mahindra 2565. I have been told it is made by TYM. Would anyone know which TYM tractor is equivalent if there is one? Also, would anyone happen to know the refrigerant capacity? I blew a hose this morning. The hose will be replaced/repaired. The AC guy said he will pull a...
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    Refrigerant Capacity on Cab Tractor

    Anyone know what the refrigerant capacity is on a 2565? Mine blew a line this morning.
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    2565 Rear Wheel Track Width

    Anybody know what track widths can be obtained by mixing and matching the two-piece rims on the back of a 2565? The owner's manual is useless.
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    2565 Opinions Needed

    I'm going to look at a 2018 2565 with less than 500 hrs on it. Anything I should look for or be aware of?
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    Bought a new deere 26g

    If the 26g is anything like the 27d you may not get much use out of the 1 foot bucket. On the 27d the pin that the bucket and thumb rotates around it 16 inches long (if memory serves me). This makes it impossibe to make a 1 foot wide ditch deeper than the length of the bucket.
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    John Deere 27D

    I found the answer to my question. There is no grease fitting for the back end of the boom swing cylinder. I cant believe John Deere would not provide a remote grease fitting for this pivot point. I was able to download the parts manual for the 27D and it shows no grease fitting.
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    John Deere 27D

    Does the cylinder that swings the hoe left and right on a 27D have a grease fitting on both ends? The cylinder extends way back inside the machine and I can not see a way to get to the back end of it. The exposed end has one. The owners manual makes no mention on one at this location.
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    Considering pruchasing a IHI 35J. Cold start problem?

    What involved in doing a compression test? I done it on gas engines but never diesel. Does the engine in the IHI have sleeves? It sound like parts for the IHI is not very common.
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    Considering pruchasing a IHI 35J. Cold start problem?

    IHI 35J needs a shot of either each morning to start. Starts fine the rest of the day. Runs like a sewing machine.
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    4000 Hydraulic Pump

    I wanted to update this post for people looking for the same info in the future. Everything went exactly as RickB stated except I did have to remove the top cover. When you pull the pump from the side of the tractor you can see the suction tube. Its about the size of a quarter. RickB mentioned...
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    4000 Hydraulic Pump

    Is it necessary to remove the hydraulic lift cover on top of the axle housing in order to remove the gear type hydraulic pump? Any tips or tricks for removing and replacing the gear type pump on the 4000?
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    Do You Know About the Bucket Zapper?

    This is for sale near me.
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    FEL Tree Trimmer

    This is private property and it is not in my yard, around my house, or my shop. Don't give a F$%&* about the "mass of ugliness". Just cut it again next year. Certainly no snowboarders or recreationists. Again this is posted private property. And to repeat I am not trimming trees around my...
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    FEL Tree Trimmer

    Guys I am not pruning trees in my yard. I have several roads and fields that need trimmed. The limbs are sticking out into the roads and the edge of the fields and making it very difficult to bushog without getting slapped off the tractor. I appreciate all the replies and suggestions but I...
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    FEL Tree Trimmer

    I made something similar. It is two "knives" mounted to the bucket. See below. They work OK but would like to have something faster and able to cut bigger limbs.
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    FEL Tree Trimmer

    I am interested in building a tree trimmer like the one in the video. I would probably use a single 24" blade similar to the video or maybe two or three smaller blades mounted vertical. The company appears to be out of business. Any ideas on what the specifications on the hydraulic motor...
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    Vertical bush hog idea

    I also though about putting two or three blades on the same side like this.
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    thinking about trying this

    Has been done by Farmerford. I have thought about doing this myself. Look at this thread. Mowing Mower on FEL It's been six years since he did this. He could probably give some good advice on what to do and not do.
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    Decode My Tractor

    After spending many hours on the net trying to figure out how to decode my Ford 4610 I believe it was assembled December 07 1983. According to the second pic the serial number may indicate its an "84" (why two different serial num in each model year). Is any of this correct? What else can be...
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    Found a Side Mount Bush Hog Today

    Don't think I'll buy it but it's very interesting anyway.
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    I took my FEL off for the first time this weekend. Two days later I find it sitting flat on the floor. Any Idea how one man can ge it back "on it's feet"?
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    Middlebuster\Subsoiler Build

    I want to build a combination middlebuster and subsoiler. I have looked at many on this forum and found lots of good info. I have ordered the furrower from Agri Supply (see link). What I need to know and have not been able to find is the the size of the material to make the shank from. My...
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    FEL Mounted Bush Hog

    A few years ago someone here replaced the bucked on his front end loader with a bush hog. This was on a tractor. It was similar to the ones for a skid steer. I would like to know how it worked out as I am considering doing the same thing. If I remember correctly it was 3RRL but I could be...
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    Adding Box Blade Rippers

    I havent posted here very much but usually check the forum daily. All I can say is this is a great forum with lots of talent and a wealth of great ideas. Very interesting! I want to add rippers to my box blade. I have ordered the ones from ASC # 49684 Box Shank. I need to know how far below...