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  1. jb1390

    3600 Series

    I noticed on Mahindras website that the 3600 series no longer appears on the main page. In general, the models look stripped down compared to prior offerings, there is no Mpower series, 7000 series, etc. When you do a manual google search though, you can still find the 3600 and 7000 series...
  2. jb1390

    Deere 690D and Developing Property

    We are looking at purchasing a nearby property with 1200 feet of right of way, that needs driveway installed. After the driveway, we'll be constructing an outbuilding or two, and a home. I am hoping to do a chunk of the work ourselves to potentially save some cost. Property is wooded, and...
  3. jb1390

    Building Shop before House

    We're looking to purchase a piece of property right up the street from our current house, with the intention of building another house and moving there someday. In the shorter term, it would be advantageous to construct a shop or two, and use those to help in the home construction. Our zoning...
  4. jb1390

    Front Wheel Fell Off 3550

    830 hours - 4 years old. I noticed gear oil on my front tire after parking overnight. Drove it a few hundred feet, and parked again, and it started dripping much faster. I had recently read the thread on a 4025 wheel coming off entirely, so I lifted the front end to check it out before going any...
  5. jb1390

    300st or 200st

    I am looking at picking up a new stick welder. Leaning toward the Everlast 300st due to adjustable controls for start and arc force. Any disadvantages to the 300st vs the 200st besides a higher price?
  6. jb1390

    Miller 350P Purchase

    I am looking at upgrading my Hobart 230 - looking for something with a bit better spray capability. The miller 252 would do what I need, but I'm intrigued by the idea of pulse welding, and the options that the jump up to the 350P would bring. However, with the increased capabilities come an...
  7. jb1390

    Oil Boiler Setup Questions

    We have been heating exclusively with wood for the past number of years, we have not used the hydronic system at all. I am working to revamp it a bit - and I'm replacing the original (General Motors) boiler, with a Liberty Slant Fin (LD-30P I believe) I bought secondhand. I have some questions...
  8. jb1390

    Bush Hog blades hitting deck

    I bought a 6' bushhog off of craigslist a couple months ago. It is a small-name brand manufactured in pennsylvania. In general it seems to be pretty well built, with channel steel for side structure, and 2.5" box tubing for frame rails above the deck. I've run a few styles of blades with it -...
  9. jb1390

    Maintaining Field

    My in laws recently purchased a property in northeast CT, that was previously used for pasture. It's around 10 acres of fairly open field. I have not seen the property in person yet, but my understanding is that it is in fairly decent shape, not many rocks or stumps. I do not believe that it has...
  10. jb1390

    Cast Iron Differential Weld

    I have an AAM 11.5 in my duramax pickup. I've been sled pulling some recently, and want to beef things up before something breaks. One rare, but possible failure is spinning the center section around the axle tubes. They are held together with some plug welds and a press fit from the factory...
  11. jb1390

    Mahindra 3550 Problems

    I bought a 3550 last spring, shortly after they were introduced. In general I've been happy with the performance of the machine, but there have been a couple issues that have been present since it was new, with no news on a permanent fix. I dropped off my machine at the dealer on July 14 for a...
  12. jb1390

    Box Blade Build

    I wanted a box blade a little heavier than what I could get at tractor supply, and wasn't happy with the price on the heavy ones. I used 3/8" mild steel for the box, and a piece of 4" by 1/4" wall box tubing for the crossbar. It went together very quickly, I had all the parts sheared by my...
  13. jb1390

    Loader Bucket Build

    I'm building a new bucket for my Mahindra. The stock bucket was too small, and I wasn't completely happy with any of the options for prebuilt buckets I found. Saved some money by building my own, and I believe I'm getting a much better final product. The structural material is Hardox 450, I...
  14. jb1390

    HST PTO operation

    I have a 3550 (Tier 4 5035), and I've been using it to operate a cordwood saw over the past few weeks. Every once in a while, while taking an aggressive bite, it will slow down the PTO, without seeming to slow down the engine much. Anyone here with a HST that is able to stall their PTO without...
  15. jb1390

    3550 Limp Mode

    I have around 140 hours on my 3550. It just went into limp mode for high fuel rail pressure (50 occurrences) for the 2nd time. The first time the dealer reset the count, and it ran fine for 50 hours or so. When it goes into limp mode it blinks the check engine light and severely limits the power...